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Keveak Posted on May 17 2009, 07:07 PM
  (It's been way too long since anyone has posted)

Arky pulls out a few items from his pockets and start repairing them (these are steampunk style mini robots/golems FYI) and Tim blows out aball of fire in his hand/claw and starts juggling it a bit around.
Keveak Posted on Apr 29 2009, 11:22 AM
  The mist doesn't answer and the eyes look back at Abigale
Tim say Don't mind him, spirits rarely say that much he then seems a bit sad Yeah he was a good man, helped so many
VampireRot Posted on Apr 29 2009, 12:27 AM
  Norlig seems rather surprised the mist is setinent. "Uhhh, hello." He greets the spirit hesitantly. He then turns back to Tim and shakes his head, saying mournfully, "It sounds like he was a good person, it's a shame he's dead."
Keveak Posted on Apr 28 2009, 02:11 PM
  Arky raises an eyebrown at Pink's reaction (he didn't hear the mental thing so he don't understand) and answers Norlig Galileo Ikarios was my teacher in the arts of alchemy, I lived at him after my mother was possessed and my dad killed by the devils he takes a deep breath before continuing Two years ago he was killed by the same devils.. I killed what was left of my mother under that attack Arky seems unable to continue so Tim tells instead It was in the big city so about twenty people lived in the building, we only survived because of Ikarios's protecting spirit, who is still protecting Arky, everybody else died at the mention of the spirit the eyes in the mist around Arky look at Norlig and a deep and cold voice say Yeah, that bastard bound me to protect the boy (backstorific)
VampireRot Posted on Apr 27 2009, 11:52 PM
  "Who is this Ikarios?" Norlig askes, not even glancing at the newcomer.

As the newcomer comes in, Vampire Rot jolts up and stares at him unblinkingly. Slowly the insane vampire's upper lip moves up in a snarl, showing his large fangs. His eyes lock on to the newcomer's. The vampire's pupils disappear, leaving only the blood red irises. Come to me, let me feast on your flesh! Rot's mental command exists only in the newcomers head. Wheather or not the hypnosis commands him depends on his magical protections and mental capabilities.

Pink is shuffling the cards and dealing htem out to any who will play when she glances back at Rot. She gets up, realizing what he was doing. "Rot... stop it." She says, with no acknowledgment by the other vampire.
Keveak Posted on Apr 27 2009, 02:08 PM
  Arky and Tim looks at the newcomer, when sure he ain't a threat Arky answers A lot, and I won't tell before I know who you are and start polishing a strange dagger that hung in his belt.

Tim just keep awaiting Norlig's responce.
Megadoomer45 Posted on Apr 26 2009, 09:26 PM
  Another human walks into the tavern, a blade hanging at his waist.

What's goin' on?
Keveak Posted on Apr 14 2009, 05:12 PM
  Hm. Yeah there's some about him in the book Arky hands Norlig a book opened at page 34 "the traitor of Weejas" which contain very specific details about Vegas (such as his blood type, allergies, lifestory and habits) when Norlig is done reading, Arky put it quickly back in his pocket.

Tim say Avael was the wizard that killed my parents and tried to use me in his magic experiments, if it hadn't been for Ikarios then I wouldn't sit here
VampireRot Posted on Apr 14 2009, 04:14 PM
  Norlig looks thoughtful for a moment. "The name Avael sounds familiar. I think I overheard Vegas speak of him once, but I do not know anything about him." Norlig then looks over the posters and points to the second Vegas, the former servant of Wee jas. "That one. I recognise that staff anywhere. And I do believe he was formerly a Jasidin." The staff in the picture he refers too is a simple wooden shaft with the skull of a bull on it. The necromancer holding the staff is dressed in black robes with a red belt with many pouches hanging from it. His skin is pale and his eyes are bloodshot. His hair is graying, but he looks like he might be in his late twenties or early thirties.

((Here is a a picture I made.
I also just realised that his name is spelled the same as Los Vegas. :rolleyes: This is unintentional, and the names are pronounced differently. The necromancer Vegas is [Vee-gas] while the city is [Vay-gas]
From what I understand, The Town is a crossroads of many different planes/universes/whatever you want to call it. This is why a World of Greyhawk/3e/3.5e D&D deity like Wee Jas turns up. My charecters come from a fantasy setting, but for the card game I'm not feeling that creative so I'll just play something like poker.:P

In other news, Wikipedia is great for all your questions about D&D goddesses. :D))
Keveak Posted on Apr 14 2009, 02:37 PM
  Necromancers, there lives too few of the dragonish people left to be free Tim says the word "Necromancers" with a venomous voice (which is exactly the same as the voice Norlig just spoke with) But that name has a familiar sound, did he have anything to do with a wizard named Avael, perhaps? The name is said with spite and hatred as if he was an old enemy.
Arky seems interested in the conversation and look for something in his bag (yes he do have a bag) lift of a bunch of posters and notes, rush through them and picks up some of the posters and hand Norlig them Could it be any of these? The posters shows: "Weghasj, necromantic experiments primarily on animals, said to have died by a experiment exploding", "Vegas, counselor of a king, got mad with power and tried to take over the kingdom with an unclassified army of monsters, believed to be killed by a knight" and "Vegas, formerly servant of Weejas, studied the forbidden necromantic lore hidden at a temple, raised an army of undeads with it and managed to destroy the temple, fate unknown"
It's pretty vague but if he's one of them then I'm pretty sure there must be more in the Bounty hunter's book. ( I'm not trying to railroad or what it's called, just to add to the story you can just say it ain't one of them and no; you don't know who the Bounty hunter is )

(on another note, this ain't a fantasy setting Rot, the characters wary from high tech alien robots, wizards and even regular people, you chose yourself if you'll make up a game or play an existing one)
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