The year is 2230 and the world is a desolate place. Gone are the trees and the grass that once made things green. Now the only thing that exists is brown and darkness. The world is recovering from total destruction, humans regaining their claim bit by bit as they get over the shock that they have suffered. There are still those who are privileged enough to have a reasonably soft life, but there are more still that are forced to scavenge for anything and everything. A choice is soon to be made, an uprising is coming and its your chance to take a stand. When registering please do so with first and last name with proper capitalization. We are also a board with a 150 word post limit and cant wait for you to join our revolution!
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 Omega Dawn, An advanced original sci-fi roleplay
The Cosmos
Posted: Aug 28 2011, 01:51 PM


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Our story begins in 1027 A.E. (after Earth) in a galaxy aptly named Omega Dawn. Nestled in a patch of quiet space, four planets calmly orbit twin suns. Orbiting around Omega Dawn’s twin suns lie four planets and an orbiting station. In order of distance from the sun they are: New Aequitas, Doradus, Hanoid Prime (with the orbiting station Elysium), and Roh. The galaxy of Omega Dawn was named for the phenomenon that occurs on a particular day that marks the beginning of each planet’s calendar known as “The Final Dawn.” On this day, the suns rise at such a distance apart, that just as one dawn ends, the next begins, causing a majority of the day to be spent cast in gorgeous colors of a rising sun. The people of Omega Dawn have always celebrated this day as one of reverence, to give thanks for the beauty of the world around them.

The reasons surrounding why the inhabitants of New Aequitas arrived in the Omega Dawn galaxy is one of highest debate amongst the planets. It is unquestioned, however, the amount of power that New Aequitas has accrued in their time in the Omega Dawn galaxy. Over a thousand years have passed since the first sighting of humans (as they called themselves) within the limits of the Omega Dawn galaxy. Records of first encounters are non existent. It was almost as if they had always existed, and yet the difference between them and the other races within Omega Dawn is quite obvious. The very name of New Aequitas sparks the question, “Where was Old Aequitas?” Such questions are not asked, however, for fear of sparking unpleasant interest from the Monarchy.

The system is now run by a Monarchy that consists of three human families constantly vying for power. Though the power of the system has changed hands between the three families hundreds of times since their inauguration, the exchange has always been wrought with greed, deception, and corruption. While the Monarchy struggles to keep itself under control, the Hanoids are amassing their own forces against the thieves of the original holders of the throne... and their numbers are growing.

With the Monarchy's influence weakening with each new exchange of power and the resistance growing stronger, how long do the humans have left before the original Monarchs return to claim what's rightfully theirs: the entire system?
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