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Admin Posted on Feb 12 2011, 02:30 AM
  [CHARACTER TYPES]This is the list of playable character types. The 'creature' type is essentially the catch-all category for those that don't fit into the other types. You can find specific examples of creatures in the Hunter's Journal.There are presently no restrictions on characters types.Re: 'Multi-class' characters: If a character falls under more than one type (for example: a creature who is also a witch or a psychic who is also a hunter), the 'species' type trumps the 'occupation' type when being assigned a member group. A shapeshifter or a psychic is a species, what that character is, while witch or hunter is what that character does. Therefore a shapeshifter-witch will always be listed as a shapeshifter first.[HUNTERS]"Folks like us... there ain't no happy ending... I'm what you've got to look forward to if you survive. But you won't."- Rufus TurnerHunters know what goes bump in the night and they're the ones who have decided to bump back. They live a nomadic lifestyle and travel wherever the hunt takes them. Hunters are dangerous people proficient with most types of common firearms, as well as in the use of bladed weapons and general hand-to-hand combat, and are excellent trackers. Hunters frequently end up on the wrong side of the law and never visit the same town twice due to their tendency of leaving a mess behind them. Most got into the life because of a personal tragedy. The lifestyle isn't easy or glamorous. The mortality rate is high, the pay is nonexistent, the work is gruesome and it's nearly impossible to form any meaningful relationships. Most hunters, if they don't die young, end up cold, hard, cynical and bitter.A note on hunters: Very few hunters have been raised in the life. Sam and Dean are exceptions, not the rule. Most hunters are like Bobby, John or Gordon: they got into the life later, after encountering the supernatural in tragic way and being motivated to get revenge or save others.[CIVILIANS]"Give me a minute, I'm still working through 'Demons are real.'" - Andy GallagherCivilians make up the majority of the world: average people who go through life blissfully unaware of the supernatural dangers lurking all around them. While many are able to live their lives in peace, often they fall victim to creatures they never knew existed. Some have a little bit of knowledge of the supernatural usually as a result of an encounter with a hunter. These civilians may try to help people and fight the supernatural, but they don't have the skill, knowledge, experience or contacts of a hunter.[PSYCHICS]"Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubenstein thing." - Dean WinchesterPsychics - real psychics, not the 1-800 frauds - are humans with the ability to use their minds in extraordinary ways. Common psychic powers include telepathy (the transfer of thoughts, feelings, images, etc. from one mind to another without use of the 'classical' senses), clairvoyance (including precognition and retrocognition; gaining information from an external physical source, rather than being transferred from the mind of one individual to another) and mediumship (the ability to communicate with spirits). A note on psychics: Powers will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but we would prefer if characters are more along the lines of Missouri or Pamela, power-wise, instead of some of the more X-Men-like powers of Azazel's Psychic Children. We are not accepting any original Psychic Children characters.[WITCHES]"I hate witches. They're always spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It's creepy, you know, it's down right unsanitary." - Dean WinchesterWitches are women or men with the power to effect change by magical means. They use tomes, Grimoires, incantations, hex bags, tarot cards, sacrifices and other methods to cast spells. Spells for personal gain or those that harm others fall under the category of 'black magic'. Practitioners of black magic often get their powers from demons in exchange for their souls. Those who do not practice black magic tend not to have dealings with demons. Though some hunters cast spells or perform rituals in the course of their work, they are not witches. Witches are more powerful, knowledgeable and skilled than any hunter when it comes to magic.[ANGELS]"In Heaven I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a lion." - ZachariahAngels are divine beings created by God, collectively referred to as The Host of Heaven. Much of their society appears to operate like a military organization, broken down into units called garrisons. Their angelic power exists in the form of "grace", the absence of which renders them mortal. Grace is somehow connected to an angel's true form and the removal of it is very painful. An angel's true form varies depending on the type of angel. Some humans can perceive this true nature, but to most it is overwhelming, painful, and sometimes fatal to behold. An angel's true voice is often heard as an ear piercing, high pitched sound which can shatter glass, and an angel's form is often seen as a brilliant light that can blind or even kill mortals. For these reasons, angels most often communicate with humans through dreams or a vessel. Angels occupy a human vessel, selected according to bloodlines, in order to manifest on Earth. This vessel does not age, or require food, drink or sleep. The person they possess must consent to this, as opposed to demonic possession which is non-consensual. Some an angelic powers are innate, and some can be curtailed or enhanced by the hierarchy of The Host of Heaven. Abilities also vary with the rank of the angel. The following powers are believed to be universal amongst all angels: Superhuman strength Telekinesis Teleportation: Angels can teleport themselves and other beings anywhere in the world as long as the location is not protected with Enochian sigils Healing: As long as they are connected to the power of Heaven, Angels can heal humans. Sedation: Angels can render humans unconscious with two fingers to the forehead. Exorcism: Angels can exorcise lesser demons by touch. Extremely powerful demons are immune to touch, e.g. Alastair. Supernatural perception: Angels can see objects and beings that are invisible to humans, like Reapers and Enochian Sigils. Telepathy Dreamwalking: Angels can enter human dreams in order to communicate with them. They do not need to know where the person is to use this ability. Soulreading: By reaching into a human's chest, an angel can read marks left on the human's soul. This procedure is very painful for the human, but leaves little physical damage. Voice mimicry Knowledge of all prophets: Every prophet's name is "seared" into an angel's brain Time travel: Angels can go backward and forward in time, though this is extremely draining.Archangels are even more powerful, almost to the point of omnipotence. However, both regular angels and archangels have weaknesses: Enochian sigils can be used to hide from their sight. They may be 'banished' with a special angel banishing sigil drawn in blood. They can be trapped in a ring of fire lit from Holy Oil. Finally, they can be slain with an Angel Killing Sword or by coming into contact with Holy Fire.A note on Angels: Players may not create original Archangels. Also, a 'fallen' angel does not refer to an 'evil' angel. 'Fallen' angels are specifically those who have lost their grace and become mortal, like Anna. Uriel, though 'evil' and a supporter of Lucifer, was not a fallen angel. The existence of angels is not a widely known fact among hunters.We do not currently allow the creation of Nephilim. [DEMONS]"We've got a demon that's evolved with the times and found a way to ratchet up the body count?" - Dean WinchesterDemons are what's left of a human soul that has been tortured and twisted in Hell. After centuries in The Pit every last shred of human decency has been stripped and burned away. On Earth, they take the form of a cloud of black smoke until they can find a human host to possess - usually someone with some sort of weakness, like an addiction or some emotional distress. While possessing a body they are stronger, faster and more durable than a normal human. The body will incur physical damage, but will remain unaffected until the demon leaves the body. Demonic powers vary depending on the type of demon, which can be deduced from the colour of their eyes.Black-eyed: Mind control; can influence and control the actions of human beings. Telepathy and telekinesis; can read minds. Can influence an object's movement with their mind. Superhuman strength and enhanced endurance. Can perceive entities that are invisible to human beings, like Reapers. Resistance to extreme temperatures. Can control Hellhounds.Red-eyed: All Black-eyed powers at a stronger level. Can resurrect or heal people, but only if a deal is made. Can destroy objects with telekinesis.Yellow-eyed: All Black- and Red-eyed powers at a stronger level. Pyrokinesis. Can inflict injuries by thought. Can possess Reapers. Immune to Holy Water.White-eyed: All Black- and Red- eyed powers at a stronger level. Can destroy objects or people with a 'fiery white light'. Can overpower Reapers. Immune to Ruby's knife.Demons have several weaknesses: Holy Water and consecrated ground (higher-level demons are immune to these), salt barriers and rock salt rounds, iron, palo santo and Devil's traps. They may be prevented from possessing a person through use of charms or tattoos, and specially constructed hex bags can be used to hide a person from a demon. To defeat a demon, generally one must perform an exorcism ritual that will drive the demon out of the host and send it back to Hell. There are three possible ways of killing a demon, but these are not available to most hunters. The Colt and Ruby's Knife are both capable of killing demons, though use of them kills the host as well. Sam's psychic powers have also been used to kill demons.A note on demons: Demonic mind control requires contact with the target, and is like a strong psychic suggestion. It works best on those with a 'chink in the armour' - those who are enduring some kind of intense stress, extreme emotion, or who are generally mentally weak. Presently players may only make Black-eyed and Red-eyed demons. The creation of Cambions is also not allowed.[CREATURES]"When I told dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45." - Sam WinchesterCreatures are all things inhuman; from vampires to shapeshifters to wendigos and everything in-between. Some were human once, others were born freaks, but all have powers that make them dangerous. Some creatures retain their mental faculties, but others are in a mindless, violent, feral state. Generally, hunters won't think twice about taking a creature down, even if that creature has the best of intentions and goes against their inherently harmful and violent nature.A note on Creatures: Please see the Hunter's Journal for more detailed information on specific creatures. You can create a creature of any type, as long as you provide enough information on their powers, etc. If you want to make a creature that isn't found in the hunter's journal, it must still have some basis in existing folklore. Provide links to sources of information when you submit your application.Again, please note that the creation of Nephilim and Cambion are not allowed at this time.Thanks to SuperWiki for information.

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