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Title: A most peculiar gift (potentially open)

shadowreine - January 15, 2012 08:40 PM (GMT)
Okay. There was a package in E'rett's weyr when he returned to it, dragonback.

The weyr was designed more for dragon comfort than human, but he had done his best with it. Of course, dragonriders could not have quarters their partners could not get into, so the weyrs were basically big caves in the side of the bowl, with large ledges.

At this point, he was used to it. In fact, pretty soon, they would graduate from training and become full dragonriders. The training was timed, also, for the dragons, for their maturity. They grew amazingly fast.

Leviath, once his straps had been removed, had curled up on the ledge.

But the package. People in Weyrs, he had noticed, seldom locked doors. Most of the offworlders kept valuable possessions on the ship where there were more locks. But there was remarkably little theft. E'rett suspected that had much to do with how hard it would be to steal something without a firelizard seeing you. The little beasties made a great security system.

Which meant one had probably seen whoever left the package. It was a flat thing, fairly heavy...looked like a picture. After a moment, he turned it over. A note on the back said 'From Marti and Cassith'. Then he remembered...oh yes. The Secret Santa they'd organized. And with doors not locked, why not sneak the gift into the person's weyr...

...rather than hand it to him. He opened it and saw the contents. A gorgeous needlepoint picture of a happy looking house with the words. 'Home Sweet Home. The Place Where You're Not - Sucker'.

For a long moment he thought about tracking down Marti and throwing her in the lake. Then he looked at it again.

If the weyr walls had not been so thick, his neighbors would have heard him laughing. As it was, anyone walking past in the interior corridors...

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