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Posted by: tuathade May 23 2011, 09:47 PM
For all your FAQish needs! More will be added as Tua and Gift see fit.
    Is there a map of Peregrine Weyr?
We're working on it! For now, just go off the forum descriptors, and use your imagination!
    Does Peregrine have a (insert location here)?
    How are slots/auditions/etc. dealt with here?
For the most part, it's first-come first-served. That is to say, the first person to express interest in a slot will be given precedence - not necessarily the first person to complete a WIP. This is to prevent unnecessary competition over who can throw up a completed profile the fastest, and to reduce heartache from people who work on a character, only to just miss it. Still, claims here are very loose: if someone who was working on an audition character happens to vanish mid-WIP, we will give them a time limit, then quietly inform anyone else who had expressed interest. If two people want the same position at the same time, the slot goes to the profile we like best for that position. Them's the breaks.
    Do Candidates have a particular uniform at Peregrine?
Don't show up to lessons naked. Wear your pretty white robe to the Hatching, that is what it's for. That is all.
    Why is the Candidate age so weird here? 16-30? Really?
This is a cultural preference of the offworlders! For the most part they figured that 12-13 is just waaay too young for the kind of responsibility that a dragon would represent... that and fifteen-year-olds in mating flights just creeped them out! So they upped the minimum Candidate age, and then upped the maximum after a 31-year-old Impressed a silver by accident. (Whoops.)
    Can I play a sociopathic/evil/psycho Candidate?
Sociopath yes, Candidate no. Dragons are acutely telepathic and empathic; they will not bond to anyone who lacks empathy! This is not to restrict the character type altogether - you can still play a character who is not capable of Impression. But they would not be Searched as a Candidate, and anyone who displays worrying behavior IC may receive IC consequences.
    Why are you guys so fantastic?
Because we love you. You are the wind beneath our wings.
    What's up with Beautiful? Who is he?
"Beautiful" was the original codename used to refer to Alex, the prototype terribling! Upon hatching he did not have a name, unlike dragons and whers; Salvador simply called him mi bonito, so until David gave him a name, he was simply referred to OOC as "Beautiful".
    What sort of animals did the Peregrine crew bring with them?
The crew brought laboratory animals - mostly mice, rats, and guinea pigs, all bred to have a "clean" genome (IE: they will be albino. No exceptions). Some of the psychological staff might have brought therapy animals (dogs and cats, mostly). Individual crew members would probably have been allowed to bring a single, quiet, well-behaved pet if they so wished (cats, dogs, rodents, rabbits maybe). Reptiles would probably be okay; fish, amphibians, and birds probably not. Bear in mind that most small pet animals would have died during the journey unless they were bred to other small pet animals (rats and mice just don't have a lifespan long enough).
    What's Peregrine policy on adult content?
Tag it. Warn your fellow players so that they can avoid it. This goes for sex, violence, potentially triggering situations (and if you don't know what 'triggering' means, for god's sake ASK US. or Google it) and frankly, anything you wouldn't see in a PG-13 movie. If it goes above weak R, fade to black. Threads that violate this rule will be locked and/or deleted without warning. Violate it more than once, you're banned.
    Why don't the dragons here Impress based on sexuality?
Apart from the whole "gays and lesbians can lead just as well as straight people" thing? The only plausible reason for sexuality restrictions is, honestly, Flightsex. And that isn't a problem anymore here. Your 100% heterosexual male garnetrider can be caught by a 100% heterosexual female brownrider. Or your lesbian goldrider can be caught by a bisexual female silverrider. These are not things that are considered weird at Peregrine.
    Do Candidates receive some kind of a stipend?
Yes and no. Candidates receive about a Mark a month from the Weyr to do with as they see fit. During Gathers, a few additional Marks might be handed out for pocket change, depending on a Candidate's behaviour during their time at the Weyr (for example, A'non and B'lank have never, EVER received additional marks. ever). But other than that, Candidates are given free food, a free place to sleep, free attention to their clothes from the Weyr weavers and laundresses, and are allowed to run up a tab at the bar (to be paid back some time before the end of the Peregrine mission), so I don't think it's too bad a deal.

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