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Title: 90
Description: Sound of Word

tybalt13 - March 15, 2006 09:21 PM (GMT)
Okay...jeez...not getting any easier are they?

So...I have the notes, I know what the difference is between the actual notes, and what they mean should the notes be played on an instrument...

Here is my dillemma...

My co-workers are looking at me funny as I try to sound this puppy out. I have tried the obvious words (to me anyway) but I was wondering if this is something you could give advice or a hint on without spoiling it.

Let me know.

If it reveals too much, would someone be able to PM me with the proper nudge?



LizzyB - March 15, 2006 09:37 PM (GMT)
Help sent... cant say too much without giving it away....other than u dont need to be a musician to get this one.

jwick - March 17, 2006 12:10 PM (GMT)
Ok, what is wrong with me? I cannot seem to get this one. I know the notes, etc., but I can't put it together. My brain is scrambled. Can anyone offer any clues without giving it away?

Thank goodness for these boards!

***Got it...finally!*** :lol:

Stardog52 - March 31, 2006 05:36 PM (GMT)
I've got the notes (by letter) and their numeric values (portions of whole notes). Where do I go from there?

Got it now. I'm a better person for it.

Narla - April 12, 2006 01:24 PM (GMT)
I'm not a musician and still I just don't get it. I understand that I CAN get it. I'm wondering if I would actually WANT to get it. <_<

Any help would be appreciated. :rolleyes:

Nevermind I got it. :wacko:

ruriko - December 3, 2006 07:02 AM (GMT)
need help... don't know how to proceed with this riddle... i've got the beats, i know the notes... i just don't know what to do next... can somebody help me out here? thanks a bunch... ^_^

Confuzzled - December 3, 2006 06:51 PM (GMT)
Send me a PM with what you are trying.
I'll help you out.

ruriko - December 5, 2006 07:36 AM (GMT)
thanks... but i got it... i've got a friend who helped me out... how about the next level? hehehe...

joeyjojo - January 8, 2007 02:30 PM (GMT)
Okay - a little help here please.

I have the notes and I understand the beats, but the words I got when sounding it out don't work.

Am I missing anything or can I get more help on this?

Confuzzled - January 8, 2007 07:40 PM (GMT)
I'm going to be geeky and put in a quote from a movie I enjoy: The Sound of Music

Do-re-mi-fa-so and so on are only the tools we use to build a song.
Once you have them in your head you can sing different tunes. . .
. . .by mixing them up.

And now I have the song in my head. :lol:

PS. It has come to my attention that this quote may be misleading.
Name the notes the way you normally would, not the do-re-mi way. That's just from the movie. The key part of this hint is the second part of the quote.

My apologies!

(Thank you joeyjojo for pointing this out)

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