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Welcome to Paradox of Dreams! We are a no app Inception inspired roleplay set in New York. We're always open for new members. If you have any questions feel free to drop a message in the cbox or post in the guest friendly welcome center and support board. We look forward to having you with us.

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 all around these golden beacons, tag: chloe/stella :3
Posted: Feb 5 2011, 02:36 AM

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Group: Point Man Government
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black and gold,
I look up into the night sky And see a thousand eyes staring back And all around these golden beacons I see nothing but black

Jake lingered around the area, looking conspicuously at the corner he had been eyeing for the past fifteen minutes. He uncharacteristically fidgeted, wanting to lean his back on the brick wall behind him, but resisting since he knew it would only leave little bits of rubble on his fine black coat. Then he would walk around the city, oblivious to the orange and white specks littered on his back. (No, he was not being self-concious. It just may or may not have happened once before.) There was a woman there being casually handed some money. Hm, was it really that easy? It seemed like quite a cold time of the year to do that kind of thing, but maybe people needed the warmth it gave? He'd been observing the going ons of that corner for a while and kept an eye on the interaction between the seller and the buyer, wanting to see how it was normally done. From what he'd seen, he deduced that all he had to do was curtly speak his intentions, pass over a wad of bills and bam! You got what you came for. Was it really that simple, or was he just over thinking things again? It seemed like an easy and fast process, and he had more than enough money to spare. Rubbing his five o'clock shadow slightly, he cast one last glance at the corner and started walking towards it. The person standing there gave him a look. He didn't know whether to continue approaching or to walk away briskly. 'Don't be an idiot, Murray,' he thought to himself, 'People do this all the time. It's a New York thing.'

Once he finally reached it, he stood there for a moment watching the person run their hand through their hair. Running his hand over the fifty dollar bill in his pocket, he gulped and opened his mouth.

"One hotdog, please."

The vender gave him another look that said, 'It took you this long to ask for a hotdog?' Thankfully, he didn't say anything and simple proceeded to get his hotdog for him. "What do you want on it?" the vender asked, a plain bun in hand. Jake thought about it for two seconds before repeating what the people he'd observed usually ordered. "Ketchup, mustard and relish," he answered. The man raised an eyebrow at his formal tone and gave him another look before continuing with what he was doing. Hey man, I'm not the one wearing an 'I love NY' t-shirt under there... When the man placed the hotdog in his hand, he stared at the large monstrosity with sauces almost leaking off it before handing the bill to the vendor and walking away.

"Hey, this is fifty bucks!" the man yelled from behind him. Jake turned slightly before distractedly saying, "Yeah, keep the change." He was still coming to term with the size of this hotdog. Shamefully, he realised that in the three years he'd been in New York, he'd never once eaten a good ole New York hotdog, which wasn't all that shocking since one of them could probably cause a heart attack on it's own. He'd gotten out of Control earlier with an empty stomach after a hard day's work and was mentally going through his food options when he smelt the aroma of fat, oily sausages wafting in the sharp, cold air. He would usually just eat Chinese take out or eat something from home, but personally, he was sick of Chinese food and his fridge and larder in the apartment was empty and what food items were in there were probably expired. At the moment, a hotdog sounded pretty darn appealing. Except for the fact that he had no idea how to ask for one. It was a pretty stupid thing now that he thought about it, but honestly, do you just approach the vendor and demand a hotdog, or do you make small talk before ordering? For all he knew, ordering at a Chinese restaurant and ordering at a street vendor were two completely different things. (Yes, he did realise that he was over thinking this matter just a tad.)

Before he knew it, he'd arrived at Central Park with no recollection of how he got there. Damn it, he should stop being in the clouds so much. If he was at war right now, he probably would've been shot two steps away from the vendor. And all because he wasn't paying attention. He cursed under his breath and made sure to stay more vigilant in the future. Living under such normal conditions made him lax and inattentive, and when involved in the dream-sharing business, those were never good traits to have. His eyes searched for a bench in the immediate vicinity. Well, while he was still in Central Park, he might as well eat here. A good breath of fresh air might just do him some good. Despite it being a weekend, the sun was already making it's way steadily down the horizon, ridding New York of what little warmth it gave. Not that many people were around anymore so he quickly snagged a bench while it was still available. And then he stared at the hotdog for what he felt was the millionth time.

While he was busy turning the bun around, trying to to figure out how to fit the thing in his mouth, another person plopped right onto the seat next to him, shocking him right out of his thoughts and almost making him drop the hotdog all over the ground.

this post is 889 words long. i'd like to say sorry it's so crappy >.< Hopefully, it'll get better soon and that my character's wearing a black coat over a smexy suit and a dark maroon scarf ;D credit for this lovely thing goes to moi for the banner and template @ Beautiful Disaster at ATF. lyrics; black and gold by sam sparro.
Posted: Feb 5 2011, 08:54 AM

control chemist
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Group: Chemist (Moderator)
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ʽ ʽ these golden b e a c o n s
chloe kaylin miller

tag: autumn | words: 576 | dressed like this | notes: jake is adorable <3

Oh Rhett! She silently cried. I’d love you like you deserve to be loved!

Chloe sat on her fluffy faded purple love seat, surrounded by matching faded purple and white pillows. She curled herself up to the pillows as the exit song played, feeling the remorse Vivien Leigh portrayed so excellently in the film Gone With The Wind. She was so talented. And so pretty! Chloe wished she had half the talent Vivien had...

She sighed when the music ended, and the television screened went to the main menu page. She hated the feeling of the end of a movie, especially one that leaves her feeling like she felt currently. Chloe reluctantly turned off the television, sighing to herself again. If only people like Rhett Butler actually existed.

Not that she was bitter about being single or anything. Single Awareness Day coming up... does she pity herself enough to get a life-sized cardboard cutout of Rhett Butler for February 14? Meh. She'll think about it.

Oh God I am so sad.

Chloe sat on her love seat, staring out into space for a while. It was one of those blank stares that happen when your brain kinda needs a break from thinking all the time. When Chloe caught herself, she shook her head to snap out of it, sighed, and decided it was time to get up. She noticed she was hungry, and decided to check out her fridge.

Oh God there’s nothing for me to eat!”

Peering into her fridge, Chloe let out a frustrated grumble as she discovered she owned practically no food. There was a can of diet Coke, a couple bottles of beer, some cheese, and a grapefruit. And.. is that? Ugh, Chloe pulled out a slide of mold-infested bread. Yuck. She quickly threw it in the direction of the trash can. It hit the rim and fell to the side. Great.

After she cleaned the breadcrumbs out, Chloe decided she was not in the mood to cook. She instead grabbed a coat, a scarf, her phone, wallet and keys and left her studio apartment. She got a great deal with this one—it was very cheap (compared to housing prices now, oh man), and it was in such a good spot. A block from Central Park, and a ten-minute walk from the public library. It took some time to subway to the Control center, but it isn’t a great idea to live near there, anyway. Plus she didn’t have her job as the Control Chemist back when she got this apartment.

She wondered around, passing little cafés and delis. She wasn’t particularly interested in a Panini… though she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted. Soon enough, she was at Central Park. Some parts of it were still covered in New York-dirty snow. There were some people there, just enjoying a day out. A couple of dogs chasing after Frisbees in the cold. And… was that Jake?

She recognized the hair, the expensive-looking coat and suit. And the stiff posture. Jake… Chloe chuckled to herself. Always uptight about something. Chloe wondered what it was this time.

As she approached him Chloe noticed a hot dog in his hands. What? No way. Jake? Eating something that doesn’t cost less than fifty bucks?

”You know that’ll just give you a heart attack, right?” Chloe teased as she sat down next to Jake.

CODED BY lumos OF Caution.

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