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Title: Freeform Char. App?
Description: Should We Change It?

Rayven - July 31, 2011 12:47 AM (GMT)
I've been thinking about it for a while now. Right now, we have a traditional character application. You fill everything out. Well, I've been considering changing it to a freeform application. Here's an example of what a freeform application looks like:

user posted image
and that day I could think of things that won't remind me...
eighteen - vampyre - outcast

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's hard to believe that I lived to become a vampyre. Can anyone say kickass? I guess it's only fair, though. I've already had my once-in-a-lifetime near-death, it wouldn't be nice if Nyx Marked me only to kill me off. In other news, the name's Blackjack, though I won't necessarily object if you call me Scott Ausley. Admittedly, no one in Rochester aside from Alaine knows my birth name is Scott, but whatever. To a few folks, I'm also known as Spades... but that's rather irrevelant, yes? I'm seventeen, Marked just after I turned fourteen. Born on the 30th of October -- don't bother remembering it, I don't do birthday parties. And if you think it's really necessary for me to mention it, I'm a guy. And I'd like to stay that way, thank you.

I wouldn't say that I'm visually attractive or anything, but I'm hardly a painful sight. Pale skin, sorta long, messy black hair, and hazel eyes -- that should give you a pretty good idea of what to look for. Admittedly, I'm a bit underweight, but I've always had trouble keeping weight on. Must be a metabolism thing. But who cares? I'll eat whatever crap I want to eat, and if I die because of it, so be it.

If you can't tell, I'm generally a bad-tempered, obnoxiously cheerful sort of arse muffin. I'm an excellent liar, if I may say so myself, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. I've also pulled the Jack Sparrow trick.. you know, tell you the truth when you expect me to lie, and thus totally get away with it. It works on most people, actually, except the ones that know me really well. I'm also ridiculously stubborn. It's exceedingly rare for me to back down on anything. And I'm paranoid. Did I mention I'm paranoid? I'm really paranoid. It might be a side effect of being stalked, shot at, jumped, actually shot, and all that.

History-wise, I'm boring. I have no parents and no siblings. I was on my own from the age of twelve, and somehow managed to scrape out a living. Because I'm amazing like that. I was dumped in a state-run school for all of a week, then I got Marked and we all know where it goes from there. Yeah, yeah, I know, I was marked unusually young, but I suppose Nyx had some sort of plan for me, in that regard. I was transferred from NYC to Rochester when I was what, a fifth former? Yeah, that sounds right. Been here ever since, aside from the occasional trip "home" to hang with my buddies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ooc account(link) rp experience(in yrs) other chars(if any) lyrics or a quote here

Blackjack did not like storms. Especially not thunderstorms. More specifically, the lightning that made up a huge component of storms. So when thunder crackled, despite it being daytime, Blackjack was up in an instant, the reaction automatic after so many nights spent outdoors in the storms. He sat cross-legged on his bed, a heavy comforter wrapped around his shoulders and draped over his head, forming a thick hood. He shivered in his dark enclosure, feeling only slightly better because the blinds were closed and the heavy curtains drawn across the window. After a few minutes of silence, he gave up on any hopes of going back to sleep.

Dumping the comforter on the bed in a state of total disarray, Blackjack dug in his dresser drawers for a long-sleeved shirt to throw on over the old undershirt he usually slept in. He considered changing out of his red-and-black pajama slacks, then decided against it, content with just slipping on a pair of socks.

He wandered down the stairs to the kitchen, intending on snagging a blood baggie and something salty to snack on alongside, but hearing voices in the girls' common room, he paused in the middle of retrieving blood from the fridge. Hey... so I'm not the only one who's up. That's a relief, he mused, his paranoia quietly shifting to the back of his mind as he realized he wasn't alone. Blackjack finished grabbing his snack by snagging a bag of pretzels off the counter, then he headed into the girls' common room, intending to invade their conversation, whatever it was. He had picked up a few parts about broken windows, but didn't really catch much more than that, being a little hard of hearing in one ear.

Upon spotting the two fledglings in the common room, he sighed. "Darn. I was expecting someone more... interesting. No offense, Karima, but if this is a conversation about ghosts, then I'm just going to finish my snack and hope the storm's gone by the time I go back to bed."

application designed and coded by Kyra for RPG-D. the song lyrics are BAND NAME's, from the song SONG TITLE. this application MAY NOT be used anywhere else. if it is, it's been taken without permission.


daithos - July 31, 2011 01:41 AM (GMT)

i like some of it. but not all of it. why not meld the two to make one application unique to our rp?

Ketic - July 31, 2011 02:59 AM (GMT)
I prefer the application we have now, just because people might not know where to start writing their character. Having bits that just need to be filled in helped me write my first character. However, you are the admin and if you think this application will be better then I support it.

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