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  1. Where Trouble Is
  2. Feeling A Little Bit Bad
  3. "Mr. Watson, come here."
  4. Dial M For Murder
  5. the Bat Phone
  6. "Gotta Make A Call"
  7. Call Ya Sometime
  8. It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone
  9. I'm here because you broke something
  10. You've reached Wedge Antilles
  11. Lisa's Cell Phone
  12. Whistles the Wind
  13. Dial-A-Hero
  14. I'm Your Huckleberry
  15. Catch Me if you Can
  16. Natalia's Cell
  17. Laena's Cell
  18. Castiel's Cell Phone
  19. The Word of the Lord
  20. Your Frequency Is Pulling Me In
  21. Highway to Hell
  22. Call Mom
  23. Holy Messenger
  24. I Hope You Dance

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