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 Wildcard 14th December
Posted: Dec 15 2011, 05:57 PM


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( < (-GOOOOOO!!!-) > )

Pyros explode, start to fizz and spray out dry ice and coloured confetti as Ocean Colour Scene’s ’Hundred Mile High City’ pumps out of the PA system and fans wave about like crazy people. ORC emblems flank those for SCW and for Jackpot. We see a sign advertising the United Title match next week as well as hype for the Triple Threat match.

..And of course, then there's the usual array of colourful signs such as ‘Devin Hearst Bottled my Baby’, ’Michael Thunder Ate my Werther’s’ ‘Brenda Vixen = Black Widow’ ‘Hall of Shame Forevermore’ ‘Vote Wakka for Hall of Fame 2012’, ’SCW > TFWF’ and ‘I’d Donate my Blood to Belmont’ before we cut as ever to the announce desk where Oscar Cruz and Courtney Reynolds greet us.

CR: “Hello and welcome to a jam packed Wildcard! I’m Courtney Reynolds...”

OC: “And I’m Oscar Cruz; voted ‘Most Likely to Choke a Vietnamese Hooker’”

CR: “At high school?”

OC: “Kindergarten...”

CR: “Classy. Well tonight as I say is the first in what many see in a storied history of matches featuring the newest member of the SCW; the TFWF World Heavyweight Champion Michael Thunder.”

OC: “Thunder is an icon of this sport and in such good condition for 145...”

CR: “He’s not 145... However old he is, he certainly wasn’t acting like it when he was acting like a petulant child asking for respect last week.”

OC: “He’s not here to endear himself. He’s a guest of M.D.K. and we should make him feel welcome.”

CR: “One man who won’t be rolling out the red carpet for him tonight is Doug E Fresh as the never seen before clash of the champions is going to take place between Fresh and Thunder in what can only be described as a blockbuster match.”

OC: “A match where the biggest winners are the public in a masterstroke by M.D.K.”

CR: “Another man looking to impress somebody tonight is Adrien Specter as he looks to get his first taste of gold one on one with Sean Tyler.”

OC: “Sean has fallen into a trap of peaking too soon. Let’s see what he can pull out tonight.”

CR: “We also have all three of the potential number one contenders going up against tough opposition. Extream has ghost of his past David Cyclone, Ashleigh McDaniel has Jo MacFarlane and the big one sees Insomnia and Jeremiah Belmont.”

OC: “Quite the preparation for Jeremiah ahead of his United Title match next week...”

CR: “All this and the wannabe tutor Paradox alongside Drew Stevenson take on Shelbi Lynn and Jacob Wright and more tag team action with Evan Heir and Matt Matlock go against Brenda Vixen and her sister.”

OC: “After all that has gone on, can those two coexist?”

CR: “And Devin Hearst returns to the SCW ring against newcomer Mike Monroe.”

OC: “Why are you still talking? I want wrestling damn it!”

The lights around the arena dim as it falls silent 'fore a lone pin drops, a pane of glass shatters and the PA system explodes into growling guitar riffs, drums, bass and vocals of the Mnemic's "Pigfuck."

Orange, blue, green, red and purple spot lights scope around the entrance way as flanked by Gayle, a hooded Insomnia strides through the curtain and onto the ramp, clenching his fists tightly and letting out a bestial roar to a rousing tsunami wave of cheers, applause and anticipation.

CR: “Insomnia making an early showing tonight...”

(He swaggers down to the ring with a microphone in his hand and a sneer on his face. He climbs into the ring and lets the crowd settle down before speaking.)

Som: “All fucking week I have had to sit back and listen to the shit spouted about the TFWF this and the ORC that... Well I am fucking sick of it.”

(The crowd cheer him.)

Som: “This isn’t a place that plays second fiddle to anybody let alone the TFWF who can’t even show a full fucking show let alone polish my boots...”

(More cheers.)

Som: “I have bust my balls and broken bones, dislocated joints and damn near ended my own career. I have given every bodily fluid known to man to be standing where I am as an icon of this company and I have to watch while some crotchedy buddy of M.D.K. creaks into the fucking Main Event? You’re my boy Danny but this isn’t on man... Not by a fucking long chalk.”

(A huge pop for this.)

Som: “And to put a fucking cherry on the top of this shit, Dalai Dougie and his Llama Dorling swan around with the most prestigious title in wrestling...”

(He turns to look right into the camera.)

Som: “Your’s especially Thunder... But Dalai Dougie and his stooges are dominating public opinion and focus... Put it this way, in a couple of weeks time whether it is me, Ashleigh, me, Extream or me that becomes the number one contender, it will be a public fucking service to take the title back and make it worth something again and be the one to stand up to the ORC, TFWF and every other fucking acronym that wants to take the limelight away from the only three letters that matter...”

(The lights go to green as Charlie Big Potato plays... M.D.K.’s name flashes across the SinTron as he steps out to huge boos... Standing by his side are Rick Rampage and Viktor Kovalenko as Insomnia eyes him with anger.)

M.D.K.: “Chris, allow me to say something I don’t allow myself to say often... You are right...”

CR: “Wow!”

M.D.K.: “There are only three letters that matter... And they are M... D... K...”

(Big heat for this.)

M.D.K.: “I have known you longer than I have known myself Chris but don’t test me. You come out here full of your own piss and self importance and ready for a fight but this isn’t about you... It’s not a beef with you or any SCW member. The ORC are here to improve Sin City Wrestling... For the greater good of wrestling.”

CR: “It’s because they are running scared and hiding from every tough son of a bitch in the TFWF.”

OC: “Tough? My grandmother could be North American Champion there...”

M.D.K.: “What you need to see Chris is that these men are here to boost this already stellar cast of athletes and to make this place take centre stage amongst the elite. We are breaking boundaries and setting records, pushing the envelope each and every week. The ORC aren’t here to take over. They are here to prove to each and every cynic, critic and hypocrite that the ORC are the new wave of alpha beasts in professional wrestling.”

Som: “Then they can earn their way like everybody else has done here...”

(M.D.K. laughs.)

M.D.K.: “Ah Chris, so naïve. The ORC have done enough to warrant a fast track to the top and they are not here to steal your titles, take your accolades or steal your spotlight. They are here to share them with you...”

Som: “Bollocks...”

M.D.K.: “Chris, as your friend I only have this to say. Don’t push your luck as with the ORC on one side and Doug and his Sinistry on the other, you should be careful to not end up being collateral damage.”

Som: “Are you threatening me?”

M.D.K.: “Call it... Free advice...”

(With that, he smiles at the seething Insomnia as his music plays again and we cut to a commercial.)


Mike Monroe vs Devin Hearst

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Amityville, New York...Devin HEARST!!

(The lights in the arena slowly die out, plunging everything into darkness and bringing the audience alive with a chorus of boos and jeers. A heavy strike of the guitar shatters the silence, making way for the vicious scream of "I KNOW A GHOST!" to blast over the speaker system. White spotlights flash on and off all over the arena in random intervals to the soul-sheering guitars of "Danger: Wildman" by The Devil Wears Prada, a ring of flood lights activating around the entrance curtain. From the shadows emerges Devin Hearst, a look of pure hatred across his face. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp, glaring down to the ring with his thickly blackened eyes before running his thumb across his neck, throwing his hand into the air with his thumb and index finger extended, and letting out a prideful roar. He charges down the ramp, each step swaying his black sleeveless vest and tortured blue jean shorts back and forth over the thigh-length black tights he wears underneath. Devin storms up the steps at ringside and onto the apron, walking across and climbing up to the outside-middle rope. He thrashes his head a few times, then thrusts his hand into the air again in the gun-shape, letting out another scream before jumping into the ring, pacing back and forth.)

GC: And his opponent, debuting tonight in SCW, from Tiffin, Ohio...Mike MUNROE!!

("O Fortuna" begins to play as various images of war and destruction are shown on the tron before the screen goes blank and the lights go out. We then here "One must kill or be killed." Then "Afterlife" hits as the lights come back on as Mike Monroe makes his way down to the ring. He slaps a few hands on his way down before rolling into the ring. He then goes to all four corners and looks out to the crowd as the music dies down.)

OC: This isn't exactly the ideal situation for a superstar to make his debut.

CR: You never know. Mike may very well be quite capable however we know how dangerous Devin Hearst can be.

(Out to the stage walks The Professor, Doug E. Fresh. He has the Global title around his waist and he holds his arm up like a thinking pose while he's looking out towards the ring.)

CR: You don't suppose the champ is here recruiting...

OC: But the question would be who? My guess is the winner.

(Both are distracted at first by Doug's appearance but Devin turns on Mike immediately shoving him into the turnbuckle and viciously slamming his head into the padding so much that it nearly wants to come off.

He then backs up a few steps before running in with Boxcutter Facelift!! The impact of the boot to the back of Mike's head in the turnbuckle flattens him as he falls to the mat.

With Doug watching on, Devin looks out towards the entrance ramp with a bit of a grimace before turning back to Mike in the ring. Devin grabs Mike on the mat and applies the Fear Cage!

The sickening submission finisher leaves Mike no choice but to tap out as he does the ref signals for the bell.)

GC: Here is your winner, Devin Hearst!!

CR: Impressive win as Devin makes short work of Mike Munroe.

OC: Not exactly the impactful debut we were looking for. Now the real question I have is if Doug was impressed. Is Devin Sinistry material?

(Devin has his hand raised but he quickly takes it away as he leans over the ropes looking out at the professor. He gives a slow clap and then adjourns to the back.)

Winner: Devin Hearst


(Brenda Vixen was seen walking though the backstage area just before her match, in her ring gear and with a twisted little smile on her lips. Some people might have been worried considering they had a tag match with no partner, especially after what had happened. Scott Black was at her side, and smirked as a tech saw her coming and stopped her with words of sympathy; Brenda managed a fairly convincing expression of grief and regret even as Scott had to turn away to hide his expression .... until the tech walked away and a smirk replaced it!

The pair of them headed toward the ring, amused at the reactions of everyone to them when a shout got Brenda looking off to the right ...)

"Look out!"

(Just as Sabra shoved her in the back with both hands! As Brenda stumbled forward Sabra grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her in close. Scott acted as if he might 'move in' but Brenda held up a hand back toward him, letting him know she felt she 'had this'.)

"I know it was you that told the politsiya to come talk to me! You stupid suki, you do not point the finger at me, understand?"

(Brenda tried a wide-eyed look but as she saw Sabra's anger that look morphed into one of cunning and slyness.)

"So what if it was? How do I know that you weren't involved, those men ... they were speaking words like you, all foreign and weird. Definitely Russian now that I hear you up close ..."

"You know, because I tell you I was not. Stop poking sticks in my direction, Brenda. It is like poking a stick at a sleeping bear. Eventually you will draw back a stump."

(With that Sabra let her go and pushed her back, but something about Brenda's expression seemed to set her off again and she looked away, before swinging right at her! Brenda fought back and the two traded punches as someone called for security. Suddenly Gryphon was there, one muscular arm sliding around Sabra's waist to yank her back, her jean-clad legs kicking out still trying to fight with Brenda. The Last Vixen Sister was restrained as she went to attack by Scott who knew apparently about the truck chain Gryphon tended to carry and whip out in case of fights and he wanted no part of it. Brenda smirked and flicked her fingers toward Sabra mockingly until Gryphon's rough and rusted voice filled the hall.)

"Next time I don't save your ass. Next time, I let Sabra do whatever she wants, and pay the bail after."

(Brenda sneered, and Scott showed what he thought of that by giving the pair his middle finger as a salute! Gryphon raised his free hand and dragged his thumb across his throat back at him before yanking Sabra off screen before security could get there.)

"We'll see who needs bail, hmm?"

(Scott and Brenda traded equally dark smiles before they went around the corner toward the ringside area.)


Matt Matlock and Evan Heir vs. Brenda & Lisa Vixen

GC: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Nova Scotia, Canada...Matt MATLOCK!!

(The opening chords of Papa Roach's "Born With Nothing, Die With Everything" begin to play over the speakers of the arena. Eight seconds in, when the song kicks into full gear, pyros erupt on the stage. Matt Matlock steps out onto the stage, dressed to fight as always. He takes a minute to look over the crowd before walking down the ramp towards the ring. Partway down he stops, head down and arms out to the sides as pyro shoots off down the sides of the ramp. He looks up with a cocky grin towards the crowd, as he finally enters the ring. Heading for one of the far turnbuckles he raises his arms in the air as HBK-styled pyrotechnics go off, and immediately stop as he lowers his arms. He then gets down and prepares for the upcoming match.)

GC: And his tag team partner, from Hollywood, California...Evan HEIR!!

(A single ear-piercing scream rings throughout the PA system. It is not a horrified scream or even an antagonizing one, but the scream that one may hear from a teenage fan-girl that just wet her pants at the sight of her favorite teen idol. This soon-to-be trademark scream signals the entrance of one Evan Heir, prompting the many in the crowd that are familiar with the Hollywood, California native to rise to their feet in reaction, most cheering and applauding as the purple-and-violet strobe-lights replace our normal arena lighting and "Climbing Walls", the poppy, upbeat track plays throughout the arena.

A spotlight travels up the ramp toward the entrance where Evan Heir bursts out from the back, jumping to the top of the stage with a broad grin on his face. He throws the "V" signal into the air with his right hand, smiling out into the crowd. His manager, Aubrey J. Parker makes her way out behind him, a smirk on her face, though she lacks the enthusiasm that Evan Heir does. Heir walks energetically down the ramp, slapping the hands of outstretched fans. Parker makes her way down behind him, pausing at the bottom of the ramp to blow kisses to the fans that reach out to her.

Heir jumps up onto the apron, using the top rope to thrust himself over the top and into the ring. He throws his signature signal into the air again, running to the opposite side of the ring, jumping up onto the middle rope and shouting out into the loud mass. He then turns, pointing toward Parker, who, as if on cue, has climbed to the turnbuckles, straddling them, facing the crowd. She winks into the audience before performing a back-flip into the ring and tossing her hair back behind her head, meeting Evan Heir in the center who presses his forehead against hers, the two saying something quietly to each other, almost as if it were a ritual. She smiles softly at him and then backs away, exiting the ring as Heir awaits combat, "Climbing Walls" fading in the background.)

CR: That was quite the entrance for Matt's tag team partner who is debuting tonight.

OC: Well a flashy entrance is one thing but lets see if he's worth the hype.

(Before Geoff can introduce the opponents, Brenda Vixen comes out to the stage with a mic in hand. The crowd starts booing as the newest inductee to the Sinistry stands proudly on the stage.)

Brenda: You all were expecting a tag team with with me and my sister Lisa but well...that's not gonna happen. Instead, allow me to introduce to you my NEW tag team partner. My husband, Scott Black!!

(Scott comes out and they meet on the stage. They're each wearing the same black trench coats and sunglasses. They both walked down the ramp together not even paying attention to the fans. They slide under the bottom at the same time. They starts to take off their coats tossing them to the side. Scott sit in the corner on the top rope as Brenda stand in front him in between his legs as he rub her shoulders talking into her ear as they just grin evilly.)

OC: This answers the questions I had. I certainly had no clue as to if Lisa Vixen was going to make it tonight after last week's attack.

CR: I can't believe Brenda would do that to her own sister. Then again, I never believed she would join the Sinistry either.

(Matt tells Evan off demanding to start the match against Scott Black. Of course Matt then walks right into a clothesline from the big Scott. He gets up and Scott scoops him up dropping him over the turnbuckle for snake eyes.

He tags Brenda in and they double team with Scott punching him in the face and then a spinning wheel kick by Brenda. She picks Matt up but he rakes her in the eye and goes behind her with a full nelson slam!

He drags her to the corner and allows newcomer Evan to tag in. He holds Brenda so Evan can springboard in with a cross body as he lets go. Pinfall attempt but its a two count. Evan hits her with a couple european uppercuts followed by a swinging neckbreaker!

Another pinfall try but Brenda kicks out. Evan throws her into the ropes but she comes back with a diving dropkick to the knee. She follows that with a kick to the side of the head. Brenda drags Evan over and tags in Scott.

They spend time double teaming Evan and tagging in and out. One real flashy spot is when Brenda is tagged in and she leaps from the ropes allowing Scott to catch her and slam her onto Evan.

The turning point is when Scott is in the ring and Evan leaps a spear attempt followed by springing from the ropes with a leaping calf kick! Hot tags made to both and Matt comes in with a Lou Thesz press followed by punches on Brenda!

Matt knocks Scott down and Evan gets ready to leap at him but Scott gets up and pulls the ropes down allowing Evan to spill to the outside. After some attacking Brenda, Matt has her up for the Animal Instinct but Scott pulls her down.

With Evan still outside, Scott grabs Matt into the package piledriver followed by Brenda's brainbuster DDT they call, "You going to Hell!" Brenda covers and they get the win!)

GC: Here are your winners, Scott Black and Brenda Vixen!!

CR: Big win for the Sinistry in regards to Brenda and this big Scott fella.

OC: Matt and Evan put up a fight but wow does Brenda Vixen look re-energized!

(The husband and wife celebrate their win in the ring with evil looks on both their faces before falling over the ropes together and walking up the ramp to the boos.)

Winners: Brenda Vixen and Scott Black


(We join Marvin Peabody backstage standing by with David Cyclone.)

MP: David Cyclone, tonight once again you face Extream. What’s going through your mind before this match?

(Just as Cyclone is about to answer, Sean Panache walks into shot smirking.)

SP: Marvin you shouldn’t be asking David Cyclone questions like that. What you should be asking him is, is he worried about what Sean Panache is going to do to him after what he did last week during my match? Is he worried that the One Ring Circus might take their revenge tonight?

(Cyclone smirks as he pulls the microphone closer to him.)

DC: Sean, do you really think I’m worried what you’d do to me? Do you think I’m scared of some guy who can’t even beaten Light Heavyweights over in the TFWF? Do you think I’m scared of a group of wrestlers who are too scared to stay in their own company, so had to run over to Sin City Wrestling where they thought they’d be safe with good ol’ M.D.K. looking after them?

(The crowd boo at the mention of M.D.K.)

SP: Cyc, you made a big mistake when you got involved in my match last week. I’m not the guy to fuck with.

DC: Sean strangely enough, you’re not the guy I’m concerned about in the One Ring Circus. You’re not even the guy I want to fight, not because I’m scared of you…but because I have bigger fish to fry than the little minnow that is you.

SP: What are you talking about? You and I have been in each others hair for months now.

DC: I’m not interested in playing games with you anymore Sean. You see when you and M.D.K. brought the rest of the One Ring Circus to SCW; you brought a shiny chunk of gold with you. Now I don’t care what wrestler in TFWF wants to claim the right to facing Michael Thunder for that belt…but as long as Michael Thunder is an SCW wrestler…you can damn sure bet on the fact that I will be looking to take that belt from him…and make it my own.

(Cyclone smirks at a shocked Panache.)

DC: Have a nice evening.

(Cyclone walks off past Panache, leaving him standing there with a shocked look on his face.)


Paradox McSweeney and Drew Stevenson vs. Shelbi Lynn and Jacob Wright

GC: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Seymour, MO...Drew STEVENSON!!

(The arena lights suddenly just shut off consuming the arena into complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing ''Burning Bright" by Shinedown as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the arena lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans cheer him, he just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green Chute Boxer style shorts, dark green kneepads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. He begins walking down the aisle until he gets down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.)

GC: And his tag team partner, from Manchester, England, he is the current SCW Television Champion...Paradox MCSWEENEY!!

(The lights go dim as the opening notes of McSweeney's music start to play. As the lyrics kick in, a single white spotlight hits the top of the stage and Paradox McSweeney walks out, accompanied by his personal camera crew and make-up artists. McSweeney ignores the crowd and poses for the cameras, then checks his hair and make-up for a final time before strutting down to the ring.)

CR: These two had an interesting encounter backstage last Wildcard and now they're a tag team this week.

OC: Drew's really just stealing some of the media attention Paradox would be receiving.

GC: And now introducing their opponents. First, from Madrid, Spain...Jacob WRIGHT!!


GC: And his tag team partner, from Manchester, New Hampshire, she is the current SCW United Champion...Shelbi LYNN!!

(As the intro to "I Am Legend - Out For Blood" By Arch Enemy begins to play, white pyro begins to splash up out from the side of the entrance ramp. Amazon flashes on the SinTron to the strumming of the guitar, flashing highlights of Shelbi Lynn dominating opponents, and out from behind the curtain Shelbi emerges.

Walking down the ramp to the marching beat, she headbangs her way to the ring with arms stretched out to either side, her hair flying back in forth in a flurry as she slaps hands with fans. She slides into the ring as a multicolored light show flashes in the ring. Raising her hands up quickly white pyro erupts from the ring posts as the music cuts out. The Amazon has arrived.)

CR: Former opponents, Shelbi and Jacob are another surprising team.

OC: I think M.D.K. is choosing tandems by throwing darts at a spinning wheel of pictures of SCW's roster.

(Champions and CWC teammates start the match. Dox ducks a Shelbi clothesline and runs behind her going for a running bulldog. Shelbi shoves Dox off and into his corner where Drew happily tags himself into the match.

He tries to grab Shelbi for a uranagi but she elbows out of it and then hits a bell clap. She then leaps for a hurricanrana but Drew throws her off. She ducks a clothesline and he runs into her corner where Jacob ATCHOOs in Drew's face.

Shelbi tries to roll Drew up from behind but gets a two count. Jacob gets tagged in and he climbs the ropes leaping off with a snap kick! Jacob covers but Drew kicks out! Drew rolls away from an elbow drop and when both up, Drew hits a T-Bone suplex!

He throws Jacob into his corner and during some mounted punches, the TV champion tags himself in! Paradox pulls Jacob out of the corner and throws him into the ropes resulting in grabbing him on the run back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Paradox pulls Jacob up by the head and runs over kicking Shelbi on the way to a tornado DDT but Jacob dumps him onto the apron. He springs over sunset flip style to Paradox but he kicks out.

Dox goes to tag Drew but Shelbi has the referee distracted. They're trying to double team Jacob when the ref turns around and shoves Drew back. He's arguing it while Shelbi sneaks into the ring and Superkicks Dox.

Jacob follows it with That's Wright and the ref turns around to count the pinfall leaving Drew in shock as Shelbi's distraction allowed Jacob to keep the TV champ in the ring for the pinfall!)

GC: Here are your winners, Shelbi Lynn and Jacob Wright!!

OC: Wow! Jacob Wright pinned the TV Champ!

CR: How ironic that Shelbi lost a tag team match because Paradox did something sneaky and now they've reversed roles.

(There's little celebration. Jacob is excited about his win while Shelbi just grabs her title and leaves. Drew is still asking the ref about the tag while Paradox rolls up and realizes what happened.)

Winners: Jacob Wright and Shelbi Lynn


Wildcard comes back from commercial break and we see M.D.K in his office handling business affairs with VP of Talent Relations when Ashleigh knocks on the door and slowly walks in. M.D.K quickly wraps up the sessions brushing the gentlemen out of his office and closes the office door.

Ashleigh- I hope I’m not interrupting anything?

Ashleigh slowly and flirtatiously walks over by M.D.K and stands next to him

M.D.K- No, just touching up on a few business matters. And what do I owe this pleasure?

Ashleigh-Well, I don’t know if you were watching last week, but Danny I’m in no shape to be competing tonight. Didn’t you see what that idiot Insomnia did to me last week?

M.D.K- Yea I seen it.

M.D.K said nonchalantly while continuing to look over his papers

Ashleigh- Then you would know that it’s not wise to have your hottest asset competing against Jo Mcfarlane tonight. Is this how you want to waste your highest paid diva, competing against a rookie?

Ashleigh rubbed her finger along M.D.K’s shoulder and down his arm until she reached his hands to take the papers away. She tossed the papers on the desk and caressed his hand

M.D.K- It’s not a waste, its smart business. A potential number one contender going up against a up and coming star makes for entertainment.

Ashleigh slowly becoming irritated takes her hands from M.D.K’s hand

Ashleigh- That might be true, but come on now, you’ll intervene in my Queen of Sin Battle Royal but you won’t step in when I need you the most?

M.D.K- Ash, I’ll think about it, but in the mean time don’t you worry about it.

Those words made Ashleigh smile to where she gave him a passionate hug and a soft kiss on the lips for reassurance.

Ashleigh- I knew you wouldn’t let me down

Ashleigh satisfied with her answer pulls away from the desk and looks back at M.D.K and notices his fly is open. Ashleigh walks back over to M.D.K and kneels down in front of him and zips his fly. While zipping his pants, an interviewer barges in an catches Ashleigh and M.D.K in a very compromising position. Ashleigh jumps up and fixes her hair.
Ashleigh- Thanks Danny, for being a listening ear, I’ll see you after my match.

Ashleigh said while trying to break the awkward silence as she scurried out of the office and closes the door as SCW goes to a commercial break.


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SCW Achievements:
2 x Tag Team Champion (w/ Miguel Soto / JT Cash)
1 x Television Champion
3 x Global Champion
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2008 Match of the Year w/ Rage
2008 Cage of Endurance Winner
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Posted: Dec 15 2011, 07:20 PM


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Hardcore Title: Sean Tyler vs. Adrien Specter

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW Hardcore Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Brighton, England...Adrien SPECTER!!

(As “Please” by Nine Inch Nails plays over the PA, Adrien walks out from the back as the crowd welcomes him warmly. He makes his way down to the ring, before climbing into the ring and raising his arm to the crowd in acknowledgement. Slowly, he climbs up on the turnbuckle, before seating himself upon it, and waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.)

GC: And his opponent, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, he is the current SCW Hardcore Champion...Sean TYLER!!

(Music Hits, Sean Tyler comes out of the curtain and watch at everyone in attendance smiling. He shakes a bit and runs towards the ring, he enters the ring sliding and after some seconds he stands up. Tyler then goes to the ropes and makes the peace sign.)

CR: Sean proved to be resourceful.

OC: Scrappy.

CR: But tonight, anything goes and the title is on the line. Adrien earned this match by virtue of a win last week.

OC: A joke. Get off it already. He was handed this match.

(Sean starts the match swinging and missing at Adrien with his title belt. Adrien hits a couple kick strikes and kicks the belt out of his hands. He throws Sean into the ropes but Sean comes back with a step up enzigiri!

Sean takes the belt and puts it down in the ring so that he can try to snap DDT Adrien face first into it however Adrien backs Sean up into the corner and follows with a huge kick to the side of the head that causes Sean to fall through the ropes and out of the ring.

As Sean is slow to recover outside the ring, he reaches under the ring apron and grabs a steel chair. Adrien is getting psyched in the ring and runs off the opposite ropes to fly out with a suicide dive. However upon doing so, Sean throws up the chair for Adrien to dive face first into!

Sean tosses the chair in the ring and pulls Adrien up who is already bleeding now after colliding with the chair. He throws Adrien in the ring and takes the chair placing it sitting up. He throws Adrien into the ropes and drop toe holds him face first into the chair.

Sean covers but Adrien kicks out. He wipes Adrien's blood off his forearm and picks him up again this time trying to do a sitout scoop slam piledriver into the chair but Adrien doesn't allow him to pick it up instead going for a small package which gets a two count.

Both are slow to get up but Sean does first. He grabs the chair again and turns only to have the chair in front of him as Adrien comes in with DeViate! The chair flies out of his hands and into the corner. Adrien grabs Sean but Tyler rakes his eyes.

Sean runs and grabs the hardcore title and dives into Adrien connecting right in the jaw. Sean covers and Adrien kicks out at the very last millisecond! The chair comes back into play as Sean takes it and lays it on the chest of Adrien.

Running off the ropes, Sean tries the running shooting star press onto the chair but Adrien rolls away from it. Adrien now uses the chair and drives it into the back of Sean as he modifies his submission hold Purgatory allowing the use of the chair with it!

Yelling in pain with steel being driven right into his back, Sean has to yell to the ref that he gives up as his arms are being pulled by the submission!)

GC: Here is your winner, and NEW SCW Hardcore Champion, Adrien Specter!!

CR: New champion!

OC: That wasn't very hardcore. Sure there was a chair and a title belt in the mix but come on.

CR: I think he uniquely used the chair to add punishment to the submission.

OC: How would Adrien react if he was the one in that submission. Oh wait, he would just pass out because he's incapable of saying anything if he can't tap the ground.

(Sean rolls out of the ring holding his back meanwhile the ref pulls Adrien's arm up and hands him the hardcore title belt. Adrien wipes the blood off his forehead so he can look out at the crowd while he celebrates with his new championship!)

Winner and new SCW Hardcore Champion: Adrien Specter


Chaz Cambridge is backstage looking around…hoping someone is going to bite and allow him an interview this evening...when out of nowhere a huge commotion pulls your attention down the hallway…most importantly it pulls Chaz’s attention towards the commotion. Then silently Ex moves into the picture…the fans inside the arena go crazy for him…and Ex just stands there smiling behind Chaz looking over his shoulder. Finally Ex taps Chaz on the shoulder, Chaz jumps, startled he looks to see Ex standing there and immediately goes into backstage interviewer mode.)

Chaz-Ex, fancy seeing you here.

Ex-Whats going on down there Chaz my good man?

Chaz-I couldn’t tell you…maybe our former champ is throwing a tantrum because he can’t get another shot at his title.

Ex-Cyclone…really that’s what you’re going to bring up…David Cyclone?


Ex-No seriously Chaz…you have the one and only Extream standing in front of you and the first name you drop is Cyclone?

Chaz-Well what else do you want me to say…I thought it was topical.

Ex-Cyclone, Cyclone, David fucking Cyclone, that’s I have heard all damn week is questions about the man. I swear if you make me talk about David Cyclone Chaz I am going to force feed you your own microphone.

Chaz-No need for that…besides I’m not hungry.

Ex-Ahh quick on your feet this evening I see…I like that…for that Chaz…you get one question…but make it worthwhile…or remember…I might still force feed you that microphone.

(Ex’s eyes open wide as he stares down Chaz sarcastically, half hoping he asks a dumb question…Chaz ponders then asks.)

Chaz-Do you really think you can win that number one contender spot? I don’t mean to be an ass…

Ex-You do…

Chaz-...But you are up against some tough competition…and I saw your Christmas special…heck I saw you on Wildcard last week…your confidence is a bit lacking right now.

Ex-First off…you will be eating your microphone in a few moments…so feel free to loosing up your jaw while I answer your stupid question. Have you ever thought to yourself…hey I bet I could eat that entire cheesecake…have you?...don’t answer that…it was a rhetorical question…but have you every asked yourself that, then started to eat that cheesecake and got halfway through it and knew you had to stop or your stomach would explode? Again rhetorical question…keep stretching out that jaw Chaz.

Well that’s a lot like my current situation. When this whole thing started…and by whole thing I mean the entirety of my comeback…when it all started I looked at the cheesecake that is SCW and thought to myself…fucking A doggy I want me a big fucking piece of that. Then I won the Hardcore Title and I said to myself…time for some seconds…I’m still hungry. Then Danny stole my title from me…and it made me feel a bit full…

(Ex rubs his belly for the story telling factor.)

Ex-…but the cheesecake tasted so damn good I just couldn’t put it down…about this time I was like the equivalent of maybe two pieces into the whole. Then everything with Mr. Tenegra started…

Chaz-I’m sorry is this going to be long…they usually don’t let me on TV this long.

(Ex stops, puts his hands on his hips and his mouth hangs open.)

Ex-Like you would ask me that…um Chaz your standing here with the one and only hardcore hero of SCW…you’ll get all the TV time that is needed…hell you might even get an emmy or something. Anyway…then everything with Danny started. And after the first beat down I thought to myself…time to put the cheesecake away...but it was so damn good up to that point that I felt like I could handle another slice…but I was at the halfway point…so the decision would have to be a big one…and I chose one more slice. Legacy was that one more slice Chaz…

(You see Chaz literally trying to stretch his mouth…he thinks Ex is really going to make him eat his microphone…)

Ex-At Legacy that slice didn’t sit too well…it kinda had me feeling a bit ill…a bit insecure about myself…but at the end of the night I had to think to myself…I am more than halfway through that cheesecake now…I can’t stop here…I need to push on…and I did just that Chaz…I pushed on. I pushed on and ate my next slice of that amazingly tasty cheesecake named Devin Hearst…and that undeserving piece of cheesecake was swallowed whole. Now I am only a few pieces down before I eat the entire cheesecake and get the toy at the bottom of the box…


(Chaz was going to ask an obvious question, isn’t that a cereal box, but he decides against it…)

Chaz-Nevermind…go on.

(Ex looks perturbed that Chaz interrupted him again.)

Ex-You must really be hungry for some microphone Chaz…I mean seriously man.

Chaz-Ex all this talk about cheesecake, toys at the bottom of the box, and everything in between…you have me confused.

Ex-You and what army.

(Now Chaz is truly confused…but lets it go and goes back to stretching his jaw.)

Ex-That’s what I thought…now I am about done with my entire cheesecake and I am oh so close to having that toy at the bottom of the box I can almost reach it…my fingertips can feel that sugary caked plastic wrapping. Chaz…everyone wants to talk about Cyclone and Doug and the Sinistry…and not to mention Insomnia…they are all forgetting about me. Do I deserve it…maybe…is it called for…absolutely not. I am just as impressive a candidate for the number one contender spot as the next whore in line…I just have to prove it. Every week…Ex has to prove his worth while the rest of the roster gets by on their ability to kiss ass without actually touching lips to ass…well most of the time not putting actual lips to ass.

Chaz-Seriously man…does this have a point…all this talk about cheesecake is making me thirsty.

(Now Ex is confused…no matter, he is going to push through it. )

Ex-I have a point Chaz…my point is I am the underdog…again. No matter what I do I will never have the respect of this roster…not unless I am standing in Dougie’s shoes…not unless I am the champion. You know what it is like to go from being the talk of the town to being an afterthought?

Chaz-No I can’t say that I can…afterthought yes…

Ex-Your missing the point here Chaz.

Chaz-There’s a point?

Ex-There is always a point…always a method to the madness. Chaz I was a big fucking deal a few weeks ago…now everything is talking about Doug and Insomnia and Ashleigh and Doug and the Sinistry and Cylone…and the list goes on…and on. What did I do to deserve such treatment…I mean where the hell is Skip? I have been looking for him for like two hours…he is always there willing to get himself some Ex TV time...but now…

Chaz-I think he is doing an interview with someone…

Ex-Cyclone?! Please tell me it’s not Cyclone.

Chaz-Couldn’ t tell you…

Ex-Well it’s beside the point. Look I am tired of being ignored…tired of being looked at like I am just some halfwit comic relief talent who can’t hang with the top tier of this industry…tonight I put an end to that perception. Tonight even if it costs me my sanity…I will beat David Cyclone…now open wide.

(Ex grabs Chaz’s hand holding the microphone and pushes it up to his mouth…Ex is giggling and Chaz is struggling before Ex finally shoves the head of the microphone into Chaz’s mouth. Ex smiles…)

Ex-There…now I can go on with my day and you’ll have a story for the inlaws…

Chaz(muffled from the mic in his mouth)-Im not married.

Ex-Oh that’s right…gay marriage isn’t legal in Nevada…is it?...who knows…either way…good talk kid…till next time…keep it extreme…see you out there.

(EX pats Chaz on the back almost causing him to choke on the microphone. Chaz’s look says it all as he looks like he is about to cry…Ex walks away down the hallway…stopping where the commotion was…reaching in through a door and grabbing Alex by the feet…Grimes has Cheesecake all over his face and he is struggling to hold onto the box as Ex drags him down the hallway as the camera cuts back to Oscar and Courtney.)

OC-Now that was just friken weird Courtney…I don’t care what you say.

CR-I don’t disagree...but honestly Oscar…I don’t know about you, but it really made me hungry for some cheesecake.

OC-Damnit…yeah me too…did one of you in the back hear that? We would like two pieces of cheesecake stat…

CR-If we can stop at only one…our fans won’t have to, we have much more to come after this...


Ashleigh McDaniel vs. Jo MacFarlane

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Edinburgh, Scotland...Jo MACFARLANE!!

(“Rockstar” hits the PA system, and with each burst of sound, pink pyros erupt from the stage, dying out after the third burst. Through the smoke left behind the pyro, a figure dressed in a pink hoodie steps out, bobbing her head to the beat of the music, then takes off down the ramp, and around to the left, leaping up to the apron, grabbing the rope to pull herself up and drops to one knee. Looking around her, Jo pulls her hood down finally, and stands up to step through the ropes. Stepping in, Jo heads to a corner, where she removes the hoodie, tossing it over the ropes to a ringside attendant, awaiting the beginning of the match.)

GC: And her opponent, from Toronto, Canada...Ashleigh MCDANIEL!!

(A Giggle blares through the PA system throughout the arena as the arena darkens and purple and Black fill the arena while “Time to Rock and Roll” begins to play. The confident and controversial Ashleigh McDaniel walks from behind the curtain as a chorus of boos fill the arena. The deafening crowd Boo the Quintessential Diva, as she fans them off while giving off a devilish smirk. She enters the ring and taunts the fans, her music begins to soften as she redirects her attention back to the ramp to await on her next victim.)

OC: It's a McCatfight!

CR: This is the first of three singles matches featuring one of the possible Global Championship contenders. Each of them have quite the task at hand starting with Ashleigh here who faces an already proven worthy challenger in Jo.

(A cocky Ashleigh slaps Jo across the face. Jo retorts with a swinging back fist and then a swinging back kick. The combo is complete as Ash turns around after the kick so Jo can hit a russian leg sweep!

With Ash back up, Jo hits a dropsault that sends Ash into the corner. Jo runs in head first but Ash sidesteps it and Jo goes through the ropes and hits the ringpost.

Ash pulls her out and hits a kick to the mid-section followed by a DDT. She covers but Jo kicks out. She pulls Jo up and hits a few forearms one of which is directed at her shoulder and then she puts Jo in a sleeper hold! Jo runs up the ropes trying to break it and she causes them to tumble.

But when they both get back up, Ash first hits a jawbreaker and then follows it with a reverse backbreaker. Ash pins again but Jo kicks out! She pulls Jo up for a modified bulldog but Jo shoves her off and they double clothesline one another after the ropes run.

Back up, Ash tosses Jo into the ropes. Clothesline misses. Leapfrog into a headscissors by Jo! She follows that with a dropkick and then she goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick! Jo covers but Ash kicks out!

Jo with a bulldog planting Ash in position for the Dead Devotion. She springs in but Ash gets the knees up! While Jo is rolling and recovering, Ash shakes herself off and looks poised for the Snap Shot!

When Jo is up, she swings and Jo ducks at the last seconding rolling Ash up when she turns after the kick and keeps her held long enough for a three count!!)

GC: Here is your winner, Jo MacFarlane!!

CR: Huge win! Jo just upset the possible number one contender.

OC: And Ash is heated! Holy hell!

(Ash sits up and chases Jo away as Jo escapes her wrath at the last second. Jo poses on the ramp with an arm raised in victory as Ash leans over the ropes furiously!)

Winner: Jo MacFarlane


(Shelbi Lynn and Jacob Wright are backstage with a bottle of water each celebrating their win. Well... I say celebrating, Jacob is trying to talk to a disinterested Shelbi.)

JW: "Tonight... we showed exactly what we can do to that pathetic Paradox and his childlike apprentice.”

SLC: “Truly amazing...”

JW: “Our work in the ring was something to truly behold... Poetry in motion. We were how do you say it, in perfect harmony...”

SLC: “Yeah...”

JW: “You know, they say that couple that work so well in the ring...”

SLC: “Don’t even think of finishing that sentence if you value your assets in this company.”

(Wright holds up his hand and smiles.)

JW: “Of course... Of course... It is the Latin heritage... I cannot help my red blooded Spanish ways at times...”

SLC: “Whatever...”

(Jacob gets to his feet and offers a mock bow to the feet of Shelbi.)

JW: “Before I take my leave, allow me to shake the hand of a worthy tag team partner.”

(Wright offers his hand and Shelbi looks down at it with disdain before looking back up at his face.)

SLC: “I don’t think so... Do you think I’m that stupid?”

JW: “Of course not... This is simply a show of respect from one athlete to another...”

(He offers his most winning smile... Shelbi doesn’t respond. Jacob reluctantly puts his hand away...)

?: “See, this is what I mean? Young wrestlers these days haven’t got an ounce of respect and you have to go a long way to find one...”

(Michael Thunder appears along the corridor flanked by Rick Rampage, Viktor Kovalenko and Georgie Nickels with the latter getting a huge amount of heat. Jacob and Shelbi turn to face them.)

MT: “Hey kid, I saw that and I have to say it’s refreshing to see such respect in the industry from you... I’m Michael Thunder.”

(He holds his hand out but before they can shake hands, they are jostled by a passing couple of road agents. Thunder lowers his hand again and Wright looks disappointed before Thunder turns to Shelbi Lynn.)

MT: “And you Miss have to be one of the most disrespectful ‘women’ I have ever met.”

SLC: “And I give a shit what you say why exactly?”

(Rick goes to take a step forwards and Viktor holds him back.)

MT: “A charmin’ one aren’t ya? Such a class act to hold a title in this company.”

SLC: “And what are you? An old man who escaped from a home and found a belt?”

MT: “I’m warning you...”

SLC: “What? What are you and the rest of M.D.K.’s pets going to do? Beat me up four on one? Take the fight to me? Or just try and threaten me because I am the alpha female in Sin City Wrestling and I dare any of you to take one step fucking closer.”

(Rampage does and Shelbi is forced to take half a step back. Jacob Wright steps in between them.)

JW: “Such a beast of a man. Do you know in Japan you would be regarded as an icon to behold and in Spain... You would be a god!”

(Rampage looks down at him.)

RR: “And who the fuck are you?”

JW: “Jacob Wright... You remember me Rick...”

(He holds out his hand and Rick takes it.)

RR: “Of course... How’s if go-”

(Before he can finish his sentence, Jacob Wright has delivered a boot to the groin of Rick Rampage sending him crumpling to the ground. Kovalenko and Thunder look livid as Wright runs off. Rick holds his balls as he gets to his feet and also gives chase as Shelbi looks on. She turns around and into the path of Original Rebel Child who looks Shelbi up and down with disgust.)

SLC: “Can I help you?”

RC: “I’m not quite sure what you are as you don’t seem to have a label.”

SLC: “They hallmark gold sweetie...”

RC: “More like they fail to give a name to mongrels...”

SLC: “And you know exactly what about me?”

RC: “That you can hold whatever title you want here but the belt will never shine.”

SLC: “And why’s that?”

RC: “Because you’ll always be in my shadow... See girl, I was here a long time ago and had those morons eating out of the palm of my hand. They are sheep and right now they don’t care if you go out there next week and have your neck snapped by the next sap you step into the ring with. That’s why I saw the light...”

SLC: “And became one of M.D.K.’s puppets.”

RC: “You call it what you want but I know the truth. Thanks to Danny, I have seen the true nature of those so called fans. I know that the only respect on offer in this place is the chance of self respect if you make the right choices. The fans, the sheep, the mixed up bitches like you can all just go to hell...”

SLC: “And what of you? Do you think anybody cares whether you like or hate them? Do you think that anybody cares about and old, dried up dinosaur like you?”

(Rebel Child and Shelbi Lynn go nose to nose.)

RC: “You really should watch yourself little girl. You are walking on a wire now and the last thing you want is a big target painted on you by the ORC. Skanky little slut like you is probably used to playing the victim by now but you don’t want to be a victim of circumstance do you?”

(They lock eye contact for a good minute before Rebel Child leans into Shelbi’s ear.)

RC: “Watch your back...”

(Rebel Child swaggers off leaving Shelbi looking angry.)

(Meanwhile there is the sound of a commotion down the corridor so the camera leaves Shelbi and wobbles as it runs down the corridor to the source of the sound where an enraged Rick Rampage and thrown Jacob Wright to the ground and whales in on him with a sickening flurry of stomps. He drags the bloodied Wright up and throws him into the lockers that dent on impact. Wright looks dazed as Rampage continues the assault while Kovalenko and Thunder look on in an amused manner.)

RR: “Make me look stupid will you? How stupid do I look now bitch? HOW STUPID NOW!!!”

(A couple of medics come in as Thunder drags Rampage away and they decide to get the hell out of dodge while they still can. We cut back to ringside.)

CR: “Jacob Wright looks to be in a bad way. Let’s hope he’s alright.”


David Cyclone vs. Extream

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Bournemouth, England...David CYCLONE!!

(The guitar riff to the intro of Stand Up by Trapt kicks into the sound system, as David Cyclone makes his way from behind the curtain holding a Lucozade bottle in his right hand. Blue lights flash around the arena as he makes his way to the ring, cussing at the crowd as they boo him down to the ring. He takes a swig of his drink and spits it out in the air as he walks up the ring steps and is walking down the ropes. He enters the ring through the top and middle rope and walks over to the furthest turnbuckle. He climbs up onto the second rope and poses for the crowd.)

GC: And his opponent, from Hershey, Pennsylvania...EXTREAM!!

(The lights dim.....the crowd rumbles with anticipation.....Boom goes the pyro as "Fuck Authority" blares across the arena and the lights start to flicker. Extream hits the ramp, bursting with energy, and holding his chair. He stares into the crowd that start to chant his name, "Ex Ex Ex", soaking it all in for a moment.

Then with a flash he takes off for the ring slapping hands with as many fans as he can on his way to the ring. As he gets to ringside he walks around the ring towards the announce table. He does one full lap before rolling into the ring and immediately climbing a turnbuckle holding his chair high above his head to the delight of the crowd. He drops back down to the mat, drops his chair outside the ring, makes a few remarks to the official before leaning in the corner.)

CR: This is a battle we've witnessed quite a few times this year in SCW.

OC: Quite a few too many. Besides, we all know Ex is gonna choke anyway.

CR: Unless Cyc takes his eyes off the ball considering his interest is vested elsewhere at the moment.

(Ex wants this one badly as seen by how he starts the match with high energy! He's ducking and weaving dodging every shot Cyc gives while returning one of his own including a big knock down punch. Cyc gets back up and walks into a sldewalk slam!

They get back up and Cyc rakes the eyes. He locks fingers with Ex but Ex breaks that idea up with a boot to the gut, a hook of the arm, and a quick snap suplex. Ex floats over following it for a cover but its just two.

Ex tries to turn Cyc over into a boston crab but he shoves Ex down with his legs. They both get back up and Ex walks right into a Gut Check from out of nowhere. Cyc sits up and collects himself for a moment seeing that the momentum has turned.

He pulls Ex up and hits the backbreaker. Cyc follows this with a top rope leg drop. He covers but Ex kicks out. Cyc turns him over and puts on a camel clutch. Ex struggles to get Cyc to let go until Cyc throws his face into the mat.

Cyc pulls him up and hits a fisherman's suplex. Another pin attempt but Ex kicks out. Cyc gets angry. He pulls Ex up to his feet and throws him into the ropes. He wants a storm kick on the rebound but Ex catches the leg. Cyc jumps up for a hurricanrana but Ex changes it into a powerbomb!

Ex gets ready perched on the top rope but Cyc rolls out of the ring. Once Cyc is standing, Ex leaps all the way outside to still connect with his top rope clothesline! It took a lot of damage so both superstars take time to get up.

Once up, Ex throws a few punches and backs him into the guard rail. Cyc turns it around by pulling Ex and throwing him into the rail and then doing a short splash!

Cyc stands on the ramp and there at the top we now see Sean Panache! He walks out getting Cyc's attention. Ex is slumped over the rail. And during all of this, no one hears the referee until Cyc hears a 9. Sean laughs as Cyc takes his attention away and tries to run to the ring in time but cannot.)

GC: Ladies and gentlemen, the ten count was not answered by either superstar therefore the referee has ruled this match a double countout!

CR: It's not the exercising of a demon but Extream took enough out of David Cyclone to keep him from beating him.

OC: Sean Panache showing up may have taken away 2 seconds from Cyc getting to the ring in time for a countout win.

CR: Whatever it may be, our potential number one contenders aren't fairing so well at the moment.

(Cyc hits the apron in frustration as Sean waves and walks away. Extream pulls himself to his feet and he and Cyc look for a moment like they're going to keep fighting but Cyc pulls back and leaves Ex to continue recovering as he just walks up the ramp away.)

Winner: Double Countout


(As we return from commercial, the ring crew are putting the finishing touches on a new setup. The apron has been replaced with a new one in black velvet, tastefully decorated with silver and purple sequins spelling out the words “RATINGS SPIKE”. In the ring itself, two bright white retro “pod” style chairs are set up on either side of a classic mahogany table and behind this there is a huge flatscreen TV. Behind the TV is a plastic backdrop dominated by a silver “spike” rising out of the ground, with a banner at the top reading “McSweeney Media Enterprises Presents: The Ratings Spike”.

As the crowd take in the scene and start to realize what is going down, angry boos and groans of disappointment ring out through the arena but before they can spread too far, “Pass Out” by Tinie Tempah plays over the PA system, drowning them out as Paradox McSweeney makes his way to the ring, dressed in a shimmering white tuxedo, unusually accessorised with wrap-around sunglasses and a leather stetson with the word “MEGASTAR” stitched into the brim. Paradox is already holding a mic as his music fades out and when the expected chorus of boos and “Par – A – Sucks!” chants have died down, he addresses the audience in his grating, exaggerated fake Californian drawl.)

PARADOX: Ladies and gentlemen, it is YOUR very great pleasure to bear witness to a moment... of Sports Entertainment... HISTORY!

(More boos for this, but Paradox just carries on regardless)

PM: I know, I know... you're frustrated with the proliferation of dull, uninspiring dinosaurs cluttering up your Wildcard... you need showmanship, excitement and the A-list glamour that, let's face it, only I can provide. Well, your prayers have been answered because in the tradition of the great Sports Entertainment superstars of history, I will be bringing you all that you crave, each and every week, on my brand new personal talk show, THE RATINGS SPIKE!

(The boos turn to groans of despair as the crowd contemplate the idea of listening to Paradox talk at this length every week.)

PM: Yes, I understand your concern... you're worried that I'm about to bring out some bitter, scarred degenerate like Insomnia to repeat himself for six hours about how he doesn't like the other dinosaurs. Or maybe you're afraid that someone like Michael Thunder is going to show up and try to steal MY spotlight with his pathetic glory-hunting publicity stunts, AGAIN... well, don't worry, I won't let that happen. My very first guest is no dinosaur, he's a relative newcomer to Sin City and last week he picked up his first victory here in SCW, a victory that embodies the very values of purebred athleticism, showmanship, flair and honourable conduct that I myself am proud to embody... ladies and gentlemen, I give you “The Crownless King”, Matt... MATLOCK!

(“Born With Nothing, Die With Everything” blasts out over the arena and Matlock makes his way down the entrance ramp, getting a hostile reaction from the crowd following some of his recent statements, and his cheap tactics on last week's Wildcard. Matlock just smirks at the angry fans, taunting them as he makes his way down to the ring and eventually takes a seat opposite Paradox, who shakes his hand before the music fades and he speaks again.)

PM: Hi Matt, great to have you on the show! So, I'm going to start as I mean to go on with this show and put you right on the spot: what's Matt Matlock all about and what does he want to achieve here in SCW? GO!

MM: Ha ha! Well, isn't it obvious Paradox? Matt Matlock is all about kicking as much ass as possible, making a statement, and achieving glory. I do what I want, when I want to, and I couldn't give a shit who likes what I do. These fans here, they're sheep. When I do something that benefits me, and they don't like it. They boo. But all of a sudden when I do something they like, I'm their best damn friend. But to hell with them. I'm looking to achieve the same thing as everyone else in this company Paradox. I want to be Global Champion, simple as that.

PM: Wow, that's a heck of a strong statement... and I should know about strong statements, I've made a few in my short time here... like saving SCW from its brutal image by putting Marko Flins out of action... beating Brother Jacob at Legacy... carrying SCW to the final of Supremacy, beating...

MM: No one gives a shit what you have to say right now McSweeney. This is my time after all. Cut the crap.

PM: Oh, sorry... sometimes I can't help but think about all my fabulous achievements... let's talk about you. Now Matt, we've established your abilities and ambitions in the ring, but that can only get you so far... have you given any consideration to your image?

MM: None at all. My image is well established. A lot of the SCW peons have no idea who I am but I know there are some that do. They know my image. I'm basically what Steve Austin would have been if they aired Monday Night RAW on HBO. I'm foul mouthed, profane, egotistical, alcohol drinking, and I've been known to get into the pants of many females. Matter of fact I have had the FCC come after me in the past telling me they were going to fine me if I didn't tone myself down. I sent them an autographed photo of me flipping the bird. So short answer Paradox? I don't give a fuck about my "image".

PM: Look... all I'm saying is that with a little attention to your media profile - y'know, the right endorsements, social networking, some work on your wardrobe, get papped with a few A-listers, that sort of thing – you could showcase your talent to a global audience. I've seen your work Matt, I like your style – your in-ring style, that is – and I think you deserve a chance to rise above the pack here in SCW, so what do you say we work together and make a genuine Sports Entertainment superstar out of you?

MM: Hmm. You know, I have a monkey wrench in my pants right now. A cold steel wrench. I could make myself a genuine sports entertainment superstar right now by giving you a severe concussion. That would get them talking. But, where's the fun in that? You've done me no wrong, you've not raised my ire. Attacking you here and now would be easy but it would accomplish nothing. And again Paradox, you seem to forget, I have already shown my talent to a global audience. Unfortunately the global audience that watches SCW, is apparently not the same audience that's watched me on television for the past eight or so years. You wanna help me with my 'image'? All this social networking, A-listers, get me in some nice clothes? Well I'll tell ya. I've tried that before. Someone just like you had the same idea, and it bombed. You, however. Seem to be much smarter then that guy. So for now? I'm in. I'll work together with you. But if it doesn't work out? Your ass is mine McSweeney.

(Paradox stares at Matlock for a few seconds, unsure how to react to this mixed compliment and threat... then sticks out his hand, which Matlock shakes firmly, unsmilingly keeping eye contact at all times. The unlikely new allies walk away from the ring together as the ring crew rush to dismantle the set in preparation for the next match.)

OC: McSweeney and Matlock working together? What a combination, I can't wait!

CR: Oh give me a break... these are two of the dirtiest most unscrupulous competitors in the SCW, we're gonna need three refs for any match involving these guys from now on!


Jeremiah Belmont vs. Insomnia

GC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from London, England...Jeremiah BELMONT!!

(The opening chords to "Cry Little Sister" begins to play as Jeremiah Belmont appears on the ramp. The fans begin to give a mixed reaction towards him and he ignores them, walking down the ramp he snarls at a fan who tried to touch him. When he reached the ring he slid under the ropes and tore off his leather trench coat revealing bare flesh with patch works of scars adorning his body like a patched work piece of art.)

GC: And his opponent, from Bournemouth, England...INSOMNIA!!

(The lights around the arena dim as it falls silent 'fore a lone pin drops, a pane of glass shatters and the PA system explodes into growling guitar riffs, drums, bass and vocals of the Mnemic's "Pigfuck."

Orange, blue, green, red and purple spot lights scope around the entrance way as flanked by Gayle, a hooded Insomnia strides through the curtain and onto the ramp, clenching his fists tightly and letting out a bestial roar to a rousing tsunami wave of cheers, applause and anticipation.

The fans jump about aggressively and smash into each other, mosh pits forming as he pauses atop he ramp with the lighting lending a sickly tone to his scarred and bare torso. He flicks back the hood, surveying the audience with his deep-socketed eyes, taking in the atmosphere as the fans jump about and mosh amongst themselves, Gayle offering up a twirl and a shake of her curvaceous arse as they stride on down the walkway confidently and into the heart of the sea of inevitable violence and bloodshed that awaits them.

At the foot of the steps, Gayle takes her position at ringside shaking her hips as she does. Insomnia removing his hooded jacket and throwing it to Gayle before he then skips up the apron, through the ropes and drops to his knees, cupping his hands to his head dramatically before letting out another rage-filled scream and unleashing a leaping Static Lullaby-to thin air as the music cuts.)

CR: What a statement Jeremiah could make heading into a huge encounter for Shelbi Lynn's United title by knocking off Insomnia tonight!

OC: This would easily be main event if we didn't have two heavyweight champions in the same building wrestling one another.

(Rough start. Both of them get physical exchanging punch and kick combinations. Som backs Miah into the corner and delivers a dragon uppercut. Miah yanks at Som throwing him into the corner instead and backs up a few steps for a running knee to the face!

Som drops so Miah starts laying boots to him in the corner followed by a face wash! Miah pulls Som out of the corner and covers him for a two count.

Miah pulls Som up going for a piledriver but Som back body drops him over. Miah gets up but Som belts him with a roaring elbow that sends him through the ropes and outside the ring. Of course, this leads to a Som-err-sault plancha that connects!

Som throws Miah back into the ring and gets to the top rope. He leaps off for Raining Murder but Miah rolls away. Som of course lands on his feet and backs into the ropes for support only to run into a spinebuster from Miah!

Miah applies a rear naked choke but Som is too close to the ropes for the break. Miah then goes to the apron and springboards in with an elbow but Som rolls away from it. Once they both get up, Miah throws Som into the ropes but he comes back with the Static Lullaby!

Som goes high risk and leaps off the top with a BIG time diving elbow but Miah rolls away last second! They both are slow to get up. Miah's up first and positions for the Rapture. He throws the kick but Som turns him around.

He locks the arms for a Backslide From Hell but Miah doesn't let him spinning Som back around. They keep spinning as Miah tries a neckbreaker but they spin again back to facing forward and Som grabs him in a small package this time getting the three count!!)

GC: Here is your winner, Insomnia!!

CR: Wow! Som finds the way to win again. Even when the backslide doesn't work.

OC: That was Jeremiah's match! Som stole it.

(Insomnia raises his hand for moments but then uses them to motion for a certain world title belt thats been missing from his waist. Jeremiah looks up at the ref asking if it was a fast three count.)

Winner: Insomnia

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(We return from the commercial and Courtney is standing up by a group of fans.)

CR: “Welcome back. Now ahead of our Main Event, I’ve been asked to draw attention to esteemed guests of M.D.K. tonight. They have been personally invited to SCW. Please welcome road agent Kurt Dawson and commentator Snoop Jones.”

KD: “I’d like to say it’s a pleasure but I’d be lying...”

CR: “Well there is no need to be rude...”

KD: “Oh I think there is. The man who is paying your wages, trusts you to employ me and to basically think he can dictate all of professional wrestling is dictating a company he has no right to. He manipulates, and goads and baits anybody who dares speak against him and he had the gall to call me out over Facebook?”

CR: “I don’t agree for a second what M.D.K. is doing to us or to you is in any way right. It is my job to call it like I see it.”

SJ: “Oh you are one of them are you? I know a guy like that, total bitch.”

CR: “So if you have such a problem with M.D.K. then I guess I have to ask, what bought you to the bright lights of Las Vegas?”

SJ: “I’m only here for the free hospitality and the burlesque shows...”

OC: “A man with exquisite taste...”

KD: “Listen, regardless of the childishness, the hiding and the hits and runs, I want to see OUR TFWF CHAMPION wipe the floor with Michael Thunder and if he even dreams of taking one step near me, he’s gonna regret it.”

(An actual pop for this...)

CR: “Are you saying you are going to get physical?”

KD: “Only if provoked.”

?: “OI! Fuck-knuckle! Yeah you Dawson!”

(We are drawn to the SinTron where M.D.K. sits at his desk flanked by the rest of the ORC.)

M.D.K.: “Yeah now you see me don’t you? You want to talk about who is Billy Big Balls? You want to play the old man hero? In the TFWF you have enough fossils to keep a small country in energy for a year. You creak your way to that ring to call me out on TFWF shows and then sit there in MY arena, drinking MY drinks and eating MY hotdogs! Just like every other relic in the TFWF museum, it’s all talk and no action...”

KD: “You want action? You really want action? I’ll give you action you son of a bitch!”

M.D.K.: “Come and get us then bitch!”

KD: “Fine!”

(Dawson leaps forwards over the barrier and as his feet touch the ground, half a dozen security men bundle him to the ground and drag Snoop down too! M.D.K. roars with laughter.)

M.D.K.: “And look at how well trained my security are! As soon as one crazy fan gets out of control, our guards are on them. Thank you for the training practice Kurt... Now get him the fuck out of my arena!”

(A mixed reaction from the fans as Kurt Dawson is dragged from the ring as Michael Thunder disappears as we cut to a quick commercial break.)


Main Event - Champion vs. Champion: Doug E Fresh vs. Michael Thunder

(The SinTron shows the One Ring Circus backstage minus M.D.K. Thunder stands ready and nods at the group presuming they're staying back. He leaves the locker room alone as we cut back to ringside.)

GC: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, he is the TFWF Undisputed World Champion...Michael THUNDER!!

("Thunderstruck" hits the speakers and the crowd begin to boo as Michael Thunder emerges from the back, chewing some gum dressed in only his in-ring attire. He stops on the stage, surveying the crowd before shaking his head with a disappointed expression on his face. As he walks down the ramp Thunder stops to stare down a few fans booing him, before he finally spits his gum out at one of the fans and walks towards the ring, climbing onto the apron and stepping through the ropes. He climbs one of the turnbuckles, posing for the crowd, but when they boo in return he shouts back at them and drops down, preparing for the match ahead.)

CR: This is a momentous occasion as the TFWF World Champion is here in SCW!

OC: Hiding. And he's about to get a lesson of truth from the real champion around here.

(The SinTron turns on again. Doug pulls back his hood and nods at Brenda, Scott, and then Dorling who was standing by the door of the locker room. Doug too leaves alone.)

GC: And his opponent, from New Dover, Ohio, he is the SCW Global Champion...Doug E. FRESH!!

(The lights slowly dim to green. As the video for Doug E. Fresh appears on the SinTron, we hear the words...

Wash away impurities, wash away all that couldn’t be

The chorus of "The End" then kicks in right afterwards and Doug appears on the stage wearing a black robe with a hood on covering his eyes. He walks down the ramp covering himself from the jeers of the fans as he climbs the ring steps and enters through the middle rope. Doug then ascends the top turnbuckle and removes the entire robe revealing his wrestling attire, the SCW Global Championsip, and a cocky smile as he poses with arms outstretched to the boos. Doug then leaps off the turnbuckle delivering a picture perfect backflip landing on his feet in the center of the ring. Immediately he falls to his knees in a form of worship.)

CR: Doug was quite adamant about his personal interest in what Michael Thunder can offer him outside of SCW.

OC: So much that he's willing to beat the crap out of him until Thunder concedes to Doug's wishes.

CR: What I see as a really interesting matchup is that the TFWF champion employs more submissions than the average superstar but Doug's tolerance for pain has always been high.

(Two profound champions circle around the ring until they go to meet in the center. Doug delivers a kick that's very very close to a low blow. Thunder hunches over as Doug poses over him. However, Thunder stands up, rakes the eyes of Doug, hits a forearm, and then finishes his combo with a german suplex!

After his series of moves, Thunder now poses over Doug before pulling him up. Thunder grabs Doug in the front face lock but Doug shoves him into the corner. He does chops to Thunder with his hands folded like in prayer. He then bulldogs Thunder out of the corner.

Doug goes for the first pinfall but Thunder kicks out. Doug pulls Thunder up and hits a bodyslam. He waits ready as Thunder gets back up and hits a running leg lariat! Doug tries to cover again but another two count.

On the mat, Doug applies a headlock to Thunder but he works his way back to his feet, elbows Doug in the gut to break the headlock, and then hooks Doug's head so that he can hit an impressive cravate suplex!

Thunder takes over. With Doug prone on the mat at the moment, Thunder applies an armbreaker. After that, he crosses Doug's arms and puts on a surfboard! Doug refuses to submit and Thunder lets it go only to keep him on the mat in an omoplata!

The professor is being pressed to tap out more than most have pressed him in the past but he uses his free arm to grab the turnbuckle. Thunder pulls him up from behind and goes for a german suplex but Doug elbows his way out of it and then tries to roll thru for a pin but its just two.

They get up. Doug swings and misses. Thunder picks him up for a back suplex but Doug flips all the way over Thunder's back landing on his feet and following that with an STO when Thunder turns around! Another cover and another kickout!

Doug gets up on the turnbuckle and was ready to fly off when Thunder leaps up the ropes and stops him. He grabs him around the waist and hits a top rope belly to belly suplex!! Thunder finally tries a pinfall slowly draping an arm over Doug but he kicks out!

Thunder throws Doug into the ropes but immediately Doug leaps to the middle rope springboarding back at Thunder with a cross body! It hits and Doug covers but Thunder still manages to escape before three!

In total frustration, Doug waves an arm and out to the stage comes Dorling, Brenda Vixen, and Scott Black!)

CR: You know it was only a matter of time before one of these two called out the wolves.

(However, before they go anywhere, members of the One Ring Circus appear at ringside. They block off the bottom of the ramp leaving the trio nowhere to go. Before a scuffle can start, the crowd erupts as Insomnia runs right past them not before giving a hard shoulder to Dorling on the way.

He slides into the ring and smiles waving at both Doug and Thunder. The ref who cannot try to control interference both in and out of the ring decides to call for the bell.)

Winner: No Contest

(Then things start to erupt! Som goes right after Doug with a Yakuza which connects and drops Doug out of the ring. The Circus and Sinistry members start to exchange punches. David Cyclone comes from out of the crowd and trips Michael Thunder up dropping him face first. But Sean Panache breaks from the fight and runs over to clothesline himself and Cyc over the guard rail into the crowd!

Before Insomnia can deal more punishment to Doug, Ashleigh McDaniel now gets past the brawl on the ramp and hits a picture perfect Snap Shot to the back of the head!)

OC: This is completely out of control!

(Leave it to Extream to make an appearance with a boot to Ash's mid-section followed by a Too The Extreme!! Both world champions have been pulled to safety. The non-wrestling Rachael Munroe pulled Doug out of the ring and has taken him into the crowd meanwhile the boss himself M.D.K. breaks up the fighting between the ORC and Sinistry to get Thunder out of harm's way.)

CR: I guess it wouldn't be a typical SCW event without total chaos breaking out at some point!

(The Sinistry break away from the ORC and get into the ring to beat down the possible number one contenders. They again dominate at the end of the show. Dorling hits a DORbreaker to Ex and Ash while Brenda and Scott do their double team finish to Insomnia.

With Thunder out of harm's way, the ORC stray away from further involvement with the exception of getting Sean Panache and David Cyclone apart.)

OC: With things subsiding, it looks like the Sinistry reigns tall again!

CR: One of the three superstars now beaten in the ring must get that title away from Doug!

(The show ends with a display of the ORC up on the stage. In the ring, Doug gets back in and poses with Brenda, Scott, Dorling, and Rachael over the fallen Ashleigh, Extream, and Insomnia.)

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