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Title: Bleeding Heart
Description: Kiba. 25. Single. Homosexual.

Kiba Takashi - April 16, 2012 12:52 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<center>user posted image<br>
<DIV align=center><FONT color=#3e3222><FONT style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.2em; TEXT-TRANSFORM: uppercase; FONT-FAMILY: verdana; LETTER-SPACING: 4px; FONT-SIZE: 9px">A Bleeding Heart That Over Bleeds</FONT>.<br><FONT color=#5c503a><FONT style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.2em; TEXT-TRANSFORM: uppercase; FONT-FAMILY: verdana; LETTER-SPACING: 4px; FONT-SIZE: 8px">Is A Heart That Yearns To Belong The Most</FONT>.<BR><FONT color=#a2998a><FONT style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.2em; TEXT-TRANSFORM: uppercase; FONT-FAMILY: verdana; LETTER-SPACING: 4px; FONT-SIZE: 7px">Which Makes The Bleeding Heart Like No Other.</FONT></div></font>

Kiba Takashi, 25 years old, single and a homosexual. <br>
2 children of 10 years, Aiden & Niajia Starr.<br>
Owner of 5 dogs, 1 snake, 2 skunks, 1 cat, and 2 beta fish.<br>
Drives a 2014 Impala LS, trying to get back on the police force.<br>
The 'man' in the relationship. - after marriage, will switch at times.<br>
Wanting marriage and a big family.<br>
Dreams of world peace - equality.<br>
Patient, devoted and loyal to the very end.<br>
Don't backstab or you'll regret ever meeting him.

This is simple right now until I can figure thing out what I want to do to make it look better. I'm up for anything with Kiba at this point for he'll be staying for as long as I can, which I hope forever if that's even possible, haha.

Ex-lovers, crushes, sex friends, jackass buddies (he did have a group before), brother/sister like relationships, anything and everything. If you really want to go into certain detail, you can pm here, but here is just as good. I'll be more then happy to roleplay anything and everything out if its interesting enough! So start posting away!

Moses KNepp - September 24, 2012 11:14 PM (GMT)
We should have a thread between these two to see if they have any sort of chemistry or chance at something. I'm not really sure how Moses would view him but he needs to interact with people so it may be good for him to get out of his comfort level and get to know others. I can see sexual friends or something close to friends with benefits. He's kind of seeking the duality of friendships and some sort of romantic thing. I dunno if I'd say he's lonely but he wouldn't mind a friendly, suggestive distraction. He kinda need someone and I like the idea of him gaining a small circle of friends within his age group too.

Kiba Takashi - September 26, 2012 01:42 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<blockquote><div align=justify>Hello thur! Hm, not really sure about friends with benefits for Kiba is out of that phase for he is ready to settle down. He's gone through that phase and he's ready for a stable - strong relationship that will lead to marriage - even more so now that he has two kids <3.
Close friends, possibly. Or maybe an older brother figure?
Though, smoking won't be allowed anywhere, anytime around him nor the kids - can't even be on the clothes what's so ever! Just the smell alone turns Kiba away.
Either way, having Kiba has a friend is a wonderful thing for you'll never find another like him o3o';</div></blockquote>[/dohtml]

Moses KNepp - September 26, 2012 02:14 AM (GMT)
k cool. Moses is learning that he'd like to be in a serious relationship. After navigating through the crap he's done and atoning and whatnot he kinda believes he can actually have that happy ending now. It'd be nice to have a friend who has a similar mindset and could help him figure it out, ya know He's been so busy moving around, thinking everything is temporary that he hasn't really thought about what he wants in his life ad now he's getting there. He doesn't really go towards smoking, he doesn't partake much in drugs at least not on his own, so that's fine. It's sort of something he only does around actual people who smoke sort of a 'with the crowd/social' type thing. Anyway so yeah, sounds good. We should thread something out. He could also babysit on occasional, he's starting to really think kids could be in his future. He definitely needs a friend who's even a bit stable, 'cause he has a habit of kind of wavering/teetering on either side of the rope. Maybe they're already friends and Moses invites Kiba and his kids to indulge in sweets at Donna's?

Kiba Takashi - September 26, 2012 03:37 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<blockquote><div align=justify>Hm, Kiba could probably help him figure things out, maybe help him find the right ways on actually trying to find <i>mister right</i>?
As for the kids, they could probably meet up and he can see the kids and get to know more about them. Kiba is still trying to get his feet on the ground since he had been gone for a year and such.
Well, since Kiba is getting himself situated and training Lex to become a K9 officer once again, he'll probably need help with that? Maybe that's how they first meet? That'll be an interesting time. Seeing a 95 pound German Shepherd jumping on Kiba in the park! Haha. </div></blockquote>[/dohtml]

Moses KNepp - September 26, 2012 03:46 AM (GMT)
Sweet. That sounds aces. I'd be entertained to see oses' point of view. He'd probably jump on the bench and go 'wait let me call the police' at first. I can't help but imagine those people with the heavy suit on with teh dog biting through it. So yeah sounds like a great thread to have. Wanna make it or should I?

Kiba Takashi - September 27, 2012 12:19 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<blockquote><div align=justify>Haha, doesn't have to be a full suit. They also have just the sleeves, which is what Kiba mainly uses when he is training by himself. Only time he uses the full out suit is when there is someone to keep an eye on the situation, while another on the sidelines and another to hold the dog until Kiba says otherwise. But yeah, their strength is incredible! Haha.
Actually, maybe Kiba could meet Mack Hunter instead? :3 afterall, it would make sense since he is trying to get back onto the force. Kiba had been on the force before with his k9 partner, Rexander until he left. It'd be good for him to actually meet the Sheriff. <3 Yeah know?</div></blockquote>[/dohtml]

Mack Hunter - September 27, 2012 07:19 AM (GMT)
Yeah let's go with Mack instead.

Mack wouldn't like him anyway.The guy looks like an emo punk to him so there's that. Unfortunately I have enough things going on that doesn't fit with adding Kiba into the mix so this will have to hold off thread-wise. Maybe later.

Kiba Takashi - September 28, 2012 01:34 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<blockquote>Wow, so he judges by the cover, hm?
Kiba may wear black - but not all the time, mind you, but not on the job. Not in an interview. He takes all piercings out and such when he is on the job. Kiba has been Mariet's K9 officer in the past for a couple of years before he left and now back again. He knows the streets, ways of how things go, ect. So it would be ashame if he didn't get hired, ya know?
But no worries. Sorry about the thing with Moses, but I have Kiba set up with someone for a love interest and I don't want to ruin that, so if they ever did meet, it can never be anything phyiscal or such.</blockquote>[/dohtml]

Mack Hunter - September 28, 2012 03:30 AM (GMT)
Not sure if I would have considered it a love interest, so much as just a textured friendship but no worries. It's for the best anyway, :)

Kiba Takashi - November 14, 2013 04:03 AM (GMT)
Seems, I need to get this going again! I'll be adding relationships as soon as I can!

Alec Kincaid - November 16, 2013 11:49 PM (GMT)
Kiba & Alec:

I was thinking the two could meet and kinda bond over dogs. Kiba's K-9 Training and Alec with his country hillbilly hunting dog Roscoe. Also with Alec's easy going nature and ability to accept people for who they are a good friendship could probably develop, they could be the Odd Couple of Town.

Kiba Takashi - November 17, 2013 12:04 AM (GMT)
Ohsnap! That would work really good. It's been a long time since Kiba actually met up with someone who loves dogs. I think I can see a good friendship indeed! HA! Even more so if Roscoe and Kiba's female Tibetan Mastiff, Kenya create puppy love! Oh my! How awkward! Haha!

Alec Kincaid - November 17, 2013 12:05 AM (GMT)
It's all possible. You have an open thread that I could jump into?

Kiba Takashi - November 17, 2013 12:10 AM (GMT)
Actually, I do! The whole pack included!

and I can always make another if needed!

Alec Kincaid - November 17, 2013 12:20 AM (GMT)
No need to make a new one. Decided to snag that one in the park.

Kiba Takashi - November 17, 2013 12:22 AM (GMT)
Alright! *happydance* We are getting somewhere!

Little by little, dust is coming off of Kiba! Whooo!

Chase Brewer - January 1, 2014 02:16 AM (GMT)
Not sure if you're still taking plots, but considering Chase's need for patience to allow him to warm up to people, I think that these two could at least make great friends?

Their personalities are really similar, oddly.


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