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Posted by: giftwrapped Dec 17 2011, 02:18 AM
Usually, Touchings were conducted at the leisure of the clutchmother. On the other hand, that kind of thinking was the kind of thinking reserved for Weyrs where the only clutchers were golds - golds who would undoubtedly fail to Rise at the same time and in general managed to keep their clutches rotating on a pretty solid schedule. It worked well for them, which meant that all of Pern's traditions were created with such predictable uniformity in mind.

And then, there was Peregrine.

Admittedly, up until that point, they had managed to avoid clutch overlap - though as far as anyone could tell, that was mostly because they had only been in existence for five or so turns. After all, with pearls, it was inevitably only a matter of time before something this ridiculous happened. In a way, it was lucky that Fort had requested eggs when they did - otherwise, Peregrine would have been rather overrun with dragons. Not that any of the Peregrine residents saw it that way. Certainly, the Weyrleaders didn't - and they had kept most of Aidyth's clutch, giving Fort only a small handful of eggs and the two adult Pearls requested. They could have the adults, but the eggs belonged to Peregrine.

Also theoretically to Southern, who mostly didn't want them.

They had scheduled a set date where all the shells from all three clutches would be hard and both remaining clutchmothers could be present. Nobody was quite sure how Soleth was going to react, and the possibility for touching those eggs would likely be quite low judging by the rest of the garnet's behaviour, but Iassenth seemed largely tolerant. So rather than having a female call the Touching, they had posted Weyrwide notices. It was easier that way. And the morning of, just to ensure that everyone had got the message, a cheerful reminder had gone out over the Weyr's intercom: Valana would be waiting at the Hatching Sands for anyone of age who wanted to check out the eggs, starting at noon.

So at noon sharp, the redheaded woman was standing cheerfully on the Sands just within the walking entrance to the Sands, hands clasped tidily in front of her and a grin spread from ear to ear across her face. First Touching as Candidatemaster, and she was already delighted with the situation. After all, eggs became dragons, and Val loved dragons as much as she loved kids. And she had even made a promise to Sh'ard that she wouldn't turn it into a Learning Experience. Field trips, while all well and good on the whole, were not something to which you wanted to subject dragon eggs. Even if it would have been a wonderful time to study dragon reproduction.

Touching Guidelines
  • The Touching is open to all who wish to Stand as Candidates - this includes offworlders and weyrfolk of appropriate age, even if they haven't been formally Searched.
  • Candidates should please wear clothes. It doesn't matter what kind, but you really should wear some.
  • As they enter the sands, Candidates should bow to Soleth and Iassenth to show respect. To speed things up, feel free to assume that all Candidates will be allowed onto the hatching grounds.
  • DF's Soleth is canonically understood to be edgy regarding people touching her eggs. If DF elects to say that Soleth has had enough, then it's time to back off her babies.
  • That said, once Soleth has been convinced ICly that people touching her eggs is okay, feel free to poke them to your hearts' content! DF and Noz will be sending out responses for them!
  • Likewise, Iassenth is at her paranoid best, so if y'all don't want to be booted off the Sands, be on your best behavior this time around.
  • How you want to write your touching posts is up to you. You can do one egg per post, several eggs, or all in one huge post! You can touch all the eggs, or just a few of them - anything goes.
  • As always, please indicate in bold which three eggs you would like to get a response from. An admin (or in this case, potentially Noz or DF) will PM you a reply. Again, as standard, three responses per Candidate.
  • REMEMBER: for the most part, egg responses mean nothing in regards to Impression hints. Some eggs hate everyone. Some eggs only like a few people. Some eggs like everyone. Who knows! They do tend to be helpful for egg-guessing, though.
  • Attendance at the Touching is not mandatory to Impress. BUT IT SURE IS FUN.

Posted by: giftwrapped Dec 17 2011, 02:19 AM
    Inner City Skyline egg
    This smallish egg is divided in two, with a faint uneven line dividing the top from the bottom, like a horizon interrupted by tall buildings. The top half is all deep blues, whereas the bottom half is brick red. Yellowish-white points decorate the shell like lights. For all its lack of size, it seems to have an excess of personality, greeting every touch with brash hostility.

    Glitch in the Mainframe egg
    It’s purple. It’s… very, very purple. Covered with faintly mottled patterns of lighter and darker violet, the overall appearance reminds one of a bright purple stormcloud – in part because overlaid on the pattern are jagged white lines like lightning. It’s hard to tell, but it seems to change a little every time you look at it… And likewise, the creature inside the egg seems to change with every touch: friendly one moment, dangerous the next.

    Rhythm and Rhyme egg
    All vibrant primary colors and strangely familiar shapes, this egg is delightfully inviting to the touch. Its primary color is a buttery yellow, though there are traces of rich red, blue, and white on there too, all divided by crisp, clean black lines. The pattern makes no recognizable picture, although it seems like it could, if you viewed it from the right angle. Touching it only reinforces that inviting sense, as this egg is warm and full of friendly patience.

    Out of this World egg
    This egg is one of the smallest of the clutch, but it’s positively eye-catching with its array of colors. A thick rainbow band spirals around the egg, tracing the path of a bright yellow star that rests at the crown of the shell. The backdrop is the vivid deep midnight blue of a night sky, decorated with dazzling nebulae and round, brightly colored spots like planets. The entity inside the shell is more understated, positively subdued by comparison, but there is a sense of limitless, almost magical potential.

    Lightning Round egg
    ...What egg?

    Restoration of Harmony egg
    This egg is divided cleanly into four sections: one in earthy greens and browns, one in wispy pale blues and silvers, one rippled in teal and blue, and one nearly glowing with reds and golds. It wriggles restlessly, seemingly unable to sit still. Candidates who touch the egg will get the impression of a tough, confident, and above all competent personality, one disproportionate to the little dragonet’s age – how can something not even born yet be so sure of itself?

    Nothing is Impossible egg
    This medium-large egg is...really the only word for it is “garish.” It’s dominated by a blocky pattern of alternating black and acid green bright enough to be classified as “day-glo.” It used to sit close to the Lightning Round egg, but doesn't even seem to notice its sibling's absence. Contrary to the uplifting nickname, the egg’s denizen seems…pretty pessimistic. Or maybe just bored. Regardless, those touching it feel mostly a sense of exaggerated patience that ends in somewhat-unpleasant mocking laughter. You’re tedious. Go away.

    Celestial Powerplay egg
    This petite egg looks almost like someone took two separate shells and glued them together. The top half is pearly whites and bright golds and sky blues, swirled together into vague ethereal shapes that seem to mostly resemble moons and clouds. The bottom…well, the cloud motif continues, only this time in blacks and deep reds and several shades of green. The dragonet inside is quiet, though those who make the mistake of assuming it’s shy or retiring will be met with a surge of iron will – and perhaps the slightest bit of cold amusement, if the egg really feels like it.

    Code Name egg
    Some of the offworlders will recognize the pattern on this hefty egg. Irregular patches of greens, browns, and greys, the base of this egg is a warmish, dark olive tone, but the dappling – or rather, the military-issue camouflage – somewhat obscures most of it. The only distinct shape on the egg looks almost as if it was etched in vaguely metallic silver – a five-pointed star trailing three lines. The dragon inside, whatever it may be, gives the impression of being impatient with its time in the egg. There are things to do and stuff to learn and it wants to be doing them and learning it now!

    Starlit Holography egg
    Are eggs supposed to sparkle? Because if they’re not, someone needs to inform the Starlit Holography egg, and post-haste. A whirl of bright colours – pastels and neons and abstract patterns that mostly resemble stylized five-pointed stars and other flashy shapes – the shell positively glitters in the sunlight. Those not put off by its truly outrageous appearance will find that the dragonet inside is curious, interested, friendly, and eager to interact with new faces. It seems acutely aware that it’s being put on display for all the Weyr to see. Showtime!

    Ring of Fire egg
    This mid-sized egg, in swirling blues and whites with green-brown patches, looks…uncannily familiar. Planetlike, perhaps. Rounder than most eggs, even the jaunty angle at which it tilts is uncannily correct. The major dissimilarity between it and Earth (beyond it being an egg) is a set of five colored lines – green, orange, white, aqua, and yellow – spaced evenly around its circumference that meet in a rainbow swirl at its apex. The dragon inside is loud, that’s for sure – but it gives off the impression that its loudness is its own particular brand of friendliness. Certainly, it seems to enjoy company.

    Call of the Wild egg
    Leopard print. No, literally. This egg is leopard print. Smallish and tawny with literal leopard spots covering it, it even looks a little bit furry from a distance, enough that at some point, someone will undoubtedly wonder why the egg is wrapped in a feline pelt. Up close, though, it’s obviously just an egg – and if you lean in to scrutinize it, you’ll realize that some of the spots actually seem to take the shape of stylized animals. There’s a lion here, a bear there, and…is that a mermaid? The dragon inside is bombastic and excitable, eager to meet everyone and clearly delighted to be receiving attention.
    Dappled Pelt egg
    …Pearls can’t clutch golds… can they? No, this egg is lacking the characteristic metallic sheen that would normally mark a gold egg. Nonetheless, it has the color and the size: a rich tawny gold dappled with darker weathered-gold spots and stripes. It seems… well frankly, it seems rather irate with the world. Although given the fate of its clutchmother and some of its siblings, can it really be blamed?

    Deep Tracks egg
    This largish egg is rather serene to look at. The top and bottom are covered in a green, faintly dappled leaflike pattern, somewhat like looking at sunlight through a forest canopy. Between the two is a thick band of muddy brown, with a darker oblong pattern like footprints. The egg is quiet to the touch, giving off a sense not of laziness, but of a creature of infinite patience. Whatever’s in this egg, it is willing to wait forever if necessary.

    Swift Feather egg
    Unlike some of the brighter siblings, this little egg is plain. Plain and black, all over. No fancy bright colors… Just a faint feathery pattern, almost indistinguishable of lighter near-black on darker true black. It’s still pretty in its own way: there’s a healthy, glossy sheen to the shell, and the egg wiggles occasionally. Touching the shell just gets you a head full of raucous noise, though.

    Bloodied King egg
    Not quite as large as the Dappled Pelt egg, the Bloodied King egg is still impressively sized. The base color is a kind of mottled greenish-brown; though the shell itself is nice and smooth to the touch, like all dragon eggs, something about the pattern of light and dark greys makes the texture appear strange and hard to pin down. It is splashed with a brilliant gash of bloody, ruby red, with flecks of that color dripping down the shell. The creature within is not so loud as the Swift Feather egg, nor as friendly as some of its other siblings… It does, however, give off the impression of both hunger and cunning.

    Rolling Thunder egg
    This egg feels bigger than it really is. It’s not actually a large egg, but something about the way it sits – broad side down, sturdy and more deeply buried in the sand, as if it were tremendously heavy and sinking in deep – makes it seem much larger. The shell itself is just a plain dull grey, nothing particularly extraordinary. Neither does the dragonet inside leave much of an impression – perhaps it’s asleep?

    Gentle Heart egg
    A soft olive green, speckled with brown and black, the Gentle Heart egg sits towards the center of the clutch, cocked at a slight angle. Mid-sized and not particularly eye-catching, this egg would be forgettable if not for the feeling that one receives upon touching the shell. It is a sense of overwhelming calm, of reassurance and strength. Whatever anxieties or stress one brings onto the Sands, they are banished upon touching this egg.

    Hunting Paws egg
    In mostly greys and tans, there is nothing remarkable about this medium-sized egg. It’s marked irregularly with bits of reddish-tan and occasionally white, but the focal point of the shell is a pair of golden-yellow eyespots. The dragonet inside is a great deal more interesting than its shell lets on: it gives the impression of being, if not intelligent, then fiercely determined to make things happen. And there’s no way in hell it’s going to let something like being stuck in a shell get in the way of that. It does seem a little aloof with strangers, though.

    Branching Palms egg
    This egg is extremely large, nearly the same size as the Bloodied King egg. Its shell is a rich sable brown, darkest on the top and palest on the bottom, that gives the illusion of a silky texture in some lights. It might be a trick of the light, but there appear to be two small protrusions on either side of the top of the egg, and the egg seems to be leaning slightly back to show these off. The dragonet inside seems rather skittish, but occasionally reacts to touches with interest, or even (very rarely) aggression.

    Killer Claws egg
    Can eggs seem fluffy? This little egg seems fluffy. All creamy hues with little accents of bluish-grey and chocolate-brown, it’s quite possibly one of the most inviting in either of the clutches. After all, who wouldn’t want to touch an egg that looks, in defiance of all conventional norms, fluffy? Unfortunately, “inviting” ends as soon as the shell is touched. In sharp contrast to the appearance, its inhabitant gives off the impression of being two things: 1) extremely intelligent, and 2) very, very uninterested in your value beyond as a food item.

    Crowning Spikes egg
    Almost as large as the Dappled Pelt egg, this egg sits rather far across the clutch from its sibling. Its shell is, for the most part, tawny, though hefty doses of burnt ochre and even rusty oranges streak it – but there is an interesting, almost pebbled texture to it that makes it notable. The dragon inside seems largely placid, though a few touching it will get the impression that there is something to it that could very well be spurred to explosive action someday. Just…not now.

    Deadly Teeth egg
    Glossy in a way that makes light reflect off it in ripples, this middling-large egg is all sleek lines and shimmering shell. Somehow, despite the fact that it is an egg, it gives off an impression of being hydrodynamic. Those who get close enough to touch it, though, are often surprised by the fact that the shell itself is rough, like sandpaper. Its colouring is nondescript – deep steely grey on the top fading to pure white on the bottom. The dragonet inside is quiet, and those touching the shell catch mostly a feeling of patience, and often also of hunger.

    Ancient Wings egg
    Sitting next to the Swift Feather egg, this tiny little shell is similar only in that it shares the same feather pattern. Otherwise, it could be its polar opposite. It is literally rainbow coloured: the base is a tawny, rusty sort of yellow, marked in splashes of greens, reds, and purples. The dragon inside, whatever it is, is curious and excited and clearly both very eager to learn and very very happy that you are coming to visit it – though it does occasionally get intimidated by very loud brains.
    Mask is Slipping Egg - A very small egg, the Mask is Slipping Egg is covered with ridges, small whorls on the shell like ripples in the water. The overall shape of it is perfectly round save for those ripples, a deep, dark red akin to fresh blood. Little bursts of blue and pink burst out on the shell at some of the ripples, giving the egg something of a rainbow look. When touched, the dragon inside gives off a sense of wanting to please, and if someone even tries to doubt it, a feeling of bravado because shardit, the Mask is Slipping Egg can be that awesome. You just wait and see.

    Everyone's a Hero Egg - An egg of the large side of small-ish, the Everyone's a Hero egg stands taller and more to the forefront than its colourful sibling... and anyone who looked at the two together might get the distinct impression that it's trying to draw all the eyes in the hatching cavern to it. It's shiny - not a metallic gleam like that of a gold or silver, no, but a glossy black that catches every highlight of sunshine that might sneak in, reflecting it off the numerous dents and dimples that pattern its surface. The largest dents are marked by radiating 'cracks' of bright yellow. Besides 'hey hey look at me', candidates approaching this egg might get a sense of arrogant swaggering - or otherwise a dismissive cold shoulder.

Posted by: Ferret Dec 17 2011, 03:18 AM
No, Valana. Cordel was not there to actually Stand for the clutch. Not at all. Nope. Not even a little bit. He was just there out of Healerific curiosity and a desire to take a peek at the huge clutch that crowded into the cavern. Plus, they were all from engineered dragons, which made them doubly weird unusual. His shoulders felt unusually light. Honestly, they felt almost bare without Tribble and You in their usual places.

Given Soleth's temperament and Iassenth's uneasy mood, it really was best to leave overly curious firelizards behind. The Healer bowed to the queens present and gave a friendly---friendlyish---- nod to Valana which, roughly translated from Cordelese meant, 'please do not attempt to give me a hug right now'. Valana had always been curiously resilient to the language but he hoped she'd learn some day, preferably before he died of terminal huggitis, which was totally a real disease no matter what the Master Dragonhealer said.

Speaking of health... his icy blue eyes focused on the dragon eggs once more, trying to gauge their size and weight. For the most part, they looked... well... normal. Normalish, anyway, which was perfectly normal for dragon clutches. There was no such thing as a typical dragon egg. If he didn't know better, he'd assume that they all contained Greens, Blues, Bronzes, and Browns based solely on their size.

The Starlit Holography egg caught his eye first, primarily because it sparkled. Seriously, it fardling sparkled. In the sunlight even! Some things just weren't meant to sparkle. Curiously, he touched the shell gently, wondering just what those offworlders had done to the dragons.


David most certainly did not creep into the Hatching Cavern, because that would have implied he was trying to go unnoticed. Also, it sounded really creepy. Out of respect for the nesting dragons-----and, hopefully, in turn he would earn their respect in the form of not removing his head from his shoulders------he was merely trying to be quiet. It was like trying to keep carbonation in a soda. After shaking it. The enthusiastic man was simply vibrating with excitement as he looked over the bunches of eggs. Still, his excitement wasn't so much that he forgot to bow to the Pearl and Garnet.

"Valana! Good to see you," he said, making a clear effort to at least try to keep his voice down. While the offworlder wasn't an official Candidate by any means, he still took note of the woman's lessons as a wonderful learning opportunity. The best way to learn was hands on, wasn't it? As entertaining as David found Valana, the Doctor's attention was slipping back towards the eggs.

The conversation with I'saac was still fresh in his mind, after all. The tall man sidled closer to the Dappled Pelt egg, attracted by the shine because apparently the Doctor worked the same way that magpies did. Gently, he dragged his fingers across the shell, trying to feel any difference between the shiny bits and the dull bits. Amazing, how it managed to glitter like that. Just simply brilliant.

Posted by: Thessalian Dec 17 2011, 09:05 AM
Missandei, being tiny, was capable of making herself quite unnoticed should the circumstances demand. In this case, as she had no wish to disturb stressy, paranoid mother-dragons, she definitely wanted to not make a usual gleeful bouncy fuss. So she stepped onto the sands quietly, dressed in shades of brown-gold that matched her hair, and restricted herself to small finger-waggling waves to Valana and whoever happened to be passing. The queens got deep curtsies, of course, and a smile that spoke of friendly respect and the deep desire to be friends with ... well, everyone, and thus not wanting to hurt anyone or anything. The benefits of having an expressive face.

It took a moment to decide which to approach first; they were all so beautiful, all bright colours and some even sparkled! Though he didn't look very approachable at the moment so she just gave him a wave and ... ooh. One of them was moving. She stepped gently over to the Restoration of Harmony egg and touched it lightly with her fingers, gentle as she'd be on lute strings. She was making an effort to be verbally quiet, but there was a lot of thinking going on; wondering if the dragon inside the egg was doing well and whether s/he was anxious to be out on adventures and how it would be a great pleasure to meet him or her when the time came and 'oh-your-shell-is-pretty'.


This, Kezia had decided, was entirely S'ass' fault. Since they'd met over klah and Morrigan's general unhappiness awhile back, S'ass had been nudging about white being her colour and 'look, this robe is fetching' and nudge nudge nudge and nag nag nag. How in the multiple hells was she supposed to ignore her own nagging curiosity with S'ass around?

She wasn't, apparently, so there she was. But it was only curiosity. To see who else was there (wasn't this the one that rumour had it hung flower bouquets all over various corridors in the Peregrine? And a Healer; awesome - she'd heard stories about maulings, and seen scars. And Doctor David, apparently not letting having been dropped off a dragon put him off the idea of them for good. Good for him). To say hi to Valana. To give the mama dragons the bow most common on her homeworld: arms crossed across the chest, bend the waist to a respectful depth, lower the head.

Okay, and then to -- wait, that egg has eyes. Given this planet's wonders, she had to wonder if the dragon within could see out them. Well, there was apparently one way to find out, or at least get an idea. Surely no one would get too aerated if she touched the eggs to see if any of them talked to her, right? So she stepped towards the Hunting Paws egg, dropped gently to a knee and touched its side, like she would were she caressing someone's face, just to the left of its eye spots. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to talk to or think at any of these eggs or what, so she just stuck with what she knew - she spoke quietly, under her breath so no one stood a chance of hearing. "Y'okay in there?"

Posted by: Tawny Dec 17 2011, 10:30 AM
For one reason and another, despite his fascination with all beasts dragonkin, Dimitry had not made it to a Touching before nor had he stood on the Sands as an official candidate. He was no less busy this year than he had been those years, but this year did bring a bit of added impetus; he would be turning thirty one, and would not longer be allowed to do this. He didn't understand exactly why one year made a difference - Shepard had Impressed aged thirty one in any case! - but he supposed there had to be a cut off point somewhere. Anyway, whatever the reason was he was approaching that cut off now and had no intention of letting the chance to touch some dragon eggs pass him by.

As there had been time to prepare, for once in his life the massive man had actually made an effort with his appearance. He was wearing a smart tunic, smart leggings, and knee boots he'd actually put actual polish on. Even more shockingly he'd done something about his crazy mane of curls, taming them today into a tumble of sleek golden ringlets which would have looked far more appropriate on a fairytale princess. His father on spotting him in the hallway, naturally, had laughed and asked if he had a date. Why yes, yes he did; a date with destiny! The resulting ridiculous banter that was a hallmark of their relationship had almost made him late, but fortunately when he'd noticed the time, the long legs that came with his general giantness brought him to the sands on time.

There they were, the enormous dragons (even blacks and whites still seemed massive to him), and of course the eggs. The eggs. The variety of sizes and even shapes was surprising enough but the colours!.... Oh yes, Pern was full of wonders alright. He had been told that different eggs could even have different textures which seemed mad to him, how could all of these come from the same species let alone the same individual? When he asked that of natives to Pern he tended to get a funny look and a shrug; that's just the way dragons were, it was as normal to Weyrfolk as... as... as something really normal.

Taking a moment to grin at Cordel - he was convinced he'd get under the grump one day despite evidence to the contrary - Dimitry stepped out onto the hot sands and bowed deeply to the female dragons. With this courtesy out of the way he discovered a dilemma; he had to decide which egg to touch first!

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 17 2011, 02:01 PM
Stuff and nonsense.

Norm didn't like stuff and nonsense per se as lists and organization and science were best put hand in hand with notes and everything, but sometimes it required clawing your way in and being like the others. The natives. He didn't want to be a native but he sure as hell wanted to know what it was they experienced.

Good science was good observation.

When time came for the Touching, Norm decided 'why not' and headed over with a contraption to make notes with. Talking into a recorder would probably go over less than well with the clutchmothers, let alone anyone else.

He totally wore clothes - explorer khaki pants and a button up thing with a light jacket. Fall was fall, Turns end or not! Tablet tucked away, he gave the clutchmothers the best bow he could manage (which was quite graceful, thank you, he practiced for hours) and waved happily over at David. Hi David! =D Norm sees you!

Annnnnd he also saw the leopard print. How often did you see an egg with leopard print?! Not often, not often at all. The other eggs were all awesome, of course, but first.


Leopard print.

Norm all but frolicked over to the Call of the Wild egg in question. "Are we allowed to talk to you? Hello little egglet. I'm Norm." Yes. He talked anyway, even when pressing his hands onto the spotted shell with a happy grin.

Delight, it's name is Norman Spellman.

Posted by: Dragonfire Dec 17 2011, 03:59 PM
"Shhh, Soleth. It's okay. They're not going to hurt them," D'lin said reassuringly, for perhaps the tenth time that morning. He'd taken up a position near her head, stroking her, murmuring soft things to her over and over in some attempt to dispel the state of tizzy that she'd worked herself up into.

It hadn't helped that the riders from Fort had taken away Aidyth and some of the pearls' eggs. The first few days after that had been awful; she'd not slept, nor eaten, and had barely even let him near her duo. Even after the events had slipped from her memory, though, she'd managed to hold on to the vague sense that something wasn't right, that the eggs weren't safe, that she couldn't let them out of her sight for a moment.

They will! No one can touch them, D'lin! They could touch too hard, or tamper with them somehow, or steal them! she hissed, refusing to rise off of them. She'd tucked the two securely within her foreclaws, holding them close to her chest, her neck laid low down over them to conceal them from any wandering eyes.

"Of course they wouldn't. You'd be watching the whole time. And do you think I would let anyone hurt them?" D'lin ran his hands over her eyeridges, doing his very best to ignore the wild orange swirling through her eyes. At least she'd calmed down from earlier rage, and was 'just' fearful. "And Iassenth isn't upset about this. She's done this before, Soleth, and nothing bad has ever happened. I touched your egg, remember? She let me, and everyone else, and it worked out fine." Gentle, gentle.

She hissed, again, shifting her hindquarters uncomfortably. Of course D'lin would not let anyone hurt them... but she didn't want to admit to that. This all could only end in tears! And it wasn't going to be her tears, or her eggs', damnit. No. No! They can't touch them. Iassenth can let her children be broken, but I won't!

This was going to take a little while longer, apparently.

Posted by: shadowreine Dec 17 2011, 04:52 PM

And with three clutches, Kejuli figured that if she didn't Impress *this* time it either meant she was hideously unlucky, somehow not ready or meant for a gold or something.

She was not sure she wouldn't prefer hideously unlucky. Soleth was guarding her eggs and apparently didn't want the Candidates near them yet. Her rider was trying to calm her down about the matter.

Well, if they didn't get Touched it happened. Although from what she knew it might mean it would be best to give those particular eggs space, as the hatchlings might be more aggressive, confused and frightened.

Okay. She bowed to the two clutch dams...there should have been three, but one had transferred to Fort along with some of the eggs. Giving the nervous Soleth plenty of space, the girl made her way towards an egg that was the offspring of one of the pearls. She wasn't entirely sure which one...with the remaining pearl tending all of them, they might have got all mixed up, and it really didn't matter anyway.

This one would do. She rested her and on the Ring of Fire egg, murmuring a quiet hello to it.

Posted by: Tea Cup Sheik Dec 17 2011, 06:38 PM
Tevia rubbed his hands together nervously. For once, he was going without his trade mark gloves, and the unfamiliar feeling of chilly air on his bare skin was actually vaguely unpleasant. Still, you couldn't very well go to an egg touching without bare hands, could you? It seemed to somehow defeat the whole point, after all. He just hoped his hands were clean enough – he'd made sure to scrub them really hard with his best smelling soap! ...Oh, wait, eggs couldn't smell, could they? So wasn't he just walkin' round smelling of lilacs and honey for nothing? Ugh, the prospect of baby dragons made him so scattered! He just needed to straighten up and get it over with!

His insides fluttering with nervous butterflies, the soap maker bowed to both clutching mothers – nearly vibrating from the excitement of getting up close and personal to the eggs for the first time. Where to go first? Feeling a bit self conscious of his rather girly-smelling self, his eyes trailed over the eggs until he settled on perhaps the manliest looking of them. He made a beeline towards it, and hesitantly pressed his hands against the code name egg. “Um. Cheers?” He said a bit anxiously, and then moved on to touch a few others.

After a moment he stepped back and headed over towards the other clutch, and went from egg to egg slowly and hesitantly. He almost passed by the gentle heart egg, but something about it made him pause and backtrack. Tevia slide his hands across it's surface gently, and smiled despite his nerves. Eventually he turned away, cringing a bit at Soleth. I-It was probably time to wrap things up, wasn't it? The last egg he touched before shuffling off the hatching grounds with his figerative tail between his legs was the deadly teeth egg, which, as it turned out, probably wasn't the best for boasting his courage.

Posted by: Tawny Dec 18 2011, 10:17 AM
Poor Soleth, she wasn't happy at all. Instinct made him want to go up and hug the creature that dwarfed him so much, to somehow reassure her that everything would be alright. Fortunately however common sense sat heavily on fuzzy emotion and kept him where he was; going close would just make her worse and probably get him kicked off the Sands before he had a chance to touch any eggs. He couldn't blame her for feeling as she did though, her first clutch and she'd had to watch one of the other mothers and several of the eggs taken away. It had been a sensible move, both to keep on the right side of Fort and to assure they weren't swamped with hatchlings, if there were too many some might not be able to find partners and would go between. That didn't bear thinking about, but he doubted it made the garnet dragon feel any better.

Suddenly becoming aware that he'd been standing still and staring for quite some time Dimitry shook himself, offered the unhappy dragon a smile that he doubted she noticed, and headed towards the Out of this World egg. Tiny little thing it was compared to some of the others; that meant probably green, bismuth, black or white, right? A small blue or tanzanite was probably possible too, but looking at the rest of the eggs it would have to be an exceptionally (or eggceptionally, har har) small individual.

Kneeling down in the hot sand (uncomfortable hot through his leggings) Dimitry reached out to brush the shell with his fingertips. Once he had convinced himself that it wasn't going to shatter or anything he laid his palm flat against it and ran his hand gently from its apex down to the sand it nestled in.

Posted by: Grayson Dec 18 2011, 04:01 PM
Draco arrived quietly and without fanfare - not that anyone else had been particularly loud about it, but he was even quieter than most as he offered Valana a bow. Stepping onto the sands, he started by bowing to the two remaining clutchmothers, as he'd been told - but then he brought his right fist up to his heart in formal salute, inclining his head to them at the same time. An added formality, but one that obviously meant more to Draco than bowing did.

That done, the big Marine moved towards the eggs with exaggerated care. He took a little time to inspect them without coming close, then looked up to Iassenth and Soleth. "Thank you very much for allowing us here," he rumbled, then stepped forward to place a hand on the Rolling Thunder egg, still with that same exaggerated care.

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 18 2011, 04:39 PM
Late to the party? Never! The party didn't start until Cleo got there, didn't y'all know that? Several other Candidates - several she knew or at least saw from the ship or anything - were already there and touching the little egglets as if they had something very set in mind on what they were or were not going to get. Something like that.

Cleo scooted in in the usual dress of the day, though the sash on her tunic happened to be a bright, cheerful yellow. She loved yellow! It went so badly with her hair but if one couldn't clash, why should one even be allowed to dress? Right? ... Right? Of course! She hesitated on the edge of the Sands, eyes going from the adult dragons to the eggs to the Candidates and right back again. It took a moment, but she ended up bowing anyway and scooting herself right there with the rest of them!

All were lovely. (Sort of.) Some glowed bright, others dull, some had patterns, here there or the other... So many choices! And the first was the Nothing is Impossible egg, her hands settling on the curve of the shell with wide wide eyes. "Good afternoon, little egg. My, what big... shell colors you have."

Or something. It worked in the stories.

Posted by: Dragonfire Dec 18 2011, 06:08 PM
Wasn't there something Cerian had supposed to have been doing today?

He paused in his current project, long fingers curling over the wood (the first prototype of his voovoowhatsit!). There had been something. And, y'know, the candidate barracks - for he'd managed to worm himself into the good graces of a search dragon after all, a couple of weeks ago - were pretty dead. Well, deader than usual for mid-day. Usually at least some people were around...


It was a good thing he could run. Also a good thing that he was a goddamn good bullshitter, too. He waltzed onto the sands as if he'd entirely planned being fashionably late, affably flashing a grin to the candidatemaster as he passed her by. "G'day, ma'am! Weren't waiting just for me, I hope, although I wouldn't blame you in the least bit-" Keeeep walking, Cerian. Yep. Eggs to touch. Shards, but they were casual about all of this, weren't they? No uniforms for the touching, just herd a passel of kids - well, okay, not kids precisely, but - onto the sands and let 'em go to. He liked that. Igen's candidatemaster back in the day had always had things precisely ordered and ruled. Pffft.

He warily eyed the red dragon in the back - yeah, maybe not going that way yet. Sure, dragons couldn't - theoretically - hurt people, but you couldn't poke sticks at angry mamas and not expect some retritbution. Best to just start over here with the big pile of eggs and the somewhat-less-pissed-off darkly iridescent dragon. He managed a very passable bow to Iassenth, doffing an imaginary cap in her general direction. "Afternoon, madam, looking absolutely splendid today, hey. Thanks for the honour of allowing us here - and although it absolutely pains me to reject even the slightest of favours from you, please do be sparing me the honour of being gobbled up by your superior self," he rattled off, teeth gleaming against his dark face.

Alright! Formalities over with. Let's get this show on the road, hey? He cast a cursory look over the pile of eggs - wherrydung, but there were a lot of them, weren't there? But, hey, that one there was just crying out to have him run his hands over it. So stormy! So elegant! So purple! "Heeeey, what's up? Looking good today, honey," he said genially, placing both hands on the Glitch in the Mainframe egg.

Posted by: Dragonfire Dec 18 2011, 07:01 PM
"Look, see? They're just touching them. That's it." D'lin paused, leaning out from Soleth's head - he'd been speaking softly towards her headknobs - to look her in the... eyelid. "...Soleth, open your eyes, for pity's sake."

She cracked the one on his side open, but only resolutely looked at him, balefully. I don't care. I don't want them near them.

D'lin sighed, a short, almost sharp huff. Oh, yes, he was patient - but even his stock of patience ran out eventually. "Soleth, you've got to let them near them. Are you going to act like this when it comes time for them to hatch? You know if they don't find someone they can bond with, they'll die." Blunter than he would've liked to be, normally, but perhaps drastic measures were needed, now.

She jerked her head up, slightly, turning to survey him with both eyes. No! Of course not! Just-

"You'd might as well get it out of the way now, then, and get yourself used to the idea," D'lin barged on, before she had a chance to recover from her surprise. "They've got to know the candidates, too - they'll have a better idea about who they can pick. You know it's true."

I don't care if it's true, I- She cut off the words very quickly, the orange thread that was whirling through her eyes suddenly replaced by a shocked white. For a moment, she held still, then abruptly sat up, relinquishing her grip on the pair of eggs, staring at them almost as if she'd been bitten by one.

And then, she hissed, like a chorus of angry teakettles. Fine. Fine! Be that way, you ungrateful little prick! she broadcast, angrily, to the entire cavern, before turning to the candidates who'd entered the sands. You can touch them, then, you sorry shitstains. One-at-a-fucking-time. Do you hear me?

D'lin had no idea what had been said. He didn't care; he was just grateful. Swiftly, he moved in beside Soleth's leg, sending proud and soothing thoughts to her. "Good. That's it, Soleth. Right, then. One at a time, please, whoever wants to touch these two. Give her lots of space if you're waiting." He wouldn't blame anyone if they didn't, not with her glaring at them all like she was, but, well, they'd been invited, now. Kind of.

Posted by: Chessa Dec 18 2011, 07:15 PM
Oh she was late! So late! She trembled a bit as she rushed to the hatching cavern, stumbling a bit along the way. She wasn't making very good progress though. She slowed and greeted every one that passed her. Eventually, after many 'Hellos' and 'Good days' she finally got there, the young woman panting slightly and brushing a bit of hair from her face.

She bowed to both of the dragons, bowing as deeply as she could. She was shaking a bit. She was nervous. She was nervous. What was a touching like? She looked between the large amount of eggs and shuddered a bit.

Carefully, she approached Soleth and her eggs.
“Oh they are beautiful.” She gasped softly looking at the pair.
“Thank you for allowing me to touch them.” Her voice wavered a bit. She had heard Soleth was not exactly eager about candidates touching her eggs. Still, she had given them permission, although in a rather rude way.

Reaching out, she placed her hand on the Mask Is Slipping egg. Carefully her fingers moved over the little ripples, a small smile appearing on her face. Well! This wasn't to bad. She was careful to keep calm and quiet. She did not want to anger Soleth any. After a few moments she withdrew her hand.

She then turned to the Everyone's A Hero egg, not wanting to leave this one untouched as well.
“Wow” she said her voice quiet and breathy. Softly fingers dipped and ran over the dents and dimples, Rozen tracing over some of the cracks. There were so many other eggs, but she was glad she had chose these two first. They were so interesting and their textured shells were quite intriguing.

Posted by: Tawny Dec 18 2011, 07:17 PM
He'd been spoken to by a few dragons on a few occasions now, but it was always a bit of a shock to suddenly have a voice inside his head.

He had to admit that being called a shitstain hadn't been to of today's to do list but she was a stressed mother afraid for her babies, he supposed it was understandable and from the looks on some of the other candidates faces they too had heard her so he had hardly been singled out for the insult.

Still mulling over his contact with the out of this world egg Dimitry straightened up and approaching the looming garnet dragon slowly. Bloody hell. How must golds look when they were glaring down at you as though you were a, well, nasty little shit stain? As he drew near the towering blond man paused to make another bow first to the dragon herself and then to her rider.

Moving very slowly Dimitry knelt down again, this time next to the Mask is Slipping Egg. Very much aware that many many tonnes of dragon were watching him - he knew that they couldn't hurt humans but it was kind of hard to persuade your body of that no matter how many times you were told - he reached out to lay a gentle hand on the shell. Textured. Ridged. It was like little wavelets on a lake. Quite surprising in contrast to the smoothness of the last egg he'd touched, and quite beautiful.

Posted by: Darastrix Dec 19 2011, 03:33 AM
Zira had been prompt in coming, offering a shy smile in greeting to the Candidatemaster upon arriving. He rather liked Valana; it seemed almost impossible not to. He didn't know why he kept being drawn to extroverts (granted, he didn't have a choice with the Candidatemaster, but he liked her, so it counted), but at least it kept him from turning into a hermit.

Oh Faranth. What he Impressed a dragon like that? As much as he liked Zak and Missa, they were exhausting sometimes. He couldn't imagine having that much personality in his head. But he was getting ahead of himself. Touching now, hatching later.

He bowed to the dragons and murmured a soft greeting before approaching the eggs. He hung back a little at first, just looking at them all (and there were a LOT to look at). He was just about to start touching the eggs himself when Soleth broadcast her permission to the Candidates. He flinched visibly, partly in surprise and partly in reaction to the garnet's tone. He still wasn't up on offworlder slang, but even so, he got the gist. He wasn't sure he wanted to get near enough to touch those two now, though he did like the look of the Mask is Slipping egg. He glanced around to see whether Zak had made it yet, hoping for one of his friend's reassuring smiles. Nope, not there yet. Well, maybe touching the other eggs would help.

He moved carefully across the sands to the Celestial Powerplay egg. The shapes attracted his attention first; he'd always been fond of watching the sky, especially at night. Not with any sort of academic interest, mind. He just thought it was pretty. He liked the dual coloring of the egg as well, though the upper portion was the most attractive to his eye. With a soft smile, he gently lay his hand to rest against the shell.

Congratulations, Candidates and eggs! Despite his feeling that he was walking into a potentially emotionally-charged scenario, Schuldig's curiosity had finally overcome his aversion to nosing around the Touching! Weren't they all lucky?

Of course, it didn't mean he had to be stupid about it. His ever-present bandana was tied snugly in place, a comforting pressure against his skull, and he'd gone ahead and slipped his sunglasses on. Add a preemptive strike of pain-killers and the tiny wireless receiver for his music player singing into one ear, and he felt reasonably sure he could get away without his shoulders ending up by his ears and his head screaming at him.

He sauntered through the entrance and leaned against the wall nearby, content to watch for the time being. He did want to see exactly what one could get from touching a dragon egg as opposed to touching a flitter egg, but first, he wanted to see how the Candidates reacted.

Zak never hurried anywhere if he could help it, but today was an exception. He could claim that it was because he'd lost track of the time while playing with the key of one of his compositions. He could claim it was because he'd promised Zira he'd come since the Touching wasn't closed to only 'official' Candidates. Either way, he'd be telling the truth, but the main reason why he'd kicked up a trail of dust all the way from the crafters' quarters was because he really wanted to touch the eggs.

He skidded to a stop outside the sands and paused for a few moments to catch his breath, eyes widening as he peered through the entryway. That was a lot of eggs. And he'd heard that this wasn't even ALL of them. Something about Fort throwing its weight around. Might not be a bad thing, though. It would be a shame if they'd all stayed and then a bunch betweened because there weren't enough Candidates.

Well! Enough of that sort of thinking. Brushing his bangs out of his eyes, he stepped out onto the sands to bow. "Thank you for the honour of allowing us to touch your eggs, lovelies," he said with a smile. Formality seen to, he made his way over to the Branching Palms egg. "What's this then, lovely?" he murmured, running a hand up the side of the egg to see if there really were little horns on top or if he were just seeing things.

Posted by: Tawny Dec 19 2011, 05:24 AM
After being called a shit stain by the mother he had been mildly concerned about what this oddly textured little egg might have in store for him. As it turned out it was not so much angry as spooked, which was actually slightly more upsetting. Before he could start feeling too gloomy about scaring the poor dragon before it even hatched however it seemed to bounce back and open up again. Smiling softly Dima tried to send a feeling of apology for being so startlingly big, gave the ridged egg a last stroke, and got back to his feet.

After brushing the sand off his knees and touching the garnet’s other egg briefly Dima backed off slowly and offered Soleth another bow and a smile of thanks; hopefully the fact that nothing terrible had happened when he touched her would calm her.... Well, you never knew, it could happen. From there he moved on amongst the eggs, stooping or kneeling to touch the shells as the size of each one necessitated. So many different minds, so many different possibilities! What would it be like for one of them to choose him? He hadn’t met a rider yet who could express how it felt, but then how could you explain it? Like trying to explain ‘blue’ to somebody who was colourblind.

Now, who was left? He’d touched most of the clutch – clutches even – but he’d passed by a couple that had been occupied when he’d been close to them initially. One such egg was the Bloodied King, one of the biggest in the clutch so... bronze? Garnet? Big brown? Crouching down Dima laid a hand on the red splattered shell. Had he been thinking about it earlier he might have tried to see if the native folk paid more attention to it and those of its size; there was that prejudice (stereotype? Fact?) that metallic dragons chose those with the potential to lead. It was certainly true that the bulk of positions of power went to metallic dragons and when you considered how few of them there were compared to the smaller ones.... Nobody could be blamed for wanting a dragon that seemed to state they were suitable to rule over others, something that seemed to say they were special. That along with mankind’s general obsession with anything rare no doubt made the big eggs very attractive indeed to a lot of people.

Well in any case for now it was just an egg and Dima did his best to send it a feeling of greeting just as he had with the others; whatever it was he hoped it found its rider safely when it hatched.

Posted by: Sweet Dec 19 2011, 03:00 PM
Morrigan's choice to brave the sands, had been her choice. No one else had made it for her. Making all of her own choices was more fun then she had ever thought it would be. Rebelling against her mother had been one of the best things she had ever done. After Kezia had helped her fix her hair, she introduced her to a whole new style of music. Music that Morrigan liked, a lot. It had a faster beat, and sounded like it was perfect for dancing.

If she could figure out the dance steps for it. Oh, give her time she would, she would. She straightened herself, and then looked around at the eggs. She was polite in her approach, waiting patiently for the mothers to be prepared. She bowed to each in turn, saying a soft thank you for their allowance of her touching the eggs. Then she turned herself on to the task of picking the first egg she was going to touch.

One egg looked cleanly divided into four sections. The colors all mixing together in a harmony that threw Morrigan's mind through a loop for a moment. If there was one thing these Offworlders knew, it was how to have pretty awesome dragon clutches. Morrigan approached the Restoration of Harmony egg, and gently ran her hand across it's shell. Her mind open for anything that may present itself.

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 19 2011, 06:30 PM
Despite the Unimpressed!Egg being Unimpressed, Cleo just wrinkled her nose at the shell in question. "That's quite all right." She patted the top of it because, yes, that really was the best she had and the best Pern had to offer. Offworlders? Something like that. Undeterred by the grumpy dragonet (for everyone had someone who disliked them), Cleo twisted about, eyeing up the eggs to see, hmmmm, which would be next? She tapped her chin with one small finger, toes tapping the sand as well as one could while in the same.

She went for the garish, happy colored one first. Now time for something 'unremarkable', all reddishness and ... bright gold spots. Cleo quite liked yellow, it happened to be her favorite color. Why not? What's the worst that could happen?

(Being mauled when it hatched, of course, but that went without saying.)

So to the Hunting Paws egg, crouching down to trail fingers along the outside of the 'spots before pressing her palms fully against it. "Are you unimpressed too, little thing?"





Despite the inner GLEE of the moment in his brain, Norm stared down at the egg with a rather calm expression as he removed his hands. He didn't quite rip his eyes away for a long moment, not before that serenity melted into a goofy, wide grin not unlike the ones he'd give when finding a new species of seaweed.

He rubbed the egg again, affectionate despite the fact a shell hindered such experiments, probably, who knew with Salvador, and looked around once more. The scientist all but squirmed because hee, maybe another one would think he was nifty.

He was nifty and was quite glad at least one egg saw it too.

He headed to Branching Palms next, eyes on the trickiness of the shell color and all of the glory. How did dragons get such different eggs? A mystery. Maybe he'd talk to Grace about it. Before that could happen, Norm leaned in close to rest his hands on the large egg.

Posted by: shadowreine Dec 19 2011, 06:43 PM
Kejuli laughed a bit. Oh, whoever Impressed the dragon in that egg was going to have his or her hand's full. She was pretty sure it wouldn't be her...for one thing, it felt a little bit like a male dragon and she suspected it would be more likely she'd Impress a female.

But a good kind of handful. A little arrogant, a little flirtatious, but she would bet he'd be a showoff. Thinking about it, she wouldn't *mind* if he chose her. She just wasn't really expecting it.

So, the garnet was going to let them touch? But only one at a time. Kejuli studied the two eggs for a moment...then decided she did not want to be first.

If she missed out, so be it. If one of them wanted her, it *probably* wouldn't care *that* much that she hadn't touched it. Instead, she headed over towards the distinctly garish Nothing Is Impossible egg.

Now that one had got bright colors. Maybe the dragon inside would be the exact opposite...dull and a little faded. After all, if the shell had that much color there couldn't be much left over for the poor dragonet!

Posted by: Ferret Dec 19 2011, 07:11 PM
Well, the egg certainly seemed convinced that it was doing fine. The surge of life was more reassuring than any mental feelings that came off the egg shell, at least as far as Cordel was concerned. He'd heard enough patients claim to be 'perfectly fine, see? That's healthy flesh-woundage' to believe everything he heard.

No, no. The sparkles were fine. If an egg wanted to sparkle, it wasn't any of his business and, judging from what the egg was... what? Thinking? Emanating? Projecting, it didn't really mind if Cordel thought it was garish. Someone out there would like it well enough. Well, he hoped the dragonet Impressed safely.


And, yes, the sparkle was very nice, he added lamely before leaving the egg. Soleth was active once more, but it looked like her rider managed to calm her down and allow people to touch the eggs. Not wanting to crowd the small clutch, Cordel moved towards the Killer Claws egg, to see what that strange fluffy-looking shell felt like. Was it healthy too?


"Whoops! Sorry, sorry," David hurriedly apologized, but his mind kept going EEEEE at the egg. It actually spoke! Well, not really speaking in the conventional sense. It was more like an overall sensation of knowing what it was thinking. Or... something. It wasn't quite mindspeech either; he supposed that the dragonets had to learn how to do that.

Leaving the egg to its rest, the Doctor was temporarily distracted------what a surprise, imagine him getting distracted------by the Garnet Soleth. Seemed like she was every bit as grumpy as the Dappled Pelt egg. Then again, she had every reason to be uneasy, considering everything going on...

But that was being handled. Er. More or less. It was a process. Moving towards the center of the clutch, David came across the Gentle Heart egg. He almost didn't notice the olive green egg at all. Intrigued, he put a hand on the shell.

Posted by: Chessa Dec 19 2011, 09:39 PM
Moving away from Soleth's eggs, she paused and looked at the large assortment of those she had not touched. The feelings she had got from The Mask Is Slipping and Everyone's a Hero were interesting. She smiled a bit. She liked those two, but surely she would like all of them.

Picking her way between the eggs, Rozen traced a thin path, her eyes searching over the eggs. Carefully, she placed a hand against the Dappled Pelt egg. It was huge! And kind of scary at first. She loved the color though. It was so rich and warm. She moved her hands over the marked shell before pulling them away.

From that egg, she moved to the Swift Feather egg. She had been careful to avoid the Bloodied King egg, but her hand had brushed it faintly. That one worried her. Placing her hand on the small Swift Feather she was surprised at how loud it was. It was like a bird. She smiled a bit before backing away slightly. Since it was next to the Swift Feather, she placed a hand on the Ancient Wings as well, wanting to give the smaller eggs love as well as the bigger ones.

Posted by: Thessalian Dec 20 2011, 10:52 AM
Kezia blinked a little, but sat, as curious as the egg's inhabitant. Then ... she chuckled, smiling fondly at the eye-spotted egg and the little dragonet inside. "Real pats'll come soon enough, kiddo," she murmured, though a gentle rub of callused thumb across the shell would work in a pinch, apparently. Soleth's mental 'invitation' got her edging a little closer to Hunting Paws, not in a frightened way but more in a protective gesture - Hey, don't scare the kidlets!.

But protective of dragon eggs was not her place, she was pretty sure of that. She had the good grace to give the mental equivalent of a scritch of the headknobs to the resident of the eye-spotted egg and step away before giving herself a good stern talking-to about getting attached to a dragon she had no hope of having Impress to her. Yes, it liked her. No, that meant squat. Really. No getting one's hopes up. No. Nooooo. Of course not. See? There's one of the teeny-tiny sweetheart-types going over to that one; little Eye-Spots is bound to like her better. Still, she intended to turn up to that one's Hatching, at least so that she'd know who the dragonet went to in the end. So that maybe there could be treats from time to time. You know. Friendly.

Moving on, then - because let's face it; it'd be kind of rude to just touch the one egg. After a light trace-over of a couple of the nearby eggs, she lingered on Deadly Teeth, testing the sandpaper-rough shell with her fingers. "Hi," she murmured, and then, with a bit of a smirk, she added, "Come here often?"

Posted by: Ferret Dec 23 2011, 12:11 AM

Cordel winced slightly as the dragonet rampaged through his mind with all the subtlety of an exceptionally careful bull in a particularly large china shop so that, while he didn't crush anything, he did manage to traverse the entire shop by taking the most efficient path. In other words, it was an extremely intelligent bull or... something. The Healer realized that the metaphor was falling apart by this point, but he continued on that path out of sheer contrariness.

Without warning, it stopped. It just vanished. Cordel was tempted to make a metaphor----or possibly a simile for it, since he never was clear on what the exact difference between the two was; shaffit, he was a Healer, not a Harper-----but he remembered his failure and decided against it. But he did mentally snark about it. HEY. HIS BRAINMEATS WERE DELICIOUS, EGG. What did you know about delicious brains anywa aaaand it was probably a bad idea to encourage the dragonet to attack Healers, he belatedly realized before backing down very reluctantly.

Arguing with unhatched things never turned out well anyway.

Also, there were rainbows on some eggs. This clearly needed investigation because, apparently, like seven year old girls, Cordel was attracted by sparkles and rainbows. He glared at the tiny Out of this World egg out of general principles before touching the shell.

Posted by: Azumi Dec 23 2011, 01:16 AM
Noon. Noooooon.


Arriving nice and late, Anya strutted -- yes, really -- down to the Hatching caverns, saluting Candidatemaster Valana as she strode by. "Sorry for the tardiness, Ms. V," she yelled over her shoulder, her tone cheeky and her face even more so. Was that a false mustache on her lip -- Nooo. Nooooo no no.

As she turned ahead, her lip was indeed as clean as a baby's bottom, but her hand was suspiciously returning from shoving something down and out of sight between her boobs. She had on something corset-y, mind you, so it was practically a rule to have something hidden down there. That was the purpose of corset things, yes? Yes.


She gave a rather superfluous bow to the present mothers, her hand gracefully swaying this way and that. But when she straightened, she gave an additional nod that was much more sincere and pleasing than any of her earlier actions. The young woman wasn't completely full of asshattery today. And when she spun on the balls of her feet and faced the eggs, her hands clasped together in excitement and her heels clicked.

Bright eyes roaming, she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, taking everything in. She recognized many of those milling about, and her eyes lingered on the few that she did not know. Their reactions to the eggs were always most fun and entertaining to discreetly was for some reason, especially when they were obviously Offworlders. But now was not the time to people-watch; it was time to Touch!

...Because that sounded so much less ....Odd. And Creepy.

Blinking and giving a small snort, Anya shook herself out of her little mental conversation and comfortably strode up to the first egg that caught her eye: Nothing Is Impossible. The colors were technically garish, she supposed, but that was by general standard, not her own personal ones. In her opinion, it was all rather bold, and that was Fun. So with more control than she had shown thus far, she gingerly placed her entire palm upon the egg's shell.

Posted by: S'yal Dec 23 2011, 02:10 AM
Lien was not, technically, a candidate. She was within her rights to stand, of course, but the offworlder had privately decided not to. She wanted little to do with the dragons- That would trap her on pern. She was not cruel enough to rip a creature from it's homeworld, but she had no desire to remain on pern. Luckily for what she was going to do, however, she hadn't alerted anyone to the fact she was not planning to Stand. Hence, she'd shown up on the hatching ground with eggs on her mind.

She was just doing a test, you see. She wanted to know what was so special about these eggs. She wanted to learn more about the... ergh, culture of the pernese.

So, late as it was when she arrived, she set off to the hatching grounds. She mumbled an apology to the candidatemaster, before her eyes turned to the mother dragons. "I beg your forgiveness for my tardiness." Lien said, her voice clear enough that they could hear over the candidates. Anya got a disgusted look- How impolite!

But there were eggs to touch, so she set off to touch them. She paused by the Restoration of Harmony egg, drawn in by it's colors. She rested a hand upon it's shell gently, clearing her throat. "Hello. I'm Lien." Was it strange to speak to an egg? Lien felt awfully silly. But it would be rude to just touch the egg without addressing it! After a moment, Lien nodded her head to the egg with respect.

Posted by: shadowreine Dec 25 2011, 10:17 AM
Kejuli winced, and then glared at the brightly colored egg. "You're rude," she informed it, resolving to stay well away from whatever came out of it.

Eh. Maybe it would be a color that didn't pick girls. Then she'd be safe. She knew she did not want to Impress a *rude* dragon.

Stalking away from it in momentary dudgeon, she took a moment to pull herself together, then saw there was nobody over by Soleth's eggs right now.

She considered, then wandered over, touching first the Everyone's A Hero egg before moving on to its companion.

They were small and she honestly couldn't remember which colors garnets generally clutched, but she wouldn't neglect them even if they both turned out to be very small greens. Part of her would almost...almost...prefer a green anyway. "Thank you, Soleth," she murmured towards the uncertain garnet.

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 25 2011, 11:20 PM
Even with the newest eggs lack of overly enthusiastic greetings, there still wasn't full out disapproval and, really, wasn't that the most important thing? Norm still grinned anyway, his eyes bright and excited with the prospect of yay, a dragon that wouldn't go out and try to maul him! Probably. Possibly? Something like that. Either way, it was a dragon in his brain and that just happened to be one of the best things out there. So much to document and yammer about!

It'd be glorious.

"It was a pleasure, so sorry for bothering you," He said instead of anything overly silly, and rubbed at the eggshell another moment before taking a step back and looking about. Hmmm. Which poor egg next? there was the one across the way, on the outer edges, and there was where Norm headed, sidling around Candidates and non-Candidates alike. He leaned down, had to crouch because, haha, tall guy, and gently stroked at the Crowning Spikes Egg. "Afternoon, little thing."


...had she scared the egg? She had scared the egg. Cleo actually pouted down at it, more disappointed in her inability to get along with these eggs before they'd even hatched. Well then! Poor little thing. "I hadn't meant to upset you."

Another soft pat at the shell, a little rub at the curve of it, and then Cleo scooted back from that particular egg.



Look, it looked like a planet! Why not? She knew what planets looked like, she'd been in a ship for much too long and sometimes the only thing to do was stare out the window. Cleo scooted right over to the Ring of Fire egg and chewed, hard, at her lower lip for a moment before touching it.

Hello, egg! Right? Hi?

Posted by: Azumi Dec 26 2011, 08:16 PM
Anya's lips curled up like a smug feline's, her eyes half closing and while at the same time her eyebrows rose high up on her forehead. The Interest had been felt, but it was the 'eyerolling' and general incredulous feeling that made the woman smile so. Oh, but she wasn't wearing the mustache, Babything, seee? she projected back, or at least attempted to. She even wiggled her nose to make her upper lip move, but it wasn't like the dragonette could see this evidence. Oh well... Maybe soon enough this baby would wear a mustache itself. Oh ho ho --

She bent down towards the top of the egg as if hinged at the waist, tilting her head animatedly to get one ear closer to the shell. What was that? Amusement? No... Yes? No. She wasn't sure -- the egg had fully retracted itself from her and it was time to move on. Move on. Anya straightened and twirled her fingers once around its peak and then stepped away.

Eyes flicking once more from face to face as she passed people, meandering through the eggs, she let the backs of her fingers graze against one egg, another egg, a third. Nothing jumped out at her so she kept walking, looking this way and that as if searching for something in particular. Standing next to the Ring of Fire egg, Anya turned and looked out and beyond.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Yes.

She made a bee-line for the Bloodied King Egg and without hesitation she placed her hand against it once she got close enough. It had looked interesting.

Posted by: Darastrix Dec 27 2011, 04:07 AM
Zira could certainly empathize with being the reluctant recipient of attention beyond his control, but did the egg really have to imply that he was a stick in the mud? He was sorely tempted to pout at that assumption. He wasn't; he was just quiet. Shy. Reserved. There wasn't anything wrong with that. Right?

...why was he letting what an unhatched dragon thought bother him? He shook his head and stepped away with a little sigh. Well, if he Impressed, he doubted it would be to that egg. Maybe the next one he touched would be a bit more receptive. He glanced toward Soleth's eggs again, then at Soleth, and decided to wander over to Aidyth's clutch (or what remained of it, anyway). Moving carefully, he knelt beside the small Ancient Wings egg and touched his fingers to the shell. What colour was inside? Green? Bismuth? Maybe even a black or white?

Schuldig grinned a little while he watched Cordel make the rounds, having picked the Healer out of the crowd, partly because he was Pernese and partly because he was one he'd actually spoken with before. Hmm...sparkly, fluffy, rainbow-y. He wondered whether Cordel would be interested in the most recent reboot (what were they on now? A million?) of that kid's show with the sparkleponies. He chuckled to himself even as he thought that even if the Healer would like something like that, there was likely little chance of him owning up to it.

He peered over the rims of his sunglasses. Nope, not bad at all. He needed to pay the man a visit sometime, when he wasn’t injured or throwing up. Maybe if he showed up with a stiff back or something that could benefit from some hands-on treatment, though…. Aaaand now he was getting off-topic. Eggs. Right. Eggs and touching and the general mind-fuckery thereof. Contentment, confusion, disappointment, pleasure…. Definitely a mixed-bag.

He decided he’d try to pick Cordel’s brain later, along with…hm. Maybe Kezia and an actual Searched Candidate. There was that dark-haired Harper who he’d let rummage through his music files—wait, he wasn’t Candidate. He’d said he had a friend who was, and—what the fuck? Who’d let the kid on the sands? Schuldig blinked at Missandei for a moment, taken by surprise by her small stature before he recognized her as an actual adult Candidate. He might have gotten a glimpse of her here and there, but he couldn’t quite recall. Whatever. If she was a Candidate, he might chat her up later. For now, he’d try this shit for himself.

He stepped away from the wall now and did the bowing protocol thing, even managing to keep a straight face through it. That done, he headed for an egg that had caught his eye earlier. He could swear that the shell’s pattern was different somehow than the last time he’d glanced at it, and…did it just change again? He figured it was probably an optical illusion of some sort, but still, it was a damn distracting and interesting egg, so he put his palm against the Glitch in the Mainframe egg, muttering “Well, you got my attention. Now what?”

Zak gave the egg a warm smile; it reminded him of someone who he was rather close to. “All right, I’ll leave you to your thoughts. But after you hatch, if you ever want to chat with someone besides your rider, just look me up.” With that, he pulled his hand away and looked around the clutches once more.

Hmm, one of Iassenth’s now, he thought., making his way over to the Inner City Skyline egg . Mindful of the last egg’s reaction, he let his fingers hover a hair’s breadth from the shell for a moment. “Hello there,” he greeted with an easy smile. “Hope you’re enjoying yourself so far.” Now that he’d announced his presence as well as he could figure, he let his fingers brush over the shell.

Posted by: Thessalian Dec 27 2011, 08:36 AM
See, that? That was more or less what Kezia was expecting from an egg-touch. It was an interesting feeling, being ignored by an egg-presence sitting in your head. "Don't worry," she muttered with an amused snort. "Someone'll come along who interests you more." Then she took her hand off the egg and stood up, looking around at ... huh, new arrivals. Schuldig, what a surprise. She strongly considered calling him over to the egg she'd just touched - they might actually make a good pairing ... but no, he was over at those hopelessly garish eggs on the other side of the sands. Which she maybe ought to check out, because ... seriously, that one was noisy, that one needed a reminder that she was not edible except in the fun way, that one felt like a couple of tabs of Valium and that one over there felt like it had terminal PMS. Some of these eggs were incredibly weird.

For a moment, though, her eye rested on the pretty girl who was ... pouting down at Eye-Spots? This somehow cheered Kezia up. Not that she didn't want Eye-Spots to have company ... just ... she wanted it to be her company.

Shut. Up.

So, there was a quick perusal of the more ... garish eggs over there (and a tip of a wink to Schuldig as she passed him by - of the 'hey, I have thoughts about this touching stuff and I probably have good booze and you know you're tempted' variety) ... and then Soleth's clutch. Other people had turned up there, and hadn't got their heads bitten off. Although ... they'd all been natives. Still, curiosity trumped the desire to stay unmauled, and she really didn't have any intention to harm anything. Shejust wanted to see what roundish, dark and shiny over there was about. So, with another bow to Soleth, she hunkered down by Everyone's a Hero. "Okay," she told it. "I'm looking at you. What now?"

Posted by: Grayson Dec 27 2011, 09:01 AM
Leaving the first egg behind, Draco moved on with a hint of trepidation that he wasn't going to allow to show. He continued to move with exaggerated care, trying to show the clutchmothers that he wasn't intending to bring harm to the precious eggs as well as actually not bringing harm to them.

Soleth's voice in his mind took him aback; he stood stock-still as she started to speak, and it took several seconds before he was willing to move again. She must have been talking about someone else.

He moved towards the next egg, rather than brave a small gap between it and the one he was by; he laid a careful hand on the Crowning Spikes Egg.

Posted by: shadowreine Dec 27 2011, 08:32 PM
Kejuli shook her head. "Fair enough. Hopefully you'll be in a better mood come hatching day."

She brushed her hand against the second of Soleth's eggs, then made her way back to the main clutch.

Truthfully, she was forcing her mind open. Any of the ones she had touched might be hers. As might any of the ones she had not yet come to.

She, thus, set about the task of touching as many of the remaining eggs as she could manage before the queens threw the Candidates off the Sands.

There would be no golds or silvers this time, and she was almost relieved by that, although she wondered what she might Impress.

There was, of course, the chance that she might be chosen by a pearl, which would be almost as 'good' as a gold, but she still wasn't sure she wouldn't prefer a fighter.

Or would she? She resolved, as she moved among the eggs, not to care. Whatever her fate was, it would be with a dragon...and any dragon that would choose her had to be fun to be with. She was sure of *that* much at least.

Posted by: Darastrix Dec 30 2011, 04:10 AM
Zira's face relaxed into a smile at the feelings from the Ancient Wings egg. It seemed he'd found more of a like-minded dragonet. Calm, quiet, and this one didn't seem to share the opinion of the Celestial Powerplay egg. It took all sorts, he supposed, but you, little egg, are of a sort he definitely likes.

He lingered by the egg for a few moments since it seemed he was welcome to stay, and then got to his feet with a quiet, "It was nice meeting you." From there, he made the rounds to the other eggs, showing a preference for the small, the unobtrusive, and the softly-shaded. After touching the Gentle Heart egg (and summarily falling in love with it; who wouldn't love something so soothing?), he finally felt at-ease enough to approach Soleth's little clutch.

The bold-looking Everyone's a Hero egg didn't really appeal to him, but its little ridged clutch-sibling? Oh yes. He thought the rippled patten rather beautiful. He gave another bow to Soleth and slowly lowered himself to the sand, figuring that sudden movement would likely not go over well. "Hello," he murmured, lightly tracing his fingertips over the Mask is Slipping egg's ridges.

Posted by: Nozomi Dec 30 2011, 01:26 PM
Lukewarm reception from the egg aside, he remained excited, face pulled into a wide smile because, hee, the egg talked to him! He'd be ever so interested to see the persons these first three eggs he'd touched Impressed to. It was like watching a few puppies grow up - you became attached to them over just a touch or two for nothing more then the fact you got a reaction.

"Yes, yes, I'm quite excited. When you hatch and Impress, I will be loud and harass you ridiculous amounts with my cheering from the stands. You have a god day, little egg. I hope your future bondmate touches you."

Another pat to the egg and Norm stood, beaming at the protective brooding creatures all around him. He'd touched Three and that was the amount he said he'd be allowed. Enough to remember and discuss in his notes, not too many to forget or blur together. The scientest bowed again to those in charge before leaving the sands.


Cleo, on the other hand, giggled quite loudly at the Ring of Fire egg, smiling down at it. "Alas, fair egglet, you are but an embryo and I a mere human woman. If you hatch a grown human man, then we can talk." She paused, considered that for a moment, and grinned. "Or a human woman. Go all Athena on me egglet, but I'm not a xenophile. My deepest apologies."

She kissed her right index and middle finger before tapping it at the top of the egg for it's very first kiss. Ha! Cute little egglet.

"You come say hi to me after you find your bondmate, eggie. I'll give you something to eat, okay. Good man. Or woman." Another pat, gentler, and then she stood and slid off to go talk at the other various eggs. Time for fun!

Posted by: Thessalian Dec 30 2011, 04:55 PM
The Everyone's a Hero egg got a bit of a smirk from Kezia at first - not as fond as it could be, but friendly and certainly amused - and then...

Laughter. Not at the egglet, oh no. Amused, certainly, but this one's not the butt of any joke. Just she couldn't not be amused by that level of self-confidence and presumption in an unhatched egg. Kezia, a sidekick to anyone! How adorable. "Start talking a more equal partnership," she murmured fondly to the egg, amused laughter still in her voice, "and we'll talk."

She looked up as she stood, spotted Zira and gave him a bit of a smile - friendly, but still that element of smirk to it all the same - before bowing to Soleth again and taking up a place on the sidelines. She wanted to see if anyone else paid attention to Eye-Spots over there ... not to mention if anyone else got a favourable response.

Just curious. Really.

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