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Title: WIP| Alianyi - Weaver/Candidate

giftwrapped - August 2, 2011 05:00 PM (GMT)

Name: Alianyi (goes by Ali)
Age: 23
Gender: Agender/genderfluid, but feel free to use feminine pronouns. It's easiest.
Sexual Orientation: Sex is interesting if it's with interesting people!
Offworlder? Nope!
Craft/Rank: Weavercraft/Sr. Apprentice

Appearance: Ali gives every impression of being a spitfire - starting with her height. Because she's short, five-two or five-three, but don't let her know you know. She might not be able to loom but she has a thing for heeled boots and heels in general, giving her an average height of 5'5" or 5'6", and she can rock up to six inches without any real thought. She's one of those people blessed with internal rhythm and balance, all the better to rock what can only be described as slamming curves.

Then again, Ali doesn't always care about her figure and tends to ignore it, even binding her chest and wearing men's clothes as the mood takes her. She does, however, enjoy dressing up in really masculine and really feminine clothes, and endeavors to always make herself look smashing in whatever she puts on. She's completely aware that sometimes letting your assets take the forefront gives you an advantage, and doesn't mind doing it.

She likes jewel tones and metallic shades, and has the complexion to wear just about any of them. She's black but not all that dark, with surprising blue-grey eyes and black hair that she wears long. It's naturally curly, cut to roughly her mid-chest and usually worn twisted up in a bun at the nape of her neck. She's farsighted and does wear glasses for reading and detail work, but it's rare that anyone sees her in them, as she thinks they make her look silly. Her features are pixie-ish without being overtly feminine; she wears makeup well but without it she can pull off a surprisingly androgynous look, and if someone were to use an adjective to describe her face, they'd probably settle on 'cute.'

Personality: Book-smart, matter-of-fact, adventuresome, mischievous, trustworthy, social. Has a motherly edge to her personality that sneaks through, especially with close friends and little kids.

Snotty, spoiled, fickle, blunt, short-tempered, impatient. She's surprisingly tolerant of bullshit right up until the point where she gets bored and shuts you out.

History: Honestly, Alianyi's life has been surprisingly uneventful. She was born at Southern Hold to parents who cared about her without ever making much of a fuss over her. She was the fourth of what would eventually become seven children, and of largely Bitran and Trader stock, so it was inevitable that she'd end up in the midst of a tight-knit family group that consisted not just of parents and siblings but also aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and all those other accessory family members who show up when things happen. There was rarely a time when there weren't at least three random other folk staying in her house. It was busy and rushed and slap-dash and Ali loved it.

Partially because it allowed her to fall through the cracks; most of Ali's family was involved with beastcraft or tannercraft, and while Ali was fine with animals and knew how to tend leather, she found herself disinterested in both. But that was all right, because work could always be given to cousins or younger siblings, and there was always time to steal off, which Ali made great use of. From roughly the time she could conjugate irregular verbs, she was quick to fall in with other Hold children, dragging them - along with any accessory cousins or siblings who might show up - along on adventures. She was the pranking sort, always managing to get other people in trouble but not herself.

The Threadfall that struck Southern was unexpected and horrifying, but Alianyi was one of the lucky ones. She lost two distant cousins in the Fall, and a great-uncle who was a rider at Southern Weyr, but aside from that, her immediate family passed unscathed. And the family recovered well, though inherent suspicion of the offworlders and their strangeness was a given. Ali, of course, was too young to really understand the significance, and big changes seemed more exciting than anything. She would have given her internal organs to go to Landing. Of course, she wasn't allowed.

It wasn't until she was around fourteen when her parents finally realized she wasn't making anything of herself. They asked her what she wanted to do with her life (large, the family might have been. Amenable to freeloaders, it certainly was not), and when she didn't know, they told her she had a month to decide. So Ali engaged in a whirlwind tour of Pernese crafts, eventually settling on weavercraft. It was close enough to the family business that her parents really couldn't object, but far enough away that she could claim she had studying to do and get out of shearing season free of guilt.

Not much else happened to her for the next decade or so. Ali's family remained quite happy, though there were occasional slip-ups (her oldest brother running off with a Harper boy, her younger sister accidentally Impressing a dragon), and Ali herself settled comfortably into the rhythms of weaver life. She never bothered to walk the tables because she was fairly convinced she'd inherit some part of the family business, or maybe head out with one of her aunts' caravans when they came back for Trading...and then she was Searched.

And not only was she Searched, but to Peregrine Weyr! That old, old fascination with the offworlders rekindled in her, Ali jumped at the chance to head back with the rider to the Weyr of the offworlders. Clutches are clutches, after all, and Ali's quite excited about this one. The possibility of one of the strange engineered colours coming to her was too delicious to pass up. And there was always that whole thing about all the other crazy stuff going on. Ali needed to get her nose in it.

Plus, her old friend Taavetti is stuck at Perrie forever now, and it's for the best that Ali be around to keep an eye on him.

Any pets? A large, black-and-white cat. Her name is Kitty. She tolerates Ali marginally better than she tolerates everyone else.

Other stuff you want to tell us: She will elide her name to A'yi if she Impresses. And then Xena-yell everywhere. All the time.

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