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Posted by: shadowreine Dec 11 2011, 04:26 PM
Kejuli was still sneaking around the offworlders. The inevitable had, of course, happened, more than once.

They had put her to work. Which had turned out not to be a bad thing. Besides, she was a Candidate, and rather used to having people dump chores on her. If she was lucky, when Aldyth and Iassenth's clutches hatched she would not be a Candidate any more.

Maybe she would Impress a green. A green would be nice, would match her temperament, but there was a small part of her that, of course, hoped for higher.

But all parts of her was now focused on what she had earned for all of those extra chores. The egg was more like a wher egg than a firelizard egg, and it was clearly about to hatch.

Twitch. There. She glanced around...she really was hoping nobody would come in for just a few minutes, especially as she had been warned the being inside might not properly bond anyway. It might be more like having a dog.

Crack. A small grey head, streaked with egg goo, emerged from the egg, followed by shoulders and stubby wings. "Well, you're definitely not a firelizard," she informed it.

The rest of the wherlizard pulled its way out of the egg, then it stood studying her. She held out a piece of meat. "But you're definitely hungry. I know that."

Through the egg goo she could see what looked to be a bronze or gold streak along its back...she would have to clean it off more to work out which it was, but they said color didn't connect to size or rank anyway. Gender, though, was important.

The muzzle reached forward and tugged the meat out of her hand, then seemed to chew it thoughtfully. "There's plenty more."

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 11 2011, 04:44 PM
Norm did not creep. No, seriously! He wasn't that sort of guy in most ways. He liked to poke his nose in to peoples business, to talk and talk and make them like him for his vast knowledge of everything and rub it in their face if they didn't, but he refused to creep. It sounded very stalkerish.

Luckily for Kejuli, Norm had no intention of running into her when he decided to troll around the Candidate barracks. Oh, no, it was purely for his research, because the barracks would be full at some other points, wouldn't they? He wandered, making notes of the seemingly empty barracks, his old-school tablet and pen in his hand to scrawl them out on the board with too loopy hand writing. It was like an army camp! (Not that he knew what one really looked like, just that it was. Leave it to Miles to do that sort of stuff!)

Only when he heard kejuli and her chatter with the new wherlizard did Norm even bother paying attention to the small figure chilling out in the barracks. Norm lit up like a Christmas Tree and beelined his way over there.

"That's a wherlizard, right? Isn't it? They're absolutely fascinating, don't you think? Hi! I'm Norm. What is it's name? Is it new? Did you know that the first generation of anything is highly unstable? You could have a rare and magnificent pit-bull sized in the future beast on your hands. What's your name?"

Posted by: Chessa Dec 11 2011, 05:01 PM
The candidate barracks were fairly open, but Rozen did try to make her space her own. Smoothing the blanket her mother had sent her with, she smiled. It was thick and soft, she had had it since she was a little girl and it still had the slightly medicinal herb smell from home. She usually liked to be the last one out, and the last one in, but today she hadn't had many chores left. So she decided to go and fix up her bed. It bothered her when she left it all rumpled from her sleep.

Unlike others, Rozen was a bit apprehensive about the hatching. The feast after it sounded lovely! But hungry, stumbly dragonets were not something she looked forward to facing. Puffing her pillow, she turned around and looked around the rest of the room.

Voices caught her attention and she looked up from her work to see Kejuli and Norm. They were looking at something, but what she could not tell from here. She debated on going over to see, her own curiosity winning out. Slipping over, Rozen paused to look at what they were staring at. What a curious creature.
“Hello, What's that?” She asked, canting her head to one side inquisitively.

Posted by: Ferret Dec 11 2011, 10:43 PM
And then Doctor. Really, very little else needed to be said. There was simply no other word that quite equaled the amount of flailing excitement and sheer amount of noise that the man brought. He even managed to skid on the floor as he exploded into the room and tried to stop suddenly.

Supposedly, at some point in his life, someone had at least attempted to introduce the Doctor to the concept of an Indoor Voice being separate from an Outdoor Voice. How ever many hours had been patiently spent on this lesson (or impatiently, as the case may be), they were entirely wasted. "NORM! Normnormnormnorm, you will never believe what I just found!" he started, grabbing the other man. "You'll never believe it, it's absolutely brilliant, never even thought I would find something like it he,.,. oh, hello!"

It was like someone had flipped a channel on the man's attention as it abruptly shifted away from Norm and towards the female Candidates and, more especially, the little wherlizard. On David's shoulder, Alonso squeaked. The blue flit didn't like those wherlizards much.

"Ssssssss," hissed Alonso, mantling his wings to look bigger.

He was ignored completely by David, who was far more interested in the other people and wherlizard. "Aww, just hatched, didn't he? She? Look at that, Norm! Look at that! Ravenous right out of the shell. Not like so many other oviparous animals, is it? Most of those go without eating for a while, able to live off of whatever nutrients they got in the shell, but this..." it was utterly brilliant, that's what it was.

Posted by: shadowreine Dec 12 2011, 06:19 PM
"All dragonkin are that way," Kejuli informed the offworlder.

The wherlizard, unsure about all of the attention, decided the safest place to be was the lap of the person who had the *food*. Curl. Much like a dog that happened to have sturdy wings and wher0like hide.

"And yeah. He's a wherlizard...I cajoled the egg out of one of the offworlders," she added to the other Candidates. She rubbed more egg goo off of the creature's back and was rewarded by a distinct glint of bronze.

A male, then. She presumed that, most likely, they would run like whers when the time came, and wondered who around had females.

Kejuli was none too bothered by David using his outdoor voice...she'd heard him enough to know it was just the way he was and he wasn't shouting AT her.

The fact that the wherlizard was so hungry was, of course, reassuring. Regardless of what the offworlder said, dragonkin were SUPPOSED to be that way...even weird ones created by scientists.

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 16 2011, 11:18 PM
"All dragonkin so far," said Norm, because he knew everything in the world, hel-lo except apparently for whatever it was that David ran in squealing about. Norm spun on his heels, notes forgotten in the midst of the idea of something new and awesome. He's about to say something witty and brilliant when someone else comes in - pretty girl with pretty curls and way too young to be at this Weyr. Peregrine. Whatever they called it. Either way, she was immediately filed into 'cute little girl who should probably not be here as a Candidate' but that was okay because she was asking about the wherlizard with curious... ness.

"Wherlizard!" He agreed with Keijuli, beaming at both girls as if it hadn't been just explained or at least insinuated about. "I think it's something that could have to do with the bonding process, maybe? Probably not with dragons, but feed a flit and it's yours, feed a wherlizard and it's yours, maybe if you shove the food in a dragons mouth before it bonds it'll become yours? Let's not try that one, though, the dragons may not like it."

He shrugged, hand flicking in the air as if to exlain that he knew just what he meant and even if they didn't, OH WELL. There was David, though, David and the girls. So he grinned at the Doctor, thrusting one hand through his already messed hair.

"Wait. What's brilliant this time? I like brilliant. And yes, wherlizard, brilliant, other brilliance?"

Posted by: Ferret Dec 27 2011, 10:26 PM
D'awww, look at that! The little wherlizard was all curled up, like some sort of a cat. David inched closer and probably would have continued moving------'personal space', if it was in his vocabulary at all, was something he only vaguely understood-----but Norm distracted him. OH RIGHT! He arrived here with an actual purpose, not just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Admittedly, it did seem like a good idea at the time, but that was just because he had a reason. And... things. Grinning widely, he displayed a small plant proudly to the botanist. It wasn't much of a plant, at least by most measures. It lacked leaves and, considering the dirt clinging to its stem, even a root system. It was only a few centimeters long, but David seemed unduly proud of it, as though it was made of gold.

"Look at this! I'm fairly certain that this is a rhizome, although I'm not completely sure. Weelll, I'm pretty sure. Almost certain anyway. Very nearly. Just about. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I'm fairly certain that this is quite similar to Cooksonia. Do you know what that means?"

Well, of course Norm would know.

And attention span switch! Again, the man's attention switched back to the wherlizard, as though just now comprehending what Norm had said earlier about the possibility of force-Impression. "You know, they say that mauling is fairly common at Hatchings. I wonder... I've heard that whers bond by drinking blood. Do you think that this is a primitive instinct that baby dragons are just trying to act on when they attack people?" Hmm... maybe? Something to be stored for later thought.

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