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 Shocking discovery!!!
Posted by Full Metal Alchemist - 08-8-07 06:12 - 1 comments
Recently, it was discovered that Benjamin Franklin Robinson IV ("Ben") AKA closetman341 on YIM, SPPf, and deviantART provided the anthrax to the bioterrorists who mailed the letters, giving several people anthrax.

Yes, it's ...read more
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Posted by Shadowz - 09-1-06 00:45 - 0 comments
There has been a big forum war here and now...err, the forum has lost quite a few things. I'll try to do it as soon as possible but I can't gurantee it'll be finished by the weekends, especailyl since a lot of things were deleted
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Posted by Full Metal Alchemist - 08-31-06 22:22 - 0 comments
User Legend by Shadowz
Smilies by Pokefan26/Blaziken Lover
Most images by EmeraldRayquaza
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 I fixed some things up
Posted by EmeraldRayquaza - 07-22-06 04:33 - 1 comments
I updated the affies with a new Raikou's Kingdom button.

I added the "good links" section for the good links but not affiliates links.
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 New affiliate
Posted by Full Metal Alchemist - 06-10-06 22:49 - 2 comments
In honor of my obsession with "Over the Hedge" I have a new affiliate:

The official Over the Hedge website:
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 New images!
Posted by EmeraldRayquaza - 05-7-06 20:55 - 1 comments
Yup... ER actually got off her lazy butt and sacraficed doing her math project to put up images for folders and stuff...
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 Affiliate Box is up!
Posted by Risk Alchemist - 05-6-06 20:32 - 1 comments
It comes off of my own site Comic Kingdom (CK for short)

so enjoy other fourms that you could go to.

But the "Twig Haters" one well, the members hate Pokémon so I'd really not join there! read more
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 New banner
Posted by John Ray - 04-24-06 14:43 - 0 comments
I made the new banner as you can see.

Please if you hate it or if you want me to do a new one just tell me.
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 Promotions and demotions
Posted by Full Metal Alchemist - 04-21-06 23:58 - 2 comments
Since BL does not to be my friend anymore, I de-admined and banned him. I will also promote EmeraldRayquaza to admin in his place-she is very nice, and even has her own site.
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 Cbox gone
Posted by Full Metal Alchemist - 04-18-06 00:20 - 2 comments
Alright, someone has posted rude messages in the Cbox. I removed it, but I want to get a new one, I will need GF's help though...
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