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Title: What lies between
Description: Weyrling lesson; first between

Dragonfire - November 17, 2011 05:52 AM (GMT)
You have drawn this out entirely too long.

Rydia steadfastly ignored her dragon, staring out at the sea, her arms wrapped around her knees. Brrrrrr. Even in summer this place was far too cold! Springlike at best.

You accepted the job. You have to follow through. They must learn. You know I'm right, Yisith continued, staring at her rider, her unpredictable tail suffering from the tiniest hint of lashing.

"Seriously, Yis, can we turn up Rukbat any? This is not proper beach weather, it's harshing my jive." ...Yeah, alright, maybe she should stop trying to use offworlder phrases when she didn't fully understand them.

Yisith made a sound almost like the air squeaking out of a balloon in frustration. Rydia! It is not as if we haven't done this before!

"But I haven't been responsible for all of them before!" The outburst was uncharacteristic - but she could only really ignore Yisith for so long, and the green had been needling at her for the better part of a week. "You know pairs end up lost all the time - K'net always said it was the worst part of 'mastering, even if there's nothing that you really can do about it besides making sure they've seen the co-ords a hundred times, and-"

She bit off the bitter thought, and huddled her knees closer. Yisith snorted, gruffly, and poked her head in her rider's lap. Well, more at her rider's torso in general. She wasn't a big dragon by any means, but there was still more than enough of her. You are channeling too much of B'lorn, worrying over them like a hen with chicks. Stop it. The harshness had leaked out of her tone, replaced with a quieter, more sympathetic one. It still has to be done. Assigning them all the essays in the world won't make them proper dragonpairs.

Rydia hugged her nose, clinging to it fiercely, as if nose had the power to banish all fears. Maybe it did.

And, somehow, the call went out the next day, relayed through Yisith and posted on the lesson-board, and even through the loudspeakers (although she had to corral one of the assistants into doing that part for her, still having been banned). "Weyrlings are to assemble at the beach at river's mouth two days hence, noon, for first between."

When the day came, she and Yisith were there early, of course - they could skip between even if the weyrlings had to make their way on the wing. On the beach they waited, quietly, and refrained from speaking until all the students had assembled. Finally, Rydia scanned the crowd, and lifted her chin. "Well, here we are. We've gone over the most useful recognition points, visualisation techniques, and the dangers of between. I don't think I really have to go over the little details too much more."

She hoped she didn't.

"We'll be doing our first jump to the Weyr, of course. Your dragons are to take their cues from myself and Yisith; we'll be taking you up one at a time for this first jump." Formation betweening was best to wait until they knew what they were doing - no good trying to have two dragons popping out in the same place, eesh. "You will wait for our cue, have your dragons transmit the visual that we send back to us, and then follow us. It's mostly an automatic, instinctive thing - just make sure you keep your mind on that picture we give you at all times. After we arrive at the Weyr, do not land - we'll be coming back to the beach once you reorient yourself. You'll get three jumps between today, each."

Rydia paused, doing her best to look her normal, relaxed self. "Any questions before we get started, hey?"

Grayson - November 18, 2011 12:21 AM (GMT)
J'sin had been anticipating today for weeks. Several rather long weeks. He was starting to wonder if he and Poseith would ever get to go Between, or whether the Weyrlingmaster was going to nanny them to death first - but here they were, on the beach, listening to instrustions and preparing to fly.

J'sin sat quietly for a few moments after Rydia called for questions, then nodded that he had a question. "We've not to land, Weyrlingmaster - but where would you like us to be while we wait for everyone to come through?" Hanging around in mid-air for someone else to Between into sounded... worrying. He knew that he and Poseith had the nouse to get out of the way, but he wasn't sure that everyone would.

Either way, Between. Either they'd be a success by the end of the day, or they'd be beyond caring. Death or glory - and today J'sin couldn't pick Death's pocket, knee him in the danglies and run away while Death was otherwise occupied.

It will be fine, Sin. I can do this. *We* can do this. Poseith sounded entirely confident, and J'sin peeled off a flight glove so that he could touch his bondmate's bronze hide for reassurance.

I really hope so, Pos.

I am bronze Poseith, and you are my rider. We have a destiny, and many ladies to fly yet. We will not fail here.

J'sin wondered at the way the tables had turned; usually it was him reassuring Poseith, not the other way round. But this wasn't a situation that pure physical dexterity, a sharp wit or a clever tongue could get him out of; this was real danger, danger that couldn't be fought or outwitted, and he wasn't used to that.

Ferret - November 18, 2011 12:47 AM (GMT)
Just think! Our first jump between, Polluth murmured, perhaps for the thousandth time that day. Millionth time that week, maybe. And zillionth, if you went back far enough, which Elae wasn't going to bother doing.

At first, Elae assumed her dragon was just eager. It was well-known that the odd intersexed Blacks had a knack for going between with extreme precision. It would be just like Polluth to get very excited about something she could do well. But now Elae wasn't so certain... My dear, I do believe you're nervous, she said, smiling just a little.

I am not! You're nervous, Polluth said with perhaps the worst comeback in the history of sass. The dragon sulked, staring moodily at her own paws for a while. And then she spoke again. What if I do badly, Elae? What if I do mess up?

We'll both die horribly and not care anymore, Elae answered promptly. Ok, so... they would jump between to the Weyr and then fly back. Hopefully, waiting for the other weyrlings to show up would take some time. Polluth was only a little dragon and didn't have the stamina of her larger brothers and sisters.

Besides that. This is what I'm supposed to be good at, right?

So they say... she glanced at her dragon, starting to worry a little bit more. It wasn't like Polluth to be overly concerned about these things. Nope, she was the one with the snarky remarks, the wit, and the horrible lack of social skills to get herself out of trouble.

What if I'm not good at it?

Well... Elae faltered, a little uncertain of what to say next. Well, if you're not good at it, your siblings will forget all about it in like a week.

But I'll remember.

shadowreine - November 18, 2011 02:34 AM (GMT)
This was, according to the Pernese, an important rite of passage for a dragonrider.

E'rett would not have cared if it was not for the fact that teleportation was, apparently, actually quite dangerous when one wasn't used to doing it. Sometimes, it seemed, a dragon would teleport out and not teleport back in, becoming stuck in whatever variety of subspace they passed through. And, of course, there was the risk of coming out right in another dragon's path and...getting collided with.

It did not take Leviath long to fly to the beach. He was fast in the air, E'rett had noted. Not comparable to a jet plane or a shuttle, of course, but surprising for a creature that was apparently dependent on muscle power.

Apparently, because he wasn't entirely convinced something else was going on.

Leviath was larger than the black, smaller than the bronze. E'rett was rather glad that at least he had not been stuck with one of the 'leader' dragons, larger and, it was rumored, smarter.

In, out. Leviath rumbled, but for once no banter came from the long, slender blue. Leviath was taking this entirely seriously.

Which, E'rett knew, meant he needed to do the same thing. Leviath thought this was important, so he would. He trusted his dragon, even if they hated each other's guts some days.

It was, he thought, scarily like being married.

Nozomi - November 18, 2011 04:09 AM (GMT)
There was absolutely no time in the world to be worried! No reason at all, not even with the threat of betweening and dying a cold, painful death hanging above them. Leola was not even allowed to fret about or wring her hands and Ledath tsk'd at her with each shivering glance at her way. Leola clung to her harness with more force then required of a simple ride, her skirts tucked in. She had decided that if they were to die, she would do it while dressed in clothing she liked. Ledath took it all with good humor, allowing her rider a few bits of anxiety before resting down on the expansive sands of the beach.

Lovely, isn't it? Ledath stretched her claws out, kneading at the sand. She swiveled her head to Polluth, moving over once Leola had dismounted. She made her voice audible to others outside of her sider, a croon of greeting for the little black. Polluth! Hello there, darling, you're looking well. How is your wing doing? Today is going to be a wonderful day.

"Ledath, you're being awfully optimistic." She whispered to her girl, hand stroking over her hide before looking to the other weyrlings - Elae was close, getting her poor girl harassed by Ledath. "Erm, hello everyone? I guess. Uhm. Everything will be okay?"

giftwrapped - November 19, 2011 02:32 AM (GMT)
If there is any day in my life that you are going to shut up and not embarrass me, Kaskirk, that day is today.

"Faranth, Aes, I haven't even done anything yet and you're already yelling at me? Can't you at least wait until I do something?"

If I waited until you did something you'd have already done something by the time I shouted at you.


If you've already embarrassed me, what would be the point in my telling you not to embarrass me?

"I'd get yelled at less?"

No, you'd be yelled at exactly the same amount, except in the second hypothetical situation it would be louder, because I would be madder.

And the bickering continued even as Kaskirk and Aesclepiuth, both of whom were irritable from awkward sleep outside in the elements and the fact that neither of them was as properly clean as they would have preferred and the fact that bread and cheese were just not as satisfying a breakfast as hot food at the Weyr would have been (or, Kas was irritable about this, which was leaking into Aes's own grumpiness, which was resulting in more grumpiness from Kas...). Even as they touched down, Kas rising up off his dragon's neck and leaning hard on the riding straps to keep from jolting around too much, they were shooting silent jibes at each other.




Both of them cut it out when Rydia started to speak, Aes focusing intently on the weyrlingmaster's words, and Kas focusing half-interestedly on the Weyrlingmaster herself. Visualization, jumping to the Weyr, communicating back and forth, yeah, yeah. Seen it, heard it, not done it yet but Kas was pretty sure they'd be doing just fine. Aes, on the other hand, rumbled softly and shifted in discomfort. He had an idiot of a rider and he was supposed to make a jump and back? Three times? Kaskirk, pay attention! He snapped, and Kas patted him lightly on the neck.

I have this under control, Aes. I promise. We'll be fine.

Yes, because I can certainly leave my life in the hands of a man who showed up drunk to a Hatching.

Your choice to Impress me.

Not choice. Biology. There's a difference.

Dragonfire - November 19, 2011 05:53 AM (GMT)
Somehow, Rhaetia and Ixioth managed to sidle into the lesson with, for once, all their Is dotted and Ts crossed. Or was that Ts dotted and Is crossed? Either way, there were straps secured and flight suits on, and Rhaetia had even managed to snag a piece of toast for breakfast before they'd had to leave. Amazing.

Possibly a bit of fretting combined with danger and excitement and conspiracies made the woman a little less scattered than usual.

We can't say a word to anyone else about it, Rhaetia reiterated for what was perhaps the tenth time that morning, as Ixioth swooped in on the beach to land neatly amongst the other weyrlings, crooning a cheerful greeting to his siblings.

Psht, I'm more worried about you letting the feline out of the blinking sack, Ixioth responded, tossing his head and folding his wings back. Distract 'em and yourself while you're at it. Do something about that mask-er-aidy thing you were talking about.

Ooh! Now that's an idea- she concurred, falling into line with the other students. Something to keep her from being anxious. She couldn't really afford to be anxious for this, she felt. When Rydia gave the call for questions, she cheerfully waved her hand, and cleared her throat while stepping forward. "This isn't precisely a related question, exactly, but I just wanted to extend the invitation to everyone - we're planning a masquerade party, and I'd like for all of you to come! I don't have all of the details yet - like when it is or where it will be or any of those little incidental things - but it'll be such fun!"

Obviously people would be clearing their schedules right away for that. Yep. She beamed at everyone and stepped back, jitters and thoughts of dissection both set aside.

Rydia stared at her for a few beats, let her gaze linger away on the ocean for a few moments more, and cleared her throat. "You'll do a circle around the bowl and orient yourselves to the west," she answered, looking back to J'sin. "We'll take the second skip to the beach back right away, again, on our mark. You can land here, then, while the next pair goes up. The third will happen once everyone's had a chance at it, and at that point you can land at the Weyr. There will be no regular formation drills today, but they'll be starting again tomorrow."

They'd be taking the weyrlings up again, one by one, over the course of the week, she and the assistants alike, and doing more repetitive jumps to different places, slowly easing them into doing the visualisations themselves. But first, they had to get over the hurdle of the first jump.

"So!" She gave a half-grin that surely looked more casual than she felt. "Who wants to go first? Any takers?" Maybe Elae and Polluth - blacks had a certain notoreity at being excellent at teleporting. But maybe someone else would volunteer, who knew? "In the meantime, the rest of you can practice your splinting, slings, and wound bandaging on each other and your dragons. I won't be hearing it from the healers that you all conveniently forgot your first aid techniques when the next round of Flights begins," she continued, with a lazy grin and a point in the direction of a large bag of huge 'bandages' (actually spare rags) that Yisith had shrugged off. Was that a bit of a jibe in J'sin's and Irena's directions? Maaaaybe.

giftwrapped - November 19, 2011 07:58 AM (GMT)
There was a thoughtful silence during which Kas tapped his bottom lip with his thumb. Then, ever-so-slowly, he reached out mentally to his dragon.

..............Hey, Aes.

......Oh, no. Absolutely not. There is no way in hell we are-

"Aes and I're good for it, Cap'n!" came the response, which was nearly a shout of smarmy eagerness. Kas's salute was surprisingly smart, a guard's salute, and Aesclepiuth gave a low, draconic groan, neck and tail drooping. If he had been of a shape better-suited to facepalming, his muzzle would have been buried firmly in his forepaw. Instead, he cocked his head around so he could side-eye Kas, expression tinted red with malice.

I will end you.

Thinking like that's going to get us stuck between, you know.

All the better to not spend every waking moment of my life attached to an idiot with no impulse control.

But Kas was already not listening anymore, he was checking his own straps, checking Aesclepiuth's, making sure nothing he owned was apt to slide off him on takeoff or landing, and in general making quite certain that he would be secure should everything go to hell. Then, for a moment, before turning to Rydia he swept his eyes up and down the coast. Cliffs, water, a band of slightly-lighter stone in the face of one of the cliffs a ways down. That would come in handy. The Weyrbowl? Well, that was easy. It was the Weyrbowl Kas went through it and over it every day, it was...

....Now was the searchdragon's post on the northern end near the ledges, or was that the weather monitoring equipment the offworlders had set up....?

That's it. We're going to die between and I'm going to have no one but myself to blame for it.

I thought it wasn't your fault you chose me.

...You're right, I could always blame you, Kaskirk. Now then, back out and let someone who's not stupid do it.

Not on your life.

And with an annoyed snap of teeth, the affronted brown launched himself into the air, wings beating the air like it had personally offended him. He took a moment to circle, giving Kas a chance to get his bearings on the beach from the air, and then curved around, still hoping that Rydia would ground him and his idiot rider and let someone better at not being stupid go instead.

You big baby, where's your sense of adventure?

It seems I've left it somewhere back at the Weyr, near the landmarks you are completely making up, Kaskirk.

Dragonfire - November 22, 2011 07:03 AM (GMT)
Oh, no, no such luck, Aes. Sorry. Rydia was pleased! Eager students, that was what she liked to see.

Aesclepiuth is not very eager, if you will note, Yisith said, sardonically.

He'll get over it. They just had to make it, that was all she was asking. "Right! Thanks for the volunteering. Up you go, K'irk, we'll be right behind you," Rydia said, with a shoo-ing motion towards the man's brown. It took her only a few moments to check everything was alright on Yis's end, and up she vaulted, with a practiced leg.

Try not to drown yourselves or your riders while we're gone, the green noted to the weyrlings in her usual acid tone, before sweeping her wings back and launching up. Ugh. Hopefully she'd be able to avoid constant ups-and-downs today.

When they reached cruising altitude, Rydia gave a mental nod to Yisith, the well-practiced image of the bowl held in her mind (weather tracking equipment and searchdragon post firmly in place). Now, focus! Share it with your rider, make sure you have it- Yisith transmitted to Aes, before sending the picture his way. She gave them ten seconds to store the information, and then blinked between with that funny wrench of mind, on Rydia's urging.

Black, blacker, blackest-


Ferret - November 22, 2011 10:59 PM (GMT)
Polluth positively crooned at Ledath, rubbing her face affectionately against the Gold's. Some of her anxiety dissipated, bolstered by Ledath's unrelenting optimism. It's all better now. See? to demonstrate, she held her wing out and flapped it, causing a few gusts of winds and whipping sands.

"Yeah, Healer Grumpbucket got her fixed up," Elae agreed. She was only privy to Polluth's half of the conversation, of course, but it was clear enough what she was talking about. Squinting against the sands, she patted the Black's shoulder. "Hey, stoppit! You're going to get sand in everyone's hair and then we'll end up blocking the plumbing back at the Weyr with sand and then no one will get bathed ever. Do you want to be responsible for that?"

Ok, so she was exaggerating and well aware of it. The important thing was that it got the overexcited Polluth to stop flapping about like a newhatchling. She grinned at Leola and rolled her eyes a little. "Silly dragons, huh?"

Very silly, in fact, although not nearly as silly as Kas, who was now going boldly where no weyrling in his class had gone before. Elae's expression turned anxious as she watched the Brown weyrling launch himself into the sky. Yisith vanished between.

S'yal - November 24, 2011 04:16 AM (GMT)

"Shut up, Navi! You made us late!" Irena darted down the beach, her face drawn and pale. The newly hatched firelizard flew in circles around Orioth's head, screaming at the top of his lungs. The glowing blue threw himself onto Orioth's head, cheeping in complaint. Orioth just rumbled- he adored Navi, for whatever reason.

Irena skidded to a stop, taking her place in the line. "I'm not late." She informed whoever was closest, shifting nervously. "I'm just fashionable. Like Ganymedeth."

Nope. We're definitely late- Shhh, Navi! If we stay perfectly still, she can't see us!

Irena sighed, craning her neck to see the brown and green disappear Between. Navi, sitting on Orioth's nose, continued to scream until Nerd began beating him upside the head with her wings. That managed to shut Navi up.

For a bit. Soon the glowing firelizard would be screaming again. He never truly stopped.

Irena looked about, spotting J'sin. Her mouth drew into a thin, disapproving line, and she shot the nastiest glare she could manage to the bronzerider. She wouldn't be forgiving him for a good long while! Even after her little chat with B'lorn.

Irena, don't you want to talk to your classmates? Orioth asked, concerned about his riders silence. Irena merely shook her head, staring at the sky. Even a girl like Irena knew that weyrlings were always disappearing Between... and she didn't want Orioth and her to be one. She would focus on her grudge towards J'sin later.

Navi skree'd.

Tiamat - November 24, 2011 05:31 AM (GMT)
Medusath had been looking forward to actually learning how to between, and had practically dragged Corvis out of bed and into in eagerness to get going.

Which was probably for the best, because Corvis was worried enough about it to feel sick to him stomach and would have been quite happy not having to take the risk of going between and never coming out.

Medusath settled for licking the top of his head and giving him a Look. Calm down, Corvis. I won't try to between when you can't think straight, I promise. There was a rather acidic tone to her voice, and he was certain that the eye he couldn't quite see was tinted with red.

Corvis took a deep breath and tried to Not Panic (it didn't work, but at least he made the effort?)

And Kaskirk was going to go where none of the current weyrlings had gone before and why was there a screaming, glowing blue flit on Orioth's head. This lesson was getting silly in a hurry, for a lesson that happened to involve a risk of horrible death.

...Oh hi, Irena, have an awkward Corvis. "I don't think being late is fashionable?"

giftwrapped - November 24, 2011 06:22 AM (GMT)
At least one member of this party knows how to send clear images.

You're a dick.

If I had to use that word to describe one of us, it wouldn't be me.

And with that last moment of irritability, Aes shot the image of the Weyr into Kas's mind, fixed it in his own, and counted on his rider to keep them on track. Kas was a lot of things (womanizing playboy, insufferable moron, hot mess...) but when it came time to be responsible for someone's life other than his own, the brownrider hadn't let anyone down yet. And it was with that knowledge that Kas took a deep breath, nodded, and nudged his dragon mentally. The image was returned to Yisith just before the green blinked between. And then Aes and Kas tried it themselves.

The mental gymnastics required to make the shift happen were odd, but not unnatural. It felt confusing, but right to Aes, who equated it quickly to flipping a switch and then didn't think about much at all as the black of between enveloped him and his rider. Darkness. Oppressive darkness where he wasn't entirely sure if he even had an existence anymore. He was probably supposed to be counting, but he only had enough room in his head for weyrbowl weyrbowl oh Faranth Kas is going to get us killed -


The brown's bugle of delight was echoed by Kaskirk's delighted whoop, and Aes spared a delighted little dive to work out some of his excitement before winging up and circling back again. Reporting, Yisith! he called excitedly, circling the green in a little fit of happiness. Kas was grinning like an idiot, leaning up in his straps and waving to the Weyrlingmaster.

"Not dead!" he called cheerfully. "A full hundred percent better than Aes expected!"

I knew you'd come through in a pinch.

Liar, you were worrying your wings off.

I was not.

shadowreine - November 24, 2011 08:34 PM (GMT)
E'rett let out a breath as the brown weyrling managed it. He and Leviath would do fine.

He lifted a hand, willing to volunteer to go next, but not about to jump up and down and yell 'pick me' at the Weyrlingmaster. That would be far beneath the former security officer's dignity. And that of his cantankerous dragon.

Of course, if they got lost Between...but no. Being stuck on Pern was annoying, but it sure as heck beat being dead. And he had managed to at least convince himself there were worse planets to end up spending the rest of his life on.

Leviath, of course, just sent him an image of wherries.

Stop demonstrating that you can send images

But it's rather the point of the exercise

Rolling his eyes, E'rett retaliated, except HIS wherry image had Leviath's head attached to it. Quite clearly.


Grayson - November 24, 2011 09:41 PM (GMT)
And there he went, the first and not the last.

The dragons weren't singing a loss. Hopefully that meant K'irk and Aesclepiuth had made it; even if they didn't get on with everyone in their Weyrling class, J'sin and Poseith didn't want to lose too many of the others to Between. They were, after all, family.

J'sin's hand rested on the near-black hide of his bondmate's neck, and if it shook a little, so be it. Poseith arched his neck, just a little, and thought reassuring thoughts.

Sin, trust me, and trust yourself. You won't let me fail.

You can honestly stand there and tell me to trust myself? Me?

I can, and I do. I chose you, Mine. Out of everyone there, I chose you. Because you were the best, the boldest, and because you would do almost anything to help me succeed.

Yes. I would. And I still will.

J'sin visibly straighted, his chin lifting to an angle that suggested pure arrogance. It was a good cover, when you didn't want people to realise how you were really feeling. People tended to expect arrogance in a bronzerider, and most didn't think to look further than that.

He wouldn't quite do anything so that he and Poseith could succeed. There were lines one didn't approach, never mind cross. And Poseith had known it the moment their minds had met, and had apparently agreed. He'd do almost anything, and right now he'd rise to the challenge his fear presented. Poseith's rumble of approval was barely audible three feet from his muzzle, but it was palpable to his rider.

Thank you.

Mine. The single word was all that Poseith needed, and it was possessive, proud, and determined. His. And that was, in the end, all that mattered.

Nozomi - November 25, 2011 04:28 PM (GMT)
It is an absolutely lovely wing, you look quite healthy, dear. Ledath crooned once more, head cocked to return the slow rub of affection. I have a good feeling about today. Everyone is going to keep their chin up and be confident. I demand it. Despite her declaration, Ledath spoke in mockingly haughty tones, her eyes swirling with amusement. She bumped closer to the much smaller black once more before she turned to watch Aes and his rider decide to be the first.

Well. is all she said to that.

“Very silly dragons,” Leola murmured, offering Elae a little smile. She liked the Blackrider quite a bit but – Brownrider in the air! And a dragon that popped between without any answering cry of the dragons. Leola chewed at her lower lip. “Oh. K’irk did it, then? That’s good… Erm. Who is going next?”

Ledath contemplated that before turning her large eye to the two riders. Leola’s eyes widened and she took a step back from Ledath, her hands going up. “Ledath—.”

No hesitation, dear. Put your chin up and get on my back. We’re going to put on a brave face and soothe some of the nerves. The eye stared at her, unblinking, and Leola fidgeted for another split second before she patted at Ledath, fingers on the riding straps. The Gold crooned. Me and Mine shall be going once Yisith returns with Hers.

Leola climbed on, and clung to the leathers. Deep breaths, slow and steady, her eyes closing in anticipation of the Weyrlingmaster’s return. Deep breathing, lots and lots of breathing.

Dragonfire - December 1, 2011 09:39 PM (GMT)
Chin up! Yes'm! Of course it's harder to get the chin higher than the eyeridges, but that's just how the biology worked out, isn't it? Ixioth reported cheerfully to Ledath. Chins were below eyes, so consequently you could only get them up so high - higher if you were flying, though. And they would be flying soon, all of them! Just one more trick to add to the repertoire.

And in the meantime, he would hold still while Rhaetia draped sail-like bandages all over his forepaws in an approximation of a patch-job, humming merrily the entire time.

With a wave of relief, Rydia grinned as Asclepiuth circled around them, raising her eyebrows. "You sure Asclepiuth didn't wind up lost between, there, K'irk? You seem to have acquired a different dragon entirely!" she shouted, across the wind.

Oh, by the heavens, settle down. That was only the first jump, Yisith sent back, gliding around the bowl in a slow loop. And then, grudgingly, Still, a good job. The next set of co-ordinates were passed to her by Rydia, and she sent the picture onwards to the brown. Now, back to the beach. Concentrate!

Once more, she gave them a minute to align themselves, and then led them between. The second jump was always easier. And, emerging on the other side, it looked like someone had already suited up for the second run. Looks like Ledath has decided that she is going next, Yisith observed, dryly.

Better volunteers than having to bully them into it! Rydia replied, waving at the group below as Yisith zipped above them.

giftwrapped - December 6, 2011 02:34 AM (GMT)
"Like I said, Weyrlingmaster - a hundred percent better! That includes this sour ol' goon!" K'irk hollered back, sitting back down in his straps and patting Aes's neck roughly. "Good job, you," he added privately, and Aesclepiuth calmed down a bit, snorting his obvious delight at his own abilities.

By thunder, Kas, I'm beginning to think we can do just about anything we please! he said cheerfully. K'irk laughed quietly, but before he could say anything, Yisith cut in with a reminder that they had to between more than once.

Well, way to burst their celebratory bubble, Yisith. Nonetheless, Kas gave the pair a wordless salute, then brought up the picture he had planted in his mind. It was slightly different from the one Yisith and Rydia had sent a moment before they blinked back to the beach. Kas pondered a moment, then gave a short, firm nod and promptly discarded all the information Rydia and Yisith had just sent them in favour of his own visualizations. This brought a twinge of alarm to Aes, who shook his head and snorted quietly. You're sure this is a good idea, Kas? he asked. And K'irk nodded firmly.

"We ought to learn to do it without help sometime, right? Why not now, Aes? Eh?" He grinned, clapping his dragon on the neck again, but Aes was still momentarily concerned. After a moment, though, he huffed a great draconic sigh, stopped circling, and resolutely turned skyward, gaining altitude.

You're right, I guess. And I trust you, Kas. Now that you've proved you won't get me killed.

It's what I do best, old man. Now then, let's go!

And three coughs later, the brownpair emerged over the bowl, looking down at the white streak in the cliffs that Kas had so meticulously catalogued before the first jump between.

"It's not so hard!" he bellowed heartily, waving to the rest of the class as Aes turned himself earthward and thumped lightly into the Sands. "Just a little mental gymnastics, and everything's pie from there!"

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