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We're as stubborn as mules with our blood on fire
When we ain't at Sunday mass
We'll look any man straight in his eyes and say
Kiss my Irish ass!

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I guess there's 23 hours to waste,
and Lacey would love to spend it with you.
Cops are saying trauma after lots.
The spirit attached itself to Jo, Merideth, Ruby, Ramiel, Rory, Steve.
Take a left on Broadway after already here.
After all planes crash,
and apparently clowns kill.


• • •Nicknames:   None
• • •Age:   20
• • •Birthdate:  March 30th, 1992
• • •Occupation:  Generally anything illegal
• • •Sexuality:  Heterosexual
• • •Hometown:  Chicago, IL
• • •Character Type: Hunter
• • •Play By:  Jeremy Allen White


• • •Talents:
    Much like the rest of the older half of the Connely brood, Sean can hold his own in a fight. He learned to shoot at a young age, and, thanks to a basic understanding of of mechanical engineering, he can operate most anything you put in his hands with at least a little accuracy. He doesn't carry, however, because he finds guns an impersonal and unsatisfactory way of committing violence. He'd much rather go at it with someone or something up close and personal, with his bare fists if he can but also knives or makeshift weapons.

    Sean also learned the rest of the hunting trade, whether he wanted to or not. The tracking, the grave digging, the salting and burning – the whole nine yards. It's not really his calling, but he won't fuck up a perfectly routine hunt.

    What IS his calling is being a fucking genius and using that to his advantage. Though Tara is without a doubt the head of the household, Sean provides a solid support in the form of managing and acquiring funds and keeping everyone under the radar. Mostly he accomplishes the former through less than legal means: gambling, credit card fraud, the odd con when inspiration strikes, and generally just ripping people off. The latter is mostly done through bribes, distraction, and being able to “finesse” just about any lock. While handcuffed.

    He also makes a much better brains of the outfit from the hunting angle too. He likes information, and is good at finding it. Other things too. Need something occult, illegal, or weaponized? He might know a guy.

    Of course, he doesn't provide these services to only his family, but everyone else he charges. A lot.
• • •Special Knowledge:
    What doesn't Sean know that the average person doesn't? He soaks up knowledge like a sponge. The real question isn't what he knows, it's how much you're willing to pay for it.
• • •Powers and Vulnerabilities:
    Unless a smart-mouth and big brain count as superpowers, he is a completely human with no powers and the usual vulnerabilities.

    He also has a weakness for cigarettes that started about the time he turned twelve.
• • •Reputation:
    The Connoly name has more than a little infamy attached to it. Mostly because Patrick is a fucking bastard and everyone hates him. But ask anyone in the area who to go to for illegal shit – both supernatural and normal – and you're likely to get pointed his way.
• • •Personality:  
    Sean really doesn't give a fuck.

    At least, that's the act he puts on. He likes to act like none of it touches him, that he's completely detached from all the shit his life's been. Nor is he into that touchy-feely emotional bullshit. Just slap on a wry smile, toss out a couple one liners, and hope no one feels the need to prod him further. Because if they did, they just might hit the barely covered layer of anger and resentment that, while mostly directed toward his parents, can also be turned on society as a whole.

    Not his siblings, though. They're about the only things that are actually important to him, even if they do sometimes drive him crazy. Sean's been determined all his life not to be like Patrick, and that starts with standing by your family. There really isn't anything he wouldn't do for them, especially Tara – who was more of a mother to him than his actual mother. Of course, that doesn't mean he also doesn't hassle them from time to time too. Family was made to fight.

    Sean is more than a little cheeky, and despite the trouble his mouth has gotten him in, he rarely hesitates to unleash whatever smart ass comment he’s thinking. One rarely has to wonder if Sean is saying what he thinks without editing for content. Moreover, Sean is frequently referred to as argumentative, as he enjoys arguing for the sake of the debate. Whether he really believes in the side he’s champion, or he just wants to irritate the other party, or even if he’s just bored, there is no doubt that if there is an argument to be had, Sean will probably have it.

    Another adjective frequently used to describe Sean is “delinquent.” He doesn’t even bother to deny this one. Maybe it’s the thrill-seeker in him, but Sean loves pushing the boundaries. If there is a rule against it, he’s probably broken it, tested it, or at least is planning to in the near future.

    See, the thing, he's really easily bored. School was pretty much a joke and Sean is pretty much fundamentally lazy. So rather than applying himself to becoming some master of the universe type, he became entrenched with the family business – hunting and crime. Which he's actually really good at. Sean is original and inventive, but has an appreciation for the classics. He is also both a planner and impulsive, and so can pretty much always be relied on when there's trouble to be causing.

• • •Family:
    Patrick Connoly, Father
    Miranda Connoly, Mother (location unknown)
    Tara Connoly, Older Sister
    Caleb Connoly, Younger Brother
    Abigail Connoly, Younger Sister
    Dustin Connoly, Younger Brother
• • •History:  
    Patrick and Miranda didn't want more kids after Tara, and who could blame them. The only thing they were worse at than being married was being parents. But one night after a bender – supposedly celebrating a hunt gone well, but who were they kidding – things got unprotectedly frisky and she got knocked up again. Sean was born in '92, supposedly in the middle of a blizzard, but he's pretty sure Patrick made that up to excuse his absence.

    They lived with their grandmother for a while, which was all right. At least there was a semi-responsible adult around. But when it became obvious that Patrick and Miranda were just going to keep dumping new kids on her every couple years, she kicked them out when Sean was seven. They moved into some dead relative's house, where Tara pretty much had to cover their mother's ass all the time and look out for him and Caleb and Abby.

    That was around the time Patrick got it into his head that his hunting trips should become a family business. Which considering his oldest child was only twelve, was a pretty dick move. Sean didn't quite believe it all at first. Though only seven, he'd learned long ago that their father was basically a lying sack of crap. But apparently, not about this. Once he actually believed that monsters were real, it scared the crap out of him. You try telling a seven year old the boogyman is real. See how that works out for you.

    Patrick wanted them to learn the trade, however, so little Sean sucked it up and did his best. He naively believed that maybe this was just what their family was missing – something to bring them all together. He worked hard, hoping if he was good enough maybe they could all work together and be a proper family for a while.

    That dream didn't last long. When he was nine, he made the mistake of trying to impress Patrick with his progress, only to get ignored in favor of a bottle of booze. It made him realize that no matter what, they were always going to be third place – or lower – in their father's life, and Sean hasn't called him Dad since.

    Two years later, their mom left. It took Sean by surprise, but at the same time it didn't. She'd never really been there for them anyway – it had always been Tara who'd made sure they were fed and that homework was done, not to mention all the normal adult stuff Sean hadn't paid attention to until Miranda left. When his sister had to drop out of school and get work to support them, Sean had to step up and handle some of the responsibilities.

    As he grew into a teenager, he discovered a talent for making money. He started small, ripping off the kids at school or helping them cheat for cash. Eventually he thought bigger and moved from just immoral to illegal. He figured the more he could pitch in, the better. He would have even dropped out of school like Tara did when he hit sixteen, except that she threatened him with bodily harm if he didn't graduate. So he did, two years early. She didn't say he had to waste time taking credits at an idiot pace. He even got some attention from various colleges. He wasn't really interested – hunting was much less boring and they didn't really have the money anyway – but enrolled in community college when they offered him a scholarship. It was just as big of a waste of time as he thought, however, and he dropped out after his first semester. He was a seventeen year old genius, he didn't need a diploma from Idiot Tech to help him do what he wanted to do.

    Which was combining the stockpile of lore he'd been accumulating over the years with the business of selling occult supplies and weapons. He'd been doing it for years for Patrick and Tara anyway, might as well make some money off it. Besides, it would keep him mostly local and in house, freeing up Tara (and Caleb once he was allowed to) to roam further out on cases. He did join them occasionally – if Patrick wasn't going to be there. He's family, so Sean doesn't charge him for other services (like he'd pay if he did) but he refuses to help that asshole on the actual job.

• • •Member Title:  I’ll try being nicer if you’ll try being smarter.
• • •RP Sample:  
    Sean tilted his head down so he could light the cigarette he was loosely holding between his lips, then looked up as a shadow fell across him. He was sitting on the steps outside the house, waiting for Caleb to get back so he could use the phone. He gave the guy standing at the foot of them a cockeyed look, squinting in the sunlight.

    “You lost?”

    Sean gave him a good look over as he rambled something about looking for certain specialty items. He wasn't tweaking enough to be looking for drugs and not a local going by the accent. Hunter then, he was willing to bet. Sean exhaled a lungful of smoke. “You got a list?” He accepted the single folded sheet of paper, flipping it open and scanning it quickly.

    “Yeah, I can do that,” he agreed, folding the list back up. “Come back tomorrow with cash and we'll work something out.”

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