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giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:24 PM (GMT)
    Audition-only roles are the only characters on this site that require admin approval in order to be RPed. For the most part, this is a formality - making sure that your offworlder does not egregiously conflict with our canon, for instance, or that you're not attempting to make Bella of Sparkly Silver Edwardeth. Profiles for audition characters should be posted here for review.

    We do not have a formal claims system for these slots, but in general the first person to express interest will be given precedence. If more people express interest, the first candidate will be given a reasonable time limit to complete their WIP. More information here. Slots are listed here in # taken/# available format. So for instance, a 0/2 means there are two open slots.
Dragon Colours
    Gold: 0/0
    Silver: 2/2
    Garnet: 2/2 (cannot be older than 8)
    Pearl: 2/2
Wher Colours
    Gold: 1/2
    Jr. Weyrwoman: 2/2 (attached to pearl)
    Weyrsecond: To be determined ICly
    Wingleader: 3/4 (any colour other than gold or pearl, blue or green STRONGLY preferred)
    Wingsecond: 1/4 (any colour other than gold or pearl)
    Weyrlingmaster: 1/1
    Candidatemaster: 1/1
    Weyrhealer: 0/1
    Weyrharper: 0/1

    Wherleader: 0/1 (will be decided once both golds are made)
    Wherlingmaster: 1/1

    Craftmaster: 0/??? (must be over 35, unless you have an excellent justification)

    Ranking Peregrine Crewman: 0/??? (all ranks lt cdr. and up)
    Impressed Peregrine Crew: 4/8 (does not count weyrlings)

giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:28 PM (GMT)
    Unlike the audition-only roles, these are first-come, first-served. Feel free to go ahead and post right into the "Characters" forum with all of these.
Dragon Colours
    Bronze: Temporarily unlimited (if you want your bronzerider to hold rank, you must still audition for him)
    Brown: Unlimited
    Tanzanite: 2/8 (cannot be older than 8)
    Blue: Unlimited
    Bismuth: 1/10 (cannot be older than 9, most will be 8 or younger)
    Green: Unlimited
Wher Colours
    Bronze: 1/4
    Brown: Unlimited
    Blue: Unlimited
    Green: Unlimited
    Asst. Weyrlingmaster: 1/3
    Asst. Candidatemaster: 0/2
    Searchrider: Unlimited (most will have another job)

    Offworlder: Unlimited for now

tuathade - May 9, 2011 09:42 PM (GMT)
    2 wherlings available - bronze and green!

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