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Title: Terribling meet 'n greet
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Celaeno - November 1, 2011 02:31 AM (GMT)
So this was interesting. Anna was still getting used to the entire situation, in all its bizarre...glory. That was a word for it. The other words that sprang to mind were things she didn't feel like explaining to Nyx yet, although given the hybrid's propensity for rifling through her head out of idle curiosity, she wouldn't be surprised if Nyx had already memorized an impressive collection of swears. At any rate, she was turning out better than Anna hadn't expected, at least in some ways. Nyx was honestly friendly-in her own strange, alien way, and only to her, it seemed-and she hadn't attempted to remove the body parts of anymore lab techs.

I still think it could be prey. It moves enough like prey. Nyx twisted her head around awkwardly in a tilt, her blank eyes peering up at Anna as she sauntered alongside her down the Peregrine's hallway, towards the area that was serving as temporary barracks for the newly-Impressed. I will getting live food soon, won't I? I want to see my prey run and twitch, not simply lay there dead.

Anna sighed a little to herself. Nyx had focused in on the idea of living prey ever since she'd been introduced to Pepper and had to have it explained repeatedly that no, the dog was not edible, the dog was still not edible even if the edibility was asked about politely, if the dog is hiding under the bed you should leave her alone, and that the dog was also not a chair to sit on and proclaim superiority over. "When you're bigger. And a little less likely to be broken if your food kicks you."

Nyx twisted her head around the other way to look herself over-still all neck and tail for the most part, and alarmingly thin and bony-looking. Not that it seemed to affect her health or appetite any. That will be soon enough. I refuse to be afraid of mere prey. Her teeth clicked together sharply as her ears swiveled as best they could-the crest got in the way, really-in what Anna was picking up on as pleasure. I would like it to fight back.

"We're going to be talking a lot about what you can eat and what you can't. I can tell." It was a little like trying to stop puppy nibbling, if the puppy could question everything and had much more impressive teeth. "Let's get some food that doesn't fight for now. You need it." Anna continued down the hall, looking around every now and then to see who else might be out and about. Saying that the hybrids were intense in personality was something of an understatement, and she wanted to head off any squabbles before they started.

Thessalian - November 1, 2011 04:48 PM (GMT)
The Peregrine was a nerve-inducing place, at least for someone whose primary experience is acres of farmland and a small comfortable homestead, but Missandei had every reason to be there. There were cupcakes, after all - iced with bright colours and smiley faces, with a pot of klah and a bouquet of wildflowers. Rhaetia's idea, but Missandei had asked to do the delivering. She desperately wanted to get to know people and while the whole concept of toothy hybrids and an offworld vessel were a little unnerving, smiley-face cupcakes and hot drinks made a more than adequate shield, not to mention a conversational ice-breaker. A couple of the cupcakes were missing now, though - bribery of sorts to help the security people stop glaring at her like that.

The big question was, where to leave them? Someone had said something about kitchens, but kitchens were a little difficult to locate in the surroundings. Kitchens were supposed to be easy to find, by dint of smells and the sound of clattering pots, and she wasn't finding any of that, which left her standing in the middle of a corridor with her arms full of cupcake tray, trying to focus on the doors but ending up focusing on blank, bare walls and thinking that a nice little needlepoint just there might brighten the place up a bit, and...

She turned at the sound of footsteps and spotted Anna, and ... the ... rather fascinating if utterly unidentifiable creature at her heels. This must be one of the hybrids Rhaetia was talking about earlier. (Don't stare don't stare not polite don't stare...) So instead of staring - more out of fascination, at least, than fear or horror or anything - she nodded to the hybrid and then turned to Anna. "Oh, hello! I ... um ... was looking for the kitchens because Rhaetia made these cupcakes because she thought that people might want a bit of a treat after the hybrid hatching as a sort of a congratulations and maybe a Impression-day party or something along those lines anyway--" (because it wouldn't do, in the presence of one of the hybrids in question, to suggest that this was in any way a 'sorry if your hatching turned bloody' gesture) "--and I was hoping to find a kitchen or a dining room or something to put these so they'd be a surprise for people but I suppose it's not actually a surprise anymore since I've been spotted but it's probably for the best because with my luck I'd leave them on things that should never see crumbs and--"

Pause for breath. Sheepish smile. "Right, let me try that again, with less ramble. Hello, my name's Missandei and it's very nice to meet you. Would you like a cupcake?"

Grayson - November 1, 2011 08:21 PM (GMT)
A man has to do what a man has to do - and for Invictus Draco at that point, that meant lurching out of his quarters and going to find something to eat before duty. The scent of food drew him towards something that sounded like humans, but when the next door opened to reveal Anna and Nyx - and Missandei - Draco stopped dead, as expressionless as ever.

"Corporal." The sergeant's voice was just as deep and gravelly as might have been expected, and entirely formal. He nodded to Anna, and then again to Nyx, and finally to Missandei, his eyes flicking to her shoulder. A few moments passed before he refocused on her face and greeted her just as formally with, "Harper."

Not many people outside the Security team seemed to realise that the ex-marine had more than two braincells to rub together - or that he could understand words of more than three syllables. Or do anything other than stand around, move heavy things and look imposing, for that matter. Invictus Draco was quite happy to let that state of affairs continue, for the moment at least.

Celaeno - November 1, 2011 09:49 PM (GMT)
Nyx didn't so much as blink at the sight of someone standing in the hallway-it was a human, and thus of little interest to her. She only stopped because Anna did at the greeting, pausing at her side with a curious glance. Anna, meanwhile, was attempting to process all the talk that had suddenly come at her. With her mind still full of 'how do I prevent her from eating every small animal in sight', she was caught a little off-guard. But at least the pause and shorter greeting gave her brain time to catch up.

"-Hi. I'm Anna, and this is Nyx. Nice to meet you." Nyx was already moving forward, attracted by the smell of the cupcakes. "I'd like one-" Then Invictus came out of his quarters, distracting her yet again. "Sergeant," she said in greeting, then noticed that the hybrid was on the move before she could say much more. "Nyx, that isn't-"

The hybrid was continuing her investigation, rising up on her hindlegs and spreading out her wings a little to steady her balance as she tried to get a better look at the cupcakes. This is food? Meat would be better. She squinted a little, not able to make out much more than a vague shape and depending more on her nose than anything else. It also brought her own nightmarish head possibly uncomfortably close to Missandei's.

"It's not hybrid food." Anna moved to try and get Nyx to drop back down to all fours. "And try to stay down 'til I can find some kinda counterweight." She had the gut feeling that enormous crest plus spindly little body might cause some balance issues while Nyx was growing.

giftwrapped - November 1, 2011 10:19 PM (GMT)
"You know, Lizzie, I don't like you much," Jax informed the creature at his side, who gave him a dismissive snort in response and continued to quietly dig through the box of his belongings he had packed upon discovering he'd be moving out of his room for the duration of his new partner's growth. There wasn't much in it, enough clothes to last him the week or two he assumed it'd take to figure out permanent housing (he had heard the weyrling barracks when he asked around) and then a few half-empty bottles of liquor. The liquor was what the hybrid had been digging for, and she tugged a bottle out far-from-gingerly, making as if to toss it away before her handler grabbed it out of her mouth. Lizzie snarled in response.

It stinks like chemicals, you know, she snapped, baring her teeth at Jax. But if you want to poison yourself, that's fine. I'm no dragon and I don't need you to live.

"Passive-aggression doesn't become you, darling."

Not passive-aggression. Honesty. And the hybrid bared her teeth in an echo of a human grin, which made Jax even more uncomfortable. But he wasn't going to dwell on it for the time-being, because a sudden commotion in the hall outside attracted his attention. It didn't interest his hybrid in the slightest. Elizabeth glanced in the direction of the door, then gave another dismissive snort and scratched idly at her shoulder with one hind talon. A brief image of Nyx-and-Anna with the shadowy presence of two unidentified forms (she didn't care about other humans all that much, but these weren't ones she'd ever met anyway) floated through his mind. Jax set aside the alcohol and stood up.

"Come on, we'll go socialize."


"You don't have a choice in the matter.

A low snarl, and the hybrid bared her teeth in a threat, momentarily inundating Jax with an image of Elizabeth-killing-Nyx that he stifled as quickly as she sent it. "That's not good manners," he remarked briskly, reaching down and taking one of Lizzie's headknobs. "You'll come along and you'll be pleasant."

A low snarl was his only answer, but the hybrid kept quiet, lurking behind his legs as he moved out into the hallway. "Anna," Jax said as lightly as he could, nodding to the woman. "Nyx," he added as an abrupt afterthought before turning to the other two visitors. "Draco and...I'm afraid I'm not sure we've met?" he finished, striding over to Missandei with an irritated hybrid in his wake. He helped himself to a cupcake, leaning around Nyx to grab it, and then gave the Harper girl his most dazzling smile. "I'm Jax, and this," he gestured to his hybrid, who was staring darkly at Nyx from behind her handler's legs, "is Elizabeth."

Thessalian - November 1, 2011 10:53 PM (GMT)
The hybrid - Nyx - seemed to be struggling a bit, and curious, which was a state with which Missandei, being rather short, was familiar. So she did something that, frankly, spoke of either complete lack of any clue about the potential dangers of hybrids or a distinct lack of survival instinct: she bent to give Nyx a better look at the cupcakes, thus putting her head rather closer to the hybrid's teeth than most people generally wanted to get. "They're vanilla," she explained, taking one to pass up in Anna's general direction. "I don't think that hybrids - or dragons or whers, for that matter - are really particularly keen on vanilla, unless of course they are, in which case help yourself, Nyx, and it's a pleasure to meet you and Anna both. And you too, Sergeant! Would you like a cupcake? There's plenty! Oh, and we have klah as well, though I'd need to find cups for that and I still don't know where the kitchens are so unless someone wanted to drink out of the pot, which would be kind of messy, the drinks will have to wait."

Once she was more or less sure that Nyx had seen all that she wanted to of the cupcakes, Missandei stood and looked around in time to spot Jax helping himself to one of the colourful smiley-face cakes. Which was all to the good, of course, and his smile got a smile in return. "Hi there! No, sorry, I arrived pretty recently and I'm still getting to know everyone. My name's Missandei. Nice to meet you, Jax and Elizabeth. Everyone's well, I hope?" She didn't say anything about the dark look Elizabeth was shooting Nyx; she'd seen enough sibling rivalry in her time to ignore it until or unless it got scuffly, at which point she could surely sidestep it.

Azumi - November 1, 2011 11:21 PM (GMT)
Kaylee had been excited....and downtrodden when she was told she'd have to move out of her room and into the weyrling barracks. The excitement laid in the meeting new people and have no experiences, and the downtrodden was from the fact that she rather liked her room. It was all happy and decorated with colors and ruffles and lights everywhere. It was normal, it was 'home' and it was comfortable. Not to mention that she had a hammock as a bed and that was AWESOME. Where was she going to put the hammock now? Maybe there was room somewhere...

Oh well. It was time to go a mingle with all the new hybridlings.

"Eugene, scootaloo now. We're gunna be late," Kaylee called merrily as walked, merely tipping her head back a little rather than looking over her shoulder.

Mmrffshf -- chirrk!

Well, that was certainly a new noise.

In a fluid motion, kaylee looked over her shoulder and spun around on her toe. The sight at the end of the hall was....well, adorable, for one, but also totally pathetic: Eugene stood in the middle of the narrow hall, the front of his body oddly bent forward and contorted as one corner of a crocheted blanket was caught about a headknob and the other half caught up under his feet. Needless to say, he was utterly bewildered as to why he couldn't move forward and why this soft blanket was attempting to consume his head, and thus he kept absolutely frozen. Was it mentioned that the blanket is rainbow? because it is.

And Luckily it was only Kaylee in the hall, since there were some definite emissions of fear-waves.

"Oh, you silly spacemonkey," Kaylee chortled, giving the poor creature a saddish smile as she shook her head. "I think you're missin' the point of our 'Security Blanket' idea."

Kaylee please help -- it's trying to eat me! Eugene chirrked again and tried to back-up, but his back foot was caught also and he only managed to land on his bottom. He attempted to emit another cry, but soon the blanket was removed from his head and he only saw the outline of His and smelled her smell.

I was only carrying it for you, and then it got everywhere, he said, bumping the mechanic's shoulder with his nose as she untangled his feet. Kaylee merely laughed and then straightened up, folding the blanket and holding it against her chest.

"Blankets can be tricky, but they're good protection aids. I'll hold it for now and you can have it when you need it, ok?" She watched Eugene nod and stand, moving close to her legs and then staring down the hall. "Let's scootaloo again, shall we?

And they were off to see the wizard, so to speak, again, with Kaylee bouncing with each step and the hybrid skittering gingerly, head down, behind her, preferring to peer from between her ankles.

Nyx-hall-scaryman--other man -- food?

The images jumbled around Kaylee's brain mere second before they rounded the corner and were upon the small group. She was elated, Eugene...not so much.

The mechanic's face lit up like a ball of sunshine and she hugged the rainbow crocheted blanket tighter to her chest, going up on tip-toes. Jax and Anna and, "Hello, Sergeant Draco, I havn't seen you in a while -- I heard there was a meetin' thing party, and -- OOH! Cupcakes!! It really is a party!" Mind. Blown.

She looked down at Eugene, who was crouched so low to the ground behind her legs that he looked like nothing more than a huge lump of coal. He was terrified, but for the moment, Kaylee's utter enthusiasm over cupcakes was keeping his feelings in check. "Eugene, you must try a cupcake."

Ferret - November 2, 2011 01:30 AM (GMT)
"Well, this is something, isn't it? I've only been on the ship once and that was to the Touching. And now look. I'll have to live here for a few days at least." Taavi was chattering. This was pretty much the usual Taavetti, of course, but now there was a slightly frantic edge to it, almost manic. This was the voice of a man who was desperately fighting off silence.

Gustav said nothing in response.

"Still, it's good to go out and have new experiences, I suppose."

Gustav reiterated his earlier silence.

"And lots of new people, I suppose. I don't even know most of the people who Impressed today. Just Vityai, really."

Gustav blinked, long and slow. He had time to listen. He had all the time in the world.

"Andand..." it was at this point that Taavi realized that the only word he'd heard Gustav say----actually SAY----so far was his own name. "Not one for talking, are you?"

The terribling sniffed before rubbing his shoulder against Taavi's leg. It itched.

"...Right. Got it." Well, that was ok. Taavi liked people, he really did, even if Gustav considered them, more or less, to fall into two categories: Things to Eat and Things not to Eat. Taavetti himself, of course, was another 'thing' entirely. This simple system satisfied Gustav completely. Which reminded Taavi, he would need to convince Gustav that people were not, by any measure, 'things'.

But that would come later! First, there were cupcakes to eat. Flashing a wide smile at the other 'lucky' handlers, Taavi quickly accepted one of the cupcakes. Sure, it was offworlder tech----probably shot lasers or something if you ate it wrong-----but it smelled delicious. "Ohh, are we playing Greetings? I love this game. I'm Taavi----short for Taavetti, but I can appreciate it if you don't feel like using all those syllables----and this here is Gustav. Say hello to the nice people, Gustav."

Gustav, once again, repeated his silence.

"Life of the party, my Gus here."

Nozomi - November 2, 2011 02:10 AM (GMT)
Taavi went on ahead with his Gus. Vityai and Taravi took their time getting to the meet and greet, wandering slowly together with her against his legs, her wings angled to not bump against him. They stayed quiet as one of the upsides of having a bondmate that could absorb and amplify emotions was that when Vityai felt the calm contentment that he very much happened to feel at that moment, she felt it as well, and all was well.

Are we going in, Vityai? Taravi shivered with excitement. People! They were there and she could feel them. Her bondmates calm pleasure gave her the confidence she needed to lead the way inside, shivering once more. There were cupcakes and the meeting and greeting meant most people (save for a few choice clutchmates) were in a good mood! She kept near Vityai, calm and content and quiet. She didn't move away.

Vityai took a cupcake, his face twisted into something quite judgemental. He balanced the dessert on his palm, head cocked to the side to stare at it. "Who made this."

Maybe it's good. Though, like her owner, irritation trickled in, stopping only when he took a bite and it didn't taste like some overworlder hack just randomly threw ingredients together and hoped for the best. Grumpy old man, oh yes, but he at least enjoyed cupcakes.

And look. Taavi was talking. Something new and utterly different.

"I'm Vityai." Since people were apparently talking about things like names and the like. "This is Taravi. I don't know any of you."

I don't think you want to?

"Not a question." He blinked down at her, patted her head, and licked a bit of frosting from his fingers. Adult. Grumpy. Kind of an ass. Childish when it came to desserted icing to his hand. Oh well. "Taavi, why are you still talking? No one cares."

Celaeno - November 2, 2011 03:05 AM (GMT)
Nyx finally dropped back on all fours, looking satisfied at her investigation of the cupcakes. They were food that didn't bleed or make interesting noises or smell right, and thus they weren't anything to pay anymore attention to. The movement of other people and hybrids in the hall as the group grew into a proper party caught her attention however, twisting her head this way and that as she identified who was who, at least amongst the other terriblings.

"Jax," Anna said to the man as he joined them, casting a brief glance towards Elizabeth as she noticed how the hybrid was following her handler, then looked towards Nyx. Nyx seemed downright unconcerned by the glare being sent in her direction; rather than glaring back, she was arching her neck and tail briefly, then settling down to sit beside her, curling her tail around her forefeet and only twitch the end slightly.

Ignore her. She is no threat to either of us, not now or ever. Watching her will only convince her she's worth the effort.

Anna cast another cautious glance towards Elizabeth though before her attention went to the issue of klah. "Klah sounds good, but I'm not sure if we have cups anywhere besides the dining hall. Honestly, alcohol'd probably be even better...but not exactly a good idea." Drinking as a form of dealing with the situation would have to wait, as much as she was sure they could use it. Her attention went to Kaylee as the other woman spoke, and she smiled a little. "I don't think anybody was planning on a party, but I guess if it helps everyone get settled..." One shoulder rose and fell in a shrug.

Nyx crouched for a moment, eyeing Eugene as best she could-which wasn't very well, but she could at least make out a general terribling-shaped lump. Sitting back up, she idly commented, How long will it be before Gustav steps on him, do you think?

"Be nice, Nyx."

It's a reasonable question. Gustav may not even notice. The hybrid glanced over to her said brother, looking him over. One sibling that just sat in silence, rather than glaring or cowering. She could approve of that.

Thessalian - November 2, 2011 07:02 AM (GMT)
".........I care." Missandei addressed Vityai's comment first, though it was pointed in Taavi's direction at least a little. "And Rhaetia made them, over in the Weyr kitchens; I just helped her ice them because there were a terrible lot of them and I was exploring at the time so it would've been impolite not to help." Her way of saying, 'don't worry; this wasn't the work of some backwoods Pernese amateur' without even broadly hinting at an accusation of Vityai's being mean.

Then she turned a little more of her attention to Taavi with a sheepish grin. "Oh, I know what you mean all too well; with a name like Missandei, it's hard not to. I go by Missa or Missy to my friends, so honestly, take your pick. And it's wonderful to meet you all. Kaylee, I love your blanket; no one in my family ever got the hang of crochet so I have a quilt instead. Erm, is Eugene alright?" For the most part, Missandei does not seem put off, shocked or frightened of the strange hybrids. Fascinated, yes, and concerned for Eugene in his lump-o-nerves state behind Kaylee, but not afraid.

"And I suppose we could move to the dining hall, if we wanted cups and to continue the Greetings and Hatching party in a bit more comfort; I mean, I was looking for the dining hall or the kitchens or someplace but I have to admit that this is a great deal more fun, random party in the random corridor, but anyway, I suppose if someone would be willing to hold the tray for a moment and point me in the right direction for a place where I could find cups, I could find them and bring some back so we can continue with the lovely impromptu hall-party..."

Grayson - November 2, 2011 06:35 PM (GMT)
"Jax," Draco rumbled in curt reply to Jax; either he didn't like the man much, or he wasn't really given to conversation, particularly at this hour of the morning. Possibly both. And then, similarly, "Frye."

His focus returned to Missandei, and he pointed towards another door off the hallway. "That way, first right. Cups, tables, chairs." Not many in the small off-duty room, but some. He took another moment to look around at all the new arrivals, nodding formally to each - handlers and hybrids both - and introduced himself to the lot in one go. "Invictus Draco. Sergeant, Security."

That said, he reached for a cupcake, then remembered to say a polite, "Thank you," to the bearer.

Cherie - November 2, 2011 08:36 PM (GMT)
There were some fairly remarkable things that could be done when one had a hybrid hatchling who was capable of porting things about; generally, these things involved wildly waving one's hands in an attempt to convince said hybrid that no, really, that particular implement was off limits to testing. "... No, I don't think we can port David," Maggie said, shaking her head, a wry smile on her lips. "It's a bit different, you know, 'porting people about. Not like the dress you sent who knows where." The dress, in point of fact, that was the only dress Maggie happened to own. ... Err. Have owned. Past tense, and all of that. She still had no idea what happened to things that Kali ported, but it wasn't worth fussing over. She hadn't been all that attached to the dratted thing anyway.

Oh yes, of course... you'll get so much more done with David around. Kali said, her tone almost perfectly neutral, as usual. It was odd, hearing a voice so devoid of inflection, and yet Maggie thought that she could pick up faint derision from her bonded; then again, that was probably emotional, not something to be detected in said hybrid's 'voice'. He must be the pride of Gallifrey-- oh wait, there's nothing there anymore, is there? Such a shame to be pride of nothing.

Already, Maggie was fairly sure that Kali shared Grace's disapproval for David-- no, scratch that, she was sure that the hybrid did not approve-- coupled with what would surely be a budding antagonism toward the Doctor. That, of course, was highly inconvenient, given that David was one of her closest friends. Yet at the same time, it was interesting that Kali was capable of developing such fully formed opinions based solely on what she had found in Maggie's thoughts, in Maggie's memories.

"He's not useless, you know," Maggie said conversationally, patting her hybrid absently. "Curious, yes... enthusiastic, yes... but not useless. You'll see." Yes, we can certainly make use of him. Oh dear. That was a bit foreboding, wasn't it? For science. Always for science. It was always for science, and a smile tugged at Maggie's lips. Never mind that the hybrid was suggesting teleporting one of her best friends; what was important was why she thought they ought to do that. "We can run other tests, you know." And we will, as soon as we're done with--

Kali, and therefore Maggie, stopped dead still in her tracks. "What is it? Kali?"

Are those cupcakes? Maybe your humans are good for something after all... then again, probably not.

Glancing about the room, Maggie took stock of the situation. "Yes, they do in fact appear to be cupcakes. I say, they do look lovely." A thought that was echoed by the otherwise disinterested presence in the back of the Anthropologist's mind. "Delicious, in fact. Shall we go have a look?" A closer look? We'll have to. Hmmn. How did one explain that one's hatchling was more interested in baked goods than in the people carrying them? 'Don't mind the largeish black not-dragon, she just wants your pastries'? Considering Alex's introduction to the Weyr, Maggie was not entirely certainly how the cupcake bearer would respond. "Erm, best not to crowd her, Kals," she suggested, as Kali approached Missandei with purpose.

"Er. Hello. I think we're after the cupcakes." Why a hybrid wanted those, and not a nice side of wherry, well, that Maggie couldn't explain. But wasn't it fascinating? "Nice to see you all." Of course it was. It was always nice to make new friends, and see old ones. At a certain point, she was going to have to explain why exactly hybrids who could cause things to disappear probably weren't welcome in laboratories, and she was fairly sure that that wasn't going to go over well. She'd been avoiding the issue, and cupcakes provided a welcome (convenient) distraction. Even so, with or without cupcakes, the subject threatened to tug her hybrid's attention right back.

It had not escaped Maggie's notice that Kali was not at all intimidated by the presence of Nyx or any of the others. No doubt she had a similar general feeling of disdain for the dramatics that a number of her clutchmates had insisted upon engaging it as she did for Maggie's own memories of David's shenanigans. They were, by in large, a waste of her time. Cupcakes, Maggie. Right, yes. Focus was important here. Armed with the pack of cigarettes that had taken up all but permanent residence in her front pocket, her labcoat, and a handful of notes (tucked away beneath said labcoat, somewhere), she was prepared for just about anything. Except, of course, anything the hybrids chose to throw at her. "What remarkable companions you all have," she said cheerfully, a pen tucked behind her right ear.

Her mood was not at all dampened by the presence of the sleek, sarcastic hybrid that had taken up residence in her mind. If anything, it was encouraged by it. "May I extend my congratulations, all around?" Although with some of them, it might as well have been condolences... and now she knew that she was channeling Kali, a thought which was met with an edge of approval. Channeling her erstwhile companion was exactly what she ought to be doing. They'd get ever so much more done that way. Oh yes-- no. Not just yet. Bloody hell, Maggie thought to herself, shaking her head absently. Wouldn't this be interesting?

Dragonfire - November 3, 2011 05:59 AM (GMT)
There are many people just down the corridor, Yautme announced, suddenly, as Samus was finishing putting the last of her few personal possessions into their new configuration. There hadn't truly been much to move - some clothes, a few books, a handful of trinkets. Her armour would stay in the security locker; with the hatching done with, she couldn't foresee needing it for at least a few months. Some of my siblings. They were talking about 'cupcakes'. Are those something we can hunt?

Yautme had been making noises about making his 'first hunt'. Samus had so far been ignoring him.

She carefully placed the last feather into place on the small altar, and then looked over her shoulder at him. "You know this how?" He stayed silent for a moment longer than he should've. "...What did I say about cloaking, Yautme?" She turned around fully, raising an eyebrow at him.

You will put a harness of jingling bells on me if I do not stay put, Yautme answered, resignedly. I heard noises. I thought best to investigate. And since Nyx had been out there, he privately thought he was quite right to.

"And that is fine, but you will tell me before you investigate, and we will go together." Samus had a feeling that she would be having to give this speech at least a couple of more times before the message fully sunk in. At least the others could see their hatchlings wandering off to get into trouble.

Yautme's mandibles twitched. There are noises outside. Can we investigate? And hunt 'cupcakes'?

"You don't hunt cupcakes," Samus said, with only a little bit of a weary sigh as she moved out the door, her hybrid trailing just a step behind.

Then what good are they?

She didn't bother to answer that one, even as she caught up to the impromptu gathering and snagged a cake for herself from the tray Missandei was holding. Greetings, was it? "Good day." And for the benefit of the girl she didn't recognise - most everyone else was at least a little familiar - "...Call me Samus. This is Yautme."

Yautme sat heavily beside Samus's feet, shot a little glare at Nyx, and proceeded to soundly ignore her, grunting a greeting to the rest of his hatchmates.

"...This is going to be a very full hallway," Samus observed, taking quick stock of the assembled humans-and-hybrids. "The sergeant is correct. Why don't you lead, miss?" she noted to Missandei, with a nod of her head in the direction of the off-duty room. Move the food, and the crowd would follow, theoretically.

Azumi - November 3, 2011 06:09 PM (GMT)
Kaylee was halfway through peeling the baking cup off of her cupcake when she glanced up and wrinkled her brows a little at Vityai. "Hey now, this ain't no time to --" she broke off suddenly when Missandei commented on the situation herself. With a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, though not really formed on her lips, she nodded her head sagely at the cupcake-bearer, "what she said. Now have a cupcake, you'll feel better. Shiny?" The last part was muffled a little, as it was then that the confectionery dessert was shoved into her mouth.

And it was amazing. So amazing. SO SO SO amazing. SO AMAZING IN FACT, that Eugene felt a wash of AMAZING fall over him, all warm and such, and for a moment he thought the blanket had dropped onto his body. Confused, and curious, he dared to lift his head and disrupt his rock interpretation and look about. But there was no blanket... It was still in Kaylee's arms, and instead he watched a couple crumbs fall from her food-thing and hit the floor at her shoe.

Getting over her first-bite euphoria of cupcakeness, the mechanic finally registered that Missandei had said more words, and that such words were directed at her and her bonded. "Oh!" she exclaimed, a sheepish smile popping onto her face as she tried to cover her mouth. Her arms were slightly...shortened, though, thanks to holding the blanket in...comment? topic. "Thank you! Eugene found a whole box of 'em that I had forgotten about. Made 'em on the way over to Pern -- if ya got some yarn, I could make you one, or show you?" she offered, bouncing up onto the balls of her feet. The prospect of making gifts suddenly excited her.

When she landed firmly back on the ground, though, she looked down at Eugene. There she offered a soft smile, and he looked up and krrred? in slight confusion, crumbs falling this time on his nose. "Oooh, he's just a baby. Don't understand that we ain't all gunna attack him like some rabid space monkeys." She gave a sidelong glance at Missandei and chuckled, breaking off a piece of cupcake and holding it down towards the swirled terribling.

What is it? he questioned, despite the fact that it smelled delicious.

"Cake, silly pants. it'll make you happy -- Oh, hello!"

Eugene tipped his head backwards and tried to look down the hall. He had sensed others coming, but...well, cupcake in face. While he wasn't affraid of Yautme, he remembered the hybrid's fierce abilities, and thus he found himself scooting closer into Kaylee's legs. And there was also Kali....who....Yanno, Eugene had no idea what to think of Kali.

"Maggie! And a person I don't think I've met! I'm Kaylee, this is Eugene -- yes," so many fragmented sentences! "it's definitely getting crowded, but hall parties are --"

Kaylee definitely didn't get to finish her thought, as suddenly a new voice rose above the others and the mechanic saw a new head of red hair approaching from down the hall.

"What Samus said sounds like a pretty good idea; apparently when there's a little gathering, everyone prefers to do it where they aren't supposed to." Ah, Grace. ...Always the one to comment on things in a slightly harsher tone. Though, actually, the botanist's voice wasn't angry in any way -- that much was obvious -- and any potential annoyance was off-set by a smirk that sat on her face.

That... had to be good, right? Smirks were like smiles? Kaylee at least hoped so.

"Hullo, Doctor Grace! We were just about to change locations... shiny?"

"Shiny, miss Frye," Grace replied, though her tone definitely didn't match up to Kaylee's sugary one. The scientist looked down at Eugene, who was owlishly peering up at her, and then she looked to each present bonded in the tiny area. With her hands behind her back, she looked like she was about to make some bigger announcement, but none came and eventually she just widened her eyes and blinked, silently saying, " Well, what are you idiots waiting for? Go!"

Ferret - November 3, 2011 11:08 PM (GMT)
...And suddenly, attention? Taavi was confused for a few seconds; Vit insulting him wasn't anything new. That was just Vit being Vit. Shards, the younger Baker practically communicated solely through snarks and insults. Taavi was currently working on a dictionary and felt reasonably certain that 'no one cares' meant 'please, talk more. Incidentally, you are also amazingly handsome' (needless to say, the fun of making up his own language was mostly in making up the meanings as well; Taavi was not about to let something like reality hamper him).

The surprising part was the sudden sympathies of the strangers. And Taavi the attention whore only knew one way how to deal with that: revel in it. Turning injured eyes on his friend----enemy? His Vityai would have to be the best description----and said, "Yeah, Vit. I think you've hurt my delicate flower petal feelings. Look at how bruised they are."

Normally, he would have given Missy a hug as well----after all, she was female and within his age range of acceptable girls----but the tray would have hampered things. Also, there was a terrible thing sitting on his feet. Apparently, Gustav did not want Taavi to do anything right now, besides serve as a convenient chair.

Well... fine.

"Relax, it's just how Vityai is. He communicates solely through glowers, glares, and hurtful words. Think of it as kind of a less effective Morse code? You know, the one with all the clicks?" Ohh, he had been learning! Either way, it was clear that the Baker was perfectly content to let other people be outraged on his behalf.

Gustav seemed to remain unaware of Nyx's words, her bet, or even her attention. The large hybrid was, more or less, content to ignore anyone who wasn't Taavi. He wasn't even curious about cupcakes which, in Taavi's mind, was a serious slight against the confectioneries.

Nozomi - November 4, 2011 04:29 AM (GMT)
"Rhaetia? And how good for you, you care." Despite his best attempts to sound like he absolutely detested that offworlder and her dratted grandmere, but it fell flat. Probably a good thing, in and of itself, as being labelled 'grumpy' by the other hybrid handlers was always better then being 'total asshole'. Probably. Still, he made a face at the cupcake, and Missy got herself a flat Look from the grumpy baker.

He liked the icing. Especially when he scooped what was left on his half-eaten cupcake with two fingers, turned, and smeared it down Taavi's temple to his chin, rubbing it for good measure.

"I'd beep out 'go Fly yourself', but it'd take too long." Very nearly serene in his destructive behavior, Vityai sucked the remaining frosting from his fingers, dark eyes flicking from one handler to the other. Samus! He knew Samus! So Erin and her hybrid got a greeting by the way of a raised, half gone, icing-less cupcake and a nod from Vityai.

Last time they'd met, he ended up vomiting the morning after.

Taravi nosed around Vityai's pantlegs, twisting around him like a cat. Her wings flared when she saw Eugene, crooning with the same sort of calm contentment as her Handler. Grace luckily was not close enough for her to become agitated, but Taravi still hummed. Vityai rubbed the top of her head gently.

"Let's go, Taravi. Looks like we're going somewhere bigger." Another pat on her head and an expectant 'you coming?' look at Taavi, Vityai started off in the direction Grace told them to 'shoo' to. Taavi better follow.. idiot had icing on his face and where they were going, there was a bathroom.

Probably. Hopefully.

Thessalian - November 4, 2011 07:47 AM (GMT)
When entering a play - or a social construct - in the middle, it was usually important to sit quietly and not take anything at face value. And Taavi did say something about this sort of thing being standard for Vityai, this ... grumpy-mean, and was apparently some sort of method of showing affection (which confused her deeply; if someone wanted to be nice to people, was it so hard to just actually do so?)

And then there was cupcake - the cupcake that Rhaetia had so thoughtfully provided - on Taavi's face, and they were getting a look. It would have been one thing if Vityai was laughing about it, but he wasn't. There'd been a boy like him on the neighbouring farm, though; said little boy had pulled her hair and put some really unpleasant things in her hair. Two years later, he kissed her behind the barn and ran away.


"Oh, honestly, just find out if he'd be happy for you to kiss him and have done with it! You're courting him like an eight-year-old, and I don't think he's got germs of any kind!" The words could be construed as harsh, but Missandei was mostly holding in quasi-exasperated giggles at Vityai after the momentary fret about being Looked at. She then set the tray down in front of Gustav with a murmur of, "Would you mind guarding that for me for a second? Thank you very much", picked a napkin off the tray and then kissed icing off Taavi's cheek, standing on tiptoe to be able to do it and still not being able to manage to get much higher than somewhere near the corner of his mouth. "See? I haven't been stricken with a case of Taavi. And you don't know what you're missing if you don't; he's very sweet." This with a bit of a grin as she handed Taavi the napkin and told him, "I'll let you get the rest because I'm not about to spit on the napkin and clean it off for you because that'd probably be embarrassing and a little bit awkward because I am not very tall. And ooh, we're moving. Thank you, Gustav," she added as she picked her tray up off the floor.

Then turned to Kaylee as if none of it had ever happened. "I'm sure I could find yarn from someplace and I'd be very grateful if you could teach me because I'm honestly hopeless and can just about manage clumsy stitches at the best of times." She moved into the dining hall as she spoke, and gratefully set down the tray of cupcakes. Being the centre of attention is one thing; being the centre of attention because you are pulling duty as a table is something else. "And no, Eugene, we're not going to fall upon you like ... are there rabid space monkeys? I've never been in space so I wouldn't know but they certainly don't sound very pleasant. Anyway, you haven't got a thing to worry about because there are cupcakes to attack. And to decorate people with, apparently. I think he looks good in green, Taavi, don't you? Also hello to the people I haven't officially-properly met yet who have made the wonderful suggestions of moving where there's furniture."

Celaeno - November 4, 2011 04:05 PM (GMT)
Here came more of the group, and Anna found herself looking from hybrid to hybrid, trying to keep an eye out to see whom Nyx might need nudging-if not outright dragging away-from. The hallway that had become their impromptu party space wasn't really meant for a tangle of people, and with a bunch of hybrids with forceful personalities jammed into one space, it seemed like an excellent opportunity for trouble to brew.

Nyx swung her head around-knocking into Anna's leg a little and making her jolt-as she saw Yautme come alongside Samus. She caught the glare and flicked her tail dismissively in response, arching her neck haughtily. The hybrid's attention went to Samus soon enough, as she looked her over and saw that there was no armor now-in particular, no cannon. She let out a short, pleased noise, just flicking her tail again as Anna looked to her. Don't be concerned. I'm only happy that if there is a fight, I can settle it on my terms.

"No fighting, period," Anna hissed, not wanting to get any of the rest of them riled up. Samus' suggestion sounded excellent-a proper room would mean more space to spread out. More space meant less likelihood of face-chewing. She headed in the direction that Grace was shooing them off to, Nyx rising with a lazy stretch to trot alongside her. Anna tried to herd her away from her more equally nasty siblings, and towards one of the...safer ones. The one with the blades in place of wings seemed safe enough, pointy bits aside. Nyx only gave Taravi a passing glance, but Anna looked to Vityai and commented, "Let's hope we can keep this rooms thing up for awhile. It seems safer than taking them out."

It wasn't the hybrids' safety she was really concerned about, either. It was the safety of everything else nearby.

Grayson - November 4, 2011 07:50 PM (GMT)
"Start a fight, I stop it." Draco's tone suggested that he wasn't afraid of anything in this corridor, but there was no aggression behind it, only a firm statement of fact. He pointed towards the door leading dining-room-wards, and cast disapproving looks at anyone who seemed to be a part of the gathering and wasn't moving that way.

He intended to be one of the last ones into the dining room, and appeared to be used to - if not entirely content at - playing shepherd.

Beneath the surface, and in fact by reflex, everything is being analysed for strengths, weaknesses, potential and likely outcomes. An air of detached calm surrounded the sergeant, even as he greeted other new arrivals with continued formality and shepherded them on towards the dining room.

Ferret - November 4, 2011 10:50 PM (GMT)
And now there was cupcake frosting on his face. Taavi flicked through his mental dictionary of Vit's language and decided that this translated to, 'Taavi, I am jealous of your social successes and also you are very handsome'. With a sigh, the older Baker prepared to simply wipe it off but Missy clearly had a much better method. Suddenly, kissing it all off seemed like a much better way to get clean.

Except she was clearly confused about the exact relationship between the men. Taavi debated carefully on how to respond: an outright denial would, of course, be immediately discarded and everyone would believe that he and Vit were very much involved somehow. The human mind was weird like that. So that left only one choice.

Ham it up.

"Pffft, of course! Vit, my dearest, how could I not see it before! Come, let us consummate our love with finger painting and cookies!" he fluted, very well aware of how much Vit hated it when he did this or anything else that attracted attention to himself. (Presumably, this hatred also translated to, 'you are very handsome'. A lot of things did). But, just in case people got entirely the wrong idea, he quickly added to Missy, "And I can always lean over, if you like," with a wink.

Hey, why not? If a pretty girl was willing to kiss him, why not accept as many kisses as he could get?

Gustav blinked in surprise at the cupcakes that were suddenly at his feet. For the first time, a tinge of wariness crept across the bond. Cupcakes-on-Taavi's-face-weapon? Cupcakes-bad? And now there were these things here... It was a very good thing that Missy picked up the pastries before Gustav had figured out what to do about them.

Fights? Pfff, nawww... Taavi was pretty sure there wouldn't be any fighting. Not unless it was among the terriblings. Suddenly, following Vit and the others into a less confined space seemed like a great idea.

Nozomi - November 4, 2011 10:57 PM (GMT)
The beautiful glare he gave Missy could be translated as 'YOU ARE ENCOURAGING HIM WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS THING YOU HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SHREW' or 'I have a kitten and it is adorable'. Safe to say that Vityai meant the former, but just in case, he shoveled the rest of the cupcake into his mouth, chewing and swallowing just as Taavi began and finished his little... speech.

Somewhere in his brain, Taravi snickered. Taavi and the sarcasm running all around (along with Vityai's stunned frustration) had her squirming around at his feet. There was only one thing to do.

Vityai drew in a deep breath and licked his middle finger clean before he stepped in closer to Missy and Taavi. One hand went to Taavi's waist, the short man smiling warmly up at him. The other pulled open the first knot of his tunic - Vityai's tunic, mind, just enough to bare some throat. Then the second.

"You're right, Taavi. She's right," Vityai murmured, voice low. "Let's fuck."

Taravi continued her snickering. Mischief!

Azumi - November 5, 2011 12:23 AM (GMT)
"Oh for the love of Christ," Grace muttered, exhaling and rolling her eyes. Really? This is what she was given to deal with? Whether the sexual tension was real or not, Grace didn't give a shit; if they wanted to go at it like hares then be her guest, but there wasn't going to be any shenanigans of any sort going on right now. Because she was there. And she said so.

Moving past a couple people as they all started to shuffle along, she came up to Maggie's side and pulled back the young woman's lab coat, rummaging around in the inside pocket. The fact that Maggie would have copious notes stashed there was a given and pretty much solid fact -- a fact that was proven once more when Grace whipped out a nice bunch and rolled them up tight. "Excuse me, Maggie," she commented well after the fact, already moving away towards the troublesome twosome.

"Boys, this is a meeting, not Bert and Ernie Make a Porno," she barked, though her threat was definitely not a yell of any sort; just very...scarily stern and sharp. A quick hand came down a second later and delivered satisfying smack to the back of each head with the rolled up notes.

"Now get going into the dinning area and sit the hell down." If a glare could activate ocular laser beams, Grace's would be splitting them both in half.

Dragonfire - November 5, 2011 06:27 AM (GMT)
Ah, Grace, voice of reason. Samus nodded in greeting to the scientist, and turned to Yautme to gesture with her head towards the break room. Come on, the-

The thought was interrupted as she caught sight of Vityai, casually having smeared icing all over Taavetti's face, and saluting her with a cupcake. "...Er." Right, hadn't they been hanging over each other at the 'party'?

Yautme, too, was staring at them - although more in confusion than anything. That is the least threatening warpaint I have ever seen. He kept this one between the two of them, not wanting to infer to Taravi or Gustav that their chosen partners were perhaps not all that they were cracked up to be. They couldn't help it if they'd chosen humans with the threat potential levels of wherry chicks.

You haven't seen any kind of 'warpaint' at all, Samus reminded him, swiftly. I think it's more of a mating ritual.

Oh. Yautme considered this, forked tail twitching as he thought. ...They are doing it all wrong. There is not near enough ichor being shed, he concluded.

Samus gave a sharp, short bark of laughter. Looking between the three - Vit, Taavi, and the unfamiliar girl - she raised an eyebrow. No doubt it will be, soon enough, by the looks of things. "Whenever you boys are done..." she began, only to wince lightly as Grace delivered her smack-down, sort of literally. Well, then. "Come, Yautme." Time to get going before Grace somehow managed to scorch them all from orbit with the power of gaze alone. Besides, she could do with another cupcake.

Aero - November 6, 2011 01:53 AM (GMT)
Talera led the strange creature onto the Peregrine with all the enthusiasm of a little girl playing enthusiastically with a litter of puppies or kittens. Except the hybrid was far less cute than either of those things. Still, Talera felt her heart racing and her spirit lifting itself up even as she led the disoriented creature onto the ship, eager to show it the wonders of technology.

Though, Delta had probably already seen it since he might well have been one of those weird things that the offworlders had been talking about making.

"Come on, Delta!" Talera called, clapping her hands together multiple times and closer to Delta's level to encourage the creature to come tumbling her way. The blackish bronze beast gave a grunt before taking a slow step forward. Then he took more, and he finally seemed to have the confidence to go into a straight line, heading toward Talera. Still, he took his time. The girl waited patiently.

"Good!" The girl smiled, and kept walking backwards so she could keep an eye on the strange creature. Talera stopped when she heard voices, though. Quite a few of them, actually. Oh, maybe there was something important going on!

"Let's go this way." She turned around, and started moving sideways, keeping a close eye on Delta as he stumbled around. She frowned. She had to wonder what was wrong with him that made him have such a hard time moving. Maybe it was all those eyes? Or were the eyes just... bad in some way on their own?

Talera wandered closer, then turned into a room to see quite the sight: numerous horribly mutated... things! The girl's heart skipped a beat and she held her breath. Delta snarled and stumbled forward, obviously far more hasty than before. Talera sighed.

"We're okay, Delta." The eight-eyed creature snorted and cocked his head. Talera shuffled inside.

"Hello?" she said. "Mind if I come in?"

Delta squeezed in between Talera and the door frame, eyeing every single person in the room.

Thessalian - November 6, 2011 03:24 PM (GMT)
The byplay between Taavi and Vityai just got giggles. And if Taavi was suggesting that he was alright with her kissing him too? Well, that didn't throw Missandei. She'd met a few people who were affectionate with both genders; she was worldly. Except then there was Grace - who in the world were Burt and Urny? And what in all creation was a 'porno'? And then there was the word Vityai used; earth slang for kissing, maybe? So the 'aww-they're-so-cute' look turned to sweet, innocent perplexity, and she opened her mouth to start asking questions...

And ooh! The arrival of a new person meant one more person to ask - at least this one didn't seem busy or ... impatient. "Of course you can come in," she told Talera, smiling at her. "Come in, have a cupcake, join the party! Congratulations to you and yours - hello!" That last hello to the leggy, eye-abundant terribling. "My name's Missandei - or Missa or Missy if that's too much a mouthful. It's a pleasure to meet you. Vityai and Taavi are courting ... I think; it's a little hard to tell past all the teasing whether they're serious or simply getting very into the joke. Either way, it's incredibly sweet, don't you think? Now," she added to the world at large, "I'm very curious so hopefully someone knows this better than I do - who're Burt and Urny ... what's a porno ... and what does 'fuck' mean? It looks snuggly, if that's what those two are doing..."

tuathade - November 6, 2011 06:22 PM (GMT)
The hatching had come and gone, and Alex’s worst fears hadn’t come to pass. All the hybrids had Impressed – no cullings, no deaths, the worst mauling was that one unlucky researcher who was now minus an eye. (Which was good – Alex wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself if he’d encouraged Vityai towards Candidacy only to saddle the boy with a horrible murderous thing forever – but Taravi hadn’t seemed particularly dangerous or unstable.) Some of the hatchlings he would need to keep a stern eye on… But for now, Alex was the size of a runnerbeast and they were just hatchlings, and frankly if any of them got too out of line he could probably just sit on them.

He was already on the Peregrine, chilling in the dining hall closest to the hybridhandlers’ temporary quarters. They’d assigned him to keep an eye on things, after all. The corridors were a bit too cramped for him to be entirely comfortable, but the dining rooms on the Peregrine were meant to accommodate fairly large numbers of crew, and there was enough room for even Alex to stretch out and be comfortable… provided he moved the furniture around a bit first.

He could hear the commotion outside, and after waiting a bit, he nudged the door open and peered out into the hall. Hello, out there. Christ, there were a lot of them. Hybrids and handlers everywhere, and – cupcakes? Something smelled like cupcakes. Whoever the cupcake-smelling-person was, Alex was immediately interested in meeting them. Are you going to keep piling into the hallways until no one can move, or are you going to come over here?

Ferret - November 6, 2011 06:36 PM (GMT)
SUDDENLY sexuality? Logically, Taavi knew that the odds of Vit discovering sexuality were roughly the same as the Red Star returning. Oh, and about as dangerous. Logic argued, 'Hey, he's suddenly being sexual. You should be really, really worried, especially since he's got a grin like a sharkfish looking at a bare bottom'.

Unfortunately, 'logic' was rarely listened to in times of this thanks to the horrible, horrible creation of Hope. It shouldn't have been like this, for about a frillion reasons. Drymouth was unknown to Taavi----had been for a good few years now-----but he suddenly desperately wanted a drink.

"Pffff, Vit. You'll have the best diary entry tonight. 'Dear diary: I learned something today about my sexuality. I'm beginning to fear I may have one'," he said mockingly, covering confusion with jokes as he always did. Also, his ego went blomp. Fuck yeah, I am a sexy beast, he crowed inwardly.

And then he got smacked on the back of the head. "OW! What did I do? He was the one coming onto me!" he protested. "An..." he was about to ask the exact same questions Missy had, but the curious girl beat him to it. Welp, moment over, he supposed, using the napkin to clean off his face a bit.

"Fucking is like fardles," he said, slightly muffled by the napkin. "And we're not courting. Despite my amazing sexual magnetism, I'm straight."

Gustav snorted and then abruptly pretended he was snorting at something completely different. Delta's protective behavior was making the larger hybrid uneasy. This was HIS ward, even if Yautme thought that Taavi was broken somehow. The tank of a hybrid didn't make any aggressive move, but he was on edge now.

Only Alex's intrusion calmed the situation; Gustav rather liked the older hybrid, or at least respected him. Very, very slowly the hatchling calmed down once more and stopped thinking about all of Delta's eyes and how easy it would be to poke a few of them out. He wouldn't miss them, surely?

Nozomi - November 6, 2011 06:47 PM (GMT)
SUDDENLY SEXUALITY. Except not. He rolled his eyes when Taavi joked but couldn't respond as quickly as he wanted because there was a smack to the back of his head, Taavi blathering like a moron (like a Taavi), questions about pornos and fucking and someone named BurtnUrny and Taravi getting prickly and defensive with both Delta and Gus getting their panties all up in a bunch.

Finally, though, he had the chance to dig his elbow into Taavi's side, if the other man was still close enough for him to do so. Even his short bark of laughter had been cut off by Grace and her smacking. "I can't believe you thought I was serious. I have better taste then to hit on a straight man. Don't flatter yourself." Another eyeroll, a shove, a lineface to kick all other linefaces in the throat.

Taravi hissed at absolutely no one, Delta's rumbles and Grace's irritation and everything about the situation making her project a bit of that same agitation. Vityai, his jaw already flexing with the amplified emotions as she leaned, hard, against his leg, rubbed at her headknobs. Both stopped abruptly when Alex's mindvoice came about.

"Go flirt with your girls. There's other people I'd rather talk to." Snarky snarky Vityai, his hybrid already squirming once more with the sudden onslaught of further irritation. He tapped her on the head, scooting himself out of their tight little lovenest in the general direction that was Alex.

"Alex!" Hand up, a wriggle of fingers, and a sudden relaxing of his shoulders at seeing the other hybrid. Taravi crooned, bounding with her partners pleasure even though he continued to Not Smile and ignored everyone on his back. "Have you met Taravi?"

I am not like her. said Taravi quite seriously, twisting around and around Vityai's legs, staring at Alex when she could. You are the one that said Vityai should find me! I saw it. In his head.

Grayson - November 6, 2011 10:34 PM (GMT)
Baby monsters, idiot children, and now all this... closeness. It was all far too much for a man who spent most of his time in contemplative silence and liked it that way. Instead of a nice quiet breakfast, Draco appeared to have a miniature riot on his hands. Still, the older one was here now. Better if Draco took himself elsewhere, for everyone involved, most likely. Rumour had it these things were sensitive to emotion, and he wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Draco turned and departed rather more quietly than he'd arrived, his expression revealing nothing and his emotions locked down as tightly as he could manage. He had practice at that, at least.

Azumi - November 8, 2011 04:33 AM (GMT)
Oh to hell with this shit.

"ALRIGHT!" boomed Grace's voice, far louder than she had spoken previously. It echoed for about three seconds before she herded the last of the group into the larger dinning area. "This is a surprise Hybrid lesson! Congratulations, popquizzes and no balloons for everyone!" she continued, clapping her hands and moving to the 'head' of the room. She then rounded on all of them and kept the burst of Noise going.

"Now I want everyone to sit the hell down in a chair, keeping a good enough distance between all your little Frankenstein Pets! If one fight occurs right now because you didn't listen to me, I will have you strung up to be test subjects for Kali!" Immediately Grace's eyes roved the crowed of hybridlings for Maggie and thus the black and white face of Kali, making sure that her threat could prove true.

Meanwhile, the sudden BAM of Grace's voice made poor Eugene jump a foot in the air and crash into the backs of Kaylee's knees, causing her to stumbled forward and into someone's back. Sheepishly she gave a quick apology before turning and petting the dark colored creature before those terrible vertigo waves of FUN started emitting everywhere. The crocheted blanket was then thrown over his body and partially over his head, so that the fringes of the ends hung about over his eyes.

Kaylee, Kaylee we shouldn't go in there. Everyone's in there; that loud woman's in there -- KAYLEE, SHE'S YELLING AGAIN, Eugene cried, giving a honk and trying to turn around. But he somehow -- no, seriously -- managed to trip his feet up over his tail and blanket and fell face first onto the floor.

"Oooh ho aw, Eugene, come 'ere now," Kaylee cooed a moment later, for probably the thousandth time that day. "Grace always talks loud, but she ain't so bad. She's gunna have to focus on those troublemakers too much to give an 'ol one to fore to worry about us." The mechanic sent happy waves to Eugene, much like warm fuzzies and spirit fingers. And unicorns. Regardless, though, it still took a couple minutes to get the hybrid into the room and huddled between her feet as she sat down. By that time, Grace had started up again.

"So, as I said earlier: POPQUIZ. Or for you natives, TEST TIME. I want everyone to tell me one of the quirks of their hybrids; an ability, a personality quirk, something that the rest of us don't actively see and only you truly know. While I personally don't give a shit, the more you all know about each other, hopefully the less possibility there will be of some serious fuck ups." With her hands on her hips, Grace looked around once more, waiting for someone to speak up.

"I don't care about raising hands; just talk."

Celaeno - November 8, 2011 05:08 AM (GMT)
Grace had the sort of voice Anna associated with ye olde boot camp days, and the ordering about made her immediately start for a chair. Nyx followed after her, coiling around the chair and focusing intently on Grace, rather than the hybrids. Her eyes squinted ineffectively, but it didn't stop her from twisting her head around in wince-inducing ways. "Somebody besides me finally have your attention?" Anna asked, peering down at the hybrid.

Nyx just shuffled her wings and looked back to Anna. She's very good at taking charge of the situation. This is an educational experience.

"Just keep watching and everything'll be fine," she replied, but glanced around the room as she did so. Hopefully she had put enough distance between Nyx and the others to avoid any problems. Anna reached down to give the hybrid a little pat on the head as she listened to Grace's instruction; at this point it was second nature when dealing with anything smaller and four-legged. The only real difference here that that the head being patted was twisted into one hell of a weird shape and that its owner gave an indulgent snort at being patted.

Anna looked around for a moment, then shrugged to herself. If the floor was open... "Nyx is almost blind. She mostly picks up on things that're moving and that contrast against everything else. I know it wasn't exactly obvious at the hatching-" Nyx had done a fine job of being a clawing, biting terror and inflicted a good amount of damage- "But it's something that might be important."

Dragonfire - November 8, 2011 06:49 AM (GMT)
There was a child. Why was there a child? Samus paused in her examination of her second cupcake to frown at the unfamiliar girl, perplexed. They were surrounded by small, horribly mutated things that had a taste for blood. This was not a fantastic place for kids to be - especially kids that had to be Pernese, because she looked a little old to have been one of the ones born on the ship. "Hey, now, you shouldn't be in-"

Her sentence was cut short by Yautme, who stopped prowling around the table she was leaning against, blinking his teal-toned eyes at the beast that wedged itself in between the girl and the door. Ah. There you are, brother. Welcome back, he grunted, after sizing up the many-eyed hybrid for a moment or two. Brought your human, did you?

Samus looked between Yautme and Delta a few times, and then to the girl, and shrugged. "...Well, come in, then." And just in time, since Grace was evidently going to taking the role of 'schoolmarm'. Note to self, keep metresticks and pointers far away from Grace.

A good crack against the knuckles would surely help some, Yautme offered, with a pointed look at Nyx. He seemed pleased, though, that Anna had offered up such a lovely little tidbit, gloating inside Samus's head.

And what was she to say? Oh, he goes invisible, or he doesn't actually care about eating those of you who aren't enough of a threat - those were kind of obvious, from the hatching. "Yautme can't see in the light nearly as easily as he can in thermal vision," she offered, with a nod of her head towards the hybrid. "It wouldn't take much to blind him."

Erin! Yautme protested, turning to her, his flat, shortened face displaying as much dismay as it could. You can't give away weaknesses like that! They should not know!

So you'll just have to work that much harder to overcome it, won't you? she thought back to him, neutral expression not changing a mite as she crossed her arms, waiting for the next revelation.

Thessalian - November 8, 2011 11:24 AM (GMT)
So this was suddenly a 'no talking' sort of situation, and one in which Missandei could not participate. She didn't know anything about the hybrids beyond the fact that Eugene was nervous and they were all kind of adorable. In a really strange way. Still, things to learn! Just ... nothing in which to actively participate.

So instead of butting in where she could add nothing, she unobtrusively made her way to sit near Alex, all wide-eyed 'yes'm' making-herself-small-ness. Then, when the attention had been drawn in the attention of the newborn hybrids, she risked a sidelong look, a smile and a waggle of her fingers at the 'elder statesman' of the hybrids before holding up a hand to him. That hand, of course, bore a couple of cupcakes. Her eyes gave a silent inviting query: Would you like some cupcake?

Even silent (so unnatural for this little Harper, even on short acquaintance), she was going to be polite and make friends. Sacre crisse. Whatever that meant.

Mira - November 8, 2011 03:30 PM (GMT)
"This one's an egotistic megalomaniac," a voice noted. The Chief peered into the room. "Who called the meeting without telling me?"

Nemesis did not say anything but merely shouldered his way past his handler gruffly before taking up a spot to sit. John hesitated for a moment, but followed the tentacle-faced hybrid's example.

This one, Nemesis noted openly once he was seated, scowling at the Chief, hears very, very well.

"We're talking about you, not us."

And I'm talking about you. Shall we fight about it? The hybrid's tone dripped sarcasm, the suggestion bored and casual.

"Maybe later. Somewhere outside. Now hush." Was this... joking? It was very difficult to tell. Nemesis merely huffed and mantled his wings a bit at the response. This was an extremely uneasy partnership at its best, but so far they seemed to be getting by.

Sort of.

Ferret - November 10, 2011 10:20 PM (GMT)
Mature as ever, Taavi stuck his tongue out at Vit when the younger Baker suggested he go and flirt with some girls. FINE. HE WOULD. Just... not right now because he didn't feel like it, that's all. Despite some notions----and Taavi's own bragging----it wasn't like he was some sort of sex machine. Plus, the weight of Gustav's mind hung heavily in the back of Taavi's brain. It was... strange, having thoughts that definitely weren't his own.

The sudden honk from Eugene quickly distracted Taavi, although at this point a passing fly could've distracted him. Just sitting around was so boring... he slumped in his chair as though someone had stolen his spine. Spine theft was a big problem in his life, although now he was beginning to see Grace as an equally big one.

But then Grace gave him the best present ever: permission to talk as much as he wanted, without even waiting for other people to finish speaking.

"Um. Gustav doesn't talk. I haven't actually heard him say a two words yet. He's just said my name and that's it." Actually, now he was getting a little worried about it and tossed a concerned look towards the hybrid.

"I'd ask if that's normal, but I'm guessing that there's not a lot that is normal about these guys. Once you start seeing dragon-whers with tentacles attached to their face, I guess this is normal."

Gustav rumbled and a feeling of distant comfort entwined itself around Taavi's mind. It was a curious feeling. No, Gustav was alright. He just didn't feel the need to speak, but he could.

Nozomi - November 11, 2011 12:37 AM (GMT)
No matter what could be said of the awkward friendship between the two, at least it never left them bored (unless Vit chose to ignore Taavi and his exuberant personality, and even that sort of bickering had it's appeal). The new hybridhandler settled himself down again once herded elsewhere, on the floor with crossed legs. Taravi flopped along his lap as if she were a very awkwardly shaped dog, tail a dead weight on the ground and her wings cinched in as tight as she could.

Taavi talked - they all talked - but he looked more at Missy and the offer of cupcake to Alex. Regardless of what the hybrid's choice may have been or whether or not Missy looked in his direction, Vityai smiled, briefly, in her general direction. Kindness to Alex endeared him to people, it seemed - or maybe hybrids in general. Who knew?

"Taravi... makes emotions bigger." His tone sounded bland and uninteresting even to his own ears. Vityai looked down at his girl, hand smoothing over the ill-looking yellow-brownish-green tinged hide with no small amount of affection. Taravi, in returned, chirped happily, emitting a bit more of that affection and contentment her handler emitted. She rubbed her head against his chest. "But I guess we know that. Uhm. She probably doesn't hate you as much as she might seem sometimes, with that."

Neither does he. Taravi continued to nuzzle at him, claws stretching out as any feline would. And she basked in the affection. Nobody in the room thought her a freak or something bad - in fact, the only thoughts there were how she was lovely and she'd done nothing incorrect. Everything was okay, for now, even with Eugene being... Eugene. I think I enjoy cookies.

tuathade - November 11, 2011 09:01 PM (GMT)
So Grace was herding everyone into the room. Good for her, taking charge. Alex bumped noses briefly with Taravi, nuzzled Vityai in a quick greeting, and then backed off and out of the doorway to allow everyone else to come through. He lingered at the outskirts of the group, the only one there without a partner to stand with.

Or… well, not the only one. The girl with the cupcakes was not one of the Candidates; she didn’t have a hybrid. So while the rest of the group was having Happy Fun Sharing Time, she and Alex were both more or less relegated to watching. (Granted, Alex was also watching to make sure that no one ate anyone. Officially speaking, Grace was hybridmaster. Unofficially speaking, Alex was the muscle behind her if any of the more… exuberant hybrids needed to be scruffed by someone bigger and tougher than them.) So when she made her way over to sit by Alex, he didn’t object in the slightest. At least if the two of them were sitting together, it didn’t feel quite so strange.

And then Missandei offered him cupcakes and the world was beautiful. New best friend. Well, co-best-friend with Vityai. At this rate, he was just going to befriend all the bakers forever. He carefully took the cupcakes from Missandei’s hand, then scarfed them down. (Baking cups and all. He didn’t seem to notice - or care.) Then he carefully cleaned the icing off his muzzle before nuzzling affectionately up against Missandei’s shoulder.

I don’t think I can swim, Alex offered. He wasn’t sure if he was included in the lesson, but might as well. I can paddle around a little, but if I go out too deep I start to sink. Something about a muscle density problem… The geneticists say they fixed it for you guys, though, so you shouldn’t have problems. Any prototype will have a couple bugs, he observed, then itched at his collar with a paw.

Azumi - November 13, 2011 05:19 PM (GMT)
Kaylee waited patiently while most of the other hybrid handlers shared and shouted out their 'answers.' But she also paid close attention, her owl eyes going to whomever's voice shouted the loudest over the small crowd, and there she'd take in their face and that of their hybrid's. It was always good to keep a checklist of who would perhaps be gentler around Eugene and who would scare the bolts right out of him. .... and sadly that list was sort of small. There were some, she noted, that hadn't spoken, though, so maybe some hope lied with them.

Oh well, she'd just have to go and made friends! That always made situations best.

As Alex began to give his own answer, Kaylee let out a small giggle as his voice traipsed through her head. She paused in her attempts to move off her chair and onto the ground with Eugene, who immediately connected the dots and stood awkwardly and then circled tightly in attempts to fit ALL OF HIM into her lap. Go figure it was about this time that things got quiet enough that kaylee thought it her turn to share about Eugene.

But first were introductions!

"Hiii, I'm Kaylee, I don't think I introduced myself in our little hall party," she began, her voice excited but more sing-song than WOOHOOPARTY. "And Eugene --" she got cut short before she had really even began, as Eugene suddenly stood again and circled, his flank clonking gently into her. Leaning far to one side, she suddenly reappeared and kept talking, "Eugene's a bit frightened of just about everything --"

Noo, only particular things. The most terrifying things! The hybrid corrected, fully stopping his ridiculous search for comfort and twisting his blanket-covered head around to look right at His.

" --Oh, I stand corrected; he's frightened of particular things, and if he gets too scared, he makes those around him feel dizzy and well... it's not a pleasant experience, or so I'm told. I don't feel it..." she pursed her lips and looked at Eugene in a general, studious way... like how she looked at a vexing converter engine that had two steel power coils but no internal connection fuses... ANYWAYS.

"Sooo if that happens, we apologize!"

There, Eugene finally settled down. Albeit his whole lower half was on the floor and not in her lap, but this seemed acceptable to him for the time being.

As soon as Eugene touched down on the floor and kaylee stopped talking, Grace started once more.

"So, we have poor eyesight, excellent eyesight, sociopathic delusions of grandeur," she paused as looked at John, scolding him mildly -- and belatedly -- for being late, but making no other comment on the matter, "silence, emotion amplification times two -- both personal and group -- aaand not swimming. Did I get that all, from those of you who decided to share?" she asked, eyes widening a little as her eyebrows rose. She knew she had everything, but she was giving one last half-attempted chance for those who hadn't talked.

It was at this time that Kaylee looked towards the door and noticed Talera and the Bouncer hybrid, and suddenly the mechanic was all bouncy herself. She waved and gave an open mouthed smile, then beckoned the girl and Hers over. "C'mon, you can sit near us," she invited, pointing to a spot on the floor (it seemed everyone was liking the floor more) about seven feet away.

"GOOD. Moving on!" Grace's voice rose up again and her Teacher Face went back into play. "So, I wanted to point out that none of the quirks pointed out are 'Problems' that need 'Fixing.' There is nothing wrong," aww, she was being supportive. Sort of. "However some -- if not all -- of these things need good management to keep everyone happy. That being said, now I want you guys to share how you plan on doing that -- whether it's something you're doing currently, or think you should do. If you don't know, say so."

Grace fell quiet again after that, once more looking around the room and placing her hands on her hips, waiting for the flurry to begin.

"OH. OH. BLANKETS!" Kaylee immediately squealed, her hand raising into the air despite it being totally unnecessary.... and that she was already talking. "We're trying to make 'security' blankets. Get it?" she giggled at her own pun, and Eugene gave a rare, happy burble.

Thessalian - November 13, 2011 11:26 PM (GMT)
Still quiet - this was a learning experience and such things were good, in Missandei's opinion, she nudge-nuzzled Alex back in a friendly way. Missandei being friendly to ... well, anything wasn't exactly news, even on short acquaintance. Still, as she listened (it was good to know what made the new hybrids comfortable, though with Alex it seemed easy; friendliness and cupcakes), one hand sought out two more cupcakes for Alex and offered them up for scoffing. Everyone else seemed done; why not?

And Alex seemed itchy under the collar. Which made perfect sense, really. It seemed unnecessary to collar Alex - or any sentient being, really - but now wasn't the time to ask why. Instead, once potentially dangerous claws were out of the way, she reached up and under Alex's collar as much as she could to get the itchy places that larger claws might have a problem reaching. For a tiny young woman, she had good strong hands - nimble, too, from the lutework, and efficient, well-kept fingernails. Focusing on the spots near where Alex had been scratching, she scritched the spots under Alex's collar, hoping it was at least somewhat helpful. *scritchscritchscritch*

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