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Title: Peregrine Weyr Timeline

giftwrapped - May 10, 2011 04:59 PM (GMT)
13 years ago -
    A fourth Dawn Sister appears in the sky. Starsmiths at Landing are the first to notice it. Shortly after the fourth light appears, a freak Threadfall terrorizes the southern Weyrs. The next day, a small craft descends from the new Dawn Sister - the new star is the Intrepid, an exploration vehicle, sent to inspect the long-forgotten colony on P.E.R.N.
12 years ago -
    After a year of research, most of the team from the Intrepid depart, leaving behind only a skeleton research crew consisting of a small biogenetics team and a few crew members who wish to stay. These are quartered at Fort Weyr. The genetics team is allowed access to dragon clutches for 'research' purposes. They inform the dragonriders that in a few years another ship will be sent.
11 years ago -
    The biogenetics team's first viable dragon experiment - a pearl - hatches. She Impresses to a very startled Gold Candidate.

    The Peregrine is launched.
10 years ago -
    The biogenetics team's second viable dragon experiment - a bismuth - hatches and Impresses to a member of the research team.
9 years ago -
    The Pearl Rises and is caught by a Bronze. Arrival of the tanzanite and garnet mutations.
6 years ago -
    With the number of mutated colours rising with every clutch, talk begins about founding a new Weyr, where the researchers can work in peace without disturbing the rhythms and habits of Fort.
5 years ago -
    The Peregrine, what is functionally a small-scale colony ship, arrives to begin a ten-year research project on Pern. The Weyrs decide to follow through with the development of a new Weyr and a site is chosen in the mountains a two days' flight from Fort. The Peregrine is mostly gutted, and nearly all of the technology is taken to the new site. In a matter of months, Peregrine Weyr is formed.

    The riders of engineered colours, as well as a volunteer group of riders of "natural" colours are relocated to Peregrine Weyr. Goldrider R'ley becomes Weyrwoman, and her weyrmate, offworlder Sh'ard of silver Normandith, assumes honorary Weyrleader duties.
4 years ago -
    Peregrine Weyr's first clutch - mothered by a pearl, not Nostromoth - hatches. Several dragons Impress Peregrine crewmen.
3 years ago -
    Gold Nostromoth flies and is caught by bronze Zendrialth. Sh'ard refuses to step down as Weyrleader, and K'ren takes up the role of Weyrsecond.
2 years ago -
    Pearl Iassenth rises in her maiden Flight and is caught by Bronze Zendrialth, making K'ren Peregrine's official Weyrsecond. (Insta-weyrlings are from this point.)
1 year ago -
    Gold Nostromoth Rises and been caught by Silver Normandith, officializing R'ley and Sh'ard's positions as Weyleaders.
9 months ago -
    Nostromoth's clutch hatched - sixteen healthy dragonets found Theirs! Salvador's creation, an unImpressed dragon-wher hybrid without a name (though he goes by Alex these days), appears in the Weyr, and is given license to wander the Weyr.
Now -
    First hybrid clutch hatches.

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