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Title: Suggest A New Location

Bridget - January 10, 2012 10:07 PM (GMT)
Suggest A New Location

This thread is for members to suggest new locations for roleplays. In order for a new location to be added, the location will need at least four members (one who submitted the idea and three who also suggest it) to give their support in creating the new board. If the suggested board does not pick up enough activity to warrant it's existence it will be moved into "Elsewhere" as a sub-board. Please use this form responsibly and only request locations that will be popular for multiple members--locations specific to only one or two members are unsightly and take up space. You can request sub-boards or more specific areas in a generalized area (like a park in NYC for example) as well as completely new locations. All replies will be deleted upon board completion.

Edit: To support a board suggestion, please 'love' the idea by clicking the heart above the post.

Form For Creating New Boards:
[b]Location Genre:[/b] {Modern, Medieval, Post-Apocalyptic, Other. If 'Other', please explain in detail.}
[b]Location:[/b] {What is the location itself? An example would be "New York City" or a particular mountain range.}
[b]Location Description:[/b] {Write a description about the location.}

FierceOcelot - March 16, 2013 09:15 PM (GMT)
Location Genre: Modern

Location: Island chain code-named "Haven", may be referred to as No-man's-land for those that wish to do the A.R.E. harm. In Elsewhere.

Location Description: Built in part by the commander of the A.R.E. himself, along with work pitched in by his two Auctor subordinates, Haven, when taken purely at face value, lives up to its name. Beautiful scenery awaits: glinting white of sun spilling down onto the sea; seashells and various forms of marine life on the shores; and chirping of birds and the activities of other animals further inland, outside the compounds.

Underneath it all you might feel out of place, as if you should not be here and every second you spend increases the danger. Mines lurking underneath that beautiful ocean; blade traps under the sand and the grass inland away from the designated zones; and cameras watching along the periphery of the compounds. However, this only applies to the main island. The other islands are under protection, but not as intensely; they can and will see a lot of traffic from A.R.E. independent contractors, wealthy businessmen, many preternatural creatures such as demons, lycans, vampires, superhumans, etc., and of course, members of the A.R.E. to keep the main island secure.

If one is lucky, he or she might see the commander himself going about business here, in the middle of a meeting, or perhaps just relaxing sometimes. This is his sanctuary, and perhaps the one place to call home.

Metilinos - August 25, 2013 10:25 PM (GMT)
Location Genre: Other.

In mind I have a steampunk fantasy setting, which wouldn't fit into a modern or medieval board. It would better fit, in my opinion, as just a tiny stand-alone board, most likely without any locations to place threads. Just one tiny area due to the fact it likely won't be as populated as other primary boards. Of course, this is just my two cents, and I trust the staffs judgement.

Location: Overall just a steampunk setting. No specific location in mind, as they could just be created by the roleplayers before they make a thread. Of course, once again, just my opinion. It's easily open to modification.

Location Description: A little odd, I always hated writing things like this. But, here goes nothing:

"A setting where magic runs rampant. Some people choose to use this power and invest it into machines, while others set out to master it and its abilities. With so many opportunities and untold stories to be told, what path will you take?"

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