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 Wildcard 27th June, 1 Wildcard in June!
Posted: Jun 28 2012, 06:01 AM


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Double Down 2012…

* * *

(On separate sides, Cyclone and Cash start climbing the ladder again. Slowly they're up each rung until Cyclone sees Cash is gaining faster. He pulls Cash's leg down and wraps it around a part of the ladder preventing him from climbing any further. Cash is infuriated as he's struggling to loosen himself but at the same time not knock the ladder down. And yet, by the time he's able to free himself, we see Cyclone high enough to unbuckle the strap and fall off the ladder clutching the Television Championship against his chest.)

* * *

(Dorling falls over Sean to make a cover... 1... 2... but at the last second, Doug breaks the count using the United title slamming it into the back and neck of Dorling! He throws Dorling off and takes the cover on Panache instead... 1...

OC: Oh my Doug.


CR: Oh my God.


GC: Due to the second consecutive fall, here is your winner, and NEW SCW United Champion...Doug E. FRESH!!

… the video fades out, and in again…

(Dorling lifts the microphone to his mouth.)

Dorling: I…

(Chants of ‘Dorling, Dorling, Dorling’ break out.)

Dorling: I…

(He looks up at the grinning MDK. Dorling stares intently at the boss who notices the tone has changed and the grin disappears from his face. The grin is now clearly on Dorling’s face.)

Dorling: I…

(Dorling plants his right foot and knocks MDK to the floor with a DORbreaker!)

Dorling: I QUIT!

* * *

CR: “Thunder-Plex! Thunder-Plex on the champion! This one is over!”

(Thunder crawls over and makes the cover! 1! 2! But Ex is on his feet and drags Thunder off of Shelbi. Thunder is sat on his backside in shock as Ex turns to Shelbi… and offers her a hand to help her to her feet!)

OC: “What the hell is Extream doing? Why is he helping her to her feet?”

(Shelbi is still dazed but looks up at Extream… smiles… and TAKES THE HAND!)

CR: “What the hell is Shelbi thinking by taking the hand?”

(Shelbi is assisted to her feet by Ex and Michael Thunder looks Thunderstruck at the sight before him as Shelbi and Ex shake hands and smirk. Thunder is still seated as they both turn to Thunder and put the boots into him!)

CR: “This is sick! What is Shelbi doing?”

OC: “Leading a leaderless revolution and Ex has signed up!”

CR: “Shelbi is SCW’s very own Benedict Arnold in this revolution!”

… the video fades out, and in again…

(Shelbi gestures towards Ex who coolly lifts Thunder to his feet and with ease and without resistance, drives him into the mat with a To The Extreme that leaves him flat on the mat. Shelbi smiles as her and Ex drag Thunder to his feet and Extream poses for the crowd as Shelbi drives Thunder into the mat with the Ultra-Violent! Ex continues to pose for the crowd as Shelbi makes the pin!)

CR: “Finally! End this now!”

(1! 2! But Thunder gets the shoulder up! Ex is oblivious and the fact that Thunder has shifted the weight to cover Shelbi! 1! 2! 3! Ding! Ding! Ding!)

GC: “Here is your winner…”

(Extream is still smiling with his back to the action…)

GC: “And THE NEW SCW Global Champion… MICHAEL… THUNDER!”

* * *

And to the familiar countdown: -






( < (-WHOOSH!!!-) > )

(The entrance pyros explode into a sea of audaciously expensive Technicolor and sound as Ocean Colour Scene’s ’Hundred Mile High City’ blasts from the PA system and we pan across several of Luxor’s packed stands with fans waving their arms about like lunatics, others banging on the guard rails and of course those that hold proudly aloft the familiar magnum opus of signage with offerings such as “Why Shelbi? Why?!”, “The Revolution Got Thunderstruck!”, “Come Back Dorling!”, “Som’s Gonna Kick Your Ass ‘Dox!”, “Those Experts Twats Didn’t Clean Up After Themselves! There’s Chewing Gum On My Seat For Fuck’s Sake!”, “The Guy Behind Me Can’t Hear!” and “Specter Industries, Towels Are Out Of Stock!” Before we cut as ever to the announce desk with the unmistakable pairing of Courtney Reynolds and Oscar Cruz.)

CR: Ladies and gentlemen we’re just a matter of days removed from one of the most exciting and unpredictable shows of the year so far, Double Down! I’m Courtney Reynolds joined as always by the unforgettable Oscar Cruz…

OC: And I’ve been on a week long ‘drinking to forget’ bender since seeing who our new Global Champion is.

CR: Well folks that’s the big story coming out of Double Down, Michael Thunder defied the odds and came out of it as the champion despite the best laid plans of Shelbi Lynn Carter and Extream. The former rivals turned to allies as they formed their Leaderless Revolution as a way to keep Shelbi as champion, but the wiley veteran was just able to reverse the pin attempt and capture the title for himself.

OC: I’d just managed to forget, thanks for nothing Court. Someone get me a triple Jack Daniels!

CR: And that brings us to our main event tonight as the new Global Champion will team with Insomnia, who suffered a loss to Paradox McSweeney, David Cyclone, who retained the TV Championship, and Stu Who, who was able to take down Joey Harris in dominant fashion. They’ll be taking on the Leaderless Revolution and the Sinistry, the latter of whom will be celebrating following Doug E. Fresh’s victory in yet another Double Down match to become United Champion, and Marko Flins beating Adrien Specter enough for his own brother to throw in the towel.

OC: DORLING’S GONE! I forgot! Ignore that drinks order, of course, the best story of it all.

CR: Well my partner hardly put it diplomatically, but yes following Double Down Dorling went through with his promise to leave SCW if he did not come out victorious in defending his United Championship. Fresh won the match and thus thanks to some pressuring from MDK, Dorling quit SCW in front of a crowd who were begging him to stay. Sad scenes indeed, but what will the repercussions of Dorling quitting be with regards to his former stable-mates in STD?

OC: They’re being fed to the Leaderless Revolution tonight, and what a match that’s going to be. Also coming up tonight we’re going to determine the number-one contender to Doug E. Fresh’s United Championship as Sabra Nikolayev, Paradox McSweeney and JT Cash will battle it out for the right to be his challenger at All In. Let’s go Para-Sabra!

CR: All that to come and more, but first we’re going to hear from our new Global Champion, over to Thunder!

(“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC plays and the crowd begins to cheer loudly, chanting along with each shout of ‘Thunder’ before the new Global Champion himself steps out of the curtain to an even bigger reaction. Michael Thunder is clearly still beat-up from the two-on-one assault at the hands of Shelbi and Extream at Double Down, and he is sporting a black eye and some bruising down one side of his as well as limping ever so slightly. He raises the title above his head before walking down the ramp and slapping hands with a few of the fans. Thunder climbs up into the ring and raises the title once again to a cheer, and he is then handed a microphone as he rests the title on his shoulder and the music fades out. The crowd continue to chant his name as he raises the microphone up.)

MT: I told you all I’d go to Double Down and become the SCW Global Champion, AND DAMMIT I MADE GOOD ON THAT PROMISE!

(Another monster cheer as he raises the title in the air.)

MT: Now I can’t go much further without thankin’ you all, without your support, without acceptin’ me back into your lives I don’t know if I could have done it. But here I am, the gold over my shoulder, and more than my fair share of war scars to prove I fought my ass off for this title. No thanks of course to our new Leaderless Revolution, the dynamic duo of Shelbi Lynn Carter and Extream…

(Massive boos sound out around the arena as Thunder nods his head, agreeing with the crowd’s feeling on the pair. He allows the boos to finish before raising the microphone back up again.)

MT: Truth be told folks they fooled me, I always knew Extream was an arrogant, self-absorbed, ego-driven son of a bitch, but for some reason I was duped into believing Shelbi was different. I, like all of you, fully bought into her smiles as champion, I trusted her when she said she was a fightin’ champ and that’s who I expected to face at Double Down. What I got was a woman so desperate to keep this title she’d shake hands with the very man that’s attacked her for the past few weeks and run her down as champion… a woman so desperate to be champion that she turned her back on all of you and damn well did her best to end my career…

(More boos from the crowd as Thunder shrugs his shoulders, turning to stare into the hard camera.)

MT: You guys tried to put me down and yet here I am, standin’, talkin’, and still reignin’ as Global Champion, it’s a damn miracle right? Guess this old dog’s tougher than you two gave him credit for. See Shelbi, Ex, I’m too old and too proud to let this slide. You two did all you could to finish me off, and I ain’t about to forget that… so you get the hell out here right now… YOU UNDERSTAND ME? GET OUT HERE SO WE CAN DO THIS FACE TO FACE!

(The crowd cheer Thunder calling out the Leaderless Revolution, however before anything can happen the SinTron bursts into life, and the grinning face Danny ‘MDK’ Tenegra is staring down at the arena from his office. The fans boo as Thunder tenses up, staring right at the image.)

MDK: A lovely sentiment indeed Michael, I’m sure that’s the kind of fiery determination we can put on your tribute video when you’ve finally shuffled off to the great ‘One Night Only, Special Legend Appearance’ in the sky. I’ll have the technical team work on it right away, shouldn’t bee too long now until we need it. Now, we have some business to attend to, you see at Double Down I made you a promise Michael, and that promise was that if you made it out as Global Champion that I would make your life hell. I’m a man of my word.

(Thunder stares right back up as he holds the Global Championship proudly in front of his boss and former stable leader. MDK grins as he continues.)

MDK: So first of all I’m pleased to announce that you will be defending that title against Shelbi Lynn Carter at All In when she cashes in her rematch clause. Oh, and to allow me to sanction that rematch clause, Miss Lynn and her new associate, Extream, have assured me that you’ll be in damn near no state to even make it through the doors at All In, let alone wrestle a match or retain the title. Welcome to Sin City properly Michael Thunder, this is my town, and I’ll make sure you fucking remember it.

(The SinTron goes back to black as Thunder watches it closely, angered by the announcement of the rematch and assurance that he wouldn’t even make it to All In. Immediately he goes to climb out of the ring to a big cheer, but he’s cut off by the opening riffs to KISS’ “God Of Thunder (Alive IV Symphony)” blasting out of the PA. The crowd is on their feet and Thunder’s rooted to the spot as none other than Chris Strike steps out in street clothes, SureShot briefcase in hand! The Luxor’s going mad!)

CR: What the--?!

OC: Oh my God, is Chris Strike about to cash in?

CR: Thunder’s extremely beaten up and practically easy pickings following the action at Double Down… could this be what MDK meant by Thunder not making it to All In?

(He gradually makes his way down the ramp, not taking his eyes off Michael Thunder while doing so, the roar of the crowd growing with each step he takes, salivating at what may be about to happen. Chris makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring, stopping dead in his tracks once he’s inside the squared circle, as there is an uneasy glare between the current SCW Global Heavyweight champion and Mr. SureShot. But unexpected to the crowd, Chris sets down the SureShot briefcase right by the nearest turnbuckle to him and motions for a microphone from one of the timekeepers.)

CR: Wait just a second…is he cashing it in, is he not cashing it in?

OC: Maybe he’s going to give our “esteemed” and “new” Global Heavyweight champion the “Reason You Suck” speech we’ve all been waiting for Michael Thunder to get.

(Strike looks around the entirety of the Luxor, shaking his head.)

CS: Had this been Shelbi or Extream…you’d be welcoming a new SCW Global Heavyweight champion right about now. But this man in front of me is neither. So no…not tonight. Not tonight!

(There are a few disappointed boos in the crowd, Strike letting them go through the motions before looking back at Michael Thunder.)

CS: See, Tenegra may run this company but I’m sure as hell not one of his goombahs. Ex and Shelbi can attempt to solve their own problems like the gigantic babies they are – and fail miserably – but quite frankly, I came here to talk shop. First things first, Michael Thunder…congratulations on becoming the SCW Global Heavyweight champion.

(Loud pop for the accomplishment, as Thunder acknowledges the crowd with a few nods, smiling.)

CS: And most importantly…welcome back.

OC: Welcome back? But he’s been here for years – Father Time can attest to it.

CR: Will you stop?!

(Strike takes a step closer to the center of the ring.)

CS: Confused? Let me take you to a few months ago, when you showed up right around the time I got here – proud property of the One Ring Circus, shiny new TFWF Undisputed World Heavyweight title around your shoulder. Between telling the fans to go fuck themselves, telling the boys to go do nefarious things to goats and other inanimate objects and being an overall grade A old codger, you weren’t exactly the favorite darling around these parts and you were most certainly not the “Living Legend” you claimed to be.

OC: Thank you for reminding me of better times, Chris. Truly. Now can you please leave the memories alone?

CS: Let me tell you a little story, Mike. Approximately thirteen years, two months and seventeen days ago, at a small event center in Sheridan, Colorado, you were on tour with one of the companies you were working for – giving back to the fans that supported you since day one, and wrestling like nobody’s business. You were in that night’s main event and you stole the show. After it was all said and over, you signed a few autographs, chatted with people, took pictures…you then spoke with a rather skinny at the time, long-haired Brazilian kid about the woes and wonders of this business, telling him that the world was his for the taking if he dedicated himself thoroughly to his craft, had a back-up plan in case things didn’t fall through and was prepared to live with the aches and bruises.

(Strike’s smile widens a little, as Thunder has a pensive look on his face – as if attempting to recall that specific event)

CS: Thirteen years, two months and seventeen days ago, I stand before that same exact man I met, the same man who gave me the final piece of the puzzle to become what I have become today. And for that, Michael Thunder…welcome back.

(The crowd cheers in approval, Strike nodding along to express the exact same sentiment.)

CS: See, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever get the chance to face THE Michael Thunder in competition. It’s one of the reasons why the SureShot ladder match at Cancun Clash and Rage in the Cage at Original Sin felt so bittersweet each and every time I spoke or thought about you, Thunder. Because I knew very well that the Michael Thunder I faced in both those occasions wasn’t exactly the guy I grew up following and admiring. Call it stupid, if you will, but I do have enough of a shred of honor to know that taking that briefcase right now and beating you for that championship belt you hold in the center of the ring tonight would mean absolutely nothing!

CR: Whoa! Bold words by Mr. SureShot here.

OC: It would mean he’d become the SCW Global Heavyweight champion. You know, that one thing everybody around here wants to be. O Doug E. Fresh, grant me serenity to withstand this trifling torture this false deity has placed upon us…

MT: What’s yer point then?

CS: Tenegra may have booked the rematch at All In for you against Shelbi. He is more than willing to sic her and Extream on you to make sure you don’t make it to All In. Normally, this is the type of squabble I’d stay away from, but quite frankly, the Michael Thunder of old is back and I’ll be damned if when I decide to cash in his briefcase that it’s against the blowhard toolbag or the Amazon. See, if I’m going to win this Global Heavyweight title, I want to earn it against a man who’s been the absolute best in this business since before just about all of us currently in SCW even thought about lacing a pair of wrestling boots. I want it to be the God of Thunder against Michael Thunder!

(The crowd roars in approval.)

CS: And until that time is upon us, Michael…until Shelbi and Ex are dealt with and thrown off what’s supposed to be OUR main event…I offer my hand in friendship.

(Strike extends his hand.)

CS: I know there is not a lot of mutual trust to be had here as well as everybody and their mother planting the seeds of doubt that I could cash in the briefcase at any given time…but my word is my bond here, Michael. Neither of us have many allies around here, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the past eleven years of being in this business…is that even the uneasy alliances are often enough good enough to deal with a bunch of pests. So…do we’ve have ourselves a deal?

(Michael looks at his SCW Global title on his shoulder, then at Strike and then at the crowd, as they seem to urge “The Living Legend” to take him up on it by the volume of their cheers.)

CR: Chris Strike just offered his hand to aid Michael Thunder!

OC: Biggest mistake of his life. It was worse than commentating a Calvin Ingram match this past week at the Experts tournament!

(Thunder looks around again, taking in a deep breath and sighing before he slowly reaches out and grabs Strike’s hand, shaking it.)

MT: Fine. You got yourself a fuckin’ deal!

(The eruption of the crowd nearly caves in the Luxor’s roof, as the two men shake hands firmly, Strike nodding in approval while Thunder does not take his eyes off the younger man!)

CR: A coalition out of mutual respect between two clashing personalities and the potential may very well be the spark that’s needed to put down the Leaderless Revolution.


(Nodding, Strike raises Thunder’s right arm in the air, giving the crowd even more motive to blow the roof off the place as the cameras then go into a commercial break…)


Swag vs. J Vega

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Sexmoan, Califrornia...Mr. SWAG-A-LICIOUS!!

(Mr. Swag-A-Licious comes down the ramp with his friend Sir Lucious Leftfoot witch both of them juke and jive and and get there dance moves on like no other. Along with Leftfoot sometimes he might come out with Rashanda who eats buckets of chicken everytime she come out with Swag and usually throws her chicken at the crowd when they boo Swag. On a rare occasion and if the stars aligigned you might see Mentally ill come out try to interfere and help swag win the match only for him to hit himself with chairs and elbow dive on an empty table thinking he's attacking somebody else.)

GC: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and making his SCW debut this evening...J VEGA!!

(The Horror” by RJD2 hits the speakers as half of the crowd pops the other half boo’s. He makes his way to the ring stretching his arms a little and enters the ring as he raises both of his hands while standing on the second turnbuckle.)

OC: They should call this guy J Vegas. Or just J. Either way if it was Vegas, he'd fit in to the city nicely.

CR: Leave it to Oscar to ruin a debut. Let's see what kind of challenge J Vega can pose to Mr. Swag-A-Licious who impressed many with his showing in the hardcore gauntlet.

(Swag stands up to Vega and gets shoved down immediately. Not appreciating that, Swag gets right back up and slaps the taste out of Vega. Vega shoves Swag all the way back to the corner and swings at him but Swag ducks out and runs the ropes only to get caught with a big spine buster from Vega. He pulls Swag up by the hair and grabs him by the waist for a gutwrench suplex. He covers but its only a two count. Picking him up, Swag breaks away from Vega and he stuns him with a spinning back fist. With Vega turned around, he rolls him up from behind for a two count. He then clobbers Vega with a power clothesline. Another near fall. When they're back up again, Swag swings again but misses and Vega stops the momentum with a full nelson bomb!)

OC: King dinga linga just had his bell a ringa.

CR: Awful. Just awful. Focus on the match where I can see Vega taking control.

(Back standing, he stomps on the foot of Swag and when he tilts his head up, he delivers a chop right to the adam's apple that just looks mean. Swag has his back exposed while holding his throat and thus is exposed to taking a vertical suplex. Vega bridges it for a two count. He remains determined pulling Swag right back up and positioning him for a piledriver but before he can pull him back, Swag throws him over his back! One big gasp of air and Swag is feeling it as Vega walks into a samoan drop. Leg drop hits after and Swag covers for a two count. Swag picks Vega up and starts the Sweat Dance but after connecting with a couple of punches, Vega grabs him around the waist and hits a belly to belly. He immediately picks Swag up and puts him on his shoulders for a Psycho Driver! Vega covers and scores the pinfall!)

GC: Here is your winner, J Vega!!

CR: Good power game. Technical base seems beyond many. A promising future for J Vega as he gets his first win.

OC: He seemed to get angrier as the match went on.

(Indeed there's a level of intensity now as the ref raises Vega's hand and he leaves the ring to head back but on the way, the mixed fans say a thing or two that really gets him talking back to them.)

Winner: J Vega



(We go to footage from earlier today as John Shepard and Sean Doherty enter the backdoor of the building, not a word being shared between the two. Sean dressed formally for a wrestling event, Shepard wearing his usual gray suit under a long leather trench coat as both men continue down the hallway, knowing the camera is on them. Suddenly, Chaz Cambridge appears alongside them and poses John Shepard a question.)

C.C: Mr. Shepard, could we get a word from you in relation to Sean Doherty's win this past Sunday at Double Down?

(Shepard stops and looks Chaz in the eyes, Cambridge looking somewhat intimidated as he blinks repeatedly, before settling himself enough to conduct the short interview.)

C.C: What are your thoughts on the way in-which Sean Doherty won his match this past Sunday at Double Down?

John Shepard: He won. It's down in the record books. A win, is a win, and that-is-that. Sean Doherty showed the entire world what he has became, he has became something nobody can even fathom to understand. It's like he has a machine of wires and coding and I have opened him up and manipulated that coding, that wiring, to destroy!

(Shepard presents Sean Doherty with his hands, glancing between him and Cambridge.)

John Shepard: For extensive parts of their match, Sean Doherty manhandled Sabra Nikolayev like a rag doll. She doesn't deserve any respect from me, or him, nor will she get any. Sean Doherty tonight continues his path of rise in the eyes of Sin City Wrestling, when he defeats Jo McFarlane because I promise it. And when I promise it, it happens!

C.C: And...

(John Shepard places his hand an inch before Cambridge's mouth and stops him from posing another question.)

John Shepard: You asked for a word, not an interview. Later tonight we shall grace the ring with our presence, and when we do, I will address this company, its fans, its wrestlers and I will make the intentions of Sean Doherty very well known! Now, if you don't mind, we have a match to "prepare" for.

(John flashes his sinister smile and exits the scene, Sean following merely an inch behind him, as Chaz watches them exit before we go back to ringside for the next match.)


Tyler Grace vs. Matt Matlock

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada...Matt MATLOCK!!

(The opening chords of Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" begin to play over the speakers of the arena. There's an explosion of pyro on stage as the song starts, and Matt Matlock steps out onto the stage, ready to fight as always. He takes a minute to look over the crowd before walking down the ramp towards the ring. Partway down he stops, head down and arms out to the sides as pyro shoots off down the sides of the ramp. He looks up with a cocky grin towards the crowd, as he finally enters the ring. Heading for one of the far turnbuckles he raises his arms in the air as HBK-styled pyrotechnics go off, and immediately stop as he lowers his arms. He then gets down and prepares for the upcoming match.)

GC: And his opponent, from the enlightened church district of Kansas and making his SCW debut tonight...Tyler GRACE!!

('Bangarang' by Skrillex screeches out of the speakers. Tyler Grace makes his way out onto the stage in a long white cloak. He turns around and walks backwards with 'Kill Yourself' written across the back in gold letters. He takes pamphlets for the Church of Enlightenment out of the robes pockets and throws them into the crowd, most of which are thrown back at him. This doesn't seem to bother him as he climbs into the ring with a smile on his face and hangs his robe on one of the turnbuckles. He raises his arms in the air and shouts 'KILL YOURSELVES!' to big heat from the crowd.)

CR: This guy may be more out there than Doug E. Fresh is.

OC: How dare you talk like that! You're ruining debuts!

CR: Matt Matlock is crownless again. Will his psyche allow for the newcomer Grace to take advantage?

(An angry Matlock starts hammering down on Grace. He steps back a bit to bounce off the ropes to go for a big blow but Grace recovers and brings him over with a headlock takedown. Another. And a third one this time cinching the headlock for a moment. This angers Matlock further and he backs Grace into the corner. He attempts to climb up for a ten punch but after the second, Grace slighty carries him out enough to drop him face first over the top turnbuckle and then get behind him for a high angle back suplex. What really takes the air out of Matlock is when Grace, after completing a couple of running elbow drops, does a jumping double knee drop right into the chest and stomach of Matlock! A loud wheeze is heard.)

CR: He definitely just took the air right out of the former hardcore champion?

OC: Took the air out of? I think he just attempted to puncture his stomach!

(A speechless crowd looks on as Grace pulls Matlock up by the full nelson. He's attempting a suplex but whatever Matlock has left he's using to break out of Grace's hold and does so. Big high elbow from Matlock stunning Grace. He puts him down and tries to lift Grace for a powerbomb but Grace goes over his back. He gets up and ducks a Matlock clothesline grabbing him by the head from behind and hitting an inverted DDT! With Matlock planted in the appropriate spot in the ring, Grace ascends the turnbuckle and leaps off turning his body in mid air to connect on a perfect splash he calls the Suicide Splash! This is followed by a cover and a sequential three count!)

GC: Here is your winner, Tyler Grace!!

OC: I haven't seen someone his size with moves THAT impactful!

CR: If Grace came to SCW to make a statement and command attention, he just did so.

(Grace leaves the ring without the ref raising his hand. A couple fans look like they're interested in Grace but two behind them boo loud enough in Grace's earshot that he yells KILL YOURSELF to them which also makes the two fans turn on him as well.)

Winner: Tyler Grace


CR: “Coming up next we have quite the…”

Voice-Shut it down! Shut it down!

(Courtney and Oscar both look at each other, confused as to what is going on, but as Courtney goes to continue, Ex steps out on the stage with a chair and a microphone in his hands. He stands at the top of the ramp…soaking in the boos…before shooting down to the ring.)

CR: What the hell is this all about?

OC: I guess it’s time for Ex to justify himself to the uneducated amongst us…”

(Ex slides in the ring, quickly propping his chair in a corner and leaning out over the ropes staring at Courtney with a look that could kill.)

Ex: You want to sit out here and make up lies about Shelbi and myself?

(Courtney shakes her head no as Oscar is beaming ear to ear with excitement…the fans continue their onslaught of boos towards Extream.)

Ex: I heard you earlier, I saw the fraudulent and heavily edited video you showed at the top of the show… You get paid to say whatever they want you to say…and I for one am sick of the propaganda in SCW.

(Courtney is trying to deny it, shaking her head no, saying no…but Ex ignores her making his way to the middle of the ring, staring into the crowd now.)

Ex: They would have you believe that Michael Thunder won the Global Title at Double Down fair and square…but in reality, the man clearly cheated to steal that belt from the greatest female competitor to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots, Shelbi Lynn Carter.

(More boos reign down on the ring, the fans are obviously fed up with Ex lately, and they are showing him just how much they hate him with their reactions.)

Ex: You can boo me all you want…it won’t stop me.

(Ex just stands there, waiting on the fans to calm down…and as they do he continues.)

Ex: How about we roll the footage…and so help me god if someone tries to Rick Roll me, I am going to come in the back, find you, and make an example of your simple minded ass…now ROLL MY FOOTAGE!

(Ex leans in the corner with his chair as the big screen comes to life. As it does, a different angle from Double Down starts to play…it rolls through, showing Ex take Thunder To the Extream, then how he and Shelbi lift Thunder to his feet where Shelbi hits the Ultra-Violent and goes for the cover…but Thunder reverses it and as the ref starts to count, the camera angle shows Thunder making the pin.)

Ex: Can you see that? Can you see that Thunder blatantly has hold of the tights as he makes the pin?

(A huge wave of ‘no’s’ emanates from the crowd.)

OC: Look at that Courtney…did you know Thunder was that obvious with his cheating?

CR: It looks the same as Double Down. Thunder gets the roll-up and wins fair and square…”

OC: Are you calling Extream a liar?

CR: Would it be that far from the truth if I was?

OC: Yes…

(Ex steps out from the corner as the video proof comes to an end on the big screen. He stands in the middle of the ring once again as the fans shout derogatory comments his way…but Ex ignores it the best he can and continues.)

Ex: I’ve already been told by SCW officials that there is nothing they and will do about it. If the referee didn’t catch it… or WANT to catch it, he can’t and WON’T change the decision now…and I call bullshit. I think this company has had it out for me and Shelbi since the get go. I think they let it go because they are afraid of what will happen if either one of us are allowed to reign for too long…it’s a fucking joke!

(The fans really start to lay into Ex, chanting “Shut the fuck up” over and over again. Ex starts to stomp around the ring, his frustration clearly showing now from the disrespect he is receiving from his once loyal fans.)

Ex: Tonight SCW, tonight we take over. We have already informed MDK of our demands. We want what is rightfully ours or we are going to begin to tear this company apart piece by piece until we get it. Tonight SCW, either we get what we want…or your Main Event will not go off without a hitch.

(The fans are not happy about that comment, but Ex ignores them and continues on.)

Ex: So, without further ado, let me introduce to you, the greatest female competitor the world has ever seen. SCW’s Amazon, the mind behind this madness and the rightful SCW Global Heavyweight Champion…SHELBI LYNN CARTER!!

As the intro to "Creator" by Santogold begins to play, white pyro begins to splash up out from the side of the entrance ramp. Amazon flashes on the SinTron, flashing highlights of Shelbi Lynn dominating opponents, and out from behind the curtain Shelbi emerges.

She marches down the ramp. She slides into the ring as a multicoloured light show flashes in the ring. Raising her hands up quickly white pyro erupts from the ring posts as the music cuts out. The Amazon has arrived.

CR: The wildcard in this whole mess, I still don't understand what would make Shelbi join forces with Extream.

OC: Well, she did have her fiancé break it off with her a while ago. Maybe she's just sexually frustrated? Shelbi, call me! I can do better than Ex!

CR: I hardly think that's the reason, she hated the guy.

Shelbi looks over to Ex and smiles, who extends the microphone out to her. After grabbing the mic, she looks around the arena for a moment, and back to Ex. Covering the microphone for the moment, she tells Ex something, he laughs, and she turns towards the camera, lifting her hand off the mic.

SLC: What is it that Danny Tenegra calls you? Peons? Pissants? Peasants? How fitting.

The crowd boos, hurt by the betrayal of the former champ.

SLC: How fickle you are. A month ago you were cheering for me, and now you hate me? Fickle. Let me paint a picture for you, pay attention, because I don't know if you can handle it. Imagine, if you will, a future where people like Michael Thunder are the face of this company, old school wrestlers, legends of this industry. Do you know what that means? A future where you've seen everything there is to see. Pigs will fly, hell will freeze over, MDK will be a pleasant, caring individual, and everyone will dance around in the gum drop forest. It's what's starting to happen, Michael Thunder cannot be allowed to remain Global Champion, and I WILL be the one to take that away from him. Do you hear me?! Come on Danny.

She sits, waiting for a response, and nothing happens.

SLC: Really? You're going to deny me? You're going to remain silent backstage? That seems very unlike you. Fine. I warned you earlier in the week Danny, I am willing to do what it takes to grab your attention, even if it means shoving my demands down your throat…

?: “Fuck-knuckles! Oi fuck-knuckles! Take a look up here dipshits!”

(M.D.K. has appeared on the SinTron from the comfort of his office.)

M.D.K.: “Allow me to remind you of the fragile link we have here and remember that at no point have I ever bowed to pathetic threats. Now I have sat back and watched as you have begun this journey towards an anti-establishment group and you are threatening me and MY show? If you have somehow failed to remember, I can’t stand the old bastard much the same as you can’t so threatening me and threatening my show is a pretty impotent idea don’t you think?”

(A pop – yes a pop for M.D.K.)

CR: “Can you hear that? An actual pop for something M.D.K. says!”

OC: “I don’t believe it for a second!”

CR: “Open your ears Oscar!”

OC: “No! La-La-La-La-La!”

M.D.K.: “So listen up and listen good. I fucking gave you your rematch on a shiny silver platter earlier on but seeing as you seem intent on doing things the hard way, I’m now going to make you earn it. Next week it will be you two funsters in a non-title tag team match against the tag team champions Jason Scorpio and Jo MacFarlane and if you can beat them then maybe… just maybe I’ll think about giving you the rematch you crave. And as for you Ex?”

(Extream looks up at the SinTron.)

M.D.K.: “You of all people should know damn well not to cross me so be very careful about what side of the line you are standing…”

(With that the Tron cuts out and Shelbi’s music starts again as we cut to a commercial…)


Jeremiah Belmont vs. Alex Black

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from London, England...Jeremiah BELMONT!!

(The opening chords to "Cry Little Sister" begins to play as Jeremiah Belmont appears on the ramp. The fans begin to give a mixed reaction towards him and he ignores them, walking down the ramp he snarls at a fan who tried to touch him. When he reached the ring he slid under the ropes and tore off his leather trench coat revealing bare flesh with patch works of scars adorning his body like a patched work piece of art.)

GC: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California...Alex BLACK!!

("Hear Me Now" hits the speakers as Alex Black makes his way out of the entrance. The fans go crazy as they rain boo's down on him. He makes his way down to the ring before sliding in and walks to the corner as he waits for his opponent.)

CR: Two superstars who were a part of the hardcore gauntlet square off.

OC: I'm not one to tip my hat ever. But if I did, I'd tip it to Alex Black who I think should of walked out Hardcore champion.

CR: You don't wear a hat ever.

(Jer never gets the chance to turn around as Alex blindsides him before the bell even rings. Alex unleashes a series of suplexes after the ref has to pull him off of Jer twice. He starts a snap suplex and then a gutwrench before finishing the job with a german that really drops Jer on his head! Alex is looking intense as he continues to deliver punishment as the ref again has to pull Alex off!)

CR: Alex is relentless!

OC: He didn't put his hardcore side away after last Sunday.

(Alex stomps Jer's head into the mat and then grabs Jer appropriately locking him into the Black Out! Jer has suffered such a beating during the few minutes of this match that we're unsure he can even respond to tap out. As a matter of fact, he sits and does nothing really causing the ref to call for the bell seeing as how Jer has passed out.)

GC: Here is your winner, Alex Black!!

CR: That was an assault, plain and simple. Quite possibly premeditated.

OC: No. This is premeditated. Look!

(Alex grabs a chair from ringside and brings it back in slamming it onto the chest of Jer. He then climbs to the turnbuckle and hits Pitch Black right into the chair and Jer!! That may have broken a rib! Alex suffered some of that as well but he stands up proud and angry with a medical team coming to ringside to give Jer attention.)

CR: We might very well see Jeremiah Belmont out of action considering the events we've just witness.

Winner: Alex Black


(Backstage, Sabra Nikolayev is lacing the boots in preparation for her match when she looks up and standing in the doorway looking down at her is the new SCW United Champion, Doug E. Fresh. She looks up at him silently, her exotic eyes taking in the details before she finished her boots and flipped her braid over her shoulder.)

Doug: You were screwed at Double Down. This isn't the type of treatment you deserve. You deserve the treatment of royalty.

(He walks closer and puts a hand on her shoulder as she stands. Sabra does not flinch or move away from his touch, looking up that tiny bit needed to meet his gaze.)

Doug: The Sinistry is destined for greatness and you were meant to be a part of it. Dorling is gone and the STD are damaged because of it. The ORC is practically meaningless here in the SCW. We are the only real faction and with a queen, we can forever rule over Sin City Wrestling.

(Before she can speak, he puts a finger over her lips.)

Doug: Tonight you wrestle for an opportunity at a championship you've coveted. Now I understand that the opponent you covet is no longer with us but he has become an opponent you respect. Do not let that deter you. For you see (whispers) its your respect that I covet.

(A quirk touches Sabra's lips as she reaches up to move his finger away from her mouth.)

Sabra: My oh my Doug Fresh. You must then be a contented man, for at least this second in time.

(She paused for just a moment, that quirk becoming a smile.)

Sabra: You have what you covet, freely given … and accepted.

CR: Wait, did I hear that right?

OC: What in Doug's name are you going on about now, woman … oh its Sabra! And there's Doug too!

CR: You have the attention span of a hamster unless its beer, money, or … oh I can't say that on the air, can I.

Sabra: The King has infinite value as long as he is not in check. Think about that, and how … we … are nowhere near an endgame.

OC: What does that mean? I bought a book about chess and I haven't got that far yet!


Omen vs. Jason Scorpio

GC: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall.

(The arena lights dim, and the sung/spoken introduction of “Omen” by The Prodigy plays, the fans instinctively start booing, as the music kicks in Omen steps through the curtain onto the ring and pauses staring out into the crowd, a red pyro fires from the side of the ramps as he defiantely extends his arms above his head his fists clenched and raised high. He walks down to the ring, completely ignoring the insults and cat cals from the fans lining the aisle to the ring.

The ring announcer raises the microphone and starts to speak as Omen reaches ringside, he stalks around making his way to the far side to await his opponent.)

GC: “Making his way to the ring, he weights 252lbs and hails from the Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Michigan...the SCW Hardcore Champion, Omen!”

(Suddenly he slides into the ring under the bottom rope, and brazenly steps into the centre of the ring his fists raised above his head, a sneer of disgust on his face at the reaction he is receiving from the fans.)

GC: And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, he is one half of the SCW Tag Team Champions...Jason SCORPIO!!

(Lights go out and Enter Sandman hits the P.A System, a white light illuminate the entrance and out comes Scorpio wearing a black coat that covers his wrestling attire. He walks down the ramp slowly getting a view of every single fan he can get a sight, he smirks at them and without touching any fan he continues to walk down. Scorpio hits the steel ladder and runs by it before stopping in the apron; he extends his arms and smile at the crowd before entering the ring.)

CR: Jason Scorpio seems to want to be a loner but he and Jo are having success as the tag team champions. Omen's on a roll and that may allow him to get the best of Jason.

OC: Oh you and your crude yet insightful comments. Just be like me and pick a winner. I pick Jason!

(We've got a couple of brawlers here who start scrapping with one another until action falls to the outside of the ring. Once outside, Scorpio knocks Omen against the steps with a hard lariat. Scorpio backs up to the opposite ringpost and attempts a running big boot to smash Omen's head against the steps but it doesn't work as Omen moves away and Scorpio kicks the steps right off. Omen then russian leg sweep's Scorpio back first into the other half of the stairs! Omen gets in the ring to break the countout by the ref and then comes back outside to hiptoss Scorpio back onto the outside floor as he stands up holding his back. Omen throws Scorpio back into the ring. As Omen's a bit slow getting back in, Scorpio knees him through the ropes. He then european uppercuts him and drags Omen halfway into the ring so he can get on the second rope and guillotine leg drop connects! Scorpio pulls Omen into the ring and covers for a two.)

CR: I'll tell what this match has been so far...a fight!

OC: You mean this isn't a playground? Scorpio always calls it a playground. I don't see a slide or hopscotch?

(Omen counters a bear hug with a rake to the eye. He then bounces off the ropes and connects with a leg lariat. Cover and a kickout. He pulls Scorpio up by the arm and tries a short arm clothesline but Scorpio ducks it and hits a full nelson slam! Cover and a near fall. Scorpio puts Omen up in the fireman's carry and hits a spinning cutter on the release! Big impact! Scorpio covers and again Omen kicks out! Scorpio is frustrated clearly while picking Omen up. Belly to back suplex attempt never gets off the ground as its countered with elbows to the back of the head. Atomic Drop connects and then a slam and a knee splash! Cover but Scorpio kicks out! Omen lifts him into the fireman's carry but Scorpio gets out behind him and shoves him head and chest first into the corner. After a few shots with elbows and forearms, Scorpio hoists him up so he can drag him off by the head and connect with the Tower of Pain! Scorpio pins him for the win.)

GC: Here is your winner, Jason Scorpio!!

CR: Scorpio proves again he can win on his own with the statement made in his win over the new hardcore champion.

OC: That'll sting for sure. (cough) Get it? (cough) Sting?

CR: Rare form tonight Oscar. You're still loving all that exposure the Experts gave you.

(Scorpio is psyched about the win as he poses on the turnbuckle once and then takes his tag title belt heading off while the hardcore champion recovers post match.)

Winner: Jason Scorpio


Jo McFarlane is backstage with her tag team title over her shoulder and she clatters into the shoulder of Ashleigh McDaniel. Both stagger backwards and glare at each other.

Jo Mc: “Do you wanna watch where your going?”

Ash Mc: “Do you wanna watch you lip with who you are talking to?”

(They continue to stare each other down.)

Jo Mc: “Well if it isn’t the woman who got kicked around this arena by a glorified clown.”

Ash Mc: “Well if it isn’t the Glaswegian Gutter-slut recovering from yet another match against no-hopers.”

Jo Mc: “What’s this, you are now some sort of crusader because you’ve finally taken M.D.K. out of your mouth for five minutes?”

(They square up to each other.)

Jo Mc: “Oh so you think you are something special?”

Ash Mc: “No sweety, I KNOW I’m something special and the longer you stay with that tag title on your shoulder, the bigger the target gets on your back.”

Jo Mc: “And to think, you might have a chance with this if you had a single friend in the world but I think that you are soo skanky that even talking to you runs the risk of contracting an STD.”

(Ashleigh shoves Jo and the shove is returned. Swag-a-licious appears.)

Swag: “Bitches please! There ain’t no need to fight over ol’ Swag. There’s enough chocolate milk to go around…”

(They stop, stare at each other and both smack Swag in unison. He crashes to the ground as the two ladies turn back to each other, glare at each other and back away still not taking their eyes off each other as we cut to a commercial.)


Ashleigh McDaniel vs. Adrien Specter

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Toronto, Canada...Ashleigh MCDANIEL!!

(A Giggle blares through the PA system throughout the arena as the arena darkens and purple and Black fill the arena while “Time to Rock and Roll” begins to play. The confident and controversial Ashleigh McDaniel walks from behind the curtain as a chorus of boos fill the arena. The deafening crowd Boo the Quintessential Diva, as she fans them off while giving off a devilish smirk. She enters the ring and taunts the fans, her music begins to soften as she redirects her attention back to the ramp to await on her next victim.)

GC: And her opponent, from Brighton, England...Adrien SPECTER!!

(As “Please” by Nine Inch Nails plays over the PA, Adrien walks out from the back as the crowd welcomes him warmly. He makes his way down to the ring, before climbing into the ring and raising his arm to the crowd in acknowledgement. Slowly, he climbs up on the turnbuckle, before seating himself upon it, and waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.)

OC: Thorn in M.D.K.'s side versus someone I assume went somewhere other than his side.

CR: Say what you want about Ashleigh but she was quite vicious with Malice and if she can channel that again against an Adrien who I can only assume is not at 100%, then she will have the edge in this match.

(Ashleigh kicks Richard off the apron before the bell rings and Specter isn't pleased as he rushes Ash and hits some serious knees to her starting things off. He throws her across the ring but she holds onto the ropes so there's no rebound. Ash slips out of the ring when Specter rushes in and then she leaps up to the apron to drape his neck over the ropes. But Specter dropkicks Ash back out when she tries to get back in the ring and Specter follows that with a suicide dive!! Once recovered, Specter throws Ash back into the ring and covers for a two count. He grabs Ash by the head and goes for Fight or Flight but she breaks free. Specter lands on his feet but Ash quickly hits a boot to the mid-section and a DDT right after.)

CR: One word can describe Ashleigh McDaniel. Resourceful.

OC: I was thinking more along the lines of something that can't be said on most public access channels.

(Instead of going for a cover, Ash hits him hard with a series of forearms and then drags him up for a modified bulldog. Now Ash covers but Specter kicks out! She picks him up and hits a neckbreaker and covers again but its still a two count! She angrily whips Specter into the corner. Ash lifts him to the top turnbuckle and climbs up as well. Top rope hurricanrana fails as he throws her off. Ash lands on her feet but Specter leaps off and hits a tornado DDT! Both are down for a minute before long they're up. Specter ducks a clothesline and connects on DeViate! Back to their feet, he attempts to grab hold of Ash but she ducks behind him and attempts a backslide for a two count. Back up and she goes for a small package for another two count. Then the SnapShot comes out of nowhere but Specter ducks it and with Ash turned around, he grabs her and twists her onto his back before finishing it with the 6 Feet Under!! Specter covers and scores the victory!)

GC: Here is your winner, Adrien Specter!!

CR: Big win for Adrien! Ash had him making mistakes after hitting his brother but in the end, a clearer head prevailed.

OC: Funny how you can even say he had a clear head after that white towel match.

(That laugh is near happening again with Adrien looking like he may do a little post match punishment but Richard comes back in and calms his brother down while raising his hand in victory.)

Winner: Adrien Specter


(Paradox McSweeney, Doug E Fresh, David Cyclone and Stu Who are all gathered in M.D.K.’s office. The man himself is reclining in his seat and smiles at them.)

M.D.K.: “Gentlemen, you may recall several months ago, you are all assigned suits as though it were a deck of cards. Each of you were assigned to be kings of your respective suits. Nothing more was made of it until today.”

“For the past few weeks, Chris Styles has worked tirelessly to give us a new spin on the Vegas Cup. Instead of it being gifted to an individual this year, we are going to award it to the best suit of cards. Points will be awarded to wins… Yes Paradox?”

McSweeney: “There are certain people in certain teams in different suits… What are we doing about that?”

M.D.K.: “Good question…”

(Paradox turns to the others with a smug look like a teachers pet.)

M.D.K.: “And this isn’t about a line in the sand, it’s not about alliances, partners, sisters, brothers or girlfriends. This is about something greater than that. This is about the Vegas Cup. So without further ado, allow me to kick this off with the first match… And as Kings of your suits, I feel it is best for you four to kick off proceedings with a fatal four-way match for the first three points… It will be Doug E Fresh vs. Paradox McSweeney vs. Stu Who vs. David Cyclone! Enjoy boys!”

(All four men look at each other as we cut to a commercial.)


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(Marvin Peabody is backstage with Stu Who.)

Marvin: “Stu, at Double Down you took apart the very vocal Joey Harris who had made it his aim to sully your name. How are you feeling off the back of that heading into a very competitive Main Event tonight live on Wildcard?”

Stu: “You know Marv, I have spent a long time getting to where I am and winning at Double Down felt like justice. Justice for being over-looked for the bigger picture. Justice for being almost the forgotten man in SCW and more importantly to show that while I may be a mouthy son of a gun, I always… ALWAYS put my money where my mouth is and come out on top.”

Marv: “So what of the future for Stu Who?”

Stu: “you know, I have listened to many big mouths talk big about themselves over the years but one right now is standing clear of them all. One of them really needs to be taken down a peg or two and one really needs a 150% dose of reality in the very near future.”

Marv: “And who might that be?”

(Stu simply smiles at him, shakes his head and walks out of shot.)


Narrator: “Experts week 1 was a huge success with week 2 looking to equal that with the True Expert Champion Jack Benevolence looking to retain the title against Keaton Saint. That is the Extreme Tournament live from the VWF arena in Chacago. Check out for more information.”


(Meanwhile, Richard and Adrien Specter are backstage. Adrien’s head is bowed while Richard speaks to him.)

Richard: “Look I know you are pissed off about Double Down but you really need to look at the bigger picture. Backing away from that fight today has set you up for something big in the future. You need to think of it that way.”

(Adrien signs a response.)

Richard: “And I know you want your hands on M.D.K. more than anything but this pedestal he is put on here makes it tough. We can’t even touch him at the Experts right now.”

(Adrien signs again.)

Richard: “I know. So what do you suggest?”

(Adrien smiles and hands Richard a photograph. Richard looks at it a little taken apart.)

Richard: “Are you sure? You want to add another one so the list?”

(Adrien nods.)

Richard: “We had better do some planning then…”

(They both leave the area but leave behind the photo. It is a photo of Sean Panache.)


Malice vs. Chris Strike

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Leeds, England...MALICE!!

(No fanfare, no pyro. he is intense and focused entirely on his opponent. Malice will never back down or show fear to any opponent, even if he outnumbered.)

GC: And his opponent, from Sao Paulo, Brazil...Chris STRIKE!!

(The house lights in the arena go out completely, thunder and rain can be heard from a distance, all while the image of a large mountain complete with a temple atop the peak is seen on the LCD screen while the beginning of “God of Thunder (Alive IV Symphony)” by KISS blares out of the PA system. The shot zooms into the temple as the drum solo begins…and up towards a throne at the top of some stairs. A man rises from the throne and makes his way down the steps…and once he nears the camera, he looks up at the sky and makes his way over towards a pool of water. The man looks down into the water, and once he does…a shot of lightning hits the water! As the lightning hits the water in the video, streams of smoke shoot up from the ramp way area and high above.

“The God of Thunder” Chris Strike emerges from the curtains and steps out into the limelight, drawing a loud reaction from the SCW fan base as he stops in front of the entrance ramp and slowly raises his right arm up, hand open. A smirk falls on his lips as the self-proclaimed God of Thunder is showered by gold, white and black streamers and two bright white pyros on the sides of the ramp. Smirking, Strike begins making his way down the ramp, having the occasional fans reaching out towards him from the rail, all while keeping his eyes solely focused on the ring.

Chris then makes his way up the ring stairs, using the steel pole for support, putting his right foot over the middle rope and as he is about to get inside, Strike suddenly turns around and finds himself with both elbows locked around the top rope, his entire upper body exposed to the crowd’s sight. The God of Thunder just gives the fans a sly smirk as flashes of light go off, before going under the middle rope and into the ring. He looks around at the crowd and walks up to the nearest corner, leaning against the ropes while stretching his arms out as “God of Thunder (Alive IV Symphony)” fades…)

CR: I'm beginning to question as much as anyone when Chris Strike will cash in the SureShot briefcase. Double Down may have been his best chance yet.

OC: It may be never if Malice has anything to do with the outcome.

(This match starts off as a big counter fest as Malice surprises Strike with the fact that he is well versed in the Puroresu style. Strike connects with a roundhouse kick that stuns Malice but it gets rebutted with one of Malice's own that's very stiff and it seats Strike almost to the corner. Malice follows this by dragging Strike to the corner and rushing in with a big knee. Malice picks Strike up and while against the ropes, he applies the tarantula submission! Of course this can't tap Strike out as the ropes are being used and Malice releases after a four count. Malice gets up and springs in when Strike is standing but Malice jumps right into a boot. Strike puts Malice in the corner this time and runs in with a rolling wheel kick! He then brings Malice out with a one handed bulldog! Cover by Strike and a two count. Strike picks Malice up and puts him up and down with a rolling fireman's carry slam. Strike goes second rope for a moonsault but Malice gets the knees up!)

OC: Strike has his hands full. My goodness.

CR: One thing you have to give credit for with Malice is the fact that he is so versatile. No two Malice matches are the same.

(Malice applies a rear choke on the mat trying to suck the life out of Strike but he gets a leg to the ropes to break it. He does a big double jumping stomp right to the gut of Strike to wind him and then he mounts the SureShot winner and goes back and forth with forearms and elbows until the ref asks him off. Malice throws Strike from corner to corner but when Malice runs in, Strike stuns him with a back elbow. This gives enough time for Strike to get up the ropes and hit an Asai moonsault that he stays on for a cover and a two count! They get up. Malice jumps the running calf kick and when Strike comes off the ropes, Malice gets him on his shoulders for the Spike but momentum carries them near the ropes and Strike holds on. Malice drops him and grabs him by the waist. Strike quickly goes behind into the full nelson and instantly hits the Relampago!! Strike covers Malice for the huge win!)

GC: Here is your winner, Chris Strike!!

CR: That was an impressive win! What a great match!

OC: Did he really just do that? Strike made that happen when least expected.

CR: Just like he has the potential to do with that briefcase.

(Strike gets up holding his arm and head after a toughly fought contest. The ref raises his hand and he looks down at Malice who despite being winded, looks ready for another round.)

Winner: Chris Strike


(Backstage, Chris Strike walks following his match with Malice. His body is caked in sweat and he hobbles along until he comes up to M.D.K. who looks livid.)

M.D.K.: “Are you a man who normally makes horrifically bad errors of judgement?”

Strike: “Meaning?”

M.D.K.: “Meaning do you think it’s the wisest thing to do aligning with that crippled carcass known to some as Michael Thunder?”

Strike: “Oh you mean the SCW GLOBAL Champion Michael Thunder?”

(The very mention of this is enough to make M.D.K. wince. Strike smiles.)

Strike: “I have dealt with enough bullshit through my career to know when somebody is getting a raw deal. I grew up watching Mike and I sure as hell am not going to stand around and let him be a punch bag for you because he doesn’t tow your line.”

(M.D.K. gets right into the face of Strike.)

M.D.K.: “And maybe you should choose your battles a little more wisely.”

Strike: “A threat? I am positively shaking in my boots…”

M.D.K.: “Maybe you should be because you have just pissed off Malice and made him that little bit angrier and that little bit more unhinged… And that is enough reason to feed… I mean make a match between Thunder and Malice next week.”

(We can hear the booing continue as Strike looks unimpressed.)

M.D.K.: “And as for you sunshine. Well how about an appointment with the Sinistry and the ORC? You’d better find hope because next week you got Marko Flins...”

(More booing and Strike looks pissed off. M.D.K. smirks at him.)

M.D.K.: “Ever think you’ve made the wrong choice?”

(He pats him on the shoulder and swaggers off.)


United Title Contender Match: JT Cash vs. Paradox McSweeney vs. Sabra

GC: The following triple threat contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Windham, Maine...J.T. CASH!!

(The opening riff of Superstar by Saliva starts and J.T. hit’s the ramp. J.T. stops at the top of the ramp looking out over the crowd as multi colored pryos go off behind him. J.T. makes his way to the ring where he slides under the bottom rope and immediately goes over and climbs a turnbuckle where he stands tall just looking out over the crowd. J.T. bangs his chest over his heart and jumps back into the ring ready for his match.)

GC: Introducing next, from Manchester, England...Paradox MCSWEENEY!!

(The arena lights go completely black and a montage of TV footage and newspaper cuttings plays on the SinTron. As an extended version of the opening tune of Tinie Tempah's "Pass Out" plays, a single white spotlight appears to the right of the entrance ramp and a red one appears on the left. The two spotlights swing out onto the crowd and split into a multitude of lights, spinning and whirling around the arena for almost a minute until they finally merge together and focus on the top of the entrance ramp. Stood in the light with the right side of his face illuminated in bright white and left side lit blood-red is Paradox McSweeney, wearing a red and black hooded silk robe.

As the lyrics to his theme song kick in, Paradox turns to the red-lit left side of the stage and snarls ferociously, throwing a few punches at the air. He then turn to white-lit right hand side and strikes a cheesy pose for the cameras, flashing the crowd a smile as he does so, the slowly makes his way down to the ring. On entering the ring he removes the robe and carefully folds it before handing it to the timekeeper at ringside as his music fades out and he is left standing in his wrestling tights in the middle of the ring.)

GC: And the final challenger, from Flagstaff, Arizona...Sabra NIKOLAYEV!!

(Sabra's music begins playing over the loudspeaker, the almost delicate strains of Within Temptation's "Stand My Ground" building toward the chorus. Sabra steps out and pauses at the top of the ramp, throwing her arms to either side in a 'crucifix' type pose. Usually Gryphon would be with her, but not tonight. Dropping her hands, she starts down the ramp, ignoring the fans' hands on either side of the aisle, she continues to walk down toward the ring with a methodical economy of graceful strides. Moving to the steel steps, she ascends them slowly and pauses at the ringpost. Making her way immediately for a corner and taking hold of the top rope, she ascends, facing the entrance ramp. Throwing her fists into the air she pauses as digital flashes erupt to capture the pose. Dropping down, she repeats the gesture on the opposite corner. Passing by the referee she moves to her corner and hoists herself up onto the top turnbuckle. Perched, the only protege of the Great American Nightmare waits for the match to start.)

CR: For once I don't know what to make of this other than the winner will get a shot at Doug's United Championship.

OC: These three all have or have had some sort of awkward connection with Doug. It's going to be interesting to see who wins.

CR: Will Agnes get involved again in Paradox's match? That's an X factor considering Cash is a loner and Sabra hasn't been accompanied by Gryphon for weeks now.

(Match kicks off with Dox and Sabra double teaming Cash and tossing him out of the ring. The two then circle around as they've been looking for the chance to square off. Dox ducks a high kick and pays homage to Insomnia going for the backslide but gets only a two. When they get up, Sabra hits a couple of arm drags but a short arm clothesline attempt turns into the Paparazzi Plunge! Sabra goes to the corner where Dox is thinking of going for the Red Devil Ride when Cash jumps back in and runs him over with a shoulder block mid try. Sabra gets up but walks into a snap suplex from Cash. Then the Cash Splash hits Dox in the corner stunning him so Cash can connect with a dropkick from the second rope! Cover but Sabra breaks the count. Cash shoves her off but the larger athlete gets tripped with Sabra's drop toe hold and he goes throat first over the middle rope. She hits a springboard dropkick from the side ropes while Cash is hanging there and it bounces him off and to the mat where she covers but Dox drags her off by the right leg. Dox then goes for a second rope legdrop on Cash but he sits up and it misses. Sabra though is there to connect with the single leg dropkick! Sabra covers but Cash pushes her off into the air and she lands on Dox. She then covers Dox but he kicks out!)

OC: Is this a handicap match?

CR: Paradox and Sabra have been warring over twitter about a face off and perhaps they're trying to keep Cash out of the way. Though they should be careful as that tactic often backfires.

OC: Cash was trying to get Ashleigh down here but apparently she turned down the invitation.

(Cash gets up and hits Sabra with a series of knife edge chops. He hoists her onto his shoulders for a torture rack but she falls off when Dox hits Cash with a sitout jawbreaker! Dox hits a reality check that sends Cash back to a sitting position in the corner. For the second time a Red Devil Ride is stopped as Dox runs into a pendulum backbreaker from Sabra! Cover and Cash dives over to break the count. He kicks Paradox out of the ring and then trips Sabra up by the legs and applies the ATM! With Sabra turned over, Agnes gets on the apron to distract the referee's attention!)

CR: Even with Paradox out of the ring, his mother and agent still knows when to interfere!

(With that happening, Paradox gets back in the ring and clobbers Cash from behind to release the hold. He stomps Cash til he's out of the ring and gives the nod to Agnes to release the ref's attention. Dox picks Sabra up and prepares for the Meteoric Ascension when she reaches down and rolls into an inside cradle for the three count!!)

GC: Here is your winner, Sabra Nikolayev!!

CR: Sabra gets the win! Even Agnes can't prevent it!

OC: So she's the new contender to the United title? But...but...what about her and Doug? And the Sinistry?

CR: Oscar I don't know. All I do know is that he won't be facing Cash or McSweeney.

(Dox sits up looking dumbfounded as an innocent smile hits Sabra's face while the ref raises her hand meanwhile Cash gets up and hits the apron after figuring out what happened.)

Winner: Sabra Nikolayev

(As Sabra's music resonates all attention alters from the ring to the stage, as a green lighting pattern initiates followed by "Loyal To No One" by Dropkick Murphy's as a mixed reaction comes from the crowd, most probable being a positive one for Sean Doherty and a negative one for John Shepard, who emerges with a microphone in hand.)

O.C: He said we'd see him later in the night, guess this is what he meant.

C.R: John Shepard really has made his presence felt so far since arriving here in Sin City Wrestling.

O.C: Yeah, well Sabra does not look happy to see him, I assure you that.

(Having just came off the aisle-way, John motions for his music to be cut, the production crew oblige as he and Sean stand momentarily on the outside of the ring, Doherty dressed to compete with his match being next, John with a smug, sinister smile scratched across his face, most knowing why he has emerged at this time.)

John Shepard: Ladies and gentlemen, when you stand aside Sean Doherty as I do, you can pretty much interrupt whatever situation you please, that features anybody you please and say anything you please, because if somebody has an issue with it, chances are they'll be out cold within about ten seconds!

(Crowd are loudly against the devious Shepard as he and Doherty simultaneously enter the ring together, it having evacuated from all talent except for Sabra Nikolayev who is seated in the corner, grinding her teeth as Shepard basically ignores her.)

John Shepard: Earlier this evening, I noted to one of Sin City Wrestling's Interviewers and to all of you, that tonight I would make the intentions of my client known, to all of you, as well as the boys in the back, being both the competitors and the officials. From the janitor who wipes up the lifeless carcasses of Malice's victims to the man in charge, Danny Tenegra.

(A "You Suck!" chant begins to become very audible as John Shepard stops speaking for a moment, seeming unnerved by their opinion before addressing it promptly.)

John Shepard: Thank you for sharing your irrelevant opinion, now please, keep quiet while I am speaking. Thank you.

(Crowd boo's as the camera shows both he and Sean standing center of the ring from afar, Sabra seated in the corner over Shepard's shoulder as he resumes his promo.)

John Shepard: You see I told you all, you had no idea what to expect and when you don't know what to expect, how do you prepare? Sean Doherty is now an animal. A machine. A killer. You watched as this man imposed his will last Sunday night, and whether you like it or not, he left Double Down the winner, as promised.

O.C: He is down as the winner in the record books, has a point.

John Shepard: And now, I promise, that the next match will feature Sean Doherty further imposing his will and picking up a victory, simply because he can. And before anybody suspects it, before Internet rumors start flying and my Twitter gets bombarded with your asinine questions, NO! No, Sean Doherty is not eligible for the SCW Tag Team Championships, we have no interest.

(Another slew of boo's are directed Shepard's way as the camera closes in on a sign that reads, "Shepard Looks Like a Sheep" an odd opinion, but an opinion nonetheless.)

John Shepard: But there is however, one thing, one promise that tonight I will show the courage to make. One promise to all of you, to all of you in the back, to all of you out here, to everybody in the entire world whether they watch this product or not, and that is...

(Shepard dramatically halts as everyone has surprisingly shushed for his promise, looking towards Sean Doherty with that sinister smile and making a promise of epic proportions.)

John Shepard: the end of the year 2012, Sean Doherty will be an SCW Global Champion!!!

O.C: Whoa!

C.R: Wow, talk about confidence!

(As Shepard revels in his promise, he is suddenly sent flailing forward at the hands of Sabra Nikolayev who comes from behind, knocking him forward, mounting the manager and clobbering him a couple of times, seeking revenge for his actions from Double Down before Sean Doherty is quick to grab hold of her waist and pull her away from his manager, throwing her behind him to the mat before in the center of the ring Sean Doherty and an exhausted Sabra Nikolayev stare one another down.)

C.R: Sabra, with more than a right to be angry!

O.C: Yeah but... but... what's this?

(As the tension rose, Sean Doherty surprisingly shows his true attitude, extending his hand forward toward Sabra Nikolayev to a loud reception from the fans, showing her a sign of respect from their meeting at Double Down. After some hesitation, Sabra accepts, as the two shake hands to the appease of the fans, a close-up of a downed John Shepard looking on shocked at his clients decision to shake her hand, but becoming more shocked at Sean's following action.)

O.C: What the...?

(In a rather odd but gentlemanly manner, Sean proceeds to take Sabra's hand and kiss it, before casually relenquishing the grip, stunning both Sabra and those in attendance before Sean backs up into the corner and stares at Sabra, who stares at her hand, John Shepard can be heard asking Sean repeatedly, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" As he comes to his feet.)

O.C: I'm very confused.

C.R: Heh, ring me back when you sleep with him, sister.

O.C: Wait... what?!

C.R: Ehm, nothing! I said nothing!

(Sabra Nikolayev proceeds to exit the ring and slowly walk up the ramp, looking back into the ring as the fans whistle towards the events, Sean having morphed into a stone like stance, not moving a muscle as he prepares for his upcoming match.)

O.C: Well, I'm confused. We'll be back with Jo McFarlane versus Sean Doherty, right after this commercial break.


Jo McFarlane vs. Sean Doherty

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, currently in the ring from Dublin, Ireland...Sean DOHERTY!!

(He blows a kiss out to the crowd and a few women instantly feel a melting sensation.)

GC: And his opponent, from Edinburgh, Scotland, she is one half of the SCW Tag Team Champions...Jo MCFARLANE!!

(“Rockstar” hits the PA system, and with each burst of sound, pink pyros erupt from the stage, dying out after the third burst. Through the smoke left behind the pyro, a figure dressed in a pink hoodie steps out, bobbing her head to the beat of the music, then takes off down the ramp, and around to the left, leaping up to the apron, grabbing the rope to pull herself up and drops to one knee. Looking around her, Jo pulls her hood down finally, and stands up to step through the ropes. Stepping in, Jo heads to a corner, where she removes the hoodie, tossing it over the ropes to a ringside attendant, awaiting the beginning of the match.)

CR: We witnessed what kind of impact John Shepard can have on a match as he caused Sabra Nikolayev to get disqualified at Double Down. Jo better be cautious if he is near her part of the ring.

OC: You don't give Sean enough credit. Mainly because you're an irish hater.


OC: You heard me. Go back to America you swine! As for me, I think Sean will win this with his charm and not his manager.

(Jo isn't taken easily by the irish heartbreaker as she kicks off the action before Sean could extend his hand. She knocks him back with a couple of forearms and a spinning back fist sends him over the ropes to the apron. He jumps down before she can swing at him again and then she runs off the ropes and hits Sean with a baseball slide! She goes out of the ring and Shepard comes around but he stops in his tracks as she gives him a mean stare. But that distraction is enough for her to get caught with a cross body against the apron from Sean! He put his own body at risk to hit that move and the effects are felt as he is slow to throw Jo back into the ring.)

CR: What a careless move! Sean still is working to improve his wrestling.

OC: Careless maybe but the impact was brutal. Could of easily broken little Jo.

(Back in the ring, Doherty hits multiple headbutts to a standing Jo and then he knocks her down with a lariat. He follows this with a diving european uppercut and pins her after but she kicks out at two. Rapid scoop slam followed by a diving headbutt. Another kickout! Sean's relentless however as he takes Jo to the corner and hangs her on the ropes. She fights back though with forearms and a big stunning kick. Sean's knocked back a few steps to give time for Jo to hit a missile dropkick! They're both slow to get up but Jo with a headbutt of her own and then a bulldog! Cover and a kickout! Standing again, she leaps up for a hurricanrana attempt but Sean counters it slamming her down to the mat. This provides the perfect opportunity for him to climb the turnbuckle and execute the Bloody Sunday! He comes back over for the cover and gets the three count.)

GC: Here is your winner, Sean Doherty!!

CR: Credit to Doherty this time for getting the win without any real involvement from Shepard.

OC: You're so damn bitter! You need Sean to kiss your hand.

(Sean has his hand raised by the ref but Shepard enters the ring immediately moving the ref out of the picture so he can raise Sean's hand in victory and absorb some of the spotlight.)

Winner: Sean Doherty


(Agnes McSweeney is adjusting her son’s clothes backstage following his defeat in the triple threat match earlier on.)

Agnes: “Never mind dear! We are all allowed a failing now and again and clearly being able to beat a girl is not one of your strong points…”

Paradox: “Mum! I know I can beat her! I just…”

Agnes: “Didn’t?”

Paradox: “Exactly… It’s not easy being as spectacular as I am and now and again I need to dumb it down to appease the…”

(Agnes lets out a scream as Insomnia stands in between Paradox and Agnes who is being held around her throat by a psychotic looking Gayle.)

Insomnia: “You think that what happened at Double Down was anything other than a blip? Go on! Tell me what the fuck it was?”

Paradox: “Look, go easy there cowboy. There is more to life than wrestling. Like my dear old ma’ and I think you-“

Insomnia: “You think? You dare to have a fucking thought in front of me? The only fucking thought you should be having right now is thinking about the rematch between us at All In.”

Paradox: “Listen, the match was done and as far as I see it you and I are-“

Insomnia: “Done? You think we are fucking done?”

(Agnes lets out a yelp as Gayle tightens her grip.)

Paradox: “Let’s not be hasty here. Just put my fucking mother… DOWN!”

Insomnia: “Or what?”

Paradox: “Or… or… well I haven’t thought that far through yet but just put her down!”

(A voice over the tannoy blares through.)

Voice: “All main event competitors please make their way to the entrance area. You have five minutes.”

Insomnia: “We’re not done… You have seven days to make your mind up…”

(Gayle dumps Agnes down and they both walk off leaving Paradox tending to his mother.)


Main Event: Doug E Fresh, Marko Flins, Extream and Shelbi Lynn vs. Insomnia, David Cyclone, Michael Thunder and Stu Who

GC: The following eight superstar tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Hershey, Pennsylvania...EXTREAM!!


GC: Introducing his partner, from Manchester, New Hampshire...Shelbi Lynn CARTER!!

(As the intro to "Creator" by Santogold begins to play, white pyro begins to splash up out from the side of the entrance ramp. Amazon flashes on the SinTron, flashing highlights of Shelbi Lynn dominating opponents, and out from behind the curtain Shelbi emerges.

She marches down the ramp. She slides into the ring as a multicolored light show flashes in the ring. Raising her hands up quickly white pyro erupts from the ring posts as the music cuts out. The Amazon has arrived.)

OC: It's safe to say this new leaderless revolution shocked the world at double down.

CR: Shock factor only goes so far when it comes to retaining the Global Championship. Shelbi did not. I imagine this angers her.

OC: Brilliant deduction Sherlock Reynolds.

GC: Introducing their tag team partners, representing the Sinistry, Marko FLINS!! ...and the SCW United Champion... Doug E. FRESH!!

(Doug walks out first with his hood down and he signals for Marko to follow. Marko has quite the smile about him this week as Doug has the look of him about to reveal a secret weapon. They enter the ring and while Marko sits in his faith center stage for Shelbi and Ex to look and wonder at, Doug jumps to the turnbuckle and yells out about Dorling's absence and his title.)

OC: Now that's a unified team.

CR: I will admit the Sinistry is riding high considering their newest acquisition. But these two along with Shelbi and Ex are in for a real test tonight.

GC: And now introducing their opponents. First, from Queens, New York...Stu WHO!!

(The arena darkens.

"And during the few moments we have left, I want to talk, right down to earth, in a language that everybody here, can easily understand."

The growling guitar riff of 'Cult of Personality' by the Living Colour pounds out across the PA, Stu Who bursting from the curtain amid a cascade of blue pyro. Strutting to the edge of the stage, he removes his sunglass and hurls them into the crowd there, before walking to the other side and doing the same with his baseball cap. He then marches down to the ring, slapping hands with as many fans as possible, smiling and shoting to them, before sliding under the bottom rope, leaping to his feet and scaling the far turnbuckle. He holds open the flaps of his leather jacket a moment, before raising his fist to the air, ten thousand fans following suit. He grins at them all for a moment before dropping down to start the match.)

GC: Introducing next, from Bournemouth, England, Insomnia and the SCW Television Champion, David Cyclone...the SERIAL THRILLAS!!

("We care a lot" by Faith No More proceeds to play throughout the arena as the Thrillas come out to a massive pop from the crowd. Cyc proudly sports the TV title as he takes a drink from his Lucozade bottle. Insomnia walks down with full confidence exuding him as he stares down his long time enemy. While Cyc poses on the second turnbuckle, Som leaps in doing a Static Lullaby to thin air.)

CR: Some of you newer fans may not know this but the three superstars in the ring were a part of the Cooluminati, a formidable faction in history.

OC: Not necessarily in SCW's history. Get your facts straight!

CR: "Just what the hell was Insomnia on just now though?"

OC: "He deserves a rematch. He will get it one way or another."

GC: And finally, introducing their tag team partner, from Detroit, Michigan, he is the NEW SCW Global Champion...Michael THUNDER!!

("Thunderstruck" hits the speakers and the crowd begin to cheer as Michael Thunder emerges from the back, chewing some gum dressed in only his in-ring attire. He stops on the stage, surveying the crowd before nodding his head with a smile on his face, raising an arm. As he walks down the ramp Thunder stops to shake hands with a few of the cheering fans, before he finally takes off his t-shirt, handing it to a child in the front row. Thunder then walks towards the ring, climbing onto the apron and stepping through the ropes. He climbs one of the turnbuckles, posing for the crowd, and when they cheer in return he shouts back at the crowd with a smile, and drops down, preparing for the match ahead.)

CR: What a thunderous ovation for the new Global Champion.

OC: What a bad pun. You've been ruining things tonight more than a Cid Phoenix appearance.

(Thunder starts the bout for his team. Shelbi wants in and gets her wish as she rushes the champion but he brings her over with an arm drag. And then another into an armbar but quickly Ex is in there to stomp that away. Tensions are already flying in this main event. Shelbi picks Thunder up and does a bell clap followed by a dropkick. She drags him over to the corner and tags Ex.

Ex comes in with a huge knee drop on the new champion. He picks Thunder up and whips him across the ring. High knee lift and a cover and a kickout. Ex pulls Thunder up by the waist but a go behind from the champ and Thunder brings Ex over with a german suplex! Tag is made to Stu Who. Classic encounter between these two former teammates as Stu boots Ex right over to the ropes and goes for the 1-5-0. Ex pulls his head away though but can't stop Stu rushing at him with the kitchen sink!)

CR: Look at the personalities in this match. Seven Global Champions.

OC: It's tense in there. Very tense.

(Stu pulls Ex up but Ex counters with an atomic drop and reaches for a tag which is accepted by Doug. Doug comes in the ring and snaps Stu over. He runs off the ropes and hits a shining wizard. Quick cover by the professor for a two count. He pulls Stu up and goes for a vertical suplex. Stu flips over it though and shoves Doug face first into the corner. He's thinking about a Who Dunnit but Doug quickly turns back around and rushes into Stu who flapjacks him in his corner.)

OC: Oh no.

(The Thrillas are all smiles as Doug takes a punch from Som. Then from Cyc. Then Stu. Then Som again, and Cyc again and Stu again and the third way around ends with a Stu-Per kick!)

CR: The fans had to just love that. Cooluminati ganging up on Doug!

(Stu tags Cyc in and the grappling contraction picks Doug up from the mat with a rarely seen wheelbarrow suplex! It threw the professor too far though as he's near enough to his corner where Marko can reach down and tag in. He enters the frey and Cyc's attacks are useless even as he runs off the ropes. Marko throws him down.)

OC: Marko's beaten the Thrillas already. One man can't do it alone.

(Marko throws Cyc back against the ropes again but this time Som tags in blindly. As Marko grabs Cyc around the neck with a choke, Som kicks it free and then does a dropkick to the knee of Marko. Together the Thrillas hook Marko and then bring him over with a double suplex to a huge ovation from the crowd!

Som floats over for a cover but Marko shoves him off at two. Som backs up perhaps eyeing to put the monster down with a Yakuza as he stands in a neutral corner but it doesn't remain neutral for long as Doug rushes over and pulls Som down to the mat by his hair! The ref yells at him but during this, Cyc gets back in and starts hitting Marko. This prompts Ex to get in and jump Cyc while Shelbi lunges over at her #1 target Michael Thunder.)

CR: This is getting out of control.

(The ref turns around and soon realizes this is out of hand. He tries to tell everyone to leave the ring as the two legal men are Marko Flins and Insomnia but to no avail. It turns into a giant uncontrollable typically seen SCW brawl so the ref puts on his 'oh fuck it' face and throws the contest out calling for the bell.)

OC: Who didn't see this coming a mile away?

CR: I mean...yea. But why so soon into the match?

OC: So we have more TV time for the fighting!!

Winners: No Contest

(They've paired off. The Sinistry and the Thrillas have come to blows. Shelbi and Thunder have gone out of the ring and Ex and Stu are going at it for no reason!)

CR: Fans we're gonna try to keep you as tied to all this action as possible as I expect some of these fights may go backstage.

(Shelbi's gone right after the Global title. She swings and misses as Thunder ducks it. She nearly collides with Ex but is able to stop herself but Stu lunges himself knees first into Ex and he and Shelbi collide.

Doug and Som are fighting through the crowd. Marko is following trying to catch up while Cyclone spears him through the crowd and into some of the seats!

Stu and Thunder have Ex and Shelbi in the ring and they try to whip the leaderless revolution into one another. But Shelbi counters and Ex mows Thunder over with a clothesline. Stu then rushes in but Shelbi ducks him, hits the ropes, and comes back with a superkick!)

OC: The Revolution WILL be televised!

CR: Cameras are cutting backstage!

(Marko is throwing Som and Cyc away at each chance. Doug is recovering against a wall. Som and Cyc each grab an arm of Marko and they find rope laying backstage and they use it to quickly tie Marko's hands behind him! He's struggling to break free but for the time being, the Thrillas have Doug alone for a beatdown. Then out of nowhere, a kick with a high heel lands on the back of Som's neck from out of shot!)

OC: Is that?

(The camera pans over to Sabra Nikolayev! Cyc is stunned long enough for Marko to break free from his hands being tied and he hammers Cyc from behind. Rather than continue the assault, Doug asks for Marko to leave and he extends his hand to Sabra. Despite being the new United contender, they take hands and then Doug, Marko, and Sabra all leave the scene together.)



CR: She looked to have appeared on the scene of her own free will. But she's the contender to Doug's United title! I'm so confused.

(Amidst Courtney's confusion, we have to cut back to the ring where after some beating away at Stu and Thunder, a comeback is being mounted. Stu has Ex backed into a corner and he's mounting and throwing punches when Ex picks him up and drops him over the apron. But Michael Thunder rushes in and bounces him off the apron to the outside as well.

Unfortunate timing for the champ as he's alone in the ring with Shelbi and he walks right into the ULTRAVIOLENT!! She smiles down at the fallen champion after her devastating maneuver and she takes the title and holds it over the face of Thunder saying, "This is MINE old man!" Wildcard comes to an abrupt conclusion with Shelbi posing with the Global title above Thunder.)

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SCW Achievements:
2 x Tag Team Champion (w/ Miguel Soto / JT Cash)
1 x Television Champion
3 x Global Champion
Mr SCW 2008
2008 Match of the Year w/ Rage
2008 Cage of Endurance Winner
2009 Jackpot Winner
SCW Proprietor
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