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Title: The Castle That Never Was
Description: Not Oblivion -prods Org XIII corpses-

Xiggy - January 13, 2008 02:29 AM (GMT)
(YUS! THis is NOT Castle Oblivion or else there would be dead ORganization Corpses everywhere ( YES I KNOW THEY VANSH INTO SHADOWS. Geeze XD))

Xigbar sat in his high white chair lazily looking over the 11 other chairs- all lower than his. He laughed, looking up at Xemnas's chair which currently sat a few meters higher then his. "Pff." He scoffed, twirling his ponytail with one gloved finger and rolling his one unhidden eye.

Over and over in his head, he wondered why in the world he was stuck babysitting the castle. "Really makes me wonder what my fat-head superior is doing. Something important? As if! He's probably just out somewhere on a roof with speaking to Kingdom HEarts...." Pause. "Xemnas needs to get a hobby" He dug in his ear with his pinky and flicked whatever came out absently. What bad habits? He had none.

Slowly but steadily, Xigbar felt himself slipping into a boredom-induced sleep.

McGeezer - January 13, 2008 02:54 PM (GMT)
((Hope you don't mind me joining in!))

The Savage Nymph portalled into a blindingly white hallway that belonged to The Castle That Never Was, she had just returned from a terribly boring mission in Wonderland. What made the mission even worse was that she was assigned to work with Xaldin.

"That monkey-man would REALLY get on your nerves!!!" Number XII screamed as she walked down the white hallway. She stood in front of two large marble doors and pushed them open with a great ease, she stormed into the room which contained Thirteen great white chairs all able to rotate and change postition. The Nymph portaled into her designated seat and noticed that Xigbar was sitting in his.

"SO Xiggy .. " The Nymph shouted over to the Free Shooter, "How was babysitting the castle?"

This just brightened up Larxene's day to no end. "pathetic ..." She mumbled to herslef as her marble chair began to swerve and move upwards, signalling a successful mission.

Xiggy - January 13, 2008 07:49 PM (GMT)
(Not at all!)

Xigbar snored loudly and then snapped out of his sleep- successfully managing to roll sideways and out of his chair, plummeting towards the ground. "OH JEEZE" He shouted, suddenly stopping midair and floating upsidedown back up to his chair.

Still levitating, he swiveled to look at the one for his rude awakening.

"...LARXY! What's up? How was your mission? Fun? As IF! You had to work with Xaldin, right?" He made a dramatic gesture with his hands. "I had to do some stuff with him and Axel once.. those two are each others polar opposites. I can barely handle one! Man..." He stopped his rambling and then floated back right-side-up into his chair. Giving a look at Larxene's chair- still lower than his, he noted and smiled in satisfaction (Being Number II does have its upsides, afterall.

"So what brings you back? I think Xemnas is talking to Kingdom Hearts..." He thought absently.

McGeezer - January 13, 2008 09:28 PM (GMT)
As the Nymph was carlessly flicking her hair, she saw Xigbar fall off of his chair, plummeting to the floor which was far beneath him. But, sadly, he managed to portal back to his marble chair.

"Ha Ha Xiggy!" Larxene squeeled out of sheer delight.

The Nymph listened to what the Free Shooter was saying, right up until he started picking at his ears. "Oh Xiggy, that is really sick!" She screamed at him.

"Well, since you asked, Xaldin told me to head back and he'd finish up getting the hearts. Typical, that monkey! Thinking he is better than me just because he's number 2 and his chair is just an inch higher than mine!!!!!!" Larxene shouted, and as she did Lightning sparks flew all across the room.

"It doesn't suprise me that he's talking to Kingdom hearts, he ALWAYS is doing it!" She screamed.

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