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giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:15 PM (GMT)
Thirteen turns ago, they came.

Eleven turns ago they changed us forever.

Five turns ago they returned to finish the job.

The arrival of the Intrepid took Pern by surprise. A fourth Dawn Sister appeared in the sky over Southern Weyr, accompanied a sevenday later by a freak Threadfall that tore through Southern's population. The next day, the new Dawn Sister put forth a slim, cigar-shaped craft that descended to Landing and disgorged its content: humans. The rediscovery and reactivation of AIVAS, along with the subsequent alteration of the Red Star's orbit had set into motion events that led to the rediscovery of Pern. A small exploration team was sent to investigate the long-forgotten colony.

They couldn't believe what they found. A whirlwind year passed as the crew from the Intrepid began an intense study of the planet and its lifeforms. At the end of it, most of the crew departed, leaving behind only a small team of geneticists and the promise of another ship to come. The geneticists were relocated to Fort, where they began a study of Pernese dragons. Inspired by the recently-discovered silver mutation, they created their own: first pearl, then bismuth, and later garnet and tanzanite. Seven years passed. Tensions between the offworlders and the dragonriders grew. Talk began of setting up a weyr where the geneticists could experiment in peace.

And the Peregrine came. Crewed with the best science officers the galaxy could offer, they arrived prepared to live and work on Pern for ten turns - studying the planet and its people. The talk at Fort became a reality, and with the help offered by the Peregrine's core of engineers, a new weyr was founded. It was named Peregrine, for the ship, which was stripped and incorporated into the Weyr itself. The crew settled in. They interacted with the Pernese, grew friendly - some Impressed dragons of their own. But all of them deferred to the genetics team from the Intrepid.

There is a mission at stake among these offworlders - a mission that nobody seems willing to admit to. And only time will reveal the primary mission behind these offworlders' arrival - if anything reveals it at all.

We don't know what they want from us.

We don't know why they're here.

All we know is that Pern will never be the same.

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