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Posted by: tuathade Nov 12 2011, 11:53 PM
Other Weyrs and Holds of Pern
aka those other shitty places we don’t care about, ‘cuz we’re offworlders

    Just like the Rest of the Universe thread, this is not a comprehensive guide to everything. We’re still largely driven by user-created content. Pern is a big place and there’s room for everything. It’s an entire planet; think of the diversity of cultures that exist on Earth, and that is the diversity that should exist on Pern. This thread will be updated as people ask questions that require answers, so check back if you ever need a reference.

    We respectfully request that you not create any content that stifles the ability of others to create/play their own characters. Saying, for instance, that there is a hold equivalent to the Bible Belt (lol renewable airforce belt) is fine. Saying that ALL holds are like that isn't. Use common sense. There's enough room in this sandbox for everyone.

Posted by: tuathade Nov 12 2011, 11:53 PM
Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr is still, in many respects, Peregrine’s ‘parent’ weyr. They are the nearest to Peregrine geographically. Sh’ard and R’ley are expected to report to Fort. The Fort brass can drop in if they like to have a look around the place. In short, if the offworlders report to the Captain and to Salvador, the native Pernese look to Fort Weyr.

Home of the Harper and Healer Mastercrafthalls, and the oldest Weyr on Pern, Fort Weyr is the one that, in the end, all other weyrs look to. For the most part, Fort deals with Peregrine as one would a wayward teenage child: with a certain tolerant exasperation. Peregrine is, after all, a convenient place to send all those terrible reject riders that no one else wants to handle, and Sh’ard and R’ley don’t seem to be complaining. That, and the offworlders occasionally produce useful things. However, for those who pay particular attention, Fort as of late has been showing more and more interest in the activities of the geneticists.

People to Know
    Senior Weyrwoman: Goldrider Yerina of Rith. Pretty chill, overall. Badass old lady who’s seen EVERYTHING.

    Weyrleader: Bronzerider R’tas of Ortyrth. Elderly, grumpy, and crotchety. Doesn’t believe in silverriding Weyrleaders, because shardit, whoever heard of lesbian weyrleading pairs? That’s just crazy offworlder talk!

    Junior Weyrwoman: Goldrider Bayrin of Locheath. You know those “traditional queenriders” that nobody likes to talk about? Yeah. Yeeeah. Benden called. They want their shrew back.

    Weyrsecond: Bronzerider K’zir of Alledith. Guy in his mid-fifties. Doesn’t seem too unfriendly, but he’s definitely interested in Peregrine. Very interested in Peregrine. Enough to make some people a little nervous.

Posted by: tuathade Nov 12 2011, 11:55 PM
All the (Other) Weyrs of Pern

Just a quick overview of all the non-Fort Weyrs, and relevant information about them.

As a general rule, all Weyrs (unless otherwise specified) accept the presence of black, white, and silver as legitimate dragonkin colors. However, Peregrine is currently the ONLY weyr to possess any engineered colors. That means no bismuth, tanzanite, pearl, garnet, copper, chameleon, or iron for these guys.

    Benden still considers itself the Best Weyr On Pern (and don’t tell them otherwise!) even ages after that whole Lessa and Ramoth thing. It is true that the other weyrs and holds still haven’t figured out how to mimic a good Benden wine... they have the Vintner Mastercrafthall for a reason. They’re also the most conservative, and STILL in a snitfit over silvers. Silver Weyrleaders are outlawed at Benden, and silvers tend to be sent away when a gold is starting to look shiny.
High Reaches
    Omg offfworlders we love you send us moar heaters. Home of the Starsmith Mastercrafthall. Apart from Fort, High Reaches is the weyr with the best relationship with Peregrine. This might have something to do with the fact that shortly after Peregrine was established, some members of the engineering team visited High Reaches and installed central heating there.
Honshu Weyrhold
    One of the three weyrholds of Pern, along with Peregrine and Monaco Bay. Honshu Weyrhold is pretty much considered the cushy retirement home for elderly dragonrider pairs. Like Florida, with less Disney and more dragons but approximately the same number of old people..
    Igen’s the Weyr that nobody ever wants to get transferred to. Living in a desert sucks. The only people who disagree with this sentiment are the native Igen folk, who think the rest of Pern is just a bunch of pussies. For this game’s purpose, we can consider Igen to be Pern’s Australia, only a little less populated with criminals. As far as we know.
    Not much has changed about Ista in the past few hundred turns. They’re still living on their tropical island paradise, not giving much of a shit about anybody else. Can’t blame them, really.
    Home to secondary Healer, Harper, and Smith crafthalls to oversee the Southern crafters. Landing is a relatively small weyr, but an important one nonetheless. Home to the AIVAS Museum and Robinton Memorial. Really this is just a nice place for Pernese history buffs and crafters who want to work more closely with dragons.
Monaco Bay Weyrhold
    One of the three weyrholds of Pern, along with Peregrine and Honshu. Monaco Bay is more or less the heart of Pern’s Dolphincraft; there are still plenty of dolphincrafters at Tillek and Bahrain, but more and more are moving to the weyrhold. It helps that dolphin candidates and dragon candidates tend to overlap in general requirements.
    By far the largest weyr on the Southern Continent, with Landing coming in second. Many older Southern dragonriders and weyrfolk still remember the freak Threadfall of thirteen years ago. Many of them, understandably, bear a grudge against Peregrine for this precise reason. They’re known for their wines, their lack of a mountain, and - at least as far as Peregrine has seen - their piss-poor attitudes.
    Home of the Smith Mastercrafthall, and oversees some of the wealthiest folk on Pern... at least, before the offworlders turned everything upside down. (NOW THIS IS A STORY ALL ABOUT HOW MY WEYR GOT FLIPPED TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND I’D LIKE TO TAKE A MINUTE JUST SIT RIGHT THERE, I’LL TELL YOU HOW WE BECAME THE BITCH OF ONE “PEREGRINE WEYR”) There’s a lot of mixed emotions here: some folks are excited by the promise of new technology, while others resent that Telgar, long the technological epicenter of Pern, has been effortlessly overtaken.

Posted by: tuathade Nov 12 2011, 11:55 PM
Holds of Pern

Too many to count. We’re not going to list them all: assume all known major holds of the Tenth Pass are still extant. In addition, more minor holds and cotholds have sprung up all over the known continents of Pern; in response to the removal of Thread threat, the Pernese have reclaimed lands that were previously uninhabitable. Many of these areas were, for instance, prime cropland or herdland that just happened to lack shelter from Threadfall, and as a result agriculture of all kinds is now exponentially improved.

The culture of Holds is wide and varied. We can no more make sweeping generalizations about all the holds of Pern than we can make sweeping generalizations about all the towns of America. However, certain constants hold true. Holders tend to be more socially conservative than weyrfolk. They don’t have to deal with Flightlust or crazy dragonkin shenanigans on a daily basis. In some places, sexism and xenophobia still exist, although they are considered socially unacceptable. (Consider someone being accused of sexism or racism in today’s society - it’s not something you want to be labeled as, but the prejudices certainly exist.)

There is some resentment among many Holds towards Peregrine; while the weyrhold has shared some of its technology, most has remained exclusive to Peregrine itself. Fort Hold has some offworlder tech, and some has spread across all of Pern... But Peregrine is a weyrhold; no holds tithe to it, and it is beholden to none save Fort. Peregrine Searches from all over Pern, and anyone who wishes to be closer to the offworlders is welcome to come. However, apart from hopeful candidates and those who are actively interested in offworlder tech... Peregrine’s doors are not always open. This is a cause for some conflict.

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