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Posted by: shadowreine Jan 26 2012, 06:05 PM
Kejuli would not have described her mood as bored, quite. Nor would she have called it frustrated...quite.

She wanted the dang eggs to hatch already, but many people did. The Candidates wanted to know if they were going to get lucky. The dragon mothers and their riders wanted off the Sands.

Other people were probably looking forward to the party that would accompany the hatching of the three clutches.

Kejuli just wanted to know if she had a chance with the hatchlings. She knew she had turns and turns before she was too old, but she could not help but hope. Could not help but think about the eggs, all of them. No golds or silvers to aspire to, but surely there would be plenty of healthy dragons of the smaller ranks.

Maybe a pearl. She could dream about a pearl, surely. There would be the usual assortment of greens and blues, too, of which she would prefer a green.

She ran a hand along her bronze wherlizard's back. At least she had some company, even if he was more like a dog that occasionally sent her images than anything of more traditional dragonkind.

Posted by: Tawny Jan 27 2012, 08:08 AM
Kejuli was not the only one thinking about the eggs. At a loose end Dimitry was wandering around the lower caverns in search of somebody he recognised from the Touching to bother for a chat. While he had of course been learning about dragons and hatchlings having expressed an interest in standing but it would be good to get the perspective of a native candidate.

Ah, and there one was. She had to be one of the youngest taking to the sands, and was probably near half his own age. Neverthless, she was the expert in this situation and he didn't mind asking her to relieve him of some of his ignorance. "Hi there," the huge blond offered a friendly grin as he approached the girl and her wherlizard, "I think I remember you from the Touching? My name's Dimitry, call me Dima. Whore' you, and your handsome friend there?"

Posted by: shadowreine Jan 27 2012, 06:43 PM
"I'm Kejuli," the girl introduced. "He's Kanz." The wherlizard lifted his head, then promptly let it fall back down again...and fell asleep.

Almost in apology. "He's not very old. Dragonkin tend to sleep a lot to start with. Especially the dragons themselves, because they grow so quickly."

He was an offworlder. He might know this stuff, he might not, but she did recall that he had been on the Sands at the touching. Maybe he was hoping to Impress, although he looked, to her eyes, a little old...old enough that he'd be better off going for a wher.

Dragons started to lose interest as candidates got older, although she herself was closest to the young end of the range.

She kept petting Kanz, even if he was asleep. He'd be the size of a medium sized to large dog, was the guess. Not many wherlizards yet to discover, and they had yet to learn how they would mate...runs, she was guessing...or even whether they would breed and breed true. Kanz might well help them find out one of these days, though. If he was lucky enough to catch a female.

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