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giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:28 AM (GMT)
OOC Behavior
  1. Above all else, BE CLASSY. That... sort of sums up everything, really.
  2. No OOC drama. You leave that crap at the door.
  3. If you should have a serious, legitimate concern, take it to PMs with a MOD or an ADMIN. That is what we are here for! If you seriously feel riled up about it, there is a little X in the upper corner of your browser. Click it. Go for a walk until you feel better. And for goodness' sake, don't sit around passive-aggressing in the Cbox. We are not in second grade anymore, children.
  4. If the admins tell you to do something, you do it. That includes anything from "please revise your character submission" to "this topic of conversation ends now."
  5. Be courteous! Yes, we enjoy the occasional off-color joke. But this is a PG-13 site. Be nice to one another. If someone is feeling uncomfortable and asks you to change the subject, knock it off.
  6. This RP is not SRS BSNSS.
  7. If you piss us off enough that we feel the need to ban you, we will edit all your posts and replace them with wolfspeak. GLISTENING SAPPHIRE ORBS 'PON TH' EBON TERRA, SEE IF I DON'T.

giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:29 AM (GMT)
IC Behavior
  1. No godmodding, no powerplaying, no theft.
  2. Sues will be fed alive to Pink Helldragonth, Dread Guardian of Between.
  3. IC actions have IC consequences. If you break a rule IC, the Weyrleaders may come along and slap you down. LIKE A BOSS. We are not discouraging you from breaking IC rules (failplot is hilarious and awesome!) but you will get punished for it if you get caught, so be prepared for that. Please no bawwww over consequences.
  4. The IC/OOC thing goes for players too. If you have a beef with someone out of character, please don't have all your characters suddenly and arbitrarily hate their characters. Play nice.
  5. We don't really have a strict activity requirement or a post length you must adhere to. However, please do try to put in thought and effort. Detailed profiles are more likely to get you the dragon you want. Detailed posts (to an extent; quality > quantity) are more likely to catch your fellow players' interest. And proofreading is just common courtesy.
  6. Our policy on adult content: Gift and Tua are both adults, legally and mentally. Which means we are mature enough to handle adult content, but also to understand that ~SMUT AND GORE~ do not make you a better RPer. If you are including adult content in a thread, tag it. Warn your fellow players so that they can avoid it if they so choose. This goes for sex, violence, potentially triggering situations (and if you don't know what 'triggering' means, for god's sake ASK US. or Google it) and frankly, anything you wouldn't see in a PG-13 movie. If it goes above weak R, fade to black. Threads that violate this rule will be locked and/or deleted without warning. Violate it more than once, you're banned. Zero tolerance.

giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:30 AM (GMT)
Flights & Hatchings
  1. Queenchasing is a bannable offense at Peregrine. If you throw a fit because you did not get the shiny you wanted, you get ONE WARNING. Throwing fits isn't acceptable behavior in anyone.
  2. Impressions will be determined by dragon/rider compatibility first, overall activity/quality of RP second, and gender/sexuality last. We want everyone to get a dragon that they will enjoy playing, and we don't consider greens/blues/any color to be a 'punishment' for not being 'good enough' or 'active enough'. If you make a profile and never post, however, your chances of getting a dragon are lowered.
  3. Flights for greens and tanzanites do not require admin approval. If your fighter is an adult and hasn't Risen in a while, go ahead and hold that Flight however you see fit! Just don't spam the boards with it.
  4. Flights for golds, pearls, and garnets DO require admin approval. Owners of the clutcher will be permitted to choose who wins their flight - though if they want to consult with us, or leave it up to random chance, they are welcome to do so! But please don't go starting up goldflights without warning.
  5. Players of PC queens will be allowed (and encouraged!) to assist in the theme decision and clutchwriting for their dragon's progeny. But it will be up to the admins to decide to whom those dragonets go.
  6. This should go without saying, but... Know when to fade to black. No one wants to see that.
  7. If you wanna hold a firelizard flight (or just breed two 'lizards), just let us know! We'll tell you if it's okay at that time, and if not, we'll tell you when a good time would be.
  8. If the mother of a firelizard clutch is a green, we'll flip a coin and see if her clutch is recovered or not. If she's a gold, you keep the clutch. It's up to the parents to decide what to do with the eggs: you can give them to friends, give them out as prizes in a game, or give them to us to distribute. No matter what, you can only keep one egg from a clutch your firelizard produced, whether he sired or she laid it.
  9. No matter what you decide to do with your firelizard eggs, we'll decide the number of eggs (randomized; 1-5 for greens and 3-8 for queens) and number of each colour per clutch. You have a 1 in 4 chance of a gold egg in bronze-sired queen clutches.

giftwrapped - May 8, 2011 05:30 AM (GMT)
Other Stuff

See the Character Submission forum guidelines for some helpful hints, tips, and reminders on character creation!

Got a question? Concern? Not sure if your idea would be breaking one of the rules? PM an admin, or ask in the Cbox! Really, we don't bite. We LIKE it when people ask questions!

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