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Title: [OPEN - RIDERS] Dragon Quidditch!

tuathade - July 15, 2011 11:11 PM (GMT)
Dragon Quidditch

    Why does a sport invented by J. K. Rowling still exist thousands of years in the future? You're thinking about this too hard. Just keep repeating the MST3K mantra in your head - it's just an RP, I should really just relax.

    This sport was invented by the offworlders, and slightly modified to work with dragons. It is played with one large, basketball-sized red ball known as the Quaffle. The Chasers on each team handle the quaffle and attempt to score goals by throwing it through the opposing team's goal hoops. A goal is worth 10 points. At each end of the field are three hoops, guarded by a Keeper. The Keeper's job is to... well, keep the Quaffle out.

    In addition, each team has Beaters. There are no Bludgers in dragon quidditch (and hitting your fellow players is strongly discouraged!) so the main goal of the Beaters is to run interference and fly distractingly around the other team's Chasers. Finally, there will be a gold flit released onto the field. This is the Snitch. Each team has a Seeker, whose job it is to find the Snitch. If the Seeker can successfully tag the Snitch (TAG, not GRAB, no flit squashing) the game ends and the Seeker's team gets 150 points.

tuathade - July 15, 2011 11:11 PM (GMT)
    Dragon quidditch will (hopefully) be slightly less chaotic than wher polo. Or at least less likely to result in severe mauling.
IC Rules:
  • Excessive roughhousing will result in penalty shots.
  • No golds or silvers allowed. Sorry Nostromoth, Normandith, Ledath, you're gonna have to sit this one out.
  • After each shot, the referee will put the Quaffle back into play. Ditto if the Quaffle is dropped and hits the ground.
  • No limit on the number of Chasers or Beaters, but it is recommended to have at least one of each.
  • Winning team gets a celebratory round of drinks at the Crackdust bar with the Weyrleaders. Any drink you want. Within Megs' capability to make, of course. (GARGLE BLASTERS FOR EVERYONE.)
OOC Rules:
  • No godmodding or powerplaying - you can't just suddenly score ALL THE GOALS FOREVER.
  • Chasers, please make a post indicating that your character is moving toward a scoring area before they make a shot at a goal. Beaters, please indicate who you are targeting. Seekers, pick an area of the playing field to search. Keepers... defend your goalposts.
  • It's up to the offensive team to make a shot - and up to the defensive team to decide if the ball went in or not. Please play fair.
  • If by the end of the month nobody has captured the Snitch, Gift and I will push it into Sudden Death - which will be admin monitored. This will probably involve the Snitch making a sudden appearance and both teams somehow competing to reach her first.
  • There will be rewards of an undisclosed nature for creativity and bold gameplay.
    Bear in mind - C'ross will be playing referee. The Golden Snitch is his flit. If you harm Harper, attempt to cheat, or get too rough with your fellow players, you will have an exceedingly angry queenrider who can make your life hell.
    There will be a Gryffindor Team and a Ravenclaw Team. Positions are first come first served - don't worry about sign-ups, just jump right in with an IC post and say what team and position you want. Positions not yet claimed are assumed to be taken by NPC until someone shows up to claim them - try not to specify actions for them, but you can assume that both teams have a complete roster.
Gryffindor Team:
  • Chasers: P'tre and Nejerith, one tanzanite
  • Beaters: Verata and Aidyth
  • Seeker: Rydia and Yisith
  • Keeper: Gwynnell and Xafileth
Ravenclaw Team:
  • Chasers: Ophelia and Ioth, one blue
  • Beaters: R'ley and Iassenth (?!)
  • Seeker: C'ren and Ceylith
  • Keeper: B'lorn and Ezpryth

Aero - July 15, 2011 11:19 PM (GMT)
((Verata and Aidyth be beaters on Gryffindor. :V))

"What in the world are you talking about, Aidyth?"

The offworlders brought some sport that they said could work well with dragons

Verata didn't particularly enjoy sports, but Aidyth was all over them. The pearl did say there was the added bonus of flying, which she knew Verata liked to do. So, the pearlrider was reluctantly drawn into the game. However, she had no idea why a rider was needed when the dragons were the ones doing the flying. Unless there was flaming involved?

No, no flaming. We're going to be Beaters!

"... Beaters?"

The woman didn't like the sound of that. Not one bit.

We just have to fly around distracting people! No physical beating involved! Makes me wonder why they have that name, though.

Verata nodded.

I figured I'd be good for the job because I'm all rainbow-y.

Ferret - July 15, 2011 11:25 PM (GMT)
...So, remind me again how you talked me into this? It was difficult enough to convince C'ren to get into physical activity without adding in the word 'sport'. The man was just not comfortable with sports. They were too busy and too chaotic. The man's entire knowledge of sports came down to, 'uhh... you get two teams of sporters together and then they sport at each other and whoever sports the most becomes the king of sports?'

As an added benefit it appeared that the offworlders were making up rules as they went along. That made the persnickety Greenrider even more persnickety. But, Ceylith had asked.

I gave you my cute face! It's very cute, Ceylith confided. Besides, I'm perfect for a Seeker! Small and fast! And indeed the small Green was very speedy. C'ren's only worry was that she might tire too quickly, since her slender build didn't exactly come with stamina.

And what the shards is a 'Ravenclaw' anyway? C'ren grumped, too stubborn to be cheered up by a delighted and happy Green.

I'unno. Is it important? Ceylith asked back, sharp eyes scanning the Ravenclaw goalposts in the hopes of spotting the little golden Harper.

Well... I'd just like to know...

It's a sport, C'renmine. It doesn't have to make sense!

S'yal - July 15, 2011 11:28 PM (GMT)
By jones, Irena has some form of sound amplifying device! Even worse, she's set up a booth and is now the announcer!

Said weyrling had a certain blinding blue sitting next to her, wearing what appeared to be a red scarf tied around one of his headknobs. Lookin' fabulous, Orioth.

"Well, Dragon quidditch is starting! I think. The always manlicious weyrw- weyrman C'ross is the referee today folks, and I assure you he is going to try his best to make things bori- safe! So behave, or he'll probably crush your head between his manly muscles!" Irena why are you allowed out in public. "Isn't that right, Orioth?"

Sure is, Irena! Hey, do you think Ledath is watching me announce? Cause I'm wearing a special scarf to-

"Thanks for the input, Orioth! Right now it looks like everyone is still sorting in teams, so if you hurry up you can get a good seat and check out the pretty riders. Or C'ross, I guess."

You know, it's not fair that I can't fly. I would be the best seeker in all the world.

"I think you should be keeper. That way, you blind all the chasers and they can't score any goals!"

Irena we agreed not to discuss my color in public.


Somewhere, Z'ncil is twitching.

Azumi - July 15, 2011 11:28 PM (GMT)



Ophelia's excitement was, essentially, not containable and she literally bounced up and down in anticipation upon Ioth's back. Ioth herself couldn't, for the life of her, understand what in Faranth's name was a 'Harry Potter' and a 'Kidditch,' but she understood the job as a Chaser and from Ophelia's excitement alone was ready rock and roll....or so Her's would say.

Mine, what team are we on again? the green asked quickly. She refused to take her eyes off of C'ross, though, and was already poising herself for a straight up launch once the game started.

Ravenclaw. We're the bronze and blue, they're the red and yellow, Ophelia informed, a smile still plastered on her face and in her mind's voice. HAPPY was an understatement -- this was going to be way more fun than flying brooms could ever be.

tuathade - July 15, 2011 11:46 PM (GMT)
This is so exciting! Iassenth trilled. She was going to be a Beater, which sounded fantastic, and she had no idea what a Ravenclaw was but the colors were blue and bronze, which seemed pretty enough! And she'd even found someone to play with her after her rider had been volunteered to be referee against his will. This was going to be an excellent game, the little queen decided.

C'ross, meanwhile, was going to find a way to destroy Irena. Somehow. Someday. It would happen.

And then he saw his dragon fly in and land on the Quidditch pitch with someone who was definitely not him aboard and this was just ridiculous! "Isn't this cheating?" he asked Iassenth aloud. "You being the referee's dragon and all?"

Don't be silly, the black pearl scoffed. I'm not Seeker, so it doesn't matter if I know where Harper is - and if I tell anyone, or try to cheat, then you'll know! The bond goes both ways, after all.

C'ross wasn't convinced, but trying to argue the pearl off the field wasn't going to get him anywhere. Maybe he could steal Nostromoth while R'ley was occupied...

"Riders, take your positions!" the queenrider boomed. "On my count - three!"




He hurled the Quaffle into the air as high as he could. At the apex of the ball's flight, it was caught by a gold flit darting out from nowhere. Quick as a wink, she popped back between, carrying the ball several dragonlengths up and then dropping it before vanishing once again. The Quaffle was in play, and the game was afoot!

Filch - July 15, 2011 11:59 PM (GMT)
(B'lorn and Ezpryth as Ravenclaw keepers, please :D)

Ezpryth was not the most agile creature; she was, however, large. B'lorn was adamant that this was to be used in this game, and, well, being keeper was the best way to do that. The pair were stationed near the goalposts, the large Garnet hovering and looking menacing as possible. Not...that it worked in particular.

Why didn't it work? Because B'lorn looked so happy and seemed just utterly distracted. "Oh! Irena! Hi, Irena! How are you? Oh, and Orioth too! Having fun at the festival?" Mine. The game? "Oh yes, of course. The game." Well, nothing was happening. Hm. He wondered when it would!

(Ahaha fail post)

Azumi - July 16, 2011 12:10 AM (GMT)
"And here...


go!" Ophelia said quietly to herself, matching C'ross's countdown. At the double 'GO,' the woman was suddenly pancaked against Ioth's neck as the green launched herself straight into the air with powerful legs.

However, Ioth was a heavy dragon, with large wings, so as she snapped them open she had to beat hard and as fast as she could to gain altitude and speed and not look like a bumbling weyrling idiot. In the end she managed well enough, as this wasn't her first rodeo --

Mine, where'd the ball go?! Ioth suddenly hissed. That stupid little flit! When she found that thi--

We're chasers, Io! Ophelia reminded, and then suddenly the little Harper was spotted. Or well, the quaffle was spotted. FORWARD, STRAIGHT TOWARDS THE RIGHT OF THE GRYFFINDOR'S GOAL POSTS! It was a scream in the dragon's mind, but that didn't matter and Ioth was off like a shot towards the quaffle, Ophelia already having one arm and hand out to grab it.

Dive and swoop to the left of it!

Ferret - July 16, 2011 01:52 AM (GMT)

As soon as C'ross gave the word, Ceylith took off at top speed. Unfortunately, even that wasn't enough; the little gold firelizard flickered out between long before the Green had a chance to get to her. The Green bugled in delight; the game would have been over far too quickly if she got to Harper so soon!

Easy, Ceyl. Keep your stamina, C'ren warned her warmly. How long did these games usually last anyway? He'd tried to ask offworlders before, but they just kept giggling over 'dragon quidditch'. How utterly bizarre. Come on, let's go up. Maybe we'll have a better view from up there, he suggested, gently urging Ceylith to fly up.

Ceylith snorted, but listened to her rider. I won't get tired that easily, she grumbled, but slowed down anyway. Isn't this exciting, mine? We really should do this more often!

What, chase after balls for no particular reason? Decide to prove to everyone else that we can do something of absolutely no value to the world better than anyone else? Woo hoo, go us, C'ren said in his typically acidic way.

Such a grump! But look at how happy people are! Ohh, look at Ioth! Go Ioth!

Dragonfire - July 17, 2011 10:26 PM (GMT)
This is ridiculous.

It is not! It's going to be fun, and it's so different, and you'll get to show off just how speedy you are. Think, Yissie!

None of that makes it any less ridiculous. Yisith snorted, mantling her wings as she and Rydia awaited the beginning of the game. And what did broomsticks have to do with this again? I don't even understand these offworld people, they've all got wherrydung for brains.

Rydia merely gave the green a placating pat. As soon as she'd heard the offworlders chattering about the sport, she knew she and Yisith would have to be in on it - and where better for the duo to go as chasing after a flit?

Aaaand there they were! The golden flit tossed the ball into play, and Yisith swept into the air off of a spring from the ground - not her favourite way of getting up, but just as soon as she gained some height, she'd be spinning circles around the others on the field, Rydia was confident. Just make sure you don't crush Harper. C'ross would have your hide, she teased.

Pfeh. The flit'll have the good sense to stay still when we go for her, hopefully, Yisith grumbled, not even being in the air soothing her ruffled sensibilities. Can you at least get Tide to pinpoint where she is?

Aye, good luck with that. The blue flit was watching interestedly from a cloud of flits on the sidelines, not about to get anywhere near the action. Besides, that'd be cheating, wouldn't it? Terrible example and all, Yissie. The woman's mental 'wink' was far too cheeky.

Chasers! Get the sharding ball! Aidyth, get after her! Yisith shouted, rather than reply, roaring aloud as she spied Ioth maneuvering after the ball from above. For Faranth's sake!

Rydia punched the green in the shoulder, lightly. Don't worry about what they're doing! We've got a job to do! Look for the flitter, worry about them later. Thus, the two pairs of eyes turned to the task at hand, circling the field, dipping and weaving through the currents. Rydia cast an occasional speculative eye at the form of Ceylith, from time to time - if the other green or her rider spotted the flit, they'd be after it too, no doubt.

AlmightyMoof - July 18, 2011 04:58 PM (GMT)
Nejerith was, at first glance, not at all suited to Quidditch.

Of course you are, his bond mentally chastised as they waited on the "pitch" for the game to begin. You're big and burly, and once we've got the... Quaffle?

Quaffle, yes, Nejerith absently confirmed.

Once we've got the Quaffle, you'll simply trample anyone who attempts to take it from us, P'tre teased. With the game minutes from beginning, he was slouched in his saddle and radiating his usual air of easy confidence, elbows resting the great bronze neck below him. It was just a game, this Quidditch...which meant one could bet that P'tre was going to be incredibly competitive about it, though his posture might suggest otherwise. No one can stand against us! he continued, laughing aloud. They both knew that he was full of it; Nejerith was valuable for his mental contributions, not necessarily physical.

What P'tre had said was somewhat true. If the pair did manage to get hold of the Quaffle, the Beaters would find themselves hard pressed to get it away again. It was gaining possession in the first place that would be a challenge. Nejerith did not have the speed or dexterity of most of the game's smaller participants, but his stamina would certainly be to their advantage if them game ran long. Personally, P'tre was counting on a game of wits over speed.

C'ross took the pitch, and P'tre sat upright, glancing around to the other Gryffindor players to confirm that his team was also at attention. Satisfied, he surveyed the opposite team for the umpteenth time then, smiling, turned his attention back to the referee. Ready, Jerry?

The bronze (who was never fond of the nickname) responded only by sinking into a crouch, a hint of orange spinning into his eyes. The Quaffle was launched, the dragons with it, and Nejerith was immediately in his element. He swept towards the Quaffle, well aware that Ioth and hers would reach it before him, and began relaying instructions the moment the rider had hold of the ball.

Beaters, move to intercept. Aidyth, fall back towards the goals and come up sharply. Bring Ioth up short. The bronze's short words were broadcasted to his team, but carefully shielded from the opposite players. No official Wingleaders had been distinguished for either side, but P'tre wasn't about to argue with his dragon--nor did he particularly want to. Nejerith never went into anything without a plan, one that was being relayed back to his rider even as the bronze dipped low over the pitch to pursue Ioth himself.

Ferret - July 18, 2011 11:03 PM (GMT)
While Rydia was keeping an eye on Ceylith, C'ren was keeping an eye on the other Seeker. Hmm... someone wanted to play, did they? For the first time, he smiled. It had very little to do with actual mirth and everything to do with doing his hardest to make someone else's life harder. Sure, it meant stopping the constant search for the firelizard, but maybe he ought to teach Yisith and Rydia a lesson first.

In this case, it was never trust the other Seeker. They would always lie.

With a delighted bugle, Ceylith blinked between and back out of it, emerging on the opposite side of the field. And she did it again and again, apparently blinking in and out at random, attempting to confuse the other Seeker.

A possible bonus was distracting other players.

A possible negative was accidentally crashing into another dragon. Ceylith was simply not built for collisions. With that in mind, C'ren was careful to direct Ceylith away from the rapidly crowding areas around Ioth.

Hi, Yisith! the Green greeted the other dragon with all signs of delight. Isn't this lovely?

Ceylith, dear, stop fraternizing with the other team.

But people keep saying that you play for the other team! Isn't talking ok? Well, now Ceylith was completely confused.

...just look for the sharding firelizard, Ceyl.

Azumi - July 18, 2011 11:32 PM (GMT)
Ioth dove and swooped to the left of the Quaffle, just as Hers had directed, and just like that the ball was grabbed and immediately snugged up under Ophelia's arm and against her rib cage. The Gryffindor goal posts were now their only targets, and they were coming up fast as the funnily proportioned Green sped her way forwards.

The pair couldn't hear Nejerith's tactics, or Yisith's previous yells to Gryffindor's players. All They knew was that suddenly the huge bronze was coming up from behind them and Aidyth seemed to be flittin' near the posts. Doing something. Who knew. Her glitter butt was annoying to Ioth.

Ioth, head towards the middle goal post, Ophelia whispered mentally, though it's not like she needed to. ...ANYWAYS.

And if Miss Sparkle Britches gets there? I can't pull up or dive that fast to avoid collision, mine!

Closer they flew. Almost there. Almost there towards the center hoop.

Trust me. Keep your mind open for an image. On three.




Ioth could feel the air from Aydith's wing beats.


Ioth could count the sparkles on the other dragon's hide, but then there was suddenly only black.

The pair blinked Between, only to show up behind the posts and swooping speedily back around to attempt to get to the left goal hoop. As they did so, Ioth let out a triumphant bellow:

I SHIT ON YOUR PLANS, NEJERITH! Everyone knew the bronze would be calling all tactics....

(( x_x;; let me know if this is too controlling of the situation. Fine line... ))

Lesa - July 19, 2011 03:35 PM (GMT)
...except Xafileth swatted at the Quaffle with an impatient tail, whipping the red ball back down the pitch. She didn't particularly care who caught it after she did so. Wasn't like she particularly wanted to be here anyway.
Why are we here anyway, Gwynmine? Wouldn't you rather be with Atristeth's? The dragoness tried again to convince her rider to go and sit down. Silly games are for silly people. She wasn't a silly dragon. No reason for her to be doing this.

No, Xafi, it's fun, really it is. Good hit, by the way, Gwynell coached, smacking the pearl in a mix of affectionate praise and exasperation. The pearl huffed, turning to look at her clutchmother.

Good cover, Aidyth, try to keep on Ioth - you're a prime distraction for her, which we can use to aggravate her endlessly, Xafileth suggested. Let Nejerith complain that he was being overruled and not listened to. No reason why they couldn't all offer advice, now was there? His plan hadn't worked, it was time for plan B, or perhaps plan C.

Nejerith, when possible lead an arrowhead attack formation, hold the Quaffle-thing until one of the other chasers flies past you and feint to them, let the other team think that they now have the ball while you try to score. It may well fail, but Xafileth was already planning ahead of that.

((Gryffindor Keeper))

Dragonfire - July 20, 2011 03:20 AM (GMT)
Well, at least the other team members were strategy-minded. Alas, there was no time now to pay attention to the banter and plans (my, but seeker was something of a lonely position) and the commotion down at the Gryffindor goalpoasts - Ceylith was blinking here, there, and everywhere.

After her! Rydia hastily commanded, as the green first winked out, and Yisith threw them between only to find...

No flit? Well, shit.

They're trying to distract us, she reported, irritatedly, as she swung this way and that, keeping one eye trained on the other green as she appeared in different spots, while she scanned the field again for Harper. That's hardly sporting, Ceylith!

Oh, hush, you'd be doing the same thing if you'd thought of it first, Rydia pointed out, with a mental chuckle, poking her in the shoulder again. C'mon, let's give them a run, shall we?

With that, she suddenly flung out her arm, pointing at a spot across the field, near the left mid-field's ground. Yisith was off like a shot, making a speedy dive straight in that direction - only to pull up suddenly once she'd reached it, spinning in a dizzying whirl to reorient herself in a one-eighty. Rydia's whoop of excitement was probably audible across the pitch, as they sped off at a scorching pace only meters above the bowl's earth.

Aero - July 20, 2011 05:10 AM (GMT)
And so, the game had started. Verata knew that she and Aidyth could do this. Aidyth had a plan, and that was to use her very appearance as a distraction. Hopefully, the pearl's idea worked.

The red ball, the Quaffle, had been in the hands of a greenrider. Aidyth knew what to do. She had acknowledged Nejerith's and Yissith's words, trying her best to keep on Ioth. The pearl had been hovering around the goal posts as Ioth neared. Though, the green had done a good job of blinking between and away from Aidyth. Aidyth's eyes whorled oranges and yellows, anticipating the score.

Xafileth batted the Quaffle away, though. Verata sighed. Well, she and Aidyth just had to try harder, right? Apparently going between was just fine, so a "Beater," or whatever it was called, could use that to their advantage....

Well, Aidyth said to Verata, I can give it a shot. Just hoping I don't end up colliding with someone because of it.

The pearl grinned, her eyes quickly turning to cheery blues and greens. This was a fun game!

AlmightyMoof - July 27, 2011 01:25 AM (GMT)
Nejerith was not impressed. Between was, in his less-than-humble opinion, a complete and total cop-out. Darting between made almost every other player on the field irrelevant. This was a game of teams, not a stage for braggart greens. And yes, he was more than a bit irritated that he had not factored the ability into his plans--not that anyone would get him to admit as much. He offered no response to Ioth, but graced Xafileth with A good block as he swept to intercept the free Quaffle. He watched through his bond's eyes as P'tre scooped the ball from the air, then twisted to proceed languidly towards the opposite goal posts.

What did she say? His rider's voice interrupted his musings; Nejerith could hear the grin it carried. P'tre was well aware that the green's triumphant shout carried a message with it for the dragons' ears, just as Nejerith was aware that his bond was only pressing for the information to irritate him.

The excitement has gotten to Ioth, the bronze replied dryly, angling upward slightly to avoid--or avoid trampling--a Beater. She warns us that she has lost control of her bowels. We should not fly beneath her.

It was very difficult to say whether P'tre's laughter was for the bronze's quip or the green's taunt. Nejerith preferred to believe the former.

Xafileth recommends an arrowhead. Back to business, he relayed the tactic to his rider, who shrugged in response. Keep the gap small, P'tre advised. As small as possible, or we won't be able to hide the exchange. The exchange continued briefly, with the entire discussion lasting only a matter of seconds, and soon Nejerith was bellowing his instructions once again.

We'll try Xafileth's technique, he directed to the whole of the team, then singled out his Chasers to relay further instructions. The larger he directed to lead at his right, slightly ahead and above of the bronze; the smaller, the tanzanite, was directed to fall back to his left, and to keep well out of the way. At his direction, the larger, his decoy, would fall back suddenly, as if to accept a pass to the right. At this cue, the tanzanite was to between and reappear directly below the bronze, at which point (depending on the opposing positions), P'tre would either pass or mock a pass to the tanzanite's rider. Bronze and tanzanite would split for opposite goal posts and, if all went well...

Pleased with the impromptu plan, Nejerith rumbled low in his throat, sweeping towards the Ravenclaw goals as the pieces fell into their respective positions.

Ferret - July 29, 2011 06:40 PM (GMT)
We're being very sporting! Ceylith said back to Yisith with a protesting honk. We all are! We're all playing a sport! That was how the word worked, yes? It sounded right anyway. With a worried inkling in her mind, she privately added to C'ren, That is how it works, right? We're playing a sport and therefore we're all sporting? Because Yisith says we're not being sporting at all!

Wh... oh... C'ren suppressed a chuckle and patted Ceylith's neck as far up as he could. It's ok, dear. Yisith is just jealous she didn't think of it first. Don't worry. Yes, we're all being very sporting right now.

Well, some less than others, but they were technically still within the rules. It wasn't like there were rules against such things. Either way, it was time to stop needlessly betweening; it was only wasting energy now that the other Seeker had caught onto the trick. At least now, if C'ren or Ceylith really did spot Harper, hopefully Yisith and Rydia would think that it was just another trick.

Speaking of tricks, the Greenrider refused to fall for Rydia's next ploy.

Fly, fly! We must fly after them! Ceylith said, preparing to speed after the other pair.

No, let them waste energy. If they had really spotted Harper, they would have betweened to her. Let's go up higher to get a better visibility of the field. Ceylith flapped upwards until she had a good look at the field, looking for any bit of golden glimmer among the green.

Mine? the Green asked, her voice laced with worry.


I fear that Ioth is having bowel problems. She said she just... err... eliminated on Nejerith's plans! Should we tell one of the dragonhealers? It can't be good for her to fly in such a condition...

tuathade - August 3, 2011 03:37 AM (GMT)

Well, that was strange. Everyone was rushing around the field so quickly! Harper didn't quite understand the game, but she knew it was a little like hide-and-seek - she was supposed to hide, and the dragons were supposed to come find her! Only they were all chasing after a ball instead...

Well that wouldn't do.

Iassenth bugled and sped straight at Nejerith, on an apparent collision course; she wasn't afraid to play a little game of chicken if it meant possibly causing the bigger bronze to waver. Arrowing into a dive at full speed, the pearl hardly noticed as she shot straight past Harper, who'd just popped out of hiding with a startled awk! The little gold flit took this as her cue to get out of the way and find a new hiding spot.

And - there! A glint of gold, circling the Ravenclaw goalposts, perilously close to the ground. It'd take a little fancy flying to get close enough to her, and of course they'd have to avoid the Chasers and Beaters as well...

Dragonfire - August 5, 2011 05:23 AM (GMT)
Oh, Harper, Rydia and Yisith would gladly come play with you - if only they could see you!

As it was, though, Yisith was still streaking along the midfield section, just above the ground. She wasn't even really bothering to look for the firelizard - her eyes were on the game above, the battle for the ball-thing. Oh, come on, Nejerith, surely you can plow straight through them with all that bulk of yours! she muttered, antsy-like.

And then blinked, and quirked her head. Did you see that?

What? Rydia's head had been turned the other way, scanning the Gryffindor side of the field - since Yisith was paying attention to one section, she might as well take the other, right?

Gold. Down near the other team's post-things, almost bottom. She rose up slightly on an air current, angling her wings just so, and then banked, swooping down to gain a bit more speed as she headed towards the posts. Take us between, Rydia-mine! She'll be right in our clutches!

Rydia's fingers gripped, instinctively clutching at Yisith's neck ridge, but forced down the even more excited expression that would've jumped to her face. No! No, they didn't chase after us when we dove before. Just keep flying like you have been. Don't let on that we see her. Make like you're just going to circle 'round the post - and keep scanning the field!

Those idiots above are going to make this difficult - they'd best not drop that thing down here, or we'll never get to her. Yisith cast another speculative glance upwards at the other players, keeping on with her swift flight. Nejerith, if yours drops that on my head, I'm going to kill you, see if I don't.

Rydia ground her teeth, a little, and forced herself to look everywhere but where Harper actually was, in the meantime.

AlmightyMoof - August 9, 2011 02:06 PM (GMT)
Had Nejerith a bit more compassion, or perhaps if he was a touch less competitive, the bulky bronze may have come up short or popped between to avoid the potential collision. As it was, he possessed neither of these qualities, and so proceeded doggedly forward, charging down the smaller pearl. Iassenth's intervention did serve to force the implementation of his plans; Nejerith wasn't about to risk the Quaffle being knocked away by a collision, even if they were a bit farther from the goals than he would have liked.

The plan went off well, with a few minor alterations. At his command, his leading decoy turned upward and fell back suddenly, dropping back a half-length behind Nejerith and stalling to accept a pass. Nejerith twisted to his side as his rider feigned a throw towards the decoy; the angle would, hopefully, serve two uses by impeding the view of some of the other players and making it easier for P'tre to hand off the Quaffle to the true intended target. The decoy made a quick turn for the right goalpost, and, on cue, the tanzanite appeared directly beneath the bronze, far too close for comfort--which seemed to surprise both rider and dragon, not to mention P'tre and his bronze.

He tossed the Quaffle down to the tanzanite's rider, and was more than a bit relieved when the tanzanite took a page out of Ioth's book and darted between. Iassenth was large enough that she may be able to tolerate a collision with the bronze, but it wouldn't take much for either dragon to knock the little tanzanite out of the air. P'tre had just enough time to note the tanzanite's reappearance near the left goal post before the sky was full of Iassenth, feet away and closing quickly.

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