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Title: Bryce Bridges
Description: Living on the Edge of Seventeen

RedRyce - March 16, 2011 01:34 AM (GMT)
Character Info

Handler: Bryce

Character (Real name / Ring name): Bryce Bridges

Poser / Pic Base: Chris Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height / Weight: 6'4" / 254 lbs

Hometown: Edge of Seventeen

Alignment: Heel

Move Information

(1)Name: Roaring Elbow
(1)Description: Spinning Elbow Strike

(2)Name: The Bridges Family Curse
(2)Description: Hammerlock Fire Thunder Driver

Desperation / Submission Finisher
(1)Name: Grip of Seventeen
(1)Description: Single Leg Crab (Sometimes Inverted)

Wrestling/Fighting Style: Strong Style Submissionist

Basic Move Set
Move Set
1. Corner Yakuza Kick
2. Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex
3. Double Stomp
4. 180 Degree or "Arn Anderson Style" Spinebuster
5. Powerbomb
6. Stalling Suplex
7. Armbar
8. Elbow Strikes
9. Backbreakers
10. ARMBAR!!!!! (Yes, I had to make the Chris Jericho reference.)
11. Cloverleaf
12. Asorted locks and strikes to the arm

Entrance Info; Wears a Emeral Jacket with a Pink Superman Logo and a Zebra Capone Hat

Entrance Music: Edge of Seventeen by Jonas

Edge of Seventeen by Jonas hits the PA system as the lights turn pink and green. Bryce walks out with his trademark zebra capone hat. He walks with a cocky undertone, getting booed every step of the way. He goes to high five a fan who trys return the favor, but before he makes contact, he quickly lows his hand, and gives the fan a pissed off look. Bryce shakes his head in a disapproving manor and moves along. Once at the apron, he takes a step back, takes off his hat, gets a running start, and slides into the ring. Once in the ring, he does the Super Crazy front flip nip-up. He does to the turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope. He makes a chicken wing with his right arm, taunting for the roaring elbow. He climbs down from the turnbuckle. The lights go back to normal and the music fades out as Bryce prepares for the upcoming match.

Fan Interaction: Boos

Background Info: He is super freaking cocky.

Biography/Upbringing/Influences: Biography will be up later. His influences include Chris Jericho and Post-Invasion Christian.

Mentality / Personal Traits / World View: He is the spotlight of everything. And he views the world as BRYCE-LAND

Gimmick Elements (catchphrases / poses / etc.): "Straight from the Hollywood Boulevard, on the Edge of Seventeen, "B Double" Bryce Bridges will always... reign... supreme." "Bryce Bridges, comin' at you, from the Edge of Seventeen" "I concuss with my kicks... and I KO with my elbow"

Supporting Cast (Friends / Enemies / Managers / Valets): A group of seemingly fictional fans or friends that Bridges refers to as the In-Crowd

Career History (Past feds / accolades): EWC, SWA


The scene opens up to a strip club. There are many girls dancing on poles, missing pieces of vital clothing. There are men sitting around the various stages, smoking, holding out money for the dancers to take. There are a few visitors at the bar, ordering drinks, poisoning their bodies. Seldom is there a man without a smile on his face. Then all at once, the camera swings violently, and cuts to a completely different part of the club. It shows just a door. On the door, the letters "V.I.P." The cameraman opens the door. All you can see is a singular woman dancing for a man in a chair, leaning back with his feet on the table in a chilled fashion. The cameraman goes to the side of the man in the chair, who is revealed to be Bryce Bridges complete with his signature emerald jacket with pink Superman logo. From the camera angle, you can see Bryce's head, torso, legs on the table, and, every so often, the stripper, barley getting in the scene at all. Bryce Bridges' eyes never leave the dancer as he begins the promo.

===Bryce Bridges===
Bryce Bridges, comin' at you, from the Edge of Seventeen. Today, we are at the local strip club. I am joined at this time by "Joselynn". She is an erotic dancer. Do I know why she is doing it? No. Do I care? No.

I am trying to pay off college funds.

===Bryce Bridges===
Honestly, I could, in no way, care less. My point is that she is going what she has to do. She is showing her body to random people for a cost that she could not pay otherwise.

Bryce turns his head away from Joselynn and looks at the camera.

===Bryce Bridges===
The reason that I wish to address this is that I am in a similar situation. I knew that when I first saw APW, I knew I would never be accepted. I knew that even though my skill, my attitude, and my looks are far superior to any of those in Action Packed Wrestling, I would never be given the chance to succeed. APW management, Hurricane Jeff in particular, would never give me an opportunity to progress. Well I have a question for you that was first brought up by a band named Chiodos. Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork?

Bryce stands up and looks at the camera as the stripper continues to dance.

===Bryce Bridges===
I was over at EWC when Hurricane Jeff walked in. He said that if anybody had the balls, come to APW for an inter-promotion tournament. Well at least that is what I heard out of the challenge. And that was enough for me to know that this was my chance to show that Bryce is not the person to overlook. I knew that this was my way into APW spotlight. I am a cannibal, and the Survive and Conquer is my fork. I am ready to fast forward time and bring APW its superstar.

Bryce looks away from the camera for a moment. He looks to the ceiling and around the room before rubbing his face, the same place a beard would be, if he had one. He looks back at the camera with a smile on his face, almost with a hint of laughter.

===Bryce Bridges===
Honestly, at first I thought that this mega-match was going to be excessively star-studded for me to even stand a chance. Let us just say that after the first few entrants, I knew that my previous notion would be nothing to worry about. I know for a fact that there is nobody in this match that can even stand a chance against “B Double”.

Bryce removes the happiness from his face and begins to raise his voice.

===Bryce Bridges===
Men and women who have been doing this for so long. Men and women who have devoted their life to wrestling. Men and women who stood no chance of winning, as soon as Bridges signed on the dotted line. I am better than any person who is in Survive and Conquer. Oh, wait! I know that there is someone out there saying, “But Bryce! What about Level One? Pence Weatherlight? Victor Hades? Hutt Anderson?” What do I see when I see these men? I see a thug, a man who has turned his back on society. The scum of the Earth, some would call him. I wouldn’t call that too far off. Then we got a goodie-goodie fool. He plays be the rules. Whatever. I will drop him either way. Don’t forget about Hell’s Hooker. A whore to the satanic life-style. I will send him back to where he belongs. Hell, along with God’s other mistakes. Lord knows he made one big mistake with you. And now to the guy who is supposed to be the next generation Anderson. If this were true, I would officially be embarrassed to be an Anderson. But hey! At least I don’t have to use my ancestor’s fame as a stepping stone. Too bad Hutt isn’t just using it as a stepping stone, he is using it as a crutch to help him get accepted by APW. Let’s just face facts. Without his parents and his last name, he would be a talentless tool.

Bryce takes a deep breath and calms down.

===Bryce Bridges===
The truth is that my skill was guaranteed at birth. I have had all the skills needed to make it big. And I did it by myself. I don’t have a family of pro wrestlers. I am not from hell. I am not a good guy. I am not a man with a gang mentality. The only thing I have in life, to help me with my career, is the drive to be the man at the top of the mountain. Well there is one other thing….

Bryce takes a step back.

===Bryce Bridges===
I concuss with my kicks!

Bryce throws a swift roundhouse kick in the air. He then makes a chicken wing with his right arm, suggesting for the Roaring Elbow

===Bryce Bridges===
And I KO with my elbow!

Bryce lowers his arm and puts both hands in his jacket pockets.

===Bryce Bridges===
Survive and Conquer is going to be remembered as the night when Bryce became the star everyone expected him to be. Do I care how many people there are in the match? No. Do I care how many companies are being represented? No. Do I care who the three people who will lose to me once the cage is lower are? No way in Hell. Bryce Bridges will show everyone that, even though it is a large mountain to summit, I will take the Survive and Conquer championship. I will prove to everyone that I am a force to be reckoned with.

Bryce pulls out his hands and runs his fingers through his red hair slowly.

===Bryce Bridges===
Any man could make a pinfall. Many can make an opponent submit in pain. However, only a select few can knock an opponent unconscious. All I have to ask to the competitors of Survive and Conquer is, “How do you attempt to take on a person who can do all three?”

Bryce puts on his hood quickly.

===Bryce Bridges===
Straight from the Hollywood Boulevard, on the Edge of Seventeen, “B Double” Bryce Bridges will always… reign… supreme.

Bryce walks out of the camera shot, and out of the room. As he walks out, all you see is Joselynn, gathering her clothing. The screen begins to turn blurry and dark. Then all at once it turns to complete darkness.

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