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The Orange Archipelago (Japanese: オレンジ諸島 Orange Archipelago) is a large chain of tropical islands shown in the anime that is located south of the Kanto region. Pokémon Trainers come here to participate in the Orange League, but its tropical climate also attracts many tourists. One effect of the climate is the presence of alternately colored Pokémon.

Most of the scattered islands in the archipelago are named after types of oranges (or other various citrus), but many are deserted.

The Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys of the archipelago dress in slightly different attire than those of the other regions. Some also appear to have tans.

Here you may battle and complete in the Orange League to become the next Pokémon League Champion. Unlike most regions, this League only has 4 gyms. It has been established for over 300 years. Less commonly in Japan, it is known as the Southern League because of its ties with the Southern Cross.

The Orange League is perhaps the least conventional of all the regional Pokémon Leagues, as it focuses less on Pokémon battling and more on how a Trainer interacts with his or her individual Pokémon in many different circumstances. Orange League trainers are said to be tougher than those in the Indigo Pokémon League.

Young Pokémon trainers from the Orange Islands will begin their Pokémon journey on Valencia Island and work their way around the archipelago, winning Badges along the way. The trainers' final destination is Pummelo Island, where Orange League competitions are held. Competing in the Orange League is different from competing in other Pokémon Leagues. Trainers may freely challenge the top Gym Leader in the Orange Crew, called the Head Leader, at any time.

Those who can defeat the Head Leader in a full battle take the title of Pokémon League Champion, as well as the coveted Winner's Trophy. A photo featuring the winning trainer with the trophy on hand and all six Pokémon that have participated in the full battle will be kept in the Palace of Victory, together with the footprints of the trainer and the Pokémon.

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