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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
gadgetboy Posted on Oct 29 2006, 02:29 PM
  You know, I was really getting into the ECW brand for a while there.

But, the last two weeks TV have been interminably dull.

I'm bored with only having the same 6-8 wrestlers on TV every week.

The Big Show is becoming an embarassment. More like Big Daddy, or a beached whale.

Where is Sabu?

I don't give a sh*t about Test vs Hardcore Holly, regardless of whether or not Holly had that awesome match with RVD and gutted through that brutal cut on his back.

I like CM Punk and all, but his push is kind of half assed, as his matches aren't being given long enouh to really make an impression, and as a result have been almost identical. That's fine for squashes and say the first couple of weeks, but it's been every week for ages now. Give him that fifteen minute extreme rules match with Mike Knox so he can win that feud and I might give a damn.

The Sandman vs Matt Striker feud would have worked if they'd kept Sandman away from gaining revenge until a PPV match, but that went out the window.

I'm sure there's more, but I really don't care.
gadgetboy Posted on Sep 30 2006, 04:54 PM
  Better than Raw again this week, but still not *that* special.

Jim Ross in ECW? Anything for a cheap pop. Nice to see JR used without him being humiliated, though.

RVD vs Hardcore Holly was really, really dull before the table suplex that lead to the ad break, and Hardcore Holly getting 20-odd stitches. After the break was like a different match though, as both men put in a hell of an effort. RVD getting the clean win should push him on to a new obstacle in what I assume is the slow build to a PPV title shot in December.

Kelly Kelly likes CM Punk? Blah. Still, feuding (and defeating?) the larger Mike Knox would be a step up from squashes and Shannon Moore for Punk.

Nice to see Francine, and Ariel is great at her gimmick, but extreme cat fights? With no pinfall?

The main event was an alright Big Show match with excessive cane swinging that made everything one dimensional, yet mindless fun. Sandman is soooo going to get Matt Striker and beat him to a pulp in the end, though. That should be good.

Here's hoping for Smackdown and that announced six man to save the week.
gadgetboy Posted on Sep 16 2006, 05:19 PM
  I hope ECW never gets taped with Raw again. It gives WWE time to add in sound sweetening, which was particularly obvious in the main event this week.

The Madison Square Garden debut of ECW was pretty good until the main event though.

Paul Heyman's opening segment was good stuff and gave him a 'moment' as ECW debuted in the Garden that he probably deserved. Sleaze is a Heyman speciality, isn't it?

RVD vs Hardcore Holly wasn't up to their match from a couple of weeks ago, but it was reasonable. The post-match shenanigans kept everyone happy, as I realised when they came out one after another that I now associate Mike Knox with ECW as much as Stevie Richards. I laughed when they showed a replay of Sandman's music hitting that didn't actually show anyone doing anything.

CM Punk got to squash Shannon Moore biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif that made my day, and he made Moore look like a midget in the process. Punk seemed to get genuine, non-sweetened crowd reaction for most of his stuff too (though the setup Rock Bottom type thing to the Anaconda Vice had a big overdubbed cheer).

Punk then got backstage shenanigans too. I fear Mike Knox would make him look a midget in turn, but at least I think Punk could still win that one. Also, Kelly Kelly is 19?!?

I'm kinda liking this Kevin Thorne and Ariel gimmick. It is a bad sign that Thorne isn't getting any TV ring time though. Rene Dupree did really well, seeing as how his new role is clearly meant to be the un-extreme ECW wrestler. The bottom rope elbow was funny and I cracked up at Tazz remembering the French Tickler from his Smackdown days. Poor Balls Mahoney can;t get a win for anything though thumbs_down.gif

Matt Striker's little promo was fantastically delivered, and the fact the show was from NYC tied in nicely.

Then there was the main event. I thought I was watching in slow motion, and when they started to go for weapon spots everything looked really horribly contrived. Terrible finish to the show, a million miles away from their non-Extreme Rules match that was actually a million times better.

Still, apart from the main event, this week's gets a thumbs_up.gif

Yeah, I know I haven't done Raw thoughts...
James Posted on Sep 11 2006, 07:55 PM
  The opening tag match was without a doubt the greatest match we have seen in this "New" ECW era. It was indeed like I had gone back in time and was watching episodes of the "Old" ECW on the Bravo channel. I loved the 4 man table spot, insane! This is exactly what it should be all about week in week out. Even the "Smackdown" fans were going nuts for this. Bloody brilliant was this. thumbs_up.gif thumbs_up.gif

Matt Striker and The Sandman going on's i'm not so sure about. Time will tell with this one I guess....

Balls Mahoney vs. Steven Richards was forgettable but Ariel certainly wasn't!!! dribble.gif With Kevin Thorne now not looking too shabby in the ring and Ariel by his side (Or is that in his neck!? heh) these two are so going to get over with the crowd. They are "different" which is what you want right!? They so need to add more titles to this new brand. If they did, Kevon Thorne might have some gold around his waist....Nice to see Stevie win too, can't remember the last time that happened!?

CM Punk rules and I liked how he punked out Shannon Moore. Strange yet amusing segment.

Main Event was alright. Getting a little bit tired of DX TBH now, they need a new member (I'm hearing X-Pac might be returning, wouldnt be a bad move imo if only it's for the short term mind) You see, DX over-coming the odds everyweek it seems is staring to take the piss a little bit....anyway, wasnt it strange seeing them on ECW televison. I did find it exciting when they first came out I must say.

Oh Heyman needs a slap too, starting to bore me a little bit with his rants. sleep.gif

Going in the right direction then, probably the best ECW TV show yet. Thanks to the fantastic opening tag-match. Hopefully because many of the fans would of been aware that DX were going to be on ECW they tuned in to watch this show and caugh that opening match and saw what really being "extreme" is all about it....

Look forward to this weeks. Remember folks, it's on Thursday Nights now!!!!!
gadgetboy Posted on Sep 11 2006, 06:53 PM
  Part 2 of WWE's awesome last week's TV was the UK thursday night debut of ECW.

RVD and Sabu's tag match was even better than the main event of Raw. It was like something ripped out of ECW circa 1998, and with matches like this, even Test and Mike Knox can get over. Crazy spots, raw feel, and proper extreme rules. thumbs_up.gif

I'm liking the progression of Striker vs Sandman, as Sandman finally creaming Striker will get a huge pop.

CM Punk completely punking out Shannon Moore in that segment was awesome. Shannon Moore is *awful* and I hope he doesn't drag Punk down a level. What would make me happy... would be for Shannon to become part of a Punk-led stable ala Raven's groups in ECW and WCW back in the day, where Moore is basically Punk's bitch. Yes.

I don't remember much of Balls Mahoney vs Stevie Richards, except for Ariel giving Joey Styles a lapdance ohmy.gif and TAFKA Mordecai costing Balls the match. I did like Stevie seeeming ecstatic at winning.

Finally... DX came to ECW. That was weird. Then Paul Heyman, who is playing the evil messiah of ECW to perfection, took out the extreme rules stip. I didn't like that. Still, the action they then served up was pretty good, and bodes well for Hell in a Cell. The end was fine though Hardcore Holly still looks like a midcard guy doing runins with that level of talent.

Can't wait for this week.
gadgetboy Posted on Sep 4 2006, 08:49 PM
  thumbs_up.gif This ECW TV malarkey is getting kind of fun, isn't it?

I read that the hot shotting of Hayman vs Sabu was done in WWE's panic that Raw being on a different channel would mean a drop in ECW's rating due to lack of push from the previous night. While that's a ridiculous reason for booking such a match, the end result delivered a lot of heat for future TV.

thumbs_up.gif RVD vs Hardcore Holly was shockingly good. Again, I was surprised to see it happen this soon, but it's not like ECW has a PPV to build to in the short term.

I guess Mike Knox is going to feud with Balls Mahoney next? That's in keeping with the fairly successful ECW originals vs new extremists idea that seems to be doing pretty well.

thumbs_up.gif Speaking of which, how good are The Sandman's pops considering the lack of Enter Sandman? After finishing the Dreamer/Sandman vs Knox/Test feud with a fun six person match last week, Sandman trying to get to Matt Striker while the teacher uses his brainpower should be mindless entertainment.

thumbs_up.gif CM Punk is looking great, and Stevie Richards put in a great effort against him here.

thumbs_up.gif The whole final segment was great. Blatant use of extreme rules resulted in a lot of heel heat for a beatdown that worked better than the similar in style beatdown of DX at Summerslam. The comebacks were better timed though, and Hardcore Holly getting his heat back on RVD made everything make sense. This is now a product with an obvious direction. I like it.

BTW, did you notice that Heyman's security is the Bashams?
gadgetboy Posted on Aug 25 2006, 07:34 PM
  Bloody hell, how all over the place, ECW style and flat out damned cool was that ladder match last week (pre-Summerslam) until the Big Slow-terference?
gadgetboy Posted on Aug 15 2006, 06:13 PM
  Not quite as entertaining as last week with the genuine ECW crowd, and no Extreme Rules matches, but some good stuff this week.

We got to see most of the stuff they edited out of the Tommy Dreamer angle from the end of last week's tag team match, so what was the point in editing it in the bloody first place?

Dreamer vs Knox was alright, but in the old ECW they wouldn't have needed the not extreme rules angle, Heyman's men would have run in regardless of whether the referee was watching or not and Dreamer being denied his win would have got as much heat as the lame Heyman-distracts-the-ref bit.

Funny how it isn't Enter Sandman but his new music is still getting Sandman a pop.

The former Mordecai just might make a success out of this vampire angle purely on the basis that Ariel is pretty damned good (as she was as Shelley in OVW). I don't know why Al Snow bothers any more though.

I liked that CM Punk got to push his second match in the same way as he pushed the first, and hopefully he'll still get a good reaction from a more mixed WWE crowd.

I also liked that Balls Mahoney got another vignette, at least it's a push.

On the other hand, Rene freaking Dupree? Come on...

Sabu talking is damned weird. Unless you're bloodywolf, I guess.

The main event was really good. One of the best matches of the new ECW so far. Nice to see RVD back at the end, and having him attack both men was very Stone Cold-esque in the "going to kick anyone's ass" kind of way, but you'd have thought he'd have gone after Heyman or Big Show really.

Looking forward to the pre-Summerslam episode to see what they do for an ECW match at the PPV.

Unfortunately, after ECW my Sky+ f*cked up so I have to wait until Thursday night to watch Raw.
seraphym Posted on Aug 2 2006, 10:07 AM

thumbs_up.gif Nice tag match with Sandman/Dreamer vs Test/Knox;
thumbs_up.gif CM Punk vs JC was a good little wrestling match;
thumbs_up.gif Angles return although low key,was nice to see him back,lets hope he can keep healthy;
thumbs_up.gif Sabu,he speaks! Hes got to be the next ECW champ?

thumbs_down.gif Big Show vs Batista,oof.The lowest point so far in the Big Shows reign . .

Its definetly getting better to watch.
seraphym Posted on Jul 14 2006, 08:36 AM
  Will still post, I have been recommended somewhere to get hold of ECW uncut and about 3 hours after it airs. So apologies for that post again.
Just a bit fed up of Sky at the mo thats all . .

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