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UPDATED 01/06/16
SCW Global Champion™
Rex Evans
Vegas Champion™
Lex Collins
Heritage Champion™
Smith Jones
Tag Team Champions™
Four Kings
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 Wildcard 30th May
Posted: May 31 2012, 07:02 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 3-March 08

Previously on Wildscard..



We open to scenes from last week’s main event at the moment Shelbi lands a Superkick right to the jaw of Doug. The impact causing him to melt to the mat and Shelbi covers again but its a long two count as Doug manages escape! Its at this point as we get some boos as Ex comes out to the stage.)

OC: Here we go Court, Doug said he could of hired Ex.

CR: That doesn't mean anything. Extream has his own motivation to come see Shelbi now that we know for sure he's in the title match at Double Down.

(Shelbi doesn't see Ex yet as she picks Doug up and attempts a Kawada Driver but Doug flips her over his back. He stands poised for an A+ but when Shelbi gets up she ducks it! Ex is down to ringside now while Shelbi kicks Doug in the gut and throws him in position for the Ultraviolent but hooking an arm, Doug swings out of it and pulls her into a small package for a two count. They get back up and Doug lifts Shelbi onto his shoulders for Revelation but Shelbi counters it into a crucifix pin attempt that gets two!

Ex is on the apron now. Doug and Shelbi are fighting. Doug finally sees Ex and goes to whip Shelbi into him. Shelbi reverses and Ex holds of his punch as he sees Doug right in front of him. Doug turns around and ducks a Shelbi clothesline which does in fact hit Ex after Doug ducks it. Shelbi sees her damage but it allows Doug to roll her up from behind and get the three count!)

GC: Here is your winner, Doug E. Fresh!!

OC: He does it again! I told you that Shelbi's lone win over him was a fluke.

CR: That's not true. Shelbi became Global Champion after that win and did so defeating the man who interfered and likely cost her this match!

Winner: Doug E. Fresh

(Following the pinfall, Doug sees Ex get up on the apron and decides to have some fun with Ex as he picks Shelbi up from behind and holds her allowing Ex to grab his chair in the attempt to do some damage.)

CR: Oh no! This is starting to look very bad for the Global Champion!

(But before it can happen, a massive crowd pop as Dorling now makes his way down to the ring. He shoves Ex aside and dives right into Shelbi and Doug. Doug and Dorling start rolling around in the ring throwing punches while Ex still goes on the attack on Shelbi.

BUT THEN, Michael Thunder comes out and he breaks up Ex's attack on Shelbi by starting to lay into him with some forearms and punches!)

OC: Another brawl? Really?

CR: Its not SCW if things don't get out of hand!

(Looking for retribution from earlier tonight, Sean Panache comes down and he leaps onto Dorling ringing his neck and stopping the attack on Doug and all three of them go outside the ring.

Shelbi's back up inside and she takes turns hitting Thunder and Ex. Outside, Dorling, Sean, and Doug all brawl. Cameras keep cutting back and forth between the two fights until Sean gets thrown into the ring and the action between the two groups start meshing together.)

CR: Get security down here this is out of hand!

Extream, Shelbi, Thunder, Dorling, Sean, and Doug all have to be separated by security - the fans literally is going nuts as we fade out of the carnage…

..And then back in again. And to the familiar countdown: -






( < (-WHOOSH!!!-) > )

The entrance pyros explode into a sea of audaciously expensive Technicolor and sound as Ocean Colour Scene’s ’Hundred Mile High City’ blasts from the PA system and we pan across several of Luxor’s packed stands with fans waving their arms about like lunatics, others banging on the guard rails and of course those that hold proudly aloft the familiar magnum opus of signage with offerings such as “Para-noid McSweeney”, “Dibs on Ashleigh’s organs”, “Err… you’re welcome to ‘em mate!,“Are we in Vegas or Wisla?!”, “Hands off the hardcore title, Malice. Matlock’s hands that is!”, “I sold my spleen to come and see James stutter and Stall.” and “If only Chris Strike NEW what he’s in for tonight..” Before we cut as ever to the announce desk with the unmistakable pairing of Courtney Reynolds and Oscar Cruz.

CR: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WILDCARD, live from Luxor and maybe making it to a television network near you oohhhh.. in the space of the next three months maybe?! I think that’s a safe guestimate.

OC: Wooooooo. I’m so excited.

CR: We know you are, Oscar! As are the fans in this arena tonight and especially the fans watching at home who will no doubt be annoyed at the delayed nature of this broadcast thanks completely to the fucking heat wave currently cooking planet Earth. Seems it’s so hot right about now that satellite signals are literally bursting into flames before they make it to our TiVo boxes. ..So sad.

OC: All those episodes of friends… -Despondent shake of the head-

CR: Indeed, Oscar. A travesty! A real horror of horrors – alas the show MUST go on! And more importantly will. We’ve a show to put on for this air-conditioned arena and we’re gonna do it.


CR: We’re gonna start with Marko Flins vs. Jason Scorpio..

OC: And end with Marko Flins and a bag of severed limbs.

CR: We’ve got a Chaleb Jones, Mr. Swag-a-licious and Jo McFarlane three way which should b-..

OC: All very interesting! What’s next?!

CR: We got… we got ummm.. we got LOADS!!! We have the continued rivalry between Insomnia and Paradox to keep our eyes on. The Global title situation which is taking newer twists by the day as we see another six man cluster fuck dominate our main event and even the visiting NEW Superstar James Stall taking on Chris Strike in a match that bares more to it than might appear on the surface…

OC: What? Are the long lost brothers or something? Did they kiss in high school??

CR: I… don’t know, Oscar. I’m just reading off a card.

OC: Pfft. Figures! And are ‘Som and ‘Dox even wrestling each other in a match tonight??

CR: No, bu-..

OC: WELL THEN! Who cares? Shut up and tell us the damn other matches. Or at least who the fuck is in the main event. We have twenty seconds before we have to cut to ring side.

CR: Psh! So pushy today. Gaaaahhhh, okay! Main event we got Sean Panache, Dorling and Doug E Fresh vs. Extream, Shelbi Lynn and Michael Thunder. .Dream line-up there.

OC: Really? I’ve never seen such a collection of riff-raff in my life, but do go on with the other matches. Maybe there’ll be –SOMETHING- worth getting splattered in blood for.

CR: What, like Matt Matlock versus Malice??

OC: Ooohh…

CR: Or Insomnia versus Omen??


CR: And how about Paradox McSweeney versus Stu Who? That’s MASSIVE!

OC: Psht… it’ll do.

CR: Anyway, the point is we’ve a packed out card and some amazing matches despite the insufferable levels of humidity outside. So thank you to all who managed to make it here and hopefully, should we not all be dead by Thursday evening we might just make it to air.

OC: But for now? Let’s take it to ringside!!

CR: Hey, I’m supposed to say that!

(The lights in the arena dim as the opening chants of Message of the Bhagavat fill the arena. The SinTron is filled with images of classic B movies - giant lizards, King Kong, monsters from the sea - interspersed with clips of Dorling performing various exciting manoeuvres. As the songs kicks into life, red fireworks shoot up from the side of the entrance way and Dorling steps out, wearing his black and red wrestling trunks with his black boots, and his red 'No I in Team Dorling' T-Shirt. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs on to the ring apron and takes a microphone as he does.)

CR: “The United Champion is here and he has a swagger about him!”

OC: “Are you surprised? The man is on a bigger roll than Rick...”

CR: “Was that the worst ever Rick-Roll reference?”

OC: “It may well be...”

Dorling: “Ladies and gentlemen, you heard last week how your eager to please entertainer Dorling had been thrust into a monumental triple threat match at Double Down and not only that but it is THE match to be in at the event... A Double Down match.”

(Huge pop for this.)

Dorling: “Not only that but it is against two of the most dangerous men in this industry and one of which is a man who is damn near unbeatable in Double Down matches...”

(Big heat at the thought of Doug E Fresh.)

Dorling: “Which set me to thinking... At Double Down, Doug E Fresh has the advantage over both myself and Sean Panache in that he is the man in Double Down matches and that is something that can never be taken away. But there is a factor not taken into account by anybody and that is something I call the D Factor or the Dorling Factor. And that advantage is... I am Dorling...”

(A pop of laughter at this ‘fact’)

Dorling: “You may not take it seriously but I have been on a roll in the last few months and as a result, I am THE man to beat right now which is why I have the cajones to say this, if I don’t walk out of Double Down as the United champion... I’ll quit SCW...”

(There is a gasp from the crowd as this boast sinks home.)

Dorling: “You can mock, you can doubt but you can put it in writing that if I don’t retain the United Title at Double Down, I will terminate my contract with immediate effect...”

(The crowd still don’t know how to react but before they can do, Dorling’s music plays and he starts to make his way back up the ramp.)

CR: “So Dorling will quit if he doesn’t win at Double Down? This is huge news!”

OC: “The man’s ego as gotten out of control and Double Down will prove that!”

(We cut to a commercial.)


Marko Flins vs. Jason Scorpio

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

(The lights flicker, before ultimately dropping the arena into darkness, the occasional flash of photography sporadically lit up areas of the Las Vegas crowd. The words ‘Sinistry’ briefly flash across the SCW titantron, before the melodic opening of Xerces the Bomb by The Deftones begins playing and several slow placed strobes branch out into the arena.)

GC: Standing six foot and eight inches tall, weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds. From, the Ukraine... Chernobyl’s Masterpiece... Marko... FLINS!!

(The harrowing beat of Xerces the Bomb kicks in, and the mood within the arena alters drastically. The soft, relaxing strobes become frenzied, their colours much richer and vibrant as they dart about the darkened building, frantically attempting to keep pace with the music. The words ‘Guide to your End’ and ‘Chernobyl’s Masterpiece’ take their turn upon the big screen, intermittently broken up by images of Marko Flins previous matches within the SCW - though the image of Extream, anguishingly wrapped over the shoulders of Flins, was prominent.)

CR: Here he comes!

(Several spotlights race towards the arena entrance as Marko Flins finally steps through the curtains and into a mixed reaction, the occasional flash of the word ‘Sinistry’ upon the titantron a constant reminder to the fans that this is not the Marko Flins they remember. His reaction towards the crowd, though, they will remember. He eases past them, seemingly oblivious to their presence, the occasional brave hand that reaches out is answered with a snarl beneath the mop of dark, jet black hair, that covers his features.

No longer dressed in his previous attire, Flins marched down the runway ready for the fight, tanned pants came to an end just past the calf and hung loose over Flins wrestling boots. A scaled armour plating, strung together through leather straps skirted the top half of his lower body. The leader of the Sinistry, Doug E Fresh, heads down the aisle behind, smugly looking upon the crowd as he backs up his newest recruit. As Flins climbs through the ropes and the haunting Xerces the Bomb sounds out, he heads straight to his corner and awaits the ring of the bell.)

GC: And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, he is one half of the SCW Tag Team Champions...Jason SCORPIO!!

(Lights go out and Enter Sandman hits the P.A System, a white light illuminate the entrance and out comes Scorpio wearing a black coat that covers his wrestling attire. He walks down the ramp slowly getting a view of every single fan he can get a sight, he smirks at them and without touching any fan he continues to walk down. Scorpio hits the steel ladder and runs by it before stopping in the apron; he extends his arms and smile at the crowd before entering the ring.)

CR: It's been a few Wildcards since we've had an opening contest filled with this much excitement.

OC: And this much danger! I give props to Scorpio for actually wanting to be across the ring from Marko Flins.

(The big guys do battle! Each are trying to impose their will. Marko starts to overpower Jason and push him to the corner but Jason slips away and backs Marko in trying to hit him with hard shots but Marko grabs him by the neck. He steps out still with Jason in the choke but Jason boots him in the gut. He attempts to clothesline Marko down but Flins won't fall. He then hits a big boot that sends Marko through the ropes and to the floor! Jason follows Marko to the outside but that was his mistake as Marko recovers after the fall and grabs Jason and backs him into the ringpost! He then whips Jason throwing him back first into the steel steps! Marko takes over the match after throwing Jason back into the ring and puts a focus on Jason's back and getting a couple of nearfalls especially after a powerbomb into the turnbuckle!)

CR: To Jason's credit, we haven't seen anyone take it to Marko physically since his return but right now he's in some trouble.

OC: Each of these guys have the strength to throw the other around like a rag doll its nuts!

(Marko's pulling on Jason's arms with his knee into his back before Jason can get up and free himself. Marko grabs him by the neck again but again Jason escapes and this time in close he grabs Marko and manages to get him off his feet and to the mat with a uranage! Guillotine leg drop gets a near fall. As Marko is getting up, Jason uses his strength to slam Marko a second time with a gutwrench suplex! Another near fall! Back to their feet, Jason attempts to get Marko into the fireman's carry but the assault on his back was just too much as it gives way and Marko gets down, finally keeping grip on the choke to perform a chokeslam backbreaker! Scorpio keeps fighting though as he kicks out again and he manages to get off of Marko's shoulders in an attempt at Muted Agony. However when he shoves Marko against the ropes, the big russian fires back with the Hammer of the Sinistry! A good tough fight ends in a three count.)

GC: Here is your winner, Marko Flins!!

CR: Pretty good match. Anyone who counted out Jason Scorpio deserves smacked upside the head.

OC: Gonna smack me? Or the ref? He certainly counted him out.

(The aggressiveness of Marko is calmed with one raise of the hand by Doug who is smiling after witnessing Marko pick up the win. The Sinistry leave ringside together while Scorpio sits up a little irritated and dizzy.)

Winner: Marko Flins


We alternate setting to the backstage area, where the mysterious figure known as John Shepard is walking confidently down the hallway, coming to a door he opens it, but before he can enter, vanishing to prepare for the night ahead, he is halted at the request of SCW Interviewer, Marvin Peabody.

Marvin Peabody: Excuse me, Mr. Shepard, could I get a few words?!

Coming into the picture, Peabody seems slightly intimidated as Shepard looks into the locker room, looks back at the interviewer and smiles like a Cheshire cat. Slowly he closes the door and stands with his hands clasped together, over his stomach, as he nods his head for Peabody to question tonight's unraveling.

Marvin Peabody: Mr. Shepard, four weeks ago you showed up on Sin City Wrestling Wildcard and said you had a client, one that you have a large amount of faith invested in. You've promoted the following show as the night you unveil the person you reference. May I ask... who is it?

John laughs under his breath, looking up at the naive interviewer who places the microphone before John, allowing him to speak. Shepard lets out a sigh, wipes the perspiration from his forehead and answers.

John Shepard: Do you think I'm an idiot?

Marvin is quick to shake his head.

John Shepard: Tonight, my client will be revealed, don't you worry. As we speak, both he and I are waiting for the perfect moment to show the entire WORLD... What can happen in small spaces of time, under the correct guidance. You see, I have a lot invested in this person, this man... I don't plan to allow failure in my presence, either! So tonight, Marvin, I will reveal my client but in due course.

Marvin Peabody: Okay Mr. Shepard, bu-

John Shepard: That is all Marvin. Move along quickly, before you get your heart broken.

As Shepard speaks these words, from the background, a large cheer resonates from the crowd as they catch onto the words Shepard spoke. John enters the locker room and shuts the door on Marvin who looks on, as we fade out from the image and return to ringside, John Shepard initiating the waiting game before he reveals the man behind his words.


As the intro to "Ghost Walking" By Lamb of God begins to play, white pyro begins to splash up out from the side of the entrance ramp. Amazon flashes on the SinTron to the strumming of the guitar, flashing highlights of Shelbi Lynn dominating opponents, and out from behind the curtain Shelbi emerges, Global Championship belt over her shoulder.)

SLC: Wait! Waaaaait a second! Cut the music. This isn't right. Play the alternate?

("Power Player" by Clutch beings to play over the speakers. Shelbi smiles, despite still being bandaged up. Walking down the ramp to the marching beat, she headbangs her way to the ring with arms stretched out to either side, her hair flying back in forth in a flurry as she slaps hands with fans. She slides into the ring as a multicolored light show flashes in the ring. Raising her hands up, she sings along with the song as white pyro erupts from the ring posts.)

Get your hands off me, you don't know who I am.
I'm a power player, I'm a power player.
Get your hands off me, you don't know who I am.
I'm a power player, I'm a power player.

(Shelbi admires the pyro, moving dangerously close as if tempting fate, but as the music fades out, the pyro is extinguished. Shelbi reaches down to pick up the microphone that was left for her.)

SLC: Las Vegas! As you can see, I'm clearly here tonight, despite the rumors that I wouldn't make it.

(The crowd reaction is positive as Shelbi stands tall in the center of the ring.)

SLC: I'm out here for one reason, and one reason only. As I've tried to make it abundantly clear this week, I'm tired of people walking all over me, I'm tired of people running their mouths about me, frankly, I'm just sick of the lousy attitudes most of the roster has towards me. I don't care if you like me, I really don't. Not being liked comes with the territory, I get that, but I'm your fucking Global Champion. I didn't get here by blowing the boss. I didn't get here by cheap shots. I didn't get here because I'm not good enough. I got here because I worked my ass off. I got here because I was determined.

(She pauses for a moment while to let the audience take it all in.)

SLC: Which is why, for months now when I've said that this moment was coming, that eventually everyone would have to choose a side; when I put out invitations to a certain few that were ignored months ago to join me in an alliance, you were all blind to it. But now that it's come to fruition, heed my words. You can't be afraid to mix things up a bit around here. I'm not saying to stick it to the man, but those of us who want no part of the coming war need to stand up and stop it from happening. What better way than to eliminate the problem? Without the One Ring Circus, Sinistry, and STD, the crisis could be averted. Or, better yet, let's just sit back and watch them burn. Don't get me wrong, I love this. This is a breeding ground for anarchy.

(The champion drops the microphone, and slides out of the ring on the announcers' table side. She moves towards Courtney Reynolds, and whispers something in her ear. Shelbi laughs and moves towards the entrance ramp, making her way backstage with fire in her eyes, and bounce in her step.)

OC: What was that about?

CR: It was a prediction. She told me that the stables in this company go unchecked, they'll grow out of control. Also, that she likes my hair tonight.

OC: Bow chicka bow wow?

CR: I don't think so.

OC: You don't think so, but the Champ tends to get what she wants.


Jo McFarlane vs. Chaleb Jones vs. Mr Swag-a-Licious

GC: The following triple threat match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Sexmoan, California...Mr. SWAG-A-LICIOUS!!

(Mr. Swag-A-Licious comes down the ramp with his friend Sir Lucious Leftfoot witch both of them juke and jive and and get there dance moves on like no other.)

GC: Introducing next, from Oakland, California...Chaleb JONES!!

(Chaleb walks to the ring looking and shouting at the fans at ringside. When he gets into the ring he gets down to one knee in the corner and starts to pray.)

GC: And finally, from Edinburgh, Scotland, she is one half of the SCW Tag Team Champions...Jo MCFARLANE!!

(Lights go out and Enter Sandman hits the P.A System, a white light illuminate the entrance and out comes Scorpio wearing a black coat that covers his wrestling attire. He walks down the ramp slowly getting a view of every single fan he can get a sight, he smirks at them and without touching any fan he continues to walk down. Scorpio hits the steel ladder and runs by it before stopping in the apron; he extends his arms and smile at the crowd before entering the ring.)

OC: This is an odd triple threat match.

CR: In SCW, there's always a surprise match that you might think makes no sense but then really surprise you.

(Jones attempts to abuse Mr. Swag but he gets punched and stumbles into Jo who slaps him back into Swag who punches him again back into Jo who hits a spinning back fist so that Jones falls into a leaping Swag who manages to get him over with a hurricanrana! The crowd digs Swag as he does a dance in the ring and follows it up with the Moon Walker! Jo of course has to break up the pinfall and that leaves Swag and Jo as Jones rolls out of the ring. Jo instigates Swag into running at her and she pulls the ropes down causing him to go over and land outside the ring. When he attempts to get back in she hits a baseball slide. As she follows him to the outside, a recovered Jones nails Jo from behind with a forearm. Swag gets back in the ring and while Jones is pulling Jo up, Swag hits them both with the suicide dive!)

CR: I have to say this match is delicious. Swag-a-delicious.

OC: Boo. Bad joke.

(Swag leaves Jones outside and rolls Jo back into the ring and gets a near fall. He picks her up and throws her into the corner. When he rushes at her, she gets a boot up and a dazed Swag gets pulled in by the head so she can go from the ropes and swing around to hit the tornado DDT! Cover and a two count! Russian leg sweep by Jo positions Swag in the ring for a headbutt and Jo chooses to go high risk instead of the standard one as she jumps from the ropes and hits a diving headbutt! Cover and a two count! As Jo is pulling Swag up, Jones is in the ring. Swag breaks Jo's arms away and goes to swing at Jo but she ducks and Swag knocks Jones out! Jo tosses Swag out of the ring and then goes to the apron herself so she can spring in with Dead Devotion! This one's over as the ref counts three.)

GC: Here is your winner, Jo McFarlane!!

OC: Right place at the right time for Jo. Or wrong place for Chaleb.

CR: He wasn't able to get into a rhythm all match and I think Mr. Swag-a-licious had just as much of a chance to win this as Jo did.

(Jo gets her hand raised by the ref. Swag looks on from outside as he recovers from missing his chance to make the pinfall. Chaleb just lays there embarrassed after the beating he took.)

Winner: Jo McFarlane


(Cameras abruptly cut to the back to catch Extream walking up right up to the Sinisty’s locker room and knocking on the door. No answer so Ex swings the door open and walks inside…Marko starts to make a move towards Ex as he enters, but Doug calmly throws an arm up to stop Marko’s momentum.)

Ex: You really need to work on your people skills Marko.

(Marko scoffs at the remark just before Doug lifts his covered head and uncovers the hood from his face. Looking up to Ex he wants to know what his old friend and newer enemy has to say.)

Doug: If you have business with me Extream, come out with it quickly because…

(Ex cuts Doug off and throws his foot up on the bench Doug is sitting on, leaning in close.)

Ex: I know, because we are enemies this evening…not safe for me to be this close to Marko knowing that fact…painting myself in a corner…I get it Douglas.

(Doug’s eyebrows lift as he waits for Ex to get to the point.)

Ex: You know what business we have Dougie boy. I don’t think you want your demons Exercised tonight anymore than you want to be embarrassed in your first double down match.

(Doug laughs)

Doug: My first?!

Ex: What you’ve competed in more?

(Marko starts to make a move for Ex again not liking the level of disrespect he is showing for Doug, but once again Doug throws his arm up to stop the monster.)

Doug: Enough of the games…next time I let him loose. I shouldn't have to remind you Ex that there hasn't been a double down match in history that I haven't been a part of. Nor has there been one I've lost.

(Ex doesn’t look intimidated at all and you can tell that irks the hell out of Flins Pulling his leg off the bench Ex stands with his hands on his hips in front of Doug.)

Ex: Just for the record, turning Marko loose may scare most of these hypocrites, but it doesn’t bother me.

(Ex smiles at Marko and the big man seeths. Extream looks towards the camera, smiles and back to Douglas.)

Ex: What do you say we get rid of the cameras and talk about this in private.

(Doug only has to nod and shew the camera off, and it quickly cuts off and back to ringside.)

CR: Now what do you suppose all the secrecy is about?

OC: Maybe Ex has one of those spots that show up on your penis when you’ve been to Bangkok one too many times…and he wants Doug to take a look and see if he can help identify what it is.

CR: Somehow I doubt that’s what’s happening.


JT Cash vs. CXB

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Windham, Maine...J.T. CASH!!

(The opening riff of Superstar by Saliva starts and J.T. hit’s the ramp. J.T. stops at the top of the ramp looking out over the crowd as multi colored pryos go off behind him. J.T. makes his way to the ring where he slides under the bottom rope and immediately goes over and climbs a turnbuckle where he stands tall just looking out over the crowd. J.T. bangs his chest over his heart and jumps back into the ring ready for his match.)

GC: And his opponent, from Blackpool, England...Christian Xavier BELMONT!!

(As the haunting melody of "Mitternacht" begins to play over the pa system, the lights dim low and the crowd begins to boo the arrival of CXB. The one eyed angel just ignores them and stalks his way down to ringside, when he reaches the ring steps, he removes his leather jacket and places it on the side apron before stepping over the ropes and staring daggers into the audience with his one eye.)

OC: This CXB is quite the imposing figure.

CR: It appears more punishment is in line for J.T. Cash as we prepare for his TV title match with David Cyclone. One can be sure that Cyc will be watching.

(Another matchup of larger athletes though CXB has a decided advantage over Cash. We see CXB attempt to take the advantage in the early going clubbing JT until he's down on one knee. He grabs JT from behind trying to go german but JT elbows him in the head and then reverses the go behind instead hitting a full nelson slam albeit difficult to unground CXB! Early cover and a one count. JT with some nice knife edge chops and then a dropkick to take CXB down. JT goes to the second rope when CXB gets up and hits a second rope dropkick! Cover and a kickout! JT attempts to go for a pump handle slam when CXB counters it by hip tossing JT over and when JT gets up, CXB plants him with a bicycle kick! He follows that with a running knee trembler and then continues to wear down JT for a couple of minutes.)

OC: I bet Cyclone would love to see CXB just tear J.T. apart.

CR: He would find it entertaining but remember he's certainly willing to wrestle his way to victory at Double Down.

(An avalanche splash as JT dazed and CXB goes running for momentum but the big boot on the rebound misses and CXB hangs himself over the ropes! JT takes to the ropes again and dives off with a flying clothesline which runs CXB back into the ring. JT feels the momentum as he gets up and lays into CXB in the corner with forearms and knees. He then goes the distance corner to corner with a Cash splash followed by a belly to belly suplex! Cover but CXB kicks out! JT motions for the end as he attempts to hit the Money in the Bank suplex. CXB blocks the vertical attempt though and tries to hoist JT onto his shoulders for Ashes 2 Ashes. JT gets down in front of him though and trips CXB by the legs and applies the ATM!! He's right in the center of the ring and CXB has nowhere to go so ultimately after half a minute in the hold he's forced to tap out!)

GC: Here is your winner, J.T. Cash!!

CR: CXB taps as he did to Chris Strike which certainly makes him an underdog in his pay per view match coming up.

OC: While J.T. sends a message to David Cyclone for their TV title match. Wow!

(J.T. releases the hold and allows the ref to raise his hand in victory. He looks right at the camera and mouths to us David Cyclone is next as he then motions around his waist for the TV title.)

Winner: J.T. Cash


(Sabra is backstage is Becky Sugartits.)

Sugartits: “So um, I kinda looked at Double Down’s line-up and can’t help but see you don’t have a match. Is the Queen of Sin out of favour in Sin City Wrestling?”

(Sabra grabs the face of Becky and squashed it in her hand so that her cheeks push together. Becky looks terrified as Sabra smiles at her, snatches the microphone out of her hand and turns to the camera.)

Sabra: “Zhalkoe nasekomoe. Regardless of the creature asking me questions, The Queen of Sin knows exactly what she is doing and will be doing what she does best at Double Down. You see, I have heard old men offering open challenges, I have seen the gremlins in the system and seen the impending doom of Ashleigh McDaniel... Yet what I haven’t seen is the chance to truly shine in this company. For Sabra Nikolayev, the Russian Revolution begins... At Double Down...”

(Her eyes are fixed on the camera as we cut to a commercial...)


Ashleigh McDaniel and Justice Reigns vs. TEAM

GC: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 477lbs...T.E.A.M.!!

(Very simple, nothing flashy. The team comes out from the back, Sam is all business, John salutes the fans. They enter the ring and give each other a high five. They're about the fight, not the flash.)

CR: Number one contenders to the tag team titles and why not because they've done nothing but win both individually and as a team since arriving.

OC: Haha...as a team. They're name is Team silly.

GC: And now introducing their opponents. First, from Lafayette, Loiusiana...Justice REIGNS!!

(The words "Justice will be served!" is heard as the beginning riffs of "Master of Puppets (MosDam electro house remix)" by Metallica is played while various images of Justice Reins in various capacities is shown on the screen. Reigns name appears next to a large picture of lady justice. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute and half as the driving drum beat continues.

As the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage. Reigns comes out from backstage wearing a black judges' robe and a gavel in his right hand and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds the gavel up as he stands near the entrance. "Justice will be served" is heard again as he starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him.

When Reigns reaches the ring he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is following. When he reaches mid ring he stares at the camera and slams the gavel into his left hand. Justice holds both his arms out and he stares intently into the camera as the song ends. He then walks over to ring ropes where he hands over his gavel and his robe. Justice jumps around as he sets up for his match.)

CR: I really feel for Justice here. He gets the win last week but now one can only speculate if he will have a partner tonight.

OC: Maybe he'll actually take sides with Ashleigh since Malice tried to beat him down last week.

GC: And his tag team partner, from Toronto, Canada...Ashleigh MCDANIEL!!

(A Giggle blares through the PA system throughout the arena as the arena darkens and purple and Black fill the arena while “Time to Rock and Roll” begins to play. However, no one is coming out to the ring.)

OC: I know Ashleigh's here! I was spyi...I mean I saw her backstage!

CR: She's living up to her word saying that she's not even leaving her locker room tonight which severely handicaps Justice Reigns tonight.

(Suddenly, a wild Malice appears! He comes out from the crowd carrying some kind of weapon in his hand. We don't know if he's out to take out Justice for a second week but he clears from the ring as do both Sam and John. As Malice approaches the referee, he clears out as well leaving everyone away.)

CR: No one, not even Tenegra has control of Malice. And apparently this tag team match, isn't going to happen.

OC: Isn't Malice a bit early? It's not his match yet. Though I suppose I'm gonna walk away while he's here.

(Oscar literally gets up and steps a few feet back as we cut to a commercial.)

Winner: No match


(Cameras once again cut to the back as Skip is hot on the tails of Extream, trying to get a word on what him and Doug were talking about earlier.)

Skip: Ex! Ex! Can we get a few words?

(Ex stops in his tracks and turns back angry towards Skip, who then stops in his tracks and almost trips backwards before catching himself, and putting the mic out for Ex to grab…Ex does grab it, and he looks like he is in total business mode.)

Ex: I’ve got nothing to say to you right now Skip…can’t you see I am busy and have shit to do?

(Skip looks confused until Ex points to a door behind him, the letter on the door say, MDK…and Skip can only, slowly step backwards…Ex slams the mic in his chest and swings open the office door, stepping inside.)

Ex: Good, your both here…that’s perfect. I think it is time we sat down and had a little conversation.

(As Ex goes to shut the door, cameras catch Panache sitting across from Tenegra at the desk before the door shuts and we cut back to Courtney and Oscar.)

CR: I guess Ex is making the rounds, whoring himself out once again.

OC: It appears that way Courtney. And let me tell you something, if either one of those groups are able to lock in Extream’s services…watch out SCW, because anything in that factions path will likely be destroyed.


(Returning from backstage, Malice has never left the ring. He's just sitting there staring towards the ring entrance. A new referee has bravely come to ringside and Geoff is ready.)

Matt Matlock vs. Malice

GC: The following non-title match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, in the ring, from Leeds, England...MALICE!!

(No fanfare, no pyro. he is intense and focused entirely on the stage waiting for Matlock. Malice will never back down or show fear to any opponent, even if he outnumbered.)

GC: And his opponent, from New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada, he is the SCW Hardcore Champion...Matt MATLOCK!!

(The opening chords of Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" begin to play over the speakers of the arena. There's an explosion of pyro on stage as the song starts, and Matt Matlock steps out onto the stage, ready to fight as always. He takes a minute to look over the crowd before walking down the ramp towards the ring. Partway down he stops, head down and arms out to the sides as pyro shoots off down the sides of the ramp. He looks up with a cocky grin towards the crowd, as he finally enters the ring. Heading for one of the far turnbuckles he raises his arms in the air as HBK-styled pyrotechnics go off, and immediately stop as he lowers his arms. He then gets down and prepares for the upcoming match.)

CR: The hardcore champ faces a man who left his mark on all things hardcore in SCW.

OC: Think of how intense this match could be if it were a Malice rules match? Then again, my stomach just turned thinking about that.

(This one becomes a bit of a vicious brawl as Matt steps up to the imposing figure of Malice not intimidated one bit and the two of them just start scrapping! Stiff strikes from both competitors. Malice actually double leg takesdown Matt but the brawling continues as they roll fighting in the ring until both of them roll under the ropes and to the outside. Malice actually tears off a piece of the ring apron and wraps it around the neck of Matt trying to choke him! The ref is above them and he can't count either out as he's too busy yelling at Malice to stop. In that instance, Matt ends up using an elbow delivering it right to the groin area causing Malice to let go. Matt then puts Malice on the ring apron while catching his breath and he does a guillotine leg drop over the throat of Malice as his head hung off the apron! Matt slides into the ring and pulls Malice over to cover him but its only a two count! Matt rolls Malice over and applies a crossface to wear him out.)

CR: Malice immediately used more of a Matlock brawling style to start this match but after a well placed groin attack, Matlock has really taken a foothold on this match.

OC: I like the idea of targetting the head and neck of a lunatic until that lunatic regains control of said head and neck.

(Matt drags Malice to the corner to start mudhole stomping but with each boot, you can see a smile on Malice! Even Matt is caught off guard for a second by this and a second is enough for Malice to pull himself up by the ropes and switch places with Matt as he starts the mudhole stomping instead! He slides out of the ring and grsbs Matt's head choking him over the ropes while the ref counts to four. Malice then gets back in the ring and grabs Matt by the legs catapulting him into the top turnbuckle and while dazed, he gets knocked out by a stiff high kick from Malice! Cover and a kickout! In the process of lifting him up, Matt counters out of desperation taking over and quickly taking Malice down with a samoan drop. Cover and a two count! Matlock quickly pulls Malice up and lifts him overtop of him for the Crowning Achievement. Malice slips behind off Matlock's arms and as Matt turns around, he's lifted onto Malice's shoulders for the Spike! Malice covers and scores the three count!)

GC: Here is your winner, Malice!!

OC: What a fight! Damn! (Oscar is again standing farther from the table and the ring.)

CR: Good match between these two and Malice edges it. Oscar sit down!

(Malice gets no chance to celebrate as now of all times Ashleigh McDaniel makes her appearance as she rushes down to the ring and blindsides Malice from behind! She lays the boots to him and he absorbs the kicks looking at her like she is his prey but when he gets back to his feet, Ash delivers a Snap Shot that drops Malice instantly!)

OC: She sure knows how to pick her spots!

CR: Maybe she understands that she's contractually obligated to fight Malice and wants that upper hand.

(Matlock's long gone. It's just Ashleigh assessing the damage with a smile as we cut to commercial.)

Winner: Malice


(As TEAM walk backstage after their match, they look battered and bruised when all of a sudden, The Asylum appear from nowhere and whale into them with kicks and boots. They are taking their frustration out of the beating they received last week as security flood in to break them apart. TEAM look to be in bad shape as we cut to Jo McFarlane and Jason Scorpio as they watch proceedings on a TV monitor. Chaz Cambridge is on hand to approach them.)

Cambridge: “Guys, we have just witnessed a horrific beat down on your challengers for the tag team championships at Double Down from the hot headed rookies that are The Asylum, what do you make of that?”

Jo Mac: “Asylum are trying to send a message with cheap shots? Who are they trying to kid exactly?”

Scorpio: “The only way to send a message in a place like SCW is in the way that Jo and I do each and every week with dominance in the centre of the ring and by pulling out the 1, 2 and 3 each and every time.”

Cambridge: “So no fear from the champions?”

Jo Mac: “How about this? Asylum are so eager to prove themselves then why not join the party at Double Down? Make it a triple threat for the tag team titles. Jason and I will defend the tag team titles against TEAM and Asylum. Then you can see what a dominant display looks like...”

(Cambridge looks to the camera as we cut to the ringside.)

CR: “A horrible attack on the tag team challengers but it bought an opportunity to new tag team on the scene, Asylum.”

OC: “And with MacFarlane making it even harder for her and Jason now, you have to wonder her bravado is wise.”


Insomnia vs. Omen

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

(The arena lights dim, and the sung/spoken introduction of “Omen” by The Prodigy plays, the fans instinctively start booing, as the music kicks in Omen steps through the curtain onto the ring and pauses staring out into the crowd, a red pyro fires from the side of the ramps as he defiantely extends his arms above his head his fists clenched and raised high. He walks down to the ring, completely ignoring the insults and cat cals from the fans lining the aisle to the ring.

The ring announcer raises the microphone and starts to speak as Omen reaches ringside, he stalks around making his way to the far side to await his opponent.)

GC: “Making his way to the ring, he weights 252lbs and hails from the Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Michigan, this is Omen!”

(Suddenly he slides into the ring under the bottom rope, and brazenly steps into the centre of the ring his fists raised above his head, a sneer of disgust on his face at the reaction he is receiving from the fans.)

GC: And his opponent, from Bournemouth, England...INSOMNIA!!

(The lights around the arena dim as it falls silent 'fore a lone pin drops, a pane of glass shatters and the PA system explodes into growling guitar riffs, drums, bass and vocals of the Mnemic's "Pigfuck."

Orange, blue, green, red and purple spot lights scope around the entrance way as flanked by Gayle, a hooded Insomnia strides through the curtain and onto the ramp, clenching his fists tightly and letting out a bestial roar to a rousing tsunami wave of cheers, applause and anticipation.

The fans jump about aggressively and smash into each other, mosh pits forming as he pauses atop he ramp with the lighting lending a sickly tone to his scarred and bare torso. He flicks back the hood, surveying the audience with his deep-socketed eyes, taking in the atmosphere as the fans jump about and mosh amongst themselves, Gayle offering up a twirl and a shake of her curvaceous arse as they stride on down the walkway confidently and into the heart of the sea of inevitable violence and bloodshed that awaits them.

At the foot of the steps, Gayle takes her position at ringside shaking her hips as she does. Insomnia removing his hooded jacket and throwing it to Gayle before he then skips up the apron, through the ropes and drops to his knees, cupping his hands to his head dramatically before letting out another rage-filled scream and unleashing a leaping Static Lullaby-to thin air as the music cuts.)

CR: What an exciting match this is going to be! Omen has been quite impressive in his many showings thus far but tonight is going to be a huge test when he faces the former Global Champion.

OC: I believe one Paradox McSweeney may have a vested interest in this performance.

(They lock up and Som goes behind quickly trying to embarrass Omen with a backslide from hell but he never pulls Omen down. Instead Omen manages to swing behind Som and drag him down for a crucifix pin attempt that gets a two count. That puts a smile on Som's face as he sits up but the snapmare followed by the elbow to the head from Omen takes that smile away. He applies a chin lock to Som. Som manages to get back to his feet and break the lock. He feints a tie up to catch Omen off guard and land some serious blows in a combo that ends with a hard european uppercut. In an homage to an old rival, Som springboards in from behind Omen as he gets up hitting the degrading curve! Cover and a kickout! Momentum shifts when Som places him on the mat after a backbreaker but the big time elbow drop from the top misses as he tried to place it in the swoll of Omen's back but Omen rolled away. Omen waits on the middle turnbuckle for Som to get up and he hits a double axe handle to stun him and then he picks Som up for a spinning piledriver! Kickout after two!)

OC: That was sick!

CR: Omen knows he has to unleash the arsenal against Insomnia and I'd say so far so good.

(Omen applies the Michigan crab after an atomic drop followed by taking Som down with a spinebuster! He sits back really turning Som over but Som's pain tolerance is like few others and he manages to drag himself to the ropes for the break. Omen pulls him up by an arm and goes for a short arm clothesline but Som ducks it and Omen turns around to receive a step up Inzomniguri! Both men are down and manage to get up around the same time as Som takes total control first with the dragon uppercut and then a perfect Static Lullaby! Cover and a two count! He throws Omen into the corner and then a massive air monkey flip is performed! Omen's dazed on the far side of the ring and Som looks ready for the Yakuza. But when he runs at Omen, Omen ends up getting Som up on his shoulders in the fireman's carry! He goes for the Bad Omen, but when doing so Som flips so far over that instead of a driver he lands on his feet, runs off the ropes, and lands the Yakuza!! This one's over folks.)

GC: Here is your winner, Insomnia!!

CR: We're not short of competitive matches tonight and this was another beauty. Great showing by Omen but Som gets him in the end.

OC: That Yakuza can hit from anywhere! Paradox better remember that!

(Som stands up and raises his hands in victory slowly allowing that cocky smile of his to creep in but you can tell by his expression he just got through a close battle with Omen.)

Winner: Insomnia


(Backstage, Michael Thunder is taping up his wrists when a figure appears in his doorway to his locker-room. He looks up and M.D.K. is standing there with a smirk on his face.)

M.D.K.: “A week to go, just a week until Double Down and here you are ready to team with your opponents for that mach and do you know what? There isn’t a single part of me that can wait until I get to watch the legend freeze and shatter in the centre of the ring.”

(There is venom in his words as Thunder looks unimpressed.)

M.D.K.: “At Double Down, you are there by circumstance and circumstance alone. Not merit, not ability but by being in the right place at the right time and the sooner this unpleasant chapter of SCW history where you are the current nearly man who made the wrong choices can’t close soon enough.”

(Thunder remains calm as he continues to tape his wrists before coolly looking up at M.D.K. with mild indifference.)

Thunder: “You finished now?”

(M.D.K. nods.)

Thunder: “You amuse me Danny. You see right now, to watch you seethe as I not only gun for the prize you crave in the TFWF but right here, in the company you own, I am lookin’ to take the biggest prize of all. How does that feel Danny? How does it feel to have the man you detest so much taking all the glory right under your nose?”

(M.D.K. seethes as Thunder walks right up to him and the pair go nose to nose.)

Thunder: “You might be able to hide behind the suits and the law here Danny but just watch your back because I will teach you a lesson you ain’t ever gonna forget...”

(He barges past a livid M.D.K. as we cut to ringside.)

CR: “So much tension between two former friends!”

OC: “Thunder’s spiral into career suicide continues!”


(The arena darkens.

"And during the few moments we have left, I want to talk, right down to earth, in a language that everybody here, can easily understand."

The growling guitar riff of 'Cult of Personality' by the Living Colour pounds out across the PA, Stu Who bursting from the curtain amid a cascade of blue pyro. Strutting to the edge of the stage, he removes his sunglass and hurls them into the crowd there, before walking to the other side and doing the same with his baseball cap.)

OC: “The man at the centre of the SCW stalker this past few weeks is here to admit everything he has done wrong Court!”

CR: “You know as well as I do that Stu is the victim of a vicious smear campaign against him and tonight he is here to clear his name.”

(He then marches down to the ring, slapping hands with as many fans as possible, smiling and shouting to them, before sliding under the bottom rope, leaping to his feet and scaling the far turnbuckle. He holds open the flaps of his leather jacket a moment, before raising his fist to the air, ten thousand fans following suit. He grins at them all for a moment before dropping down to speak to the crowd.)

Who: “Over the past few weeks, somebody in this business has been trying to use the good name Stu to further themselves, to better their standing in Sin City Wrestling and to generally make a mockery of me. Well tonight, the attention seeking little mook gets what he wants, he gets good ol’ Stu Who to come out here and say that he has had enough and I have. I am not here to allow the weak to make some semblance of name off of the back of my name or their attempts to humiliate me or play a game of one-upmanship but what I will do is take my boot and introduce it to the ass of the kid that thinks sabotage, framing and all the shit they have done is acceptable to do to a man like me...”

(Stu’s mic is cut off as another Rick-Roll hits the SinTron. Stu shakes his head as the buzz among the fans is deafening as "Narcissistic Cannibal" plays over the PA. Stu remains in the ring, a curious smirk on his face, as the fans stand on their feet, glued to the entryway. At that moment, thousands of fans gasp in unison- some cheer, and many more boo loudly- as SCW's most controversial Sinner, Joey Harris, makes his way onto the ramp.

CR: “It’s Joey Harris! The man who was fired by M.D.K. before he even stepped into the ring!”

OC: “Sounds like an endearing guy! Is he the man behind the technical gremlins?”

CR: “Stu does not look impressed...”

A small "Joey's gonna kill you!" chant breaks out, almost silenced by the deafening roars of the fans, all staring in shock at the former world champion, who now wears a smug grin on his face and carries a microphone in his right hand. Joey stares down the ramp at Stu Who, maintaining his collected demeanour, as the SCW icon watches on in confusion.

Harris reaches the ring, sliding in underneath the bottom rope. He gets back to his feet quickly as Stu looks on, still confused, but much more than that. No; now, it isn't simply confusion, but anger. Anger toward the man who had been tormenting Sin City's production for so many weeks, and toward the man who had called him out just one week prior. Now, Stu Who looks in the eye the man who wishes to use him as a launch pad to SCW glory. And he isn't happy about it. He points to him and mouths the word ‘You?’ as Joey smirks...

Joey lifts the microphone and taps it to indicate that his microphone is working and lifts it to his lips to speak, his first words on a professional wrestling program in years.

Joey: You know, some might say...-

Without a second's hesitation, Joey swings the microphone into Stu's head, catching him off-guard and knocking him to the mat. Joey wastes no time in stomping away at Stu, the jeers and catcalls from the fans falling around like rain. Joey lifts him to his feet, ready to deliver the finishing blow, but Stu fights back, the reaction from the fans favouring the SCW legend decisively. He tosses Joey into the ropes, readying the newcomer for his very first super-kick- the Stu-perkick- but Joey hastily pulls back on the ropes, rolling away to the outside while the fans boo loudly at the turn of events. Joey smirks, tapping his head with his index finger and taunting his frustrated rival. He holds up two fingers at Stu, then points to the ground, signalling that the two will indeed meet at the Double Down pay per view before leaving quickly through the crowd.

CR: “Well the gremlin is revealed and will be facing Stu Who at Double Down!”

OC: “Joey Harris is here and is ready for action!”

CR: “What with hacking and cheap shots?”

OC: “I smell money...”

CR: “I smell something alright. Either way, we have a lot more to come tonight so lets cut to some messages that will earn us some more money...”

OC: “Whoa! Bodyform! Bodyform for Courtney!”

CR: “Prick...”


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We go to ringside, where Courtney and Oscar remain seated, smiling, as they begin to speak before the camera, but before they can, a loud clutter of booing emanates from the crowd as the camera's attention diverts to the crowd where an unknown figure makes his way through the sea of fans.

O,C: Who the hell is this idiot?

C.R: Oh my God, I think that is Cid Phoenix! I've heard from people in the back he's been pestering producers to get some airtime and back on air, but his lack of microphone skills or personality have made his useless in-terms of speaking. Looks like he is taking actions into his own hands. He was sacked by M.D.K. once but somehow he is here...

Cid Phoenix, adorning an "M.D.K" t-shirt, hops over the guard rail and pulls a microphone from the timekeeper. For whatever reason, he proceeds to aggressively shove Geoff Capes as a slew of fans begin booing, some chanting "Who Is This Guy?" as the rebelling Phoenix slides into the ring, comes to the centre and falls to the mat, sitting Indian style as he looks towards Capes.

Cid Phoenix: Geoff Capes, while you lay there, hopefully as uncomfortable as you possibly can be, I want you to listen to me. I want you to digest this because I have a lot of things I want to get off my chest. I don’t hate you, Geoff. I don’t even dislike you. I do like you. I like you a hell of a lot more than I like most people in the back.

O.C: What the hell is this guy rambling on about?

C.R: Now you see why nobody wanted to give him airtime?

Cid Phoenix: I hate this idea that you’re the best. Because you’re not. I’m the best. I’m the best in the world. There’s one thing you’re better at than I am and that’s kissing M.D.K’s ass. You’re as good as kissing M.D.K’s ass as anyone is was I am the best wrestler in the world. I’ve been the best since day one, three weeks ago when I walked into this company. And I’ve been vilified and hated since that day.

Fans begin chanting "Shut The Fuck Up!" as people at home begin changing the channel and Phoenix continues his wild, incessant ramblings. Not many taking notice of his absurd crap.

Cid Phoenix: And yet no matter how many times I prove it, I’m not on your lovely little collector cups. I’m not on the cover of the program. I’m barely promoted. I don't get to be in movies. I’m not even able to get a segment on the show!

As the fans continue booing the guy unmercifully, their jeering turns to cheers as the camera picks up on the presence of John Shepard whose made his way out to the top of the stage, microphone in hand, Phoenix looks over his shoulder and takes notice of the mysterious man as those who left for a bathroom break during Cid Phoenix' ravings return to their seats hurriedly as Phoenix comes to his feet.

John Shepard: I don't know if you've noticed, but nobody gives a crap!

A burst of cheers resonate throughout those in attendance as a quick but loud "You Suck!" chant is directed Phoenix' way.

John Shepard: You know why you don't get airtime? Or promo time? Because despite the fact you have been given and told by others on how to act, how to utilize all your pent up aggression and anger you continue to moan, whine and complain, like a bitch!

O.C: This guy is my new favorite!

John Shepard: It is people like you, that I despise in this business. You don't have the BALLS to take anything for yourself, you show minimal promise or potential but you want to be perceived as a Main Event player! Well guess what? You'll never be a Main Event player, because nobody could give a DAMN about what you have to say!

Once again a loud chorus of cheers sound out from the crowd.

John Shepard: I on the other hand am someone these people care about, because I've been teasing a surprise for the past month now... and tonight... in fact right now... I'm going to unveil him!

O.C: Oh, here we go!

Shepard takes a moment to soak in the atmosphere as the crowd chant several names, the camera shows signs such as "Benevolance Has Sinned", "Kurt 2 Make SCW Noble" and "Bring The Ruckus", Shepard brings the microphone to his mouth and points toward the curtain behind him, an excited and diabolical expression coming over his face as he seethes in his own surprise, finally making the announcement.

John Shepard: Please allow me to welcome, he is my client...

"Loyal To No One" by Dropkick Murphy's blares from the arena's sound system as green spotlights rotate throughout the arena as the fans cheer loudly for both the unveiling and the return of...


...Sean brushes through the curtain and stands aside John, the Irishman smiles brightly as the fans give him a great reception. The once rugged Irishman sports a new, cleaner look, slicked back hair, a clean pair of jeans as opposed to his old, torn ones, a white shirt and grey jumper combination as Sean Doherty casually walks down the aisle, Shepard in tow, Phoenix looking on, angered by the interruption.

C.R: Oh my God. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

O.C: Not this again!

Sean walks up the steps and proceeds to casually step between the middle ropes, a slight smile never leaving his face as Shepard stands just over the Irishman's shoulder, Doherty and Phoenix stare at one another as Sean removes his hands from his pockets and receives the microphone from Shepard.

O.C: This is a first, Sean Doherty has never cut an in-ring promo before.

Dropkick Murphy's fade as a loud cheer and a "Welcome Back!" chant replace it, Sean nods his head in acknowledgment, seeming much more relaxed and calm than we've seen him before. Cid Phoenix is pissed as he repeatedly asks Sean "What are you doing?" Doherty brings the microphone to his mouth with the assumption being he'll speak.

Sean Doherty: ...

Sean opens his mouth, but instead of speaking, drops the microphone to the canvas, smiles and proceeds to captivate those in attendance and watching at home as he strikes Phoenix on the chin with his Paddy Power Knockout Punch, the fans going bizzerk as the impact from knuckle on jawbone echoes into the rafters. Sean stands over Phoenix, his head slowly looking up as now Doherty is the one seemingly angered. Sean bends over and grabs the limp forearm of Cid Phoenix, dragging Phoenix to the corner of the ring before stepping out onto the apron.

O.C: Holy sh... Where the hell is he going?!

C.R: Sean is sending one very loud message!!

Sean Doherty stands on what was once unfamiliar territory to the street fighter, but it appears as though he has found comfort as he stands, composed and balanced on the top turnbuckle as the fans stare in anticipation of what he'll do. Sean leaps from the top rope and lands with his feet driving into the chest and gut of Cid Phoenix with a Ghetto Stomp as he rolls forward to one knee and looks as Phoenix begins bleeding internally, blood trickling from his mouth as Doherty smiles at the image, coming to a stand as John Shepard leans against the far corner, clapping and laughing.

C.R: I never saw this coming; well, I guess Sean being John's client could be seen to some but he just hit a perfect Ghetto Stomp from the top turnbuckle. Last time we saw him he had trouble getting to the top turnbuckle!

John Shepard grabs Sean's hand and raises it into the air to a loud ovation, "Loyal To No One" by Dropkick Murphy's commences once more as Sean Doherty leaves his message ringing in the ears of those who witnessed his surprise return. The Irishman and his new manager John Shepard remain in the ring as officials and medical crew rush from the back to check on a visibly hurt and injured Cid Phoenix.

O.C: Sean Doherty has gone, in five minutes, from being a tough guy who some probably saw as comedic relief at times, to one of the badass S.O.B's this promotion has. The knockout punch followed by a Ghetto Stomp, it even sounds violent!

C.R: And remember, John Shepard made an open challenge to anyone, to face this man at Double Down this coming Sunday! I feel as though whoever faces the new, the improved and the better Sean Doherty could be in-store for something completely different from what we last saw!

Sean and John exit the ring and make their way up the stage, Sean once again, casually embarking up the ramp with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face, his appearance more of someone preparing for a night out than an encounter within a wrestling ring. The Irishman raises his hand to a positive crowd response, as the stretcher is brought down for Cid Phoenix.

C.R: You think Cid's career has finished here in SCW?

O.C: I wasn't aware it had been restarted...


(Swag is backstage with his entourage commiserating the match earlier on when Matlock storms past angrily with his Hardcore title on his shoulder after defeat to Malice earlier on. He clatters into them and sends Swag flying.)

Swag: “Hey bro! Watch where you’re going!”

(Matlock stops, turns to Swag and glares at him.)

Matlock: “And who the fuck are you to tell me otherwise?”

Swag: “The same mother-fucker that took you to your limit’s the other week...”

Matlock: “My limits? I took this title from Adrien fucking Specter. Don’t try to tell me where my limits are.”

Swag: “How about next time, you put that title on the line then?”

Matlock: “How about get the fuck out of my face?”

Swag: “How about no?”

?: “How about you get in line?”

(Omen appears and stands in front of Matlock to square up to Swag. The pair bear down on him. Swag turns to see his entourage have abandoned him.)

Omen: “You are a joke and don’t you dare think that you have earned anything here...”

Swag: “Did I ask you? Did I ask you?”

Omen: “Didn’t have to... You think you are so tough don’t you Swag? With the wise cracks and the bullshit... Come on then, take both of us...”

(They begin to advance as Swag retreats a little.)

?: “How about a fair fight?”

(Justice Reigns stands boldly in the centre of the corridor and then beside Swag.)

Matlock: “Oh look, the champion of morality is here... Run for the damn hills!”

(Him and Omen laugh as Justice looks unimpressed.)

Justice: “So when it’s not a fair fight you are all about the fight but now you crack wise? Bullies like you make me sick...”

(He squares up to Matlock but Omen takes a swing at Swag while he does. The pair brawl and as Justice turns to Swag, Matlock grabs his title and cracks it into the back of Justice’s head. Matlock begins ti braw as well as this four-way brawl makes it’s way down the corridor.)

(Meanwhile, Jeremiah Belmont is standing with Ellis Smith by the snack table and the pair are talking as the proud father shows Ellis a set of photos.)

Belmont: “And this is a picture of her first smile, this is her and her favourite teddy bear... And this is her with her daddy!”

(Smith smiles as Jeremiah shows him but when Jeremiah looks at them, Ellis rolls his eyes. A commotion can be heard down the corridor as the brawl makes its way towards Smith and Belmont who are deep in conversation still. Suddenly, Swag comes careering down the corridor and into Smith who drops the photos into a bowl of beetroot salad. Belmont looks livid, grabs Swag and hits him before Omen charges down the corridor and spears Smith into the table! Matlock and Reigns are trading blows as now the brawl is six strong before bundling into M.D.K. who does not look impressed. He takes a fire extinguisher from the wall and releases it upon the six of them. They stop and M.D.K. looks enraged.)

M.D.K.: “What the fuck is this? Six of you acting like fucking animals in my fucking arena! Who the fuck do you think you are?”

(He turns to Matlock who is the first to his feet.)

M.D.K.: “And you, a champion of this company acting like a fucking thug. If anybody is going to be a hyper-violent, degenerate cunt, they do it on MY say so. Matlock, if you want a brawl with these men, you can do it at Double Down in a Gauntlet Match. That means if you want to walk out as Champion, you are gonna have to do it by beating all five of these men at Double Down. And so you don't get EVERYTHING you want, allow me to bring my personal pick into the mix."

(He turns and Alex Black enters shot with a smirk on his face. The other men looks stunned.)

M.D.K.: "Now... Clean this shit up and fuck off out of my arena for the night.”

(He storms off with Alex as all six men look like scolded schoolboys as we cut to a commercial.)


Chris Strike vs. NEW's James Stall

CR: As often when we have involvement with the CWC or Experts, there needs to be a little bit of explanation before an upcoming match that concerns it.

OC: The CWC Ascension tournament is reaching its conclusion where their new world champion will be crowned. As you would expect, Doug E. Fresh is competing for the title.

CR: His opponent will be the brash yet up and coming James Stall who really shocked the world throughout their tournament and he's showing no fear stepping into SCW territory tonight as part of a challenge.

OC: He called out M.D.K. What the heck was he thinking?

CR: This won't be the only match at the finale involving SCW versus NEWera thus M.D.K. has named Chris Strike in tonight's match. Let's send it to Geoff.

GC: This special attraction match is scheduled for one fall. Approaching the ring, from Brooklyn, New York, representing New Era, James STALL!!

(AC/DC's Shoot to Thrill plays. James Stall appears on the top of the entrance ramp. He slaps his chest with both hands and outstretches his arms to the applause of the crowd. Stall then sprints down to the ring where he does a standing jump onto the apron as fireworks shoot out of the four ring posts. He climbs into the ring and runs up the far turnbuckle where he poses for the crowd. He jumps off the turnbuckle and stands in the middle of the ring. James pounds his chest with both fists twice and waits for the match to start.)

GC: And his opponent, from Sao Paulo, Brazil...Chris STRIKE!!

(The house lights in the arena go out completely, thunder and rain can be heard from a distance, all while the image of a large mountain complete with a temple atop the peak is seen on the LCD screen while the beginning of “God of Thunder (Alive IV Symphony)” by KISS blares out of the PA system. The shot zooms into the temple as the drum solo begins…and up towards a throne at the top of some stairs. A man rises from the throne and makes his way down the steps…and once he nears the camera, he looks up at the sky and makes his way over towards a pool of water. The man looks down into the water, and once he does…a shot of lightning hits the water! As the lightning hits the water in the video, streams of smoke shoot up from the ramp way area and high above.

“The God of Thunder” Chris Strike emerges from the curtains and steps out into the limelight, drawing a loud reaction from the SCW fan base as he stops in front of the entrance ramp and slowly raises his right arm up, hand open. A smirk falls on his lips as the self-proclaimed God of Thunder is showered by gold, white and black streamers and two bright white pyros on the sides of the ramp. Smirking, Strike begins making his way down the ramp, having the occasional fans reaching out towards him from the rail, all while keeping his eyes solely focused on the ring.

Chris then makes his way up the ring stairs, using the steel pole for support, putting his right foot over the middle rope and as he is about to get inside, Strike suddenly turns around and finds himself with both elbows locked around the top rope, his entire upper body exposed to the crowd’s sight. The God of Thunder just gives the fans a sly smirk as flashes of light go off, before going under the middle rope and into the ring. He looks around at the crowd and walks up to the nearest corner, leaning against the ropes while stretching his arms out as “God of Thunder (Alive IV Symphony)” fades…)

CR: What a shot in the arm this would be for New Era Wrestling if James Stall defeats Mr. SureShot tonight.

OC: That simply isn't going to happen Courtney. Are you on drugs?

(Despite being popular in the CWC arena, Stall doesn't receive a positive SCW reaction as the crowd is decidedly pro-Strike. But Stall stands toe to toe with the smaller Strike as they lock up. Strike hits a series of puroresu strikes but Stall breaks the combo with a huge knee lift to the chest and a high hip toss on Strike. Stall uses his 60 pound size advantage to inflict punishment as he lifts Stall and does a big powerslam. Cover and a kickout! Stall pulls Strike up but Strike breaks his grip and first hits a mongolian chop followed by running to hit a flying forearm smash! Stall still isn't quite off his feet so Strike goes past him to the corner and goes high risk connecting with an asai moonsault that grounds Stall. Strike stays over top of him for a two count. Roundhouse kick misses as Stall gets back up and with Strike turned around, Stall slows things down locking on a sleeper. It's at this point of the match during the hold that Doug E. Fresh makes his way to the stage.)

CR: I knew it was only a matter of time before the professor made his appearance during this match.

OC: He's doing this for SCW and don't you forget it!

CR: He's doing this for himself and no one else.

(Stall has Strike to one knee when he sees the professor. He lets go of the hold and has a nice smile towards Doug but when he turns his attention back to Strike, he gets hit with an enzugiri! Strike is going high risk again as he preps for Stall to stand. He springboards off the ropes for a moonsault but Stall catches him on his shoulders and drops him head first over the top turnbuckle. Stall whips Strike across the ring and is thinking about hitting that double edged spinebuster but mid catch, Strike changes it into a DDT! Strike covers but Stall kicks out at two! Strike with a few more stiff kicks to Stall as he's getting up. Strike off the ropes but Stall catches him with a belly to belly suplex! Cover and a kickout! Stall gets behind Strike as he gets up but can't complete the Captain Clutch as Strike flips backward over Stall during the inverted bodyslam attempt. Strike goes for Relampago but Stall counters running into the ropes but Strike holds on and rolls Stall up...but after the two count Stall rolls Strike over so that he's being pinned and gets the close there count!!)

GC: Here is your winner, James Stall!!

OC: That son of a...

CR: What a statement! Call it an upset but Stall just pinned Strike. This certainly puts NEWera with momentum leading into their respective matches against SCW.

OC: Doug's livid.

(Standing on the ramp, Doug seems angry looking on at Stall who pulls himself up with the ropes and smiles back at him after coming into SCW and stealing a victory.)

Winner: James Stall


(Richard Specter is backstage with Marvin Peabody.)

Peabody: “I am here with Richard Specter whose brother has been put on the shelf by a wicked assault from Extream. It’s been two weeks now Richard, what is his status and will he be at Double Down?”

Specter: “Well...”

(He is about to speak when he is grabbed by Marko Flins who has wrapped a white towel around his throat. Richard struggles and kicks his legs as Flins coolly continues to choke the manager of the former Hardcore Champion who is rapidly going bright red. Peabody looks on fearfully when suddenly Richard drops to the ground along with the towel as Adrien stands over a staggered Flins with a chair in hand. Flins turns slowly to Specter who drives Flins into the ground with a tackle and the pair begin to brawl.

Flins rolls on top of Adrien and clubs at Specter’s face but Specter takes a thumb and jams it into the eye of Flins who reels away. Security flood into the middle of the brawl and with the help of a couple of tazers, manage to subdue to pair. Richard picks up the towel and throws it in the face of the limp Flins.)

Specter: “At Double Down, you will be begging for Doug to throw in the towel for you by the time my brother is finished with you...”

(Security drag the brawling pair away as Peabody looks to the camera.)

Peabody: “I guess we have our answer...”


M.D.K: What? No! I fail to see how Malice is a danger to anyone. Andrew King? I don't know of his whereabouts! Maybe he went on vacation, to Mexico and changed his name, to something nobody would recognize. It's possible!

As M.D.K. converses on the phone, in the background a door opening and closing can be heard as M.D.K. takes notice, his eyes lighting up and an excited smile coming across his face.

M.D.K: I need to go. Something just came up.

Ending the call abruptly M.D.K's guest; or guests come into frame as John Shepard and Sean Doherty both stand before Tenegra, all three man smiling as John stands, with a stance and facial expression that radiates the saying, "What do you think?" M.D.K. extends his hand towards the newly returned Sean Doherty.

M.D.K: Sean, welcome back to Sin City. If you show the aggression you showed against that James Harrison guy, I think you've got a pretty bright future here in SCW.

Sean glances between Danny's eyes and his extended hand, not interested in the handshake as M.D.K. eventually pulls his hand back. John laughs to himself before speaking.

John Shepard: I told you. I told you when I brought him under my wing, Sean Doherty would go from being a sloppy, embarrassing, second rate; you know, not even second rate, fourth maybe even fifth rate performer, into an animal! A beast! A knockout, machine!

M.D.K. nods and smiles.

M.D.K: You're right. You did. And in the interest of fairness I think there should be a reward. You made an open challenge two weeks ago and from what I know, the people on the roster were too scared to even accept it! So I'll tell you what. There is a couple big names unbooked for Double Down, and I think I know just the one to put up against "The Irish Heartbreaker" to test him.

John and Sean glance to one another, both nod and M.D.K. reveals who Doherty will face at Double Down.

M.D.K: At Double Down, it will be Sean Doherty versus Sabra Nikolayev!!

John Shepard: Whoa!!

Shepard is instantly excited at the prospect of the match as M.D.K. revels in his ingenious booking, Doherty's expression remains concrete throughout the discussion, the smile stagnent.

John Shepard: That is more than enough of a reward! That is brilliant!

John exits, leaving Sean and Tenegra in position as they look at one another. M.D.K. seems a bit freaked out by Sean's firm stare, before the Irishman turns around and follows John Shepard, leaving M.D.K. to himself as we return to ringside.


Stu Who vs. Paradox McSweeney

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Queens, New York...Stu WHO!!

(The arena darkens.

"And during the few moments we have left, I want to talk, right down to earth, in a language that everybody here, can easily understand."

The growling guitar riff of 'Cult of Personality' by the Living Colour pounds out across the PA, Stu Who bursting from the curtain amid a cascade of blue pyro. Strutting to the edge of the stage, he removes his sunglass and hurls them into the crowd there, before walking to the other side and doing the same with his baseball cap. He then marches down to the ring, slapping hands with as many fans as possible, smiling and shoting to them, before sliding under the bottom rope, leaping to his feet and scaling the far turnbuckle. He holds open the flaps of his leather jacket a moment, before raising his fist to the air, ten thousand fans following suit. He grins at them all for a moment before dropping down to start the match.)

GC: And his opponent, from Manchester, England...Paradox MCSWEENEY!!

(The lights go dim as the opening notes of McSweeney's music start to play. As the lyrics kick in, a single white spotlight hits the top of the stage and Paradox McSweeney walks out, accompanied by his personal camera crew and make-up artists. McSweeney ignores the crowd and poses for the cameras, then checks his hair and make-up for a final time before strutting down to the ring.)

CR: Do you feel like Paradox seems a little obsessive over his upcoming match with Insomnia at Double Down?

OC: He's more confused than when Stu Who's name still had a question mark at the end.

(Paradox starts off with a couple forearms and a european uppercut to stun Stu. But a swinging back elbow is ducked and Stu times his leap to grab Dox from behind for a Pacemaker! Early cover and a near fall. Stu pulls Dox up in a fireman's carry and follows it with a dropkick to the back. But the standing moonsault that follows meets Dox's knees. This gives Dox time to get up but Stu gives Dox another lesson in scouting as a russian leg sweep attempt is countered as Stu trips Dox forward onto the ropes. Stu follows this with hitting the big 1-5-0! Stu gets ready for a perfect hurricanrana as he gets back in the ring prepping for Dox to stand. He leaps but Dox shows he scouted for a change as he plants Stu with a powerbomb. He rolls Stu over instead of going for a pin and uses the ropes to assist him in standing on Stu's neck until a ref count of four. He then shows off his mat skills applying a rolling mexican surfboard. He's pulling hard on Stu as the submission hold persists.)

CR: Stu is proven quality but say what you will about McSweeney, he really is a smart one in that ring.

OC: I'm glad you've come to my side Court.

(Action continues with Stu in the spinning toe hold. On the third spin of Paradox, Stu uses his free foot to boot him nearly through the ropes. Stu stands up and attempts a Stu-per kick but Dox ducks it and runs off the ropes. Dox comes back with a boot but Stu grabs him and hits a dragon screw. Then another! Dox remembers Stu likes to do this in threes and attempts an enzigiri on the third but Stu ducks it and Dox lands on his face. While he tries to get up, Stu hits a bulldog! Cover and a nearfall! Stu to the ropes and Dox gets hit with a springboard dropkick! Another cover gets a two count! Stu picks Dox up but as they're standing, Dox rakes Stu's eyes. He rushes Stu against the corner and spears him a couple times to take the air out of him. Dox hoists Stu up to the top turnbuckle and is thinking of a superplex. However, Stu fends him off and ends up knocking Dox down to the mat. This leaves him open for the 1-50!! Stu pins Dox after the big splash for the win.)

GC: Here is your winner, Stu Who!!

CR: Stu notches the win! Yet another quality contest. You could tell these two were prepared for one another.

OC: Bah! I'm so sad.

(Stu celebrates the win as Paradox rolls out of the ring with a look of part pain and part disgust. Cut back to Stu who's chanting 150 with the crowd!)

Winner: Stu Who


(Backstage, we appear to be in the basement of SCW. In the darkened room there are dented chairs strewn every where, stacks of broken tables and a number of twisted and contorted ladders. Sitting on a twisted and dented chair is JT Cash.)

JT Cash: “This is the unknown, unseen side of SCW. The graveyard where every table, ladder, chair and every other weapon of choice that has been used, abused and bruised is here. From scorched remains, the shards of metal, this place is a mausoleum to every battle and war from SCW’s history. Many of these pieces have been used on me... Many more have been used BY me. Each piece has its own legacy and its own tale to tell.”

“At Double Down, this mausoleum will grow bigger than ever when David Cyclone and I meet in the TLC match for his Television Title. For months I have craved this chance for revenge. How I have plotted and schemed at just how to take my revenge and the sweet taste of it I will get as soon as it is mine.”

“What David Cyclone did to me cannot and will not go unpunished. At Double Down, let the punishment begin...”

(The scene goes dark as we cut to a commercial.)


OC: “Courtney, with the main event just around the corner, what say we run through the line-up for Double Down?”

CR: “It sounds like a plan and this is the biggest Double Down ever and M.D.K. hasn’t disappointed with every match on the card not only pay per view worthy but main event worthy as well...”

OC: “All the gold is on the line, there are scores to be settled and glory to be had. It could only be Double Down.”

CR: “And we start with Chris Strike. Mr SureShot wants to prove his win over CXB wasn’t fortuitous and will go at it again at Double Down.”

OC: “CXB is a monolith and if I were Strike, I’d have been happy with the one win I had.”

CR: “We also have the open invitation. Sean Doherty’s manager put it out there for him and one person took him up on it. The Queen of Sin Sabra Nikolayev.”

OC: “She has vowed for it to be the start of a Russian Revolution in SCW, is she right?”

CR: “Speaking of challenges, Stu Who called out the man behind the gremlins this week and got more than what he had bargained for when the apparently fired Joey Harris turned up and tried to chap shot Mr 150%. The match is made and Stu Who and Joey Harris are going one on one.”

OC: “I don’t know what has possessed M.D.K. to allow him into the company but if it’s good for business, then M.D.K. will do it.”

CR: “And M.D.K. also saw a pay per view smash earlier this evening when he made Matt Matlock defend his title at Double Down in a gauntlet match against SIX other men!”

OC: “Ellis Smith, Omen, Swag-a-Licious, Alex Black, Justice Reigns and Jeremiah Belmont! If Matlock is going to walk out with that Hardcore title, he has a fight on his hands!”

CR: “The Belmont family also have an interest in the tag team titles as Jo MacFarlane and Jason Scorpio defend the titles against TEAM and Asylum in a triple threat match!”

OC: “Two challengers with two totally different claims to the titles. While TEAM have built up a steady row of victories, Asylum simply beat down TEAM to earn their shot!”

CR: “And in what is set to be a straight up fight, Adrien Specter and Marko Flins are going toe to toe in a White Towel Match where their respective corner representative throws the towel in when they think their wrestler has had enough.”

OC: “With these two, an I Quit match would have never worked.”

CR: “Because neither men know when to give up?”

OC: “More because neither man can speak...”

CR: “One man never short of a few words is Paradox McSweeney and he will be putting his money where his mouth is against the almighty Insomnia.”

OC: “Insomnia feels Paradox cost him his shot at Global Gold but Paradox has never been this intense since arriving here and the pair will be eager to get their hands on each other in the middle of the ring!”

CR: “Speaking of hands, Ashleigh McDaniel pays the price for her protest when she is forced to fight Malice in a No Holds Barred match!”

OC: “M.D.K. doesn’t suffer fools easily and certainly not an ex pet of his who refuses to play ball now.”

CR: “Ashleigh may have developed dignity.”

OC: “Or lost the will to live.”

CR: “The Television Title is on the line in one of the most anticipated rematches of the year. David Cyclone’s belt is on the line against the man whose career was nearly ended by the champion JT Cash in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match.”

OC: “JT Cash has worked for months to get back to full fitness and get his hands on Mr Main Event and it is going to be a case of be careful what you wish for I think.”

CR: “And we then have the huge Double Down Triple Threat match for the United Title. Dorling, Doug E Fresh and Sean Panache... Three Men, Two Consecutive Pinfalls, One Winner.”

OC: “And one man quitting if he doesn’t retain his title. Dorling taking a huge risk here as Doug is undefeated in Double Down matches but the bravado of Dorling has seen him put his career on the line along with his title.”

CR: “All or nothing for Dorling and it truly is that in our Main Event as Shelbi Lynn tries to prove that her victory over Extream wasn’t a dream or the work of fortune as the former champion invokes his rematch clause and the number one contender gets his shot in a mouthwatering main event!”

OC: “Shelbi Lynn, Extream and Michael Thunder... Three of the biggest names in professional wrestling for one prize. The SCW Global Title... It does not get any bigger than this.”

CR: “And that will be live on Pay Per View on the 10th June. Check local listing but one thing you don’t need to check is what is next because it is the outstanding six person main event... Next.”


OC: Courtney I got this…folks we have Chaz standing by backstage with Extream with a few quick words.

CR: I doubt it will be anything but quick…

(Cameras cut to the back as Ex is finishing wrapping tape around his left wrist. Chaz holds the mic out, not wanting to say anything that can piss Ex off…Ex grabs the mic from Chaz and intensely stares into the camera.)

Ex: We are moments away from seeing exactly what my true worth to this company really is. For weeks I have brought my own brand of terror into the hearts and minds of the SCW roster. Showing everyone what will happen when you get in my way. Adrien Specter got in my way when I went after Shelbi, and he paid the price for that mistake. If you don’t want that to be you, that learn from the mistakes of your peers and stay the hell out of my way.

(Ex turns to another camera, shoves Chaz out of his way, and goes on.)

Ex: Tonight I will be in the ring with the best and brightest SCW has to offer. The stakes are high, the level of competiton is higher, and I will once again prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly why I am the most deserving SCW Global Champion in history. Everyone wants to know within what faction I will plant my flag, and you may find out tonight…but then again, you may not.

We’ve got Dorling, Panache, Fresh, Carter, and Thunder...and when you mix in a little Ex, you get one of the most volatile substances on the face of the planet. You want to see just how good, how dominate, how devastating I can be…well keep your eyes honed in on that ring tonight, because the man who will become the next Global Champion is going to show the world…exactly why you will learn to fear the name EXTREAM.

(Ex shoves the mic into Chaz’s chest, then starts to walk off…stopping to throw the roll of tape he had in his hand at the backstage interviewer, before turning and making his way towards the ring.)

CR: I didn’t think it was possible Oscar, but Extream’s ego seems to have grown five times in size.

OC: Have you been watching him pick people apart the past few weeks? I think his new found confidence is a good thing…and we are about to find out just how good it can be.

CR: Sinners, up next our 6-person tag team main event …this is going to be exciting.

OC: I’d say…with a lineup like this, who the hell knows whats going to happen.



Main Event: Sean Panache, Dorling and Doug E Fresh vs. Extream, Shelbi Lynn and Michael Thunder

GC: The following six superstar tag match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from New Dover, Ohio...Doug E. FRESH!!

(The lights slowly dim to green. As the video for Doug E. Fresh appears on the SinTron, we hear the words...

Wash away impurities, wash away all that couldn’t be

The chorus of "The End" then kicks in right afterwards and Doug appears on the stage wearing a black robe with a hood on covering his eyes. He walks down the ramp covering himself from the jeers of the fans as he climbs the ring steps and enters through the middle rope. Doug then ascends the top turnbuckle and removes the entire robe revealing his wrestling attire and a cocky smile as he poses with arms outstretched to the boos. Doug then leaps off the turnbuckle delivering a picture perfect backflip landing on his feet in the center of the ring. Immediately he falls to his knees in a form of worship.)

GC: Introducing next, from Las Vegas, Nevada...Sean PANACHE!!

(Robot Rock by Daft Punk starts up as red lights flash around the curtain. Sean shoots out from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction from the crowd as he walks with a pace to the ring taunting the crowd as he reaches the ring apron sliding under the bottom rope. He steps up onto the nearest turnbuckle (camera side) pointing to himself and smirking. He jumps off the rope and walks over to his corner.)

GC: And their tag team partner, from Brisbane, Australia, he is the SCW United Champion...DORLING!!

(The lights in the arena dim as the opening chants of Message of the Bhagavat fill the arena. The Sintron is filled with images of classic B movies - giant lizards, King Kong, monsters from the sea - insterspersed with clips of Dorling performing vasrious exciting manouvres. As the songs kicks into life, red fireworks shoot up from the side of the entrance way and Dorling steps out, wearing his black and red wrestling trunks with his black boots, and his red 'No I in Team Dorling' T-Shirt. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs on to the ring apron. He peels off his t-shirt and throws it into the crowd before ducking under the top rope and sprinting across to the far corner, climbing to the top turnbuckle and holding both fists aloft.)

OC: Odds on how long this team lasts? I've got 2-1 that they make it five minutes.

CR: These three are set to compete for Dorling's United title in the infamous Double Down match, one which Doug certainly must have the advantage HOWEVER being that its triple threat rules, it certainly shakes things up a bit.

GC: And now to introduce their opponents. First, from Hershey, Pennsylvania...EXTREAM!!


GC: Introducing next, from Detroit, Michigan...Michael THUNDER!!

("Thunderstruck" hits the speakers and the crowd begin to cheer as Michael Thunder emerges from the back, chewing some gum dressed in only his in-ring attire. He stops on the stage, surveying the crowd before nodding his head with a smile on his face, raising an arm. As he walks down the ramp Thunder stops to shake hands with a few of the cheering fans, before he finally takes off his t-shirt, handing it to a child in the front row. Thunder then walks towards the ring, climbing onto the apron and stepping through the ropes. He climbs one of the turnbuckles, posing for the crowd, and when they cheer in return he shouts back at the crowd with a smile, and drops down, preparing for the match ahead.)

GC: And their tag team partner, from Manchester, New Hampshire, she is the SCW Global Champion...Shelbi Lynn CARTER!!

(As the intro to "Ghost Walking" By Lamb of God begins to play, white pyro begins to splash up out from the side of the entrance ramp. Amazon flashes on the SinTron to the strumming of the guitar, flashing highlights of Shelbi Lynn dominating opponents, and out from behind the curtain Shelbi emerges.

Walking down the ramp to the marching beat, she headbangs her way to the ring with arms stretched out to either side, her hair flying back in forth in a flurry as she slaps hands with fans. She slides into the ring as a multicolored light show flashes in the ring. Raising her hands up quickly white pyro erupts from the ring posts as the music cuts out. The Amazon has arrived.)

OC: 3-1 odds. 5 minutes.

CR: If this team falters it has to be because of Extream and his volatile nature as of late. He wants the Global Championship but so does Michael Thunder who earned his opportunity at Original Sin.

OC: 1.5-1 odds that this becomes a giant brawl. 5 minutes.

(Ex and Doug are in the ring. They circle around with Ex giving glares at everyone. Doug hollers something about their conversation earlier and that's when Dorling tags himself in much to Doug's dismay. While Dorling and Doug argue, Ex clobbers him from behind. The match officially starts as Ex is hitting Dorling from behind with double axe handles. He pulls Dorling up and hits a vertical suplex. Ex is relentless as he sits over top of Dorling and starts unleashing punches and forearms until he's pulled off by the referee. Ex gets backed up and Shelbi tags herself in!

With Ex and Shelbi now arguing and about to come to blows, Dorling swiftly comes in behind Shelbi rolling her up to get a two count. Dorling then spears Shelbi to the mat. He hits a couple of shots while pulling her up. He whips her but its countered. Dorling leap frog and Doug tags himself back in. Shelbi misses a high kick and Doug's there flying in with a neckbreaker! Dorling didn't know he was tagged and is angry as the ref shoves him back to his corner.)

OC: That's typical showboaty Dorling.

CR: No. It's confident Dorling who wanted to pin the Global Champion.

(Doug has Shelbi in a headlock but she gets up and throws Doug into the ropes. She stuns him with a bellclap and then double leg takes him down. She pummels him on the mat but after getting up, Michael Thunder tags himself in! The arguments are getting out of hand but when Doug tries to grab Thunder from behind, it doesn't work as Thunder counters going behind Doug and hitting a huge release german suplex!

Doug tumbles all the way backward to his corner and Sean Panache tags himself in! The former ORC associates have a few words in the ring which leads to Sean slapping the taste out of Thunder but Thunder responds with a forearm and then a huge closed fist dropping Panache. Sean gets up and stops a Thunder suplex turning it into a small package for a pin attempt and then when they get up Sean throws Thunder over to his corner with a hurricanrana. Of course Ex is there ready and he tags himself back in.)

CR: Ok. Can anyone actually tag a teammate or is every interaction going to be like this.

OC: I told you Courtney! They all hate each other.

CR: It's been five minutes now Oscar.


(Ex attempts to spear Panache but he leap frogs it and Ex has to stop himself from going shoulder first into the ringpost. He turns around to a high knee to the jaw from Sean. With Ex against the corner, Sean rushes in for a splash but Ex counters with a near Tenegra-like STO! Cover and a near fall. Ex rears back looking at his partners and punches Thunder in the face for a tag! He then turns around back to Panache who hits him a stiff side kick and knocks him into Shelbi who pulls him in by the arm for a clothesline over the apron!)

OC: It's getting out of hand!

CR: You're still a couple minutes late on your prediction.

(Doug's on the opposite apron smiling and so when Panache falls to their corner, Dorling shoves Doug over into Panache and their collision is counted as a tag. Doug falls into the ring and Panache and Dorling start fighting. They fall to the outside and opposite side of the ring, Shelbi and Ex are fighting outside the ring which leaves Thunder back in the ring with Doug.

Doug doesn't know what hit him after Dorling tossed him through the ropes and so Thunder gets him from behind in a half nelson and quickly hits the Thunderplex to a huge crowd pop. Thunder does what he couldn't do in his debut and pins Doug to win the contest!)

GC: Here are your winners, Shelbi Lynn, Extream, and Michael Thunder!!

OC: Unbelievable!

CR: You wanted this Oscar! Nevertheless, big win for Michael Thunder and the Global title team. If he can do that to Shelbi or Extream at Double Down, then we'll have a new Global Champion!

Winners: Shelbi, Thunder, & Extream

(The veteran opts not to celebrate as right after the win, he dives out of the ring colliding into Shelbi and Extream! Doug sits up in the ring just in time to avoid a shooting star leg drop from Panache. He lines Panache up for an A+ but misses it and instead goes head first into a DORbreaker!

Outside the ring, Thunder's trying to put the cross armbreaker on Shelbi when Ex breaks it up. Those three continue fighting until Ex slips away and grabs his chair. He goes back to the other two and they clear out before taking any damage.)

OC: So is this show ending just like last week.

CR: To a certain degree yes but it seems like until Double Down, the fighting is over temporarily.

(In the ring, Doug's on the mat, Dorling's opposite Panache in a bit of a bragging style with his United title. Cut to the final shots of the show as Thunder's in the crowd, Shelbi's on the ramp with her Global title, and Ex is in front of the ring with an angry look and chair in hand. Fade out on the Global Championship.)

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SCW Achievements:
2 x Tag Team Champion (w/ Miguel Soto / JT Cash)
1 x Television Champion
3 x Global Champion
Mr SCW 2008
2008 Match of the Year w/ Rage
2008 Cage of Endurance Winner
2009 Jackpot Winner
SCW Proprietor
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