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 Narra's Chari Tracker!, hey! someone needs to keep track!!
Posted: Dec 30 2011, 02:48 PM

Life Sucks, I'll Survive... >:3
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Nar> <

epic werewolf whom will not hesitate to tear you to shreds, unless, you somehow touch her heart. Highly unlikely! but hey! it could happen!

Kiara> <

Awesome bi**hy chari whom loves men, night clubs, and a good time. It's quite easy to play with her, to get her into your bed. -wink wink-

Layla> <

Ah the innocent angel whom slays Demons for a living, she's only doing what God told her to! Honest! Care to brave her dangerous heavenly sword and get close? Or perhaps fight to the death?

Kai> <

Protector, Warrior, Mercenary, Assassin, this hot werewolf guy does many things. Among them is slay the undead with his friend CJ, if you can call them friends. Quite interesting...

Shiori> <

Just fiery, a lovely pyrokinetic assassin in a faction of assassins where she will do anything asked of her. Oh be careful, she has an attitude!

Kasumi> <

Just as fiery as Shiori, also the twin of Shiori, pyrokinetic assassin as well, perhaps a better assassin even. Though she has these pyrokinetic snaps that burn everything within a 5 mile radius of her to a crisp and make it all ash and cinders. Oh and she might possibly be in a faction at some point too.

Dess> <

Innocent, Sadistic, Playful vampire whom loves to have human playthings but thinks of them as nothing more than playthings. Death is fun and humorous to her, in a fight for life or death she'll be the little voice in your head giggling and saying 'kill him/her, you know you want to...'

Hazel> <

Lightiningy witch whom casts wonderful spells, carries a dragon on her shoulder, and loves animals and nature. Careful not to get on her bad side though, she wil aim her lightning at you!

Friday> <

Sick little 14 year old, anorexia, memory loss, depression. Living in a psyche ward, fun right? Nawh...the nurses/wardens are kind of rude and or freaky. Play with her if you just want to try and cheer someone up possibly, maybe, if it's possible. Heck who knows?

Agent Brightside> <

Serious CIA agent whom doubles as a daylighter vampire, a vampire that walks around in the daylight. Oh but dont worry, she's friendly towards humans and drinks bagged blood mostly. Kind of like a kid drinks a juice box! Straw and everything!

Shaddox Girls> <

Half demon girls whom just love to cause problems, except for Maeve of course whom doesn't really want to be there. But Thierry won't let her leave so, play with them if you want to liberate Maeve from her abusive demon father and her evil half demon sisters, or possibly help Thierry take over the world and bring Humanity to an end. Or maybe, which this i heavily doubt, you can catch her attention and possibly start up a romance?

Sonya Wolf> <

Senior Airman Soniadore Wolf, don't mess with her, she'll come after you with a chopper or a fighter jet even. Who knows what could happen with her, many things are possible.

Ekaterina "Quinn"> <

Daughter of Aphrodite! woohoo! Oh, but theres one problem that inhibits the fun, she's a slave. A slave to a son of Ares, go figure, and he positively scares the shiiiit outta her. So unless you're very convincing she probably won't leave. Unless she's already made her get away and is running from him when you catch her! Either way she's quite fun!

Kale Wickham"Stray">

A werewolf that holds a grudge against Humanity, and Mister Kai Rioulou {somewhere in that list of characters up there ^} . He and his sisters roam the Earth, taking out human civilizations they run across. His sisters obey him as their Alpha male, Kale was Nicknamed Stray because he has no pack except for his sisters since they all left together, and no one will ever own him. His sisters, Skye and Starre, have nicknames too, Skye is Sundance, and Starre is Vixen. If I were you, I would approach Skye "sundance" seeing as she wont bite your head off at first notice...

Shaylinn whom i have yet to finish

-mumbles- cause im lazy...

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Another day's come, Another day's past. The only problem is, The good one's never last. Yet survive and conquer, we will move on. Continue to love, and we will grow strong. ~Narra
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