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Title: Lida's diary
Description: Dear Diary...

Alathorn - November 9, 2011 01:27 AM (GMT)
November 8, 2011
Dear Diary,

Well today's my first day with you. Finally, I got the money to buy you! It's kind of exciting! I'm really glad I decided to get you though! I don't know if I will be keeping up with talking to you very well though... I'm kind of on a tight schedule with work and school... It sucks but I've got to do it...

I guess it's a good thing I did get you though... If I didn't I'd probably go insane! My life is just getting so hectic lately and it's just gotten worse... It's just... I met this guy... No it's not what you think... I met this guy that... Well he knew what I was but he didn't do anything about it... I knew he knew that I'm a neko because he had a drawn a picture of me with my ears and tail out... He also had writen at the botton of the drawing my name exactly... Lida Chrinsta...

I got scared for a moment but he acted as if he either didn't care or he didn't want to make it known... He ended up tossing the drawing into a trashcan fire not too far away from the cafe. At least I think it was the drawing... He also gave me an amulet with a strange symbol on it... He didn't say exactly what it meant or why he gave it to me but he just told me it was his "tip"... Anyway I need to go... It's late and I need to sleep...

Lida Chrinsta

Alathorn - November 20, 2011 02:55 AM (GMT)
November 19, 2011
Dear Diary,

Okay I know I haven't wrote you in a long time but now I am and a lot has happened... I met this girl... Yes I know what you're thinking and that's exactly it... She's so sweet and cute and just... Ugh... I don't know what to do though... She ended up being a vampire and I'm not very good with those... It brought up bad memories...

Anyway I met her yesterday and she's just so sweet... She knows what I am too... But she likes that... A lot... And the guy I mentioned before, his name is Alathorn and he's a pretty cool guy... But he's not the focus for me right now... The girl is... Oh my goodness she's so sweet... She made an entire dress for me... It's so beautiful! I think I love her... I honestly do! I know I definately like her I just... I don't know... Well I have to get back for now... Just an update though: had another nightmare... Go figure right?

Lida Chrinsta

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