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Title: D'kor and Bronze Zenth
Description: D'kor is why we can't have nice things

Ferret - December 31, 2011 06:26 AM (GMT)

Name: D'kor
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Derp?
Offworlder? derpno.
Craft/Rank: Masterderpcrafter

Appearance: Tall, dark, and handsome in a blocky sort of way.

D'kor is not the brightest star in the sky but, by Faranth, he still glows as best he can. By that, I mean he's determined to do any task set in front of him. Need herdbeast fur? He's all over that. Trying to find some wherry eggs? Just hang on! He totally knows where some are! Need a tin of invisible paint? HE WILL FIND IT. SOMEHOW, HE WILL FIND IT.

He is not the best role model. He has been known to say things like, "lol, candy? Sure, you can keep the candy you stole, kiddo. Finders keepers!" Mostly, he's focused on getting the job done. He's not too fussed about the morality of it. If threatening someone gets the job done, that is what he will do. If bribery does it, he'll do that instead. Point is, he takes his job very seriously.

-Reliable, hardworking, a bit easily distracted in the face of tits. No, really.
-Not very bright, easily manipulated, very gullible.

-Born in Fort Weyr as Dalkor
-Normal weyrbrat stuff
-Scared of actually Impressing, but Impressed anyway at 18.
-Mostly just derps around. :| Being derpy. Occasionally he hopes that walking around in civilian clothes stops people from recognizing him. Oh, D'kor. It really doesn't, dear.
-Moved to Peregrine because Fort's folks told him to keep an eye on it. He takes his job very seriously.

Any pets? A long -suffering green firelizard named Missy. Her main job is to point things out to him. If he is looking for something, she will hover over it pointedly until he catches the idea.

Other stuff you want to tell us:


Name: Zenth
Color: Bronze
Age: 12

Appearance: Dark Bronze overall. He has some very fetching spots all along his hide.

Personality: He's a snarky bugger. He mocks D'kor incessantly. It's no secret that Zenth is the brains in the outfit while D'kor is just there to sit still and look pretty.

-Highly knowledgeable. He's got a great memory for a dragon, especially for information about locations. Have questions about any place in Pern? He will tell you about it.

He also fancies himself to be a bit of an expert on the human condition. Then again, his 'human condition' is mostly based on his observations of D'kor, so who knows how useful it is.

Other stuff you want to tell us:
lol, Hi, D'kor and Zenth from Chronicles of Pern the video game!
As you can see, this is all very sketchy stuff. If you adopt him, go ahead and just kind of fill him out a bit. No special requirements for him. No special plots lined up. I just wanted to write him.

giftwrapped - December 31, 2011 06:27 AM (GMT)

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