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Title: Merry Christm---what? You don't like your hat? :|
Description: [Taavi x Vit + hybrids = LOLs]

Ferret - December 26, 2011 04:56 AM (GMT)
Taavi was learning many important valuable lessons. First of all, there was this thing called Christmas, celebrated by the offworlders. The Baker was extremely uncertain about the whole idea behind it, exactly, but he managed to grasp the basic concept of it: show affection through gifts. Ok. He could totally do that.

Er. Not that he felt particularly affectionate towards Vityai, of course, but... ok, see, this was where another important lesson came into play: Gustav was freaking huge and no one wanted to argue with Taavi when he was backed up by a ton of muscle. Perhaps a literal ton. It wasn't like there were scales just lying around to weigh the hybrid after all.

People certainly weren't going to argue with Gustav himself, even if he did have his jaws clamped ever-so-gently over a sparkly fish plush. His permanent orange eyes roved over the kitchens, just daring someone to just try and steal the toy away. It was roughly three feet long and almost iridescent. Like most things held in Gustav's mouth, it had a rather terrified look on its face.

Taavi ignored his hybrid though, showing some definite talent. How could a person ignore such a large creature anyway? In this case, it was because he was distracted by a hat.

THE hat, in fact, a starch white chef's hat with a red bow tied around it. Oh, he had worried about wrapping it for a while before deciding, 'Fuck it, it'll get torn up anyway', because that was the easier path. The real important thing would be to drop the presents off in the kitchen in time for Vit's early shift, and get out of there.

"Gus! Gus, drop it!" Taavi attempted to get the fish from his hybrid.

There was one major problem with this plan.

Gustav did not want to let go of the 'bubblefish'. With a mindset like that, it was like trying to argue with a mountain. A mountain with teeth. Lots of them.

Nozomi - December 26, 2011 05:28 AM (GMT)
That early in the morning and even Vityai managed to still be tired, up at the asscrack of nothing and craving himself a cup of klah. The young Baker trundled into the Kitchens, heavy eyed and drowsy, Taravi close at his heels. With the time of day, before even the early shift, no one usually made an extra pot for the newly

"Hungry, Taravi?" The Baker yawned, covering his mouth with one hand once they were inside. He rolled up his sleeves, halfway done with the first before Taravi paused, her head swiveling in the direction of something big and shiny and attached to Gustav. Yes. She was hungry. There was also a Gustav with a bright shiny fish right there.

Sleepy contentment everywhere, Taravi blinked towards her handlers Whatever and Gustav, her tail flicking. Gustav has something shiny. She scooted over, closer, curious. Gus truly was the only one outside of her handler Taravi liked to talk with; even Taavi, while friendly and Vityai's, well, he was just another handler. Gus was good, though, and by proxy, so was Taavi. All was well. What's that?

"Gus what?" Vityai yawned as loud as he could, stretching out despite any looks the noise would make him. A man was allowed a good yawn or two, damnit, especially if those he was going to work with were going to be just as tired as himself. And then a Taavi, with a bow and a hat and a huge Gus with a shiny something that his girl had already began inquiring about.

Vit blinked.

"Taavi, what is that."

Ferret - December 26, 2011 05:46 AM (GMT)
...ohballs. HE HAD BEEN SEEN. Logically, Taavi had absolutely no reason to worry about being seen. This was where he worked anyway and there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Gifts were just presents, right? And... things. And stuff. And... uhh...


Fuck. Maybe if he threw the hat into the air, the movement would distract Vityai just long enough to allow Taavi to escape. He was pretty sure Gustav could fend for himself, more or less. Unfortunately, Taavi was pretty sure that it was only whers who couldn't see you if you didn't move-----and, sadly, he was mistaken even in this------but he was fairly certain that Vit would manage to see him just fine. Did see him, in fact, although Vityai hadn't yet fired his glarebeams.

"Uh. Merry Christmas?" he offered the hat. "It's a hat. It's for you. To wear on your head, where hats normally go. And that's a bubblefish for Taravi."

As if on cue, Gustav finally dropped the fish toy at Taravi's feet and blinked slowly. He didn't radiate approval, but he certainly seemed about as smug as he could be. Bloodless for Taravi he sent, lips briefly peeling back in a smile. Well, about as close as he could get to one anyway.

"I expect she'll destroy it in a few minutes, but at least that's a few minutes of peace, right?" Taavi said with a shrug and half-smile.

Nozomi - December 26, 2011 06:12 AM (GMT)
Both hybrid and handler stared at Taavi as he talked and held out the hat. Taravi moved before her handler did, dipping her head to sniff at the fish. Then she moved in closer to butt her head against the other hybrid, sparing a slick slurping lick over the part of his face she could reach. The smaller hybrid leaned in, rubbed against him once affectionately, feline like, and then picked up the stuffed animal delicatetly to get it in a proper grip.

Vityai watched her as Taravi slunk to the wall where she usually stayed while he worked and dropped the fish. Around and around she went and after a few turns, settled down to coil around the bubblefish, her front claws on that shiny plush hide.

Very pretty and we are keeping it forever. She said, almost prim. For practicing terror on the bubblefish for better... bubblefishing. Because that so made sense, and Taravi didn't give a wherrieshit if others knew it or not. Her claws kneaded, delicate and careful not to tear at it. Then she crooned at her clutch sibling, her tail flicking back an forth.

With Taravi distracted and quite pleased with her new trinket, Vityai took the time to concentrate on the hat and the huge bow attached to it. His eyebrows rose slowly and reached out to take the hat from Taavi.

Vityai held it almost delicately, his fingers gentle on the gift. The Baker frowned, one thumb rubbing along some of the starched white fabric.

"You got this for me?" said Vityai, his voice slow. Another frown, his eyebrows pushed together. When he looked up to Taavi, hat in hand and no little fingers ripping off the bow, there were still no glare beams from him, though Vit somehow managed to pull off a grumpy sort of confusion. "For the Christmas, Turns End thing?"

Gifting Taravi, he totally got. She was cute and could eat people. Vit was short and pissy, like a sharp clawed kitten in a barrel. He blinked again, refusing to twist the hat up like he kind of wanted to. Not in a bad way. Probably.

Ferret - December 26, 2011 06:28 AM (GMT)
With one burst of affection from Gustav's mind, the monster settled down nearby Taravi. And... that was it. As far as the hybrid was concerned, the matter was settled: the gift was given and Taravi liked it. Everything was right in Gustav's small world. His orange eyes settled on the Bakers, just daring outsiders to get close or even just mock the boys for attempting to bumble their way through a gift-giving interaction.

Lucky bastard, was the first thing that ran through Taavi's mind, along with a sharp stab of jealousy. Gus clearly had this whole thing worked out. Of course, he had less to worry about. As strange as it was to think, Taravi was slightly less likely to claw or bite than Vit was, who seemed to have no other way of showing affection. He was like a kitten who only knew those methods of communication.

"Yeah, exactly! Shards if I know why the offworlders are celebrating Turn's End a season early. Something about an intergalactic calendar? I dunno. I figured, hey, a present for the present is just as good as a gift in the future. Besides, it's useful now."

Ok. He wasn't certain when he started to defend the mere act of giving a gift to a friend, but Taavi decided to stop there. It wasn't like it really meant anything in particular besides, 'hey, I guess we are friends now, so here is a friend-hat. It is the symbol of our people' or... something. Shards... Taavi rubbed the back of his neck and really wished that he had just managed to leave the presents quietly. Then they could have missed all of this awkwardness. They were men, shaffit. They didn't need things to get all emotional or something. They had penises in the place of emotions.

Or... something.


Fuck, why was he thinking about penises now?

"Anyway, come on. We've got work to do," he said instead, patting Vit on the back before tying back his hair. "Are we going to bake more Shut-The-Fuclk-Up Muffins today?"

Nozomi - December 26, 2011 06:53 AM (GMT)
Taravi shifted a bit to be a little closer to Gustav but other then that, she was contented. He was glad, she was sleepy and pleased with a brand new pillow to sprawl out on a bit, and her handler had a brand new hat that, despite appearances, he was quite pleased with.

As usual, Vityai let Taavi ramble about whatever it was he wanted to talk about. He looked back down to the hat as Taavi talked, still frowning, and shook his head and grabbed Taavi by the elbow. The Baker shook his head and tugged, pushing the hat at his friend until he took it back. "Hold that for a minute. Watch Taravi."

If Taavi voiced any confusion or anything, Vityai simply held up a single finger - his index finger, the universal 'wait' or 'one minute' sign before booking it from the kitchens. Taravi sat on, still and calm, tail quieting when her handler ran off. It only took a few minutes for him to return, redfaced but back, his sleeves once more loose around his wrists. In his arms was a book, a very thick and heavy one, new... ish. There were a few stains on the edges of the cover, but the book was otherwise clean. Very fancy.

Vityai huffed, getting back to Taavi, and shoved the book back at him. "For you." He tried to keep his voice sharp and failed, instead sounding breathless, pushing it closer. "Wasn't supposed to get it mussed but I had to fix some of the recipes in there. It's for your... side business." Vityai glanced down at the book, frowning again. 'I fixed some of them, added a few. It'll taste better than what we're making now."

Inside does have some stained pages, yes, and Vityai's small, neat handwriting with a few recipes on the back blank pages, adjustments made in some pre-printed ones. Getting an excuse to give it to him was a very good thing in Vityai's book.

"Happy... whatever it is. Christmas. Early End. Whatever."

Ferret - December 26, 2011 07:18 AM (GMT)
Aaaand suddenly hat. Taavi had been hated before, yes, but never hatted. It was worse. The starched hat wasn't more than a few ounces of fabric, but it might as well have been a few pounds as Vityai shoved it back at the older Baker. What? No, that wasn't the right question. The right question was, 'what had he done wrong this time?' He tried h...

Oh wait. Never mind. Taavi bucked up once more, recalling that his friend had merely said, 'hold this' not, 'I want to burn this thing, for I fear it will eat my face off, oh Faranth, Faranth, it is so very ugly and you should feel bad too'. Really, he needed to get his over-dramatic Vit-translation re-checked, It was being awful. He set the hat up on the counter once more, dusting it off once.

While Vit was absent, Taavi padded towards the hybrids, one hand on Gustav's back. Honestly, the hefty hybrid was getting a bit big. "One of these days, Gus, you won't be able to fit in here. Dunno what you and Taravi will do then." Presumably just... well, presumably Gus would wait outside. Taravi would probably wait with Vit no matter what.

Either way, the Baker went ahead with washing his hands and trying to get the hybrids' meals ready. 'Meat' and 'more meat' weren't exactly the most difficult dishes in the world to make after all. They basically only had two steps:

1 - Obtain meat
2 - Consume meat

OH HEY, VIT WAS BACK. Taavi just barely had time to clean his hands again when a thick book was shoved at him, a hidebound set of recipes. Not being the sort to hold back his emotions at any time, Taavi didn't even bother trying to hide his billion watt smile.

Oh, there was also no escape from the one-armed hug. "Thanks, Vit. It means a lot to me."

Nozomi - December 26, 2011 07:44 AM (GMT)
Taavi smiled. Vityai relaxed.

Then there was a hug and it involved just one arm but Vit said thank you and didn't seem to mind the fact that his present involved a few bits of chef flavoring. Vityai leaned into the hug, not stiffening up at the contact for the first time in his Godforsaken life, and since he didn't have the hat in his arms, he returned it with a closer lean and both arms wrapped around Taavi's waist for a squeeze. Clearly, someone did not take the same classes in what men did or did not do as Taavi did.

"It's a nice hat." He mumbled out against Taavi's shoulder, arms still close. "Taravi will wear the bow." That was about as close as he'd get to a thank you, that and the close hug that he eventually pulled back from, distracting his hands with rolling up his sleeves. Vityai shuffled back, eyes to the side until he could snatch up the starched white chef's hat once more.

The Baker peeled off the ribbon with a surgeons precision, chewing softly at the inside of his mouth. The hat went atop his head and the bow went around Taravi's neck as promised, Vityai's shoulders stiff. "Did you do that secret gift thing they had going on?"

Ferret - December 26, 2011 08:16 AM (GMT)
Ok. So Vit was hugging him now. Were there specific manly man rules about this sort of manliness? Surely there was some sort of caveat that dictated that it was alright to hug someone back and oh fuck it. Taavi was going to hug his friend. If anyone wanted to argue about the masculinity of the moment, he'd merely point at the very, very large hybrid who so dearly loved killing. And then probably point at Vit and indicate that he was even worse.

"Naw, I was going to but then I got distracted by things," Taavi said, quite honest about his short attention span. "Gus has been growing a lot and he kept getting these dry patches on his hide and some sores on his feet. Took him to Healer Grumpypants and got a lecture." Still, he couldn't deny that he'd learned a few important things.

Namely that, after your hybrid has slaughtered half a feeding pen of wherries, it was a good idea to clean out all the blood from between his toes. It was the little things that counted, really. Still, they lived and learned, right? And, just as importantly, learned and therefore lived.

Well, since he already had the meat ready, he continued to get it ready for the hybrids. "What about you? Did you enter? Hey, how much is Taravi eating now anyway?"

Nozomi - December 28, 2011 12:24 AM (GMT)
Vit was indeed hugging him. Taavi could either deal with it or push him off and not pushing him off happened to be the proper choice. Vit did not take brush offs of rare affection well (although he told people to fuck off often enough, a case of passive-aggressive signs if he'd ever heard of). He pulled back anyway, snorting as he went back to getting himself ready for the day and the shift. At the mention of foot sores, though, Vityai grimaced.

"Sores? What did you do?" The accusation of 'to Gustav' hung in the air, unspoken and yet he meant it so much. So so much. Vityai shifted past Taavi to start washing off his hands, frowning a little at the thought of Taravi with sores on her feet. He could see it happening, if she had one of her little... fits again.

She got violent when eating. That's all he had to know.

Vityai toweled off his hands, shrugging. "I did. Got this guy I don't know, dunno who got me. Did you know it's ridiculously hard to get someone a gift when they're boring?"

Taavi probably did. He bought Vit a gift, after all, complete with a bow and a bubble fish. The Baker busied himself with the meat Taavi was preparing, grabbing something to butcher down for Taravi as well. "Only about this much," he gestured idly at the hunk of meat, dark eyes on it before he went to business. "She's tiny compared to Gus. Portable." A pause, and then, casually as he could: "Who else are you tossing gifts to for Turns End? I better have gotten the only hat."

Ferret - December 28, 2011 12:50 AM (GMT)
"Gus has taken to slaughtering the entire pen if I let him. Used to be he'd just toddle after the wherries and just exhaust them to death but now he's figured out how to use teeth and claws. He just... doesn't want to seem to stop..." none of which fully explained why he got sores, but Taavi was getting around to that. Taavi thought story-telling was an art. You couldn't just jump into the action. You had to give it a bit of a built-up.

That and it was fucking embarrassing to admit. Just thinking about it made this terrible little ball of guilt form in the pit of his stomach, an accusing little bastard of a lump that he was considering naming Vit. That's right, Vit was going to be the proverbial embodiment of his guilt. Taavi would have run his hands through his hair, but the blood----plus, the hair being tied back-----put a stop to that.

"Fact is, he was wallowing all over bloody dirt and I didn't do a very good job of cleaning between his toes. My master never covered, 'oh, by the way, in the small off-chance that you happen to find yourself bonded to a dragon-wher hybrid who loves killing, remember to clean between his toes after he murderizes some wherries'." For the lesson he never learned, Taavi turned his voice up an octave into an elderly woman's screech, a mimicry of the woman who had taught him the secret art of baking.

Well, not that secret. It just looked a lot more secret than it was. Once the meat was prepared, he dumped it for Gus in a bowl. Gus sniffed it and seemed content to ignore it.

"Come on, Gus. That's the thing you killed yesterday. One of them anyway."

That got the hybrid's attention and he consumed the fresh meat with gusto.

"Hm? Oh, no. You got the most awesome hat, don't worry. I'm making some cookies for Missy. Something horribly packed with sugar, maybe with some icing on it. I want to try that chocolate stuff that the offworlders keep talking about. I'm getting something nice for an old friend too. Family, that sort of thing. I think they're going to be more confused by the Turn's End gifts a season early though."

Nozomi - December 29, 2011 11:04 PM (GMT)
"Are you surprised he's decided he wants to devour a whole pen of wherries?" Vityai looked at Taavi from the corner of his eyes, watching as the expressions went over his face and heard his tone. Taavi sucked at hiding his feelings, Vityai'd found over their time as not-enemies, smiling when happy, scowling and bitching when irritated, and, in this case, looking like he'd almost killed his bondmate. His lips twitched.

The baker said nothing until Taavi had fed his creature, walking over and putting Taravi's meat down in front of her. She released the bubblefish long enough to start chewing at the meat, contented with everything. With Taavi close enough, Vit leaned over to bump him, shoulder to arm, eyes on the hybrids rather than his friend.

"You weren't a Beastcrafter, you are a Baker. It isn't as if you are used to taking care of something. Don't beat yourself up for it. He's a baby. Everyone messes up with babies and now you know what to do after he rips the throat out of something." Another light bump and that time Vit did look up, a quick glance, a twitch of a smile before he backed up to head back to the table with the rest of the meat.

He busied himself with the food, cutting it up smaller to get it ready for something to make with breakfast. Why not, someone would enjoy it. At Missy's name, his nose wrinkled, shoulder's hunching.

"Missy called me sweet, did you know that?" Vityai shuddered. "Sweet. Will you be going to see them on actual Turns End? Show off Gus or... something."

Ferret - December 29, 2011 11:52 PM (GMT)
"Fuck yes I was surprised. You know how he's like most of the time. Calm, relaxed, content to just laze around. It's very surprising when he suddenly becomes a murderbeast of joy." Really, he should have seen it coming, given Gus' pleasure for killing small fish. It was, in retrospect, a bit like jumping into a lake and going, 'holy shit, how did this happen, I am all wet!'

Now being surprised by Vit being comforting? That was totally legitimate and baffling and a bit frightening. Vit being nasty was one thing. He was always nasty. But Vit being nice... and now it was twice in one day, which totally meant he was up to something of criminal mastermind proportions and Taavi totally wanted to be a part of whatever nefarious scheme he had cooked up. Perhaps quite literally, given their occupations.

"Yeah, I guess," he said with a shrug. Alright, so Vit's words were appreciated, but the Guy Code could not be bent. Taavi grinned at his friend anyway. Nothing really needed to be said. He certainly didn't mention that, perhaps, Missy's word of choice was perfectly accurate in this case. Nope, the Guy Code had specific legislation against calling another man 'sweet'.

"Naw, I don't think I could really get Gus down there, you know? I'm not sure a dragon could fly us. Think my family is moving up to Fort though, which will be nice. A lot closer and everything."

Nozomi - December 30, 2011 06:01 PM (GMT)
Funny how Vit was always nasty and yet managed to be so sweet so often. Well - at least to Taavi, probably, and apparently Missy. Vityai wiped his hand off on his apron to grab a bowl, humming quietly as he did so.

"You're surprised by that? He's a murderbeast. A hybrid. Didn't you know, they're horrible creatures." Completely at odds with his words, Vityai half turned to toss Taravi another bit of meat. She snapped it out of the air with a contented rumble, her tail flicking. "Let's just make sure he doesn't go on a rampage with Taravi around. I've been keeping her as far from the angry ones as I can because of... well, what she does."

The mention of closer family made Vityai pause and glance over Taavi, but only for a few seconds. He had other things to worry about, like cook, and think about whether or not he was going to be put in charge of anything that day. With the hybrid, his schedule continued to be out of whack, leaving Vit mostly in the dark on what'd he be doing that day, just what time he should be there. But still. Taavi liked his family, from what he'd told Vityai before, on the lake shore.

"Why not invite them here, then?" Vityai leaned up, grabbing something or the other to put in with the food. "People are already here from Fort, may as well make a party of it. How long has it been since youve seen them?"

Ferret - December 30, 2011 11:23 PM (GMT)
"Yes, absolutely horrible. It was Gus' idea to get Taravi a bubblefish, by the way. Absolutely horrid little beasties." Alright, so Gustav had actually suggested killing everything for Taravi and offering her the bloody corpses of hundreds of little fish families. It had taken a lot of arguing----or something like it; did it really count as an argument when one half of the arguers didn't actually talk and instead merely emoted?-----before he reluctantly stopped debating about the fish.

...Right. Now what was it he was supposed to be doing? Something with baking, probably, seeing as that was his job and all. Alright, so, technically, since it wasn't his shift yet, he probably could have gotten away with just shrugging and walking out, but that would have left Vit alone. Better keep him company, Taavi thought. Besides, if he left, Gustav would follow and poor Taravi would be left on her own without her buffer zone.

So he decided to try something new. Chocolate chip cookies. The offworlders raved about this 'chocolate' stuff, especially when it was all chopped up into tiny bits. Taavi opened the bag and looked at the little brown chips suspiciously. They looked a great deal like tunnelsnake droppings and he could not remember anyone ever saying, 'There's always room for tunnelsnake shit'.

"One of my sisters wants to be a dolphineer. Fort Hold's closer to the shore. Hey, we've got butter, right? It's been... shit, almost six months, I think. It's alright. I still write. Bribe some Searchrider with cream puffs to take letters there." Milk. Butter. Sugar. Flour. A bit of salt. Cookies weren't hugely complicated. It was chocolate that was the unknown factor here.

Nozomi - December 31, 2011 12:58 AM (GMT)
In another world, another time, this would be the point where Vityai grabbed Taavi and began to make out with him until the Terms of Service told them No. Presents, cooking elbow to elbow, discussions of families and meeting.

As it was, they were Taavi and Vityai, and the closet they got at this point was Vityai leaning close to elbow Taavi in the arm.

"Of course we have butter, we're in the kitchens. I'm making something from breakfast, what are you doing?" He paused his prep long enough to lean up on his toes to try to look over Taavi to see what it is he was making. "Is that a bag of the... desserty thing the offworlders brought with them?" One of the chips dropped to the counter and Vityai peered down at it, frowning. "I haven't tried them before."

And into one of the fridges it went, and Vityai's hand under the sink.. There. Things were marinating or... something. he knew what he was doing, even as he decided to go with it and make some pastries while they rested. "Are you bribing that greenrider that your friend Kr'stof is with? Give him more and he might bring them over for a visit. I would terrorize them with my anger and mean sense of humor."

Ferret - December 31, 2011 01:16 AM (GMT)
"I always ask, just in case. You'd ask too if you were ever in a situation where you had half the ingredients all mixed up and only then realized you were missing something," Taavi said defensively. It was that day------ok, so it happened like twenty times before he finally learned to check what they had before randomly baking things-----that he learned the importance of preparation. Again, he regarded the chocolate chips.

Taavi flicked the fallen chip, sending it scooting across the counter. "I haven't tried them yet either. Oh well. Better now than never," he said with a grin, popping one into his mouth. "A bit... bitter, I guess? Kinda like klah, only without the nutty flavor. I expected more. I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of fireworks in my mouth. Seriously, the way that offworlders go on about chocolate, you'd think that it could cure firehead fever, bring back your dead canine, and also make infinity marks."

Welp, at least his curiosity was satisfied. He went back to mixing the ingredients, deciding to add the chocolate chips last, if only so he and Vit could sneak a few more chips for the novelty of it. "Yeah, I've been considering that. I'll say this for him: he's easy to bribe. Not exactly the most pleasant man to be around. Dunno how Kr'stof does it. I'm guessing he's just good in bed."


Never mind that Taavi also hung around with an asexual who was anything but 'sweet'. He had completely different reasons. Obviously. He just liked Vit's company and everything.

Nozomi - December 31, 2011 02:02 AM (GMT)
"I listened when Yanaan taught me to cook. Maybe if you did the same you wouldn't have that pesky problem of forgetting recipes. Aren't you the one with the specialty in baking? I'm Kitchen admin, I should not be remembering your recipes." Vityai sneered, pausing only when the chocolate chip skittered along the counter. He plucked up another chip and ate it himself, chewing slowly.

His nose wrinkled up, and pushed at Taavi again with his elbow. Why not eat and then abuse. Flour, sugar, salt, milk instead of water. "Fireworks in your mouth? You're eating something from a spaceship, not on your knees during a Flight. I was told it tastes good when melted down and with hot milk added."

A little ''hrm" because, really, that sounded delicious, but he got back to the pastry dough. Taavi managed to catch his attention when talking about how easy it was to bribe the green rider.

Annnnnnd decided to get crude about it.

Vityai rolled his eyes, visible only because he had tied his hair back. He stared down at his hands as they worked at the dough, lips pulled into a tight little line. "I can see why he'd like him. He's very attractive and seemed smart. We've talked when he comes in during the mornings or nights." And then he almost smiled, an eyebrow quirking. "He wasn't horrible to me. I wouldn't have minded talking to him more if Kr'stof weren't in the picture."

Lies and slander, but why not make him feel uncomfortable by talking about gay things? Uncomfortable was good. "Don't forget to grease the pan when you do that, Taavetti."

Ferret - December 31, 2011 02:19 AM (GMT)
"What? I wasn't listening. I was busy being distracted by the thought of boobs," Taavi said sarcastically, grinning all the while. A thespian at heart, he flung a hand out dramatically and put the other over his heart. "I should have known that this present, this wonderful gift of recipes, was a backhanded compliment. I can't believe you'd have so little faith in me, Vit. I can remember how to bake things. I just... happen to like freestyling things a bit more." Read: substitute things whenever he realized he forgot to add something.

Tossing back another chip, he quickly regretted it as he choked on it. Did Vit really just make a joke about... no, surely not! But, oh, it totally was and it was beautiful. "Jays, warn me before you trot out a joke like that, Vit. I nearly had a heart attack out of sheer surprise and that would be the most embarrassing death ever."

Milk. RIGHT MILK. Abandoning the half-finished mix of cookie dough, Taavi rummaged around the cold room until he found a jug. There was still ice on the outside of it. He brushed it off and poured it into the batter and started to mix things. How exciting!

"Well I..." wait what. He stared at Vit in open surprise. Ok, so he could get his mind around the whole, 'so Vit likes dudes' thing and he was completely fine with that. He was fine with being just as physically affectionate as ever. It was just...

Well, it felt unfair.

Vit actually was attracted to someone and it wasn't Taavi? Well...

That was terrible. Not that he was interested in Vit, of course. So, really, there was absolutely no reason to be annoyed. There certainly wasn't any reason to feel a sudden jab of jealousy directed at a certain Greenrider and certainly no reason to feel the sudden urge to put something terrible in his cream puffs. "What? Oh right, butter. Yeah, I'll get that too," he muttered instead. "You need anything while I'm in the cold room again?"

Nozomi - December 31, 2011 03:13 AM (GMT)
"Your idea of freestyling is forgetting milk, deadglow." Oh, Taavi. Why did you like him again? Was there a reason outside of those few snapshots of kindness and smiles? Maybe there was the moment of him sighing or the almost crude joke that made his mouth quirk upwards once more. "It's those firelizards I keep in the cupboard. The more they cry, the more witty I get. Didn't you know?"

With Taavi getting himself some milk, Vityai leaned over and grabbed himself a small handful of chocolate chips, tossing a few in his mouth. Eating with one hand, searching for a roller with another, Vityai had enough going on to not notice much beyond Taavi not having any butter to grease the pan with.

Oh, and the lack of comment about C'ren. Vityai arched his eyebrows, looking over to Taavi. "No. I'm fine. The leftover meat is going into these." And hell, why not make Taavi as uncomfortable as he often found himself when Taavi talked about this girl or that girl or made jokes about knots and experience with sneaking around. He waited until Taavi returned with whatever he needed until he spoke up again.

"Perhaps I will talk to him more if they break up." He said, voice dry, before shooting Taavi a hard Look. "So you can talk about the many, many girls you've taken into that pile of blankets and pillows you call a bed and I mention a single man and that shuts you up? What happened to that whole 'I have gay friends' little speech, mm?" Another eyebrow arch. Vityai started to roll the dough flat, having to stand on his toes to get it as thin as he wanted it to be. "One of these days I'm going to go into excruciating detail about the boyfriend that gave me my flit or make up a love interest somewhere."

Why? Well because he was an asshole. That's why.

Ferret - December 31, 2011 04:48 AM (GMT)
"That's called 'thinking outside the mixing bowl', Vit. Not all of us live according to the rules of baking. Some of us are rebels." Strike a dramatic pose, wait for laugh, and continue scene... at least, Taavi would have liked to continue, except Vit kept dragging the topic back to men. He didn't want to talk about men. That was confusing and, quite frankly, uncomfortable.

Cursing under his breath, Taavi looked for an escape from the mancave of homoerotica. "Jays, it's different, ok? I don't name names. And you totally just named at least one name." Alright, so, if he was thinking logically, he would have pointed out that Vit just offered the name of a guy he'd like to maybe make mouth fireworks with or whatever the fuck they did together.

Snagging the chips, he added them to the mix and, while agitated emotionally, started to agitate the cookie dough as well. Hopefully it wouldn't result in the angriest cookies ever. At least it got rid of some of his frustration, to the point where he could kiiiind of see why it might seem unfair? And just because it didn't feel unfair to him didn't mean...

Well, it was all a matter of perspective. "Fff, if you do make up a boyfriend, I'll still want to meet him. And then you'll be all, 'no, Taavi, I swear, he's totally real. He just lives in Benden'. Fine, go ahead and talk about your ex-boyfriend then. Do you want to talk about him?"

Nozomi - December 31, 2011 07:49 AM (GMT)
Vityai, for all of his flaws, could at least notice some things when they didn't threaten his emotional scope of a gnat. For instance, he realized that Taavi had become increasingly uncomfortable with the subject matter, regardless of how open he was. Which was fine, Vityai didn't like to hear details about women (although he heard them anyway) so that he could understand. The not naming names part, that too was easy enough to figure out. Kissing and telling, all of that.

He also saw how he treated the poor dough. Vityai frowned, conversation forgotten for the moment so he could reach out and wrap his hand around one of Taavi's wrists, sidling in closer. "If you keep treating it like that, you're going to make the dough hard to eat. Easy on how much pressure you put on it. Tough kneading is for bread, not for cookies."

And he squeezed, gentler than his words had been, and stepped away from Taavi to go back to his own pastry dough. "My exes are in Benden, I don't need more." The Baker snorted, lips twitching into a grin. "And no, I don't really want to. There isn't anything to tell with the one that gave me Messenger. He found out what I was like and packed it all up. The sordid details come from the one after him. It included things like knees during Flights and all of that fun stuff.

"Got to keep it kid-appropriate." Vityai jerked his head in the direction of the hybrids, knife out to start cutting the dough. "I yearn for the day when someone sweeps you off your feet and makes you stop naming so many numbers. Just because there aren't names doesn't make them less of people, you know, they're still there. And when that day comes, I'll be right there to salute her."

Ferret - December 31, 2011 08:56 AM (GMT)
"Cookies aren't going to be able to tell the difference," Taavi muttered, but he followed Vit's advice anyway. If the dough was beaten too much, the cookies would just be too fine. Like all Bakers all over Pern, he tasted a bit of the dough anyway. It tasted exactly like cookie dough should: all sugars, fats, and a dash of the flavor he now identified as chocolate.

Logically, Taavi knew that Vit saw other guys before him. Er. That is, he just... ok, this was getting weird again, which meant it was time to completely ignore the problem and hope it got embarrassed and went away on its own. Or maybe punch it in the face, which was generally a last resort. "Yeah, I think I remember you telling me about that first one. Still sorry about that, man." Still, at least... well, on some level, it was probably a good thing? At least they learned early that they weren't really compatible.

Apparently things went a bit further with this second boyfriend. Once again, Taavi found himself mixing the cookie dough a bit too vigorously. It was just... frustrating. Vit was a great guy. He really was. Alright, so he wasn't always nice. Or anything even close to it, really. He wasn't even really a core of sweet wrapped under a layer of snark and barbed wire.

It was more like running into a grass field full of raptors. There was a ninety percent chance you'd get eaten by raptors (Vit's snark), nine percent chance that you'd get through, and a tiny one percent chance that he'd actually say something nice. And that was all Taavi needed to go into that field of crazy again and again.

"Ha! We'll see, Vit. Don't count on it happening too soon though. I'll be here pestering you for a while yet."

Nozomi - December 31, 2011 06:47 PM (GMT)
"Taavetti!" Vityai snapped his name out, reaching over with a hand coated with flour to grab Taavi's hand that was wrapped around the mixing spoon. He stared at the other baker, frowning and leaning in a little closer to keep him from ruining the damn dough. "What did we just say with the sharding dough? Stop it. I'm fine with what you do on the side but don't ruin the fucking cookies."

The hand crept higher to Taavi's wrist, the frown still firmly in place. The uncomfortable part of it all, the bits that delighted him, went too far in light of Taavi and his vicious stirring.

"I'll stop talking about it now." He added, a bit more gently than before but still with a bit of that trademark Vityai bite to it. He kept his hand on Taavi's wrist another moment, just to see if the other man would go back to mauling things that were supposed to be delicious, and then stepped away to get the filling for his pastries. "You sometimes stop when I get pissed off enough, may as well return the favor from time to time. Shards and shells."

He rolled his eyes dramatically, grabbing the spoon to start filling the little squares he'd cut from his own (wonderfully made) dough to feed people when they finally woke up.

"I still say you should invite your family here. It's almost Hatching time, Searchriders are everywhere and there can be the excuse that they may Impress if anyone questions it. You won't have a good excuse for a while."

Ferret - December 31, 2011 09:18 PM (GMT)
...why were there tingles. There should not be tingles where Vit touched his arm. That was stupid. This conversation was stupid and Taavi wanted to get out of it now. Vit gave him a perfect out, right there, even terminating the topic personally but... well, the way he said it left a bad taste in Taavi's mouth. He didn't want to be That Guy that Vit didn't want to talk to about certain things. They were supposed to be friends.

"I'm going to say this thing that I am going to say," he said, rather pointlessly as he tried to gather his thoughts. Really, it was a bad idea to let his tongue go without consulting his brain, but it was what he always did. As he started to scoop up the cookie dough and plop it onto the baking sheet, he continued, "Look, it's not the whole... I know you like other guys. And that is honestly fine with me." No, it wasn't, because Taavi liked having all the attention. All of it. Especially Vit's.

"I just don't like hearing that your previous asshole boyfriends treated you like shit." There. It was almost true and it had the added benefit of painting Taavi in an almost good light. You know, if you squinted and ignored the fact that he was completely making things up as he went along without listening to the whole story, namely because every time Vit talked about his previous boyfriends, Taavi did the equivalent of covering his ears and going LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALA.

"Yeah, I'm going to invite them down for a bit. You'll like my sisters. Their favorite brand of stories is, 'haha, our brother is such an idiot, let us all talk about this for a while'." Again, he liked being the center of attention. This counted. "Eh. I doubt anyone will really give two shits about them coming here for a visit. This is the only Weyr that needs a mandatory, 'you must wear some sort of clothing to all events'. A Weyr like that won't care, right?"

Nozomi - January 2, 2012 01:32 AM (GMT)
"I don't think they treated me like shit." Vityai actually managed to sound surprised at that, pausing again in his goal to fill the pastries before the ovens got too hot. He cast Taavi a curious look, another twitch of a frown present. "I mean, we broke up. they left. But, I just..."

He shrugged, looking back down to his project to continue spooning the filling into the squares of pastry. "Just, look at it this way - I'm not nice. I'm not sweet or kind or really anything worth hanging around with. Whatever, some guys like that. But mix it in with me not wanting to jump into the sack as quickly as other people, if at all?"

Vityai snorted, reaching in to start folding the pastries over. Another shrug, a gesture he'd become much too attached to in conversations such as these. Taavi being all... deep and insightful didn't help. Deep and insightful shit put him on edge because something was wrong. Or something.

"Me being bitter about it doesn't make them assholes. Would you stay with a girl like me, honestly? You like the whole... thing," Another wave of his hand, nose wrinkling up. "Which is fine. I understand all of that stuff. But even if you liked a girl and she wasn't on the same page as you, you'd leave too.

"And that is me being an insightful, empathetic person today." One by one, he put the pastries, filled, folded, and crimped shut, onto his tray, adjusting them every so often to get the most out of what he had there. "I like that bran of humor. They'll have a few more stories by the time they leave. Make sure to introduce us so we can talk."

Another quirk of his lips and he lifted the heavy tray up, shifting away to put it into the oven. "The Weyr shouldn't give a shit. They'll be some of the sane visitors."

Ferret - January 2, 2012 02:08 AM (GMT)
Alright, so Taavi knew he wasn't exactly Mr. Relationships or anything. Well, at least not steady monogamous relationships, the sort that he thought Vit favored. Anyway, the point was, he wasn't very good at that sort of thing, but even he had the instincts to recognize something was wrong when someone declared that they weren't 'anything worth being around'. Taavi scowled and went back to making rage cookies. They would be blackholes of hatred and flavor.

"If any one of them made you feel like you're worthless, Vit, then they did treat you like shit," he said bluntly, completely ignoring the fact that he was going into this conversation without knowing at least two of the players. But that didn't matter. Anger didn't like to consult with logic and logic rarely occurred to Taavi anyway.

Shoving the cookies into another oven, he scowled at Vit without really meaning to. "I do stay with you," he pointed out. Sure, they weren't... romantic, but, come on. Why would anyone sleep with someone that they didn't at least get along with outside of bed? (Alright, so, he'd admit; he made a few mistakes in the past in the name of sex and OHFARANTHTHISISAMAZING but he learned. Eventually. Mostly). "Being 'on the same page' is different from, 'well, I want to keep this boyfriend, so I better blow him, even if I don't really want to."

Disregarding the sharp knife that was so close, Taavi draped an arm over his friend's shoulder and gave him a quick one-armed hug. "Look, I know I'm not exactly... comfortable with all of this, but if anyone----I mean anyone----treats you like that again, you tell me, alright? Me and Gus will take care of him."

At the mention of his name, the hybrid shifted his attention towards the men. And he smiled. It wasn't a very happy look, being more similar to that of a shark, all tooth and desire to eat someone.

Nozomi - January 4, 2012 02:14 AM (GMT)
Vit indeed preferred steady monogamous relationships, mainly because he happened to be a petty and snarky little shit that fiercely defended anything he deemed 'his' as his, shardit. It wasn't that he felt as if he wasn't good enough to hold up against someone if they were dating the same man but...


Well, he was mean and ridiculously snarky, prone more to glares and frowns than anything else, bossy, domineering, and not against punching someone in the throat. He also had absolutely no desire to change who he was or how he acted, even if it meant losing a few people along the way.

Fortunately, Vityai didn't think things like that too often, mainly because it irritated him to remember that being a stubborn prat lost him a few people he actually liked. Not even Taavi getting pissy about the exes had him thinking that sort of thing - just that, no, his exes weren't really in the wrong. (Was this the part he was supposed to feel sad about it? He had a friend in Taavi, a partner in Taravi, a job he enjoyed, some sort of social standing... Vityai couldn't find much to feel sad about, or anything to doubt his worth as a badass if somewhat horribly tempered human being.)

"Yes, but we aren't together and you don't want to drag me to bed." Vityai reminded with a little flick of his hand. He snorted, glancing up at the taller Cook. "I never said I disliked doing things, just that I don't ... I don't know. I just don't dislike it."

Another shrug and thaaat's right about the time he tensed up a little bit because, haha, they were talking about blowjobs and then there was an arm around his shoulders with Taavi very very close. He glared at him, elbow shifting to press against his ribs, but why not take the poor bastard up on his offer.

"Right, right. Next time I get into a relationship and they make me feel feelings that aren't awesome, I'll let you and Gus eat them. Now, your stuff is in the oven, your family is coming and -- are you even on early morning shift, Taavi?"

Ferret - January 5, 2012 08:20 PM (GMT)
And, once again, Vit managed to chaos up everything. It wasn't like Taavi was surprised to discover that they weren't together (he was pretty sure he would have noticed something like that) and that he wasn't trying to sleep with Vit. Was he? No, of course not. That would be... well, see, Vit was undeniably male. He was short, yes, and had long hair, but that didn't matter. He was male. And... uhh... presumably that was a reason not to want to sleep with him.

Oh, and he threw in some stuff that completely rewrote what Taavi thought he knew about asexuality, which was already a pretty unclear concept to him. As Vit's elbow shoved against his ribs, Taavi took the cue and backed off to lean against the wall instead. At least he could watch Vit from afar, which was officially the safest way to do it unless Vit had something that could be thrown easily and was aerodynamic.

Either way, the topic was obviously done. Well. Good. He was happier that way, and pleased to shift back towards better things.

"Not even a little," he said, cheer back in his voice. "I figured that I'd be generous. I didn't want to deny you my company. Also cookies. Mostly the cookies. But also me."

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