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Shattered Haven


In the distant future, after social collapse and brutal warfare, the human race is regenerating itself. Throwing off the feudal yoke of oppression that has been worn for the last several hundred years, a new society emerges; one of greed, corruption and connections. This social contract lasted for the better part of two hundred years till the interruption of an alien invasion forced the race to evolve so rapidly that for the next hundred years birth rates declined, the death toll climbed higher and higher, but new technology turned up in the most common of places.

Finally the human arm finally reached out to the cosmos. Ages ago the hyperdrive networks extended to the stars and carried billions of messengers of mankind into the vast unknown. Most were never heard from again as they settled in remote locations too far away for communication, and others still disappeared without a trace. One particular group found exceptional success in a binary system they began to call Nexus. The Nexus system had 9 planets, all in some way capable of supporting life…whether in underground networks closer to the stars, or next to volcanic jets further out. Despite this fact, the majority of the population settled on the seventh and middle planet…a world they called Haven.

Over the years, Haven grew as populous as Earth had once been, although it was much larger. One day, out of nowhere, all outside communication stopped. Now, isolated from all else two great nations arose, two very different nations. Time passed and tensions grew until eventually planet wide war broke out. So vicious was this fighting that the entire planet was consumed, and in time, obliterated. Both nations evacuated as much of their population as possible to the nearest planets at the time of Haven’s destruction. The resulting populations grew on their new homes into two distinct races, following their preferred philosophy.

Inside of the asteroid belt and debris field created by Haven’s destruction sat Rohling…home of Homo Animalus, or as the other race called them, the Brutes. Their dictatorship government and head on approach to all problems led to their current state. Rough, tough, and less than brilliant human like creatures. Still retaining all of their features but honing them towards the physical, all Brutes are instantly recognized by their huge stature and aggressive nature. The Brutes are a force to be reckoned with in every way.

Outside of the barrier resides Gehirn, home to the Brains, Homo Cervellus. The Brains took their development to the spiritual and intellectual. Their technological prowess is unmatched. Their small and sleek frames are agile and deadly agile. They are a race of democracy and careful thought, most are stunningly beautiful and very few are uneducated. The world of Gehirn is at peace with itself.

In the middle of it all, floating on the largest piece of debris left from the destruction of Haven is Serenity, a rogue station not under the control of anyone except its commander, a descendent of the original military ruler at the time of Haven’s demise. His station is the center of conflict between the two nations as neither can navigate the asteroid field with their warships in order to engage in full on war. Both hate the other and blame them for Haven’s destruction, and both will forever hold this hatred. Serenity is also the only shelter for pirates and mercenaries wanted by either government for crimes against society. In the middle of all of this mess, a ship called Phoenix docks to resupply. The Phoenix has recently become the most wanted ship in the system as it holds not only the daughter of the Rohling king, but also her kidnapper, a renegade named Furion Firestorm. As the war that never was begins to appear from the misty background, who will you align yourself with…which will you be? A Brute? A Brain? A Renegade? The past has decided much for us already, but the future is yours to mold…

Characters are still available and we are very active!

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