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Alright. So this is a decision that staff has made a few times in the past, and then always decided to delay pulling the trigger for one reason or the other… mainly because when something has been going on as long as SCW, and you’re like the 10th person to run it, you legit feel like you don’t have the *right* to pull the plug. But the Band-Aid needs to be pulled.

We will be discontinuing SCW Wildcard immediately. (Kind of. This last/final episode needs to be posted.) SCW will be closing in October following Legacy.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve tried to hold out for people saying “I’ll be able to join when I get over [this] hump” and “I’ll be able to help with production after [this] amount of time”, and I do appreciate the thoughts. I’m certain, like myself, you guys have busy lives and don’t have an unlimited amount of time to dedicate to this game. And it’s evident, as this past Wildcard marks the first time we’ve had a full card where not *one single match* had everyone RP for it. Judges were rendered useless this week. And that’s telling.

Also, the whole "I won't join if [this] person is there" thing is getting absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. Like, nobody in real life has this many enemies. Come on. ^o)

I apologize for not being the fedhead this place needed to be. At this point, there’s no harm in telling everyone that this isn’t necessarily something I wanted to do (hence why I handed over the reins the first time back in November/December), nor was it something I had the time to do. With help from our staff (Will and Ken have been excellent) and help from members like Allie, and even people outside the fed like Cris, we've managed to keep trucking. I've been talked out of the inevitable and, at least briefly, genuinely motivated to try new things and renew interest in SCW.

The plan was to always “make it until October and then see how we look.” However, as time goes on, staple members of the fed have had to take time off or leave the game entirely. The tag team division and Heritage divisions have become nonexistent. And on some real shit, most people who volunteer to judge/matchwrite usually end up bailing, which has tanked my motivation to do anything SCW-related.

At the end of the day, SCW still has some of the most ridiculously talented writers in this game. And it hurts my heart a little knowing that some characters have found great success and great stories recently, and I wanna keep it alive so those stories can continue, but in doing so, I’m only doing you a disservice, delegitimizing everything you’re doing. So why not end on as strong of a note as we can?

I won’t be handing over the reins to anyone to take over. I’m just pulling the plug. October 9th (tentative date) will be the end of the road. We will have a show in September in the meantime, bridging the gap between SCW2 and Legacy simply for storybuilding purposes and to properly retire the Tag Team and Heritage Championships.

As far as the still-not-yet-posted Wildcard, look for it at the tail end of this weekend. Planned segments are going to be reworked to reflect current events. And… match results are all pretty obvious, so selling wins and losses is a non-issue for this episode, trust me.

Anyway. It’s been a good run. I still love you guys. We can mourn together over these next 55+ days.

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