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 Near, Hope this came out ok...
Posted: Jan 30 2008, 04:43 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 11
Joined: 26-January 08

Name: Goes by Near, and sometimes N. Almost no one knows his real name.

Age: 19

Gender: A guy…

Species: Human

Side: Good/Neutral

Appearance and Picture: user posted image

Near has short, messy white hair, and dark eyes. His skin is pale, and he wears almost all white. A white, buttoned, long sleeved collar shirt, and white pants. He is always seen wearing socks, and is rarely seen without them, or in shoes, for that matter. Near is very short for his age, being only about 5 feet tall. He’s also very light, and skinny, being around 88 pounds. His appearance, being so pale, and having white hair, gives off the impression of being albino, yet he doesn’t disclose this information.

Weapon and Fighting Style: Generally, Near is found weaponless. He prefers to stay in hiding, directing people to do the work he wants them to do via a headset, cell phone, etc. Even so, when he does come out (which is becoming more and more frequent with the problems arising), his weapons are any of his toys, which he can summon at will. He can power up his toys, each with their own effect. Mostly, his water guns can send painful blasts at you, enough to give a bad bruise and even break skin, or his darts, which can be charged with energy to cause stronger damage to Nobodies and Heartless. He has several different toys, each with different effects.

Near is a strategist, and doesn’t make a move without thinking of possible outcomes. He’s cautious and wary, but can give bursts of speed when needed. Even so, he can’t keep it up for that long, having not been active once in his life.

Personality: Near is generally shows little emotion. He has a brilliant mind, and can piece things together easily most times. He’s blunt and to the point, but a bit sadistic at times, taunting his opponents, especially when he is speaking to them indirectly. Otherwise, he’s calm and pretty laid back. He has odd habits, such as playing with toys while talking, and sitting in an odd position. He tends to play with a lock of his hair when he speaks and thinks.

He’s very secretive and rarely shows his face to people, unless he feels the need to in succeeding. He’s deeply against any bad guys, and will take extreme measures that are just barely legal in order to catch the wrongdoer. Sometimes, he’ll find ways to hide his face when out in public. When it comes to people who side with the wrongdoer, he can get somewhat upset, but for the most part, he’ll keep a calm demeanor.

History: Near was brought up in a special orphanage. Kids that were there were brilliant, and were contestants to be the next L, a man who was a famous, unknown detective on their world. Near was best out of all of the kids to be the next L… He even had similar habits to him.

But he had to stay at the orphanage for the time. A mass-murderer known as “Kira” began to kill criminals, but there was still the fact that killing was bad, and he killed suspects, who weren’t indefinitely criminals. L was on the case, and it eventually lead to his death.

Near and the boy who was second to him in the academy, Mello, were chosen to try and stop Kira, and both went their separate ways to defeat the menace.
Near collected several pieces of important information, but was forced to stop his investigation when Heartless destroyed his world. The young genius escaped using a Gummi ship that was designed by his crew, the SPK. As far as he knows, Light, Misa (both of whom, he suspected of being Kira and the second Kira), Mello and his gang were lost when the world was destroyed, but there was a chance that all of them also escaped.

Currently, he made a residence at Radiant Garden, and is somewhat frequently going outside (more so than he did previously) though he normally sends people from Radiant Garden that he’s hired (not that he lets them see his face), or a modified toy, which allows him to communicate with people, the machine having “eyes” and “ears” that connect to Near’s computer.

RP Sample:
Near sat on a small computer chair, twirling a lock of his snowy white hair with his finger. He stared at the computer screen before him, staring at the stream of data that had suddenly appeared about ten minutes prior.

’A possibly connection to the swarm of these... Heartless?’ It was the hundredth time he thought that. He was trying to hack his way into the Radiant Garden computer system he’d heard about, and this came up.

Ringing snapped the young detective from his thoughts, as the cell phone lying on the table rang.

Near carefully picked up the phone and held it to his ear, answering the call. ”Yes?” He asked, voice calm as always. He paused, as he listened to the person on the other end speak. ”Suspicious activity down at the Great Maw…?” He picked up a dart and aimed it at a dartboard hanging on the wall. ”Investigate. Contact me when you get there.” It wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order.

Near hung up the phone and put it back on the table, throwing the dart at the board. This would possibly lead to more information… Be it people who’ve heard of them, or the perpetrators themselves.




Questions: Hmm… The modified toy is just a mean of communication with the outside world. It’s not fragile, and is able to take a few good hits, but is unarmed (and even if it breaks, Near has a several more of them)… Is that ok…?

Posted: Jan 30 2008, 01:15 PM

Administrator Double RAWR

Group: Admin
Posts: 83
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-December 07

Near is 19?! I thought he was 10...

Good job. Approved!

Posted: Jan 30 2008, 06:55 PM



He's 19 after the second time skip, or something... *thinks* Hmm...

Anyway, thanks! ^^ *hugs*
Posted: Jan 30 2008, 06:56 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 11
Joined: 26-January 08

Aw, hell, that was me! Sorry, forgot I wasn't logged on!

Posted: Mar 7 2008, 02:52 AM

Keyblade Master

Group: Admin
Posts: 75
Member No.: 2
Joined: 14-December 07

It's all good biggrin.gif

((Don't do it next time or we shall shoot you))
JK JK JK JK biggrin.gif

Kind Regards,
-Sea-Weed Brain

Currently trying to make a BETTER Signature.
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