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Title: This isn't what it looks like
Description: [Cordel and Kas]

Ferret - November 27, 2011 09:40 AM (GMT)
...There was someone else in his bed.

This was a sufficiently rare occurrence that it did the work of a cold shower and several cups of klah, shocking Cordel into the waking world. With a snort, he opened his eyes and saw nothing more worrisome than a particularly inoffensive wall. But he knew. Oh, he knew by the heat nearby and the slight incline of his mattress.

Then again, he already knew that, didn't he? After all, he hadn't been the one in Flightlust at the time. Nope, that had been Kas and now Cordel's room smelled of bergamot.

Yep. The Healer remembered it clearly. One second he'd been working happily (or the nearest approximation to it) and then suddenly Kas was there, being all handsy and insistent. Hell if Cordel knew why the Brownrider had come to him of all people but... well, ok, so he did have some inkling of an idea why that would be. Ok, more than an inkling. A lot more.

It was just that... well, if nothing had been said, nothing had been said, alright? And that was it. And the traditional way of dealing with a Flightlusty rider was to simply get them drunk, but in Kas' case, that would have required stronger wine than the stuff Cordel had in the Infirmary. And the Brownrider had been starting to make a scene!

It made perfect sense to remove him. And then he started to talk about Aes being caught or something and...

Well, the point was, Cordel remembered. With a snort, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and started to look for a shirt. He considered trying to find one for Kas too, but any shirt that had been within three feet of the man's skin seemed to turn into tissue paper and rip at the slightest amount of pressure. Cordel half suspected that the tailors of the Weyr did it on purpose, just for a laugh or possibly a glimpse of Shirtless!Kas. Which was silly, really. They just had to ask. Thankfully, the same did not apply to pants.


That is, Kas' pants were still very distinctly on. So were Cordel's for that matter.

giftwrapped - November 30, 2011 06:44 AM (GMT)
So.....that was very confusing. Kas remembered most of it, as far as he could tell. First, there was Aes taking off. And then there was Aes dropping out. And then there was Aes inadvertently catching (being caught by?) Ceylith, and then - where the hell had he been? He was in a bed now but he was pretty sure it wasn't C'ren because he wasn't being hit over the head by anyone or who was he in bed with? He frowned, trying to remember what he had been doing while Aes was trying his wings. He had the infirmary................

There were no Pernese curse words strong enough for this.

The frown turned to horrified panic in a second, and Kas all but jolted out of bed as soon as Cordel did, standing up and backing away from the bed and - wait. Wait. He was still wearing pants. He was still wearing pants and so was Cordel and okay hangon something was very, very strange, here. "Um..." he began, hesitantly. Kas, at a loss for words for the first time in his life? Mooooooooore or less. "Cordel," he said, looking at his friend and trying his hardest not to look royally freaked out. "Um," he repeated, rubbing the back of his head. "So. Uh. Flights."

Okay, there you go, Kas. You have it figured out. Opening topic. So we're going to work from here, okay? Flights. What about Flights. "I wasn't expecting that," he began. "Do greens often chase other females?" he asked. Good, Kas, excellent! Start Cordel off on a dragony topic. Cordel will be able to answer that and maybe that would diffuse some of the horrific awkward. Except.....something smelled...familiar. Familiar in a good way. It smelled like....

"Cordel, I'm really confused. I'm in your room but we're both wearing pants. Also, I smell like bergamot."

Good, you're awake.

Um. Yeah?

I just wanted to let you know I'm never doing that again. Thanks.

Ferret - November 30, 2011 09:55 PM (GMT)
And Kas showed a rather remarkable reaction time, going from 'dead-to-the-world-sleep' right back into all four-four-cylinders-going-and--oh-shit-they-were-going-right-for-a-wall-panic'. It briefly occurred to Cordel that he could have some fun here; wasn't this how comedies started? Some guy woke up with another guy who frequently joked that they had totally had sex the night before? But the look of panic on Kas' face stopped that idea in its tracks. Cordel was not, by his own admission, the nicest man around.

But he had rules. He really wished that, sometimes, he didn't. The night would've been much more fun if he didn't have certain rules. To an outsider, it would have looked as though the Healer was being patient with his friend, quietly waiting for Kas to feel comfortable again. But anyone who knew Cordel knew that he only reserved his patience for his patients. In reality, he was simply waiting for the next thought to show up, one that went beyond, Well, this is the third most awkward thing I've ever gotten into.

Oh, and he also got to enjoy the unique moment in which Kas was completely awake and mobile and not saying anything.

"Nope." Cordel paused, frowning as he tried to recall if he'd ever even heard of such a thing. Surely it had happened before, right? Congrats, Kas. You've temporarily managed to distract Cordel from looking at your chest. "Is that what happened? You were pretty incoherent for part of it."

Wait, distraction over. Cordel shifted uneasily and decided to look at a point slightly over Kas' shoulder. There. Safe for all of five seconds until he scowled at Kas again. "Kas, if you are completely baffled by the sheer idea of wearing pants, you've got bigger problems than merely smelling like bergamot."

Was he stalling? Yes. Very much so. And flushing in the face a little, because this was going to turn into the SECOND most awkward event in his life.

giftwrapped - December 1, 2011 01:48 AM (GMT)
Okay, Aes, let's get this cleared up.

Not sure what there is to clear.

You didn't catch Aidyth, right?

Nope. Didn't really catch anyone, in so many words. More like Ceylith caught me. And that was plenty of fun for now. Women, the brown added in an undertone that made Kas's lips twitch, the motion bringing the rider to sudden full awareness that he had just managed to more or less tune out the last few things Cordel had said. Uhhhhh....okay hang on he had just confirmed that greens didn't chase, right? So this was new. Oh man that bronzerider from Southern wasn't going to like that.

"Well there's a first time for everything, I guess," he said doubtfully. First time for a green to chase a pearl, first time for a dragon to catch another dragon when neither of them were technically the one rising - waithangon had Aes and Ceylith just invented sex outside of the dragons' regular biological cycles? "Pretty sure my dragon and the green just invented casual sex, though," he said thoughtfully. Man, leave it to Kas to Impress a dragon who would later go on to invent spontaneous, nonreproductive one-night stands.

Yes, you're very smart, now shut up, Aesclepiuth grumbled. Stop speculating on my sex life and get a handle on yours, since I'll bet you're looking pretty thickheaded in front of Cordel right about now.

He was right, of course. Cordel was back to mocking - or at least being nasty, which was kind of the same thing but mostly just meant that he was probably as weirded out by the whole situation as Kas was. Which meant that this, whatever it actually was (he wanted to say it was a morning after but it didn't seem like a morning after), had probably been a colossal failure. And that...disappointed Kas a little. Not, of course, not because he wanted anything to do with Cordel, because that was....oh Faranth. But because a reputation was at stake here...and because if it was ever going to happen with Cordel, this would've had to be the time.

"Well, I mean, considering the circumstances," he started slowly. "My dragon catching another dragon, the whole Flightlust thing....really, if you do it out in equations it doesn't much add up to 'pants,' is all I'm saying."

Ferret - December 1, 2011 02:34 AM (GMT)
Cordel looked downright skeptical at the claim that a Green had chased anyone at all. That... seemed unlikely, at best. While he couldn't come up with any logical reasons why it wouldn't happen (beyond the 'well, it just doesn't happen, ok?' cop-out), he couldn't remember any specific cases of a Green Chasing anyone at all. "More likely she just happened to Rise at the same time as Aidyth," he said eventually, deciding to cling to what he knew. Greens Rose all the time. Why wouldn't one Rise at the same time as the Pearl? "And, technically, aren't all Greenflights casual sex?"

Hurray, Kas had stopped asking about the smell of bergamot. Maybe if Cordel got rid of him quickly enough, nothing would be asked. But... really. That would make things more awkward and, for all of his snarls and snarks, Cordel liked Kas.


As a friend. No need to ruin that. Grumbling to himself about idiot Brownriders-----who were off in their own little mental worlds at the moment, probably talking to their dragons-----Cordel found a shirt and put it on. He was buttoning it up just as Kas returned to reality. "I don't need your damned pantsy mathematics, Kas. Nothing happened. Nothing could happen. And..."

Ugh. It was too sharding early and he was already feeling frustrated. Cordel's hand went to his temples and he tried to think of a way to calmly explain things to his friend. Again, no ruining friendships, especially not with his temper. "You came into the Infirmary, looking for me. You were causing a scene. I didn't think Aes was going to win so I figured getting you drunk would work. It's how Flightlusty riders are usually handled. I couldn't get you to your own weyr, on account of not having a dragon, so my place seemed like the next best choice. And you ripped your shirt."

giftwrapped - December 12, 2011 06:56 AM (GMT)
...Well that sounded right. It jived with what little Kas remembered, at least. He remembered hitting the Infirmary, and Cordel getting him drunk, and - well that was about the extent of what he remembered clearly. Booze + dragon + suddenly draconic casual sex = ??????

And ?????? was not by any means the same as something that was easy to remember. Kas frowned a little bit as he regarded Cordel, cocking his head to one side as he tried to sort out the emotions still running through him. On the one hand, there was less startled shame than there had been. At least he hadn't done something stupid that either of them would have regretted. On the other hand, well... It sounded stupid - incredibly stupid - but there was a tiny spark of disappointment that Kas just couldn't shake. Cordel was not particularly ashamed of his own sexuality, and Kas was, well, he was Kas. And Kas was not gay. But he was fond of Cordel. And maybe if things had gone right and he and Cordel had managed - oh, this was stupid, and regret just didn't make sense.

He didn't want to have done anything. He just...didn't want not to have done anything, either. Because how the shards was he supposed to deal with the fact that his feelings for Cordel might have been something more than just general friendship and -

It must be hard, living in a brain like yours.

Shut up, Aes.

The response was instantaneous, the brown dragon's sarcasm managing to snap the cycle of bizarre thoughts out of Kas's head so he could more accurately deal with Cordel. "I rip my shirt a lot," he remarked after a minute, possibly the most bizarre response he could possibly have made to the discussion. "Can I borrow one of yours?" He didn't really want to be shirtless around Cordel right now. It felt...weird. Like he was somehow messing with Cordel's head or something. "Sorry," he added, though he wasn't entirely sure what he was sorry for.

Ferret - December 12, 2011 08:07 AM (GMT)
Cordel was acquainted with regret and that terrible leaden feeling settled in his stomach now as he looked at Kas. Mostly, he regretted not doing something he'd regret in the morning. Sure, he'd still regret it, but at least he would have had some fun first. Well, it was certainly something he'd keep in mind for next time, a think that would never happen so what was he even doing planning for it like some kind of creeper. Besides, the Healer knew he had done the right thing. Kas hadn't... been in his right mind.

Weyrfolk were always adamant that Flightsex didn't count and it didn't. Which counted for a lot, when you thought about it, or at least it did for Cordel. The point was, he didn't want to have sex with someone who wouldn't want him, especially if he was the sober one. It just... got creepy. Not that he wanted Kas or anyohfuckwhowashekidding? He wasn't even fooling himself there. The real question was how did he actually feel about Kas and you know what? That question could go screw itself because he was not going to deal with it while Kas was standing there, all shirtless and whatnot. Especially the whatnot.

Ok, he could salvage this. All he had to do was be witty.

"I've noticed," he said, attempting to affect the same sort of dryness that Grayson always managed to channel without any effort.

And then Cordel remembered that he wasn't particularly witty and that kiiiinda made it sound like he'd noticed Kas in torn shirts rather than noticing the torn shirts themselves (which was true but he'd never admit it). Face, meet palm! Cordel was certain they would be fast friends.

"...ok. Let's just forget that I said that. Early mornings. That's what it is," he claimed, voice muffled. Lifting a hand, he pointed at the wall without looking. "Ok, door. Go on, Get out of here. Just grab a shirt on your way out and I'll pick it up later."


He cautiously peeked through his fingers and noticed that he was accusing a wall of being a door. Hurriedly, he shifted his finger until he found it. The man didn't even spend enough time in his own bedroom to know the full layout. "...There. NOW there's a door," the normally confident Healer finished lamely. Fuck. This always went pear-shaped when he wasn't in his element and, right now, he was so far out of his element that he might as well have been flying.

giftwrapped - December 15, 2011 03:06 AM (GMT)
...Well, first things first, Kas was going to put a shirt on. He didn't know the layout of Cordel's room any better than Cordel did (which was rather reassuring, in all honesty, and Kas suppressed a brief snort of laughter when Cordel clapped his hand over his eyes and pointed at the door) but at least he was generally pretty okay at figuring out the layout of bedrooms. Making quick escapes from bedrooms in the dark was a pretty important skill to have when you were Kaskirk, and the brownrider generally had a pretty good understanding of how someone set a room up, depending on whether they were left or right-handed. Admittedly, this held mostly true for women, but...

Yeah this was the chest with the clothes in it. That one over there probably had books or glassware or something. Kas pulled out the first shirt he found that he didn't think would fit badly and pulled it over his head. It was tight through the chest, but that didn't surprise him much (Cordel was taller than him by a few inches, but Kas on the whole was bigger, at least in terms of muscle mass), and otherwise it fit just fine. And then it was time to deal with Cordel. Which Kas considered for a moment, and decided to do by complicating the awkward situation as much as humanly possible.

So he crossed the room, came up behind Cordel, and gave him a hug. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Cordel," he pointed out in a matter-of-fact voice. "Nothing happened, remember? That's the whole point of the discussion we just had." And then he let go, propping his hands on his hips and standing quietly while he waited for Cordel to turn around and either slug him or continue the conversation. The shift in position brought another whiff of aromatics to him, and his expression changed from mildly concerned to mildly puzzled. "But really....bergamot? Why do I smell like bergamot?"

Ferret - December 15, 2011 04:20 AM (GMT)
Contrary to popular belief, Cordel did indeed know what hugs were. He even knew how to administer them, although he didn't really feel it was within his capacity as a Healer to prescribe hugs. Not that this made Kas' hug any less awkward, being delivered from behind and all. Still, it was... comforting, in a way. It was honest. Kas felt like giving him a hug and so he did. Nothing particularly deep or profound about it except for the meaning that Cordel went digging for. "Right. Absolutely nothing," Cordel agreed in a flat voice most unlike him.

And then Kas decided to make things awkward all over again by bringing up that sharding oil. Cordel carried on with his staring contest with the wall for just a little while longer, in the vague hope that the Brownrider might lose interest in the subjeNOOOPE. That wasn't a very Kas thing to do. Still, it wasn't fair to explain things to a wall, he figured, so he turned around to glare at Kas. It wasn't that he was angry; it was just Cordel's usual expression, especially when he was feeling defensive.

Which was most certainly now.

Besides, if he didn't explain the whole story, Kas would probably hear a far more awkward version from La or something. (Because, when in doubt, blame the Apprentice, especially when it wasn't really her fault). "...I gave you a massage," he said with all the dignity he could muster, arms crossed over his chest. "Look, you were whining. It seemed like the bright idea at the time."

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