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 Best Served Cold, 6 Wintermarch, 9:36 Dragon — Elissa
Caithe Rahnkin
Posted: Jan 21 2012, 08:29 AM


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Guilt was like an illness.
The first signs had shown while still outside the cave-in itself, those initial wrenches in his chest that told him what he'd done was twisted and sick...but that was hardly the beginning. Her cries and shouts had spiraled outwards from the small slivers of open-way between the slipped slabs, stabbed him as he retreated and bound about the walls in an echo to hammer him into submission. While that hadn't happened and he'd made his way up the pillar he'd dropped down from when entering, it had lessened his will to see the flight to fulfillment. Stupid as he realized it was, something screamed she needed his help...that if he left her there, she'd parish to time and there would be no one to blame but himself.
Had she been anyone else, this would have been fact...but...

One doesn't assume the title of 'Hero of Ferelden' by succumbing to every trial thrown her way.
The sad truth was that it was only that knowledge which had allowed him to dig fingers into the earth and scale way up the incline toward the opening his weight had crafted. She needed his help about as much as he needed hers.

Every step on the surface felt like it had an echo, ones which hastened his steps and put more space between the two of them. He didn't doubt she would eventually find her way out...through some unconventional or unorthodox method—which made his need to get as far away from those ruins as possible his primary and...well, his sole goal, in fact. Hastened paces and labored breaths, he'd nearly launched himself over the lip of the cliff they'd climbed to get to their destination. The small layer of snow which'd fallen in the time elapsed was kicked over the edge, dark eyes dropping down to trail the small flecks of white as they went...
It was a lot further than he remembered, from this position...

He'd barely managed to get halfway down then his actions were registered and an internal groan solidified his thoughts; this was a stupid route to have taken. Not only was he wasting precious time, but he was going back the same way they'd if to doubt the concept that Elissa wouldn't assume he'd go this way regardless. Not that there was much to be done about it now. Fingers—battling frostbite—were already eaten raw by the cold as he worked his way down further, muttering curses under his breath as he knew better than to think she would overlook the very clear footprints labeling his path.
The only hope he held was that she'd make her way out so late that either the weather will have buried his trail under a thickened batch of snow or darkness concealed it with its gifted shadows.

They were bleeding...he could tell.
Warmth coated the tips of his digits, bringing them back to life and making obvious the pain of his split skin before the small distance remaining was covered in a rather haphazard drop. Careful to keep his head from meeting the same fate from his earlier tumble, the added collision to his shoulders and spine were taken with an air of regret... It hadn't been far, but that throb in his temple was reacting as if he'd lept the distance in full. Throb was affecting his vision and for a moment, he considered what the harm would be in closing his tired eyes like he had on the filth-laden floors of those ruins only hours ago...
Thought was sobering.

What should have reminded him of a very small victory was instead shooting her echoing howls back through to his core with the same intensity as when first she'd shrieked them. Needless to say, all concepts of lying back and taking a breather were discarded as his body was propelled to its feet and a few staggered steps began his sprint from that place again. The threat of death—or dismemberment or...flaying(whatever she'd promised)—held no comparison to the fear of seeing that rage and utter hatred in her eyes. His pride has been dispelled some time was that other pesky thing that was always getting in his way; not that his actions showed it. For all the heartless and cold actions and words, Caithe couldn't write off the pain in his chest the same as that in his head.
Didn't mean he wasn't making an effort and trying to, however.

Pace slowed.
He still hadn't made it out of the forest, or even back to where they set out from earlier that morning, but the pounding in his skull was refusing to abate and the first time he'd stumbled and fallen with his face too close to the blade of is ax for comfort had signaled an the end to his retreat...for the time being.

Nestled with his back to a thick and gnarled oak, chest heaving, the tiny lockbox he'd sacrificed her for was frisked from the pocket in his pack where it'd been lodged during his escape. Thumb trailed the tiny insignia and while he'd have normally grinned to have had what he wanted with no one there to stand in his way, that buzz—infernal and consistent—refused to abate...but no matter. It wouldn't change anything that'd happened and if he knew Elissa even half as well as he pretended, she'd loathe him even more if he wasn't relishing in the moment. It was the excuse he was using while the tiny key he'd found weeks earlier was sought from a cluster of others.
And it wasn't hard to find.

Delicate and tapered with gold, the same tiny trout adorned with its carefully colored and barely worn markings, the key was pulled free and admired overlong before finding its proper place and unfastening a long locked mechanism. Each click was as a symphony, the expecting look in his eyes making them glassy when that final one sounded and the lid flipped back. Everything had been building up to that singular, culminating moment...months and months...years or his life, all dedicated to reason why his hands were shaking and mouth had run dry.

And there it was.
Just as precious as the descriptions detailed.

Talisman was scooped from its ancient resting place, raised delicately and held to the falling sun. The amber glow given stole his breath and while he fell into the rather trance-like state quite willingly at first, after his arm had dropped back to his side and the day's turmoil managed to catch up to him, the heaviness of his lids as they fell over his gaze made it a call to slumber he hadn't the power to ignore. Regardless what'd happened and however close Elissa might have managed to draw, resistance was impossible.

He only hoped that this time, he didn't wake up with her leaning over him.
Elissa Cousland
Posted: Feb 2 2012, 10:26 PM

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Though Elissa had not been the shining example of virtues of cleanliness when she had knelt down upon her knees and began her journey through what must have been the slaves quarters’ from when the tomb had been built back in the height of Ancient Tevinter’s reign over Ferelden, by the time she stumbled out from the walls congealed with dirt and slime, aged filth marked every open patch of skin and stitch of her clothing. Her bones ached from the lack of flexibility and space that the closed-in space had afforded to her, the claustrophobic tunnels only made worse from the organic plants that obstructed her way, forcing her to use her splendid, long dagger that she held firmly in her hand to hack vines away. From the corner of her eye, the noble saw rooms in which she could drop down into if she spent enough time battling against the dirt, but the drafts of winter air had given her hope that there lay at a simpler solution at the end of the tunnel, and so she made her way up to higher grounds, hand gripping the lantern and the other carefully placing the dagger to avoid accidentally plunging the volcanic aurum tip into her flesh.

A thick metal structure obstructed her from the outside world and the strength and vigor that was required of her as she pushed against it was more than simply brushing away globs of wet soil. Thick, muddled grunts and swears erupted from her mouth as it took her several tries before the door creaked open from soiled recesses, a sharp blade required to completely exit since more plants had completely obscured the entrance from being seen from those that passed this lowest point of a hill. No grace was found in the way she stumbled out, still on her knees as her head fell to the brown blanket of grass underfoot. She wanted to scream, she wanted to sleep, she wanted to kill, and frankly a part of her wanted to cry at being betrayed and the utter absurdity of the situation.

Her thoughts were so muddled that it took the woman quite some time to bring herself together. Even as she stood upright, the fire set inside the lantern fading into nothing, Elissa had no concept of where to go. She knew that she only had one choice—find Taitone and force the information from him, no matter how much torture would be involved. Well, not that much physical torture… she wasn’t that much of a sadist, but it would need to be effective. Under no delusions anymore that they could be considered friends, she figured that he was probably retracting the steps back to Denerim or any other Ferelden town, and nobody but the Chasind and witches like Flemeth would live south of this crumbling testament of long-lost history.

Wanting to surprise him without a hint of her arrival, she blew out the flickering flames and set the lantern down on the floor for the next stranger to come across, or maybe Taitone. Smirk slowly curving upwards as she imagined the expression in his face at the discovery that she was alive, Elissa withheld a demented bark of laughter as she continued her journey, using the sky as her compass. By no means the ranger, she knew the basics from her travels during the Blight. She would find him, sooner or later, without a question.

Blessed in her luck as sooner came about, as she ran around the cliff rather than descend down upon it in her typical fear stricken torment, Elissa’s movement slowed down significantly when she re-entered the forest. No doubt this silly man saved himself the trouble, considering he was fearless in whatever judgment he made, which is obviously why he stupidly chose to lock her in that pit. Men were the ones that always underestimated her with their most often large egos, enviable superiority complex and small brains. She was glad that she had spared the curse of having a cock.

Footsteps were silent as she trotted about in the darkest, slickest shadows, breathing slowly and surely, eyes adjusting to seeing adeptly in the dark. Being a couple of hours since Taitone had rested his head to rest, that smirk came back upon her face. The moon was a bright sliver in the sky, but that didn’t matter now that she knew that he was unconscious. Sound was the issue, but Elissa was a formidable foe in the sense that she specialized in the arts of not being seen and heard, talents that she most likely outranked him, just as he did in some others.

Coming close enough to grab him, she resisted in order to allow the dagger to slowly rest underneath the hollow of his throat. With one flick upwards, this traitor would be dead. But, she wouldn’t get ahead of herself. Something inside her knew that she would regret such hasty decision making. Maintaining her hold on what was quickly becoming a prized possession, a good luck charm, Elissa leaned forward before her hand quickly moved outward to grasp his upper arm. Nothing held her back from letting all her anger and stress manifest in the grip as she held him, a once pretty face taking on an unattractive sneer. Her patience had run dry and she wanted answers.

“Wake up, my sleeping beauty.” Words that were often attributed to a loving caress were replaced by a hardened, heavily sarcastic tone, only a small clue as to what was about to come onto the man. Mere apologies and even prostration would be futile without answers. She should have forced them out of him in Denerim, but no, she still couldn’t resist the urge of being a good person. Whatever the hell that meant these days, Elissa didn’t know. But she was tired of playing the victim, a sniveling damsel in distress. An important lesson needed to be taught which can be aptly and crassly summarized as: don’t play around with me, git.
Caithe Rahnkin
Posted: Feb 4 2012, 10:37 PM


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This was getting ridiculous.
Tired as he was, sleep was being evasive, dangling at the edge of blurred vision till he couldn't have been sure just how much of it was still the guilt wrenching at his gut and how much was that persistent throb at the base of his neck. Fall really hadn't seemed like much at the time, but the slowly encroaching aches and pains were outlining how hard he'd hit. Come morning, he wouldn't have been surprised if he couldn't wouldn't have been a first. Recognizing this, that he was wracked with a multitude of conflictions which were fending off some much desired rest, and knowing how to alleviate them, were entirely separate things.
It was maddening.

Hands moved to comb restlessly through disheveled ruddy locks, the slick of sweat and blood between fingers turning into something more so accepted as idle than anything to worry over. Whatever he'd planned for that bandage to do, it clearly hadn't been...which he acknowledged when wiping the sanguine residue from his neck and collar. Irritation was swelling in his belly, directed at the searing reality of how unhinged she'd made him... He could have steeled himself in the face of almost any obstacle, but two weeks in her company and he was all but a blubbering baby for leaving her behind. And why? She was just some expendable asset...a pretty face he could live without.
Some stupid girl that didn't matter.

Only this mattered.
Only his goal was important.

Medallion was hoisted into view once again, narrowed eyes picking out the flecks of color upon it and the distinct smear of his own blood against its surface. Every curve was analyzed, recognizing that it matched the structure all other Tevinted artifacts had held... And he couldn't keep from catching himself as he wondered over whether or not it'd been worth it. Had she already managed to find some way out? He wouldn't have doubted it, but the idea of her stuck in there with the warmth being slowly drained from her body had his grip on his prize faltering. Hunting it down had taken years, but not it felt like a dirty and hollow victory.
And it was all her fault.

Whether she was out or not, it didn't matter, he'd be long gone as soon as his strength was regained...far enough away that she'd never find him. There was a reason he kept his goals to himself through their travels. She'd have likely never approved of his desires to place those trinkets on that was her job to keep people from tampering with things like that, right? He didn't understand the workings of a Warden, nor would he claim to, but he knew what he was dealing with and how bringing others into it could only end badly for the both of them. As familiar an argument as it was becoming, he repeated the phrase like a mantra; it was better off this way, with her out of the pictured.

It was better this way.

When exactly he'd managed to doze off seemed as much a mystery as many other aspects of that day, but when he did, the plains of his mind-scape were on a continual reel. The ceiling was turning to cracks to slip and crumble down around a huddled figure, a fog of old dust cloaking red hair before the scene turned to chaos and nothing but clatter and screams were left in a void of darkness. Twitches would branch outward from the tips of his fingers every now and then as it replayed, an unconscious grimace on his face as the noises around him contributed to the display. Footsteps placed darkened figures in the shadows, too decrepit to be any for of living man, swarming a body crushed.
It'd been years since he'd fallen victim to nightmares, but even asleep he knew this wouldn't be the only time he'd have it.

Soft padding continued, growing louder even while all figures behind closed lids stood still...the distinct crunch of iced over snow was unmistakable, but there was no—...!!

Sudden grip at his bicep had eyes shooting open, a jolt of electricity scalding through his veins when the whiteness around his blinded even under darkness. It took a consecutive string of blinks to wipe the slate clean and see somewhat clearly into the pitch beyond, but the looming hover of a pale, freckled, face was not something he could have missed.


Exclamation was coupled with the sudden jerk of his body, backwards to smack into the tree he'd been leaning against for the past few hours. Crack of his head dizzied his gaze, had tiny blotches corrupting and already trembling vision. He hadn't even registered her comment, but the cold and bitter bite of words alone had skin goose-fleshing worse than any winter weather could have. Caithe wasn't entirely shocked to see her, it was that she'd found him so quickly which kept lids wide and mouth hanging agape to guppy with words he stood no chance of forming.

This...had never happened before.
The number of individuals he'd abandoned to their fates was insurmountable, it was true...and through all of those years, not a one had managed to trail him for a confrontation. What was he supposed to say? An apology would have been held as a joke, though it dangled at the tip of his tongue regardless. "I—..." The dull syllable was repeated again and again, sights flitting to the glint of a blade he just knew she'd have loved to jam between his eyes...a fact which had the swallow he'd worked so hard to force down,turned into a gulp. That she hadn't already done so was working to validate his suspicions that whatever she was about to do, wouldn't be over quickly.

His own hands had already found their way into the air, darkened stare cast down to watch her grip as it white knuckled against his flesh and pulled his lips to part in an aggrieved hiss. Maker she had a tight grip! Had he not been certain he'd be speckled with a mosaic of bruises from his little tumble already, he wasn't about to spare her the gratification of knowing she'd be the one adding to them.

Squirming against the hold while it cinched in tighter was pointless, though he continued nevertheless, "I'm not going anywhere, you can let go!" He might not have been in the best position to be making demands, but there was no taking it back now.
Elissa Cousland
Posted: Feb 6 2012, 02:04 AM

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Hold strengthened when confronted with his loud cursing, lips twisting downward in displeasure at the mere sound of his voice ringing through the expanse of the forlorn forest. Her eyes narrowed to slits at his request that she let her go — most likely, to try to run away from her. No, Elissa would not let this man gain the upper hand over her again. He would be at her mercy until she procured the answers from him. The matter was just that simple. No matter how quick-witted Taitone secretly was, or if he had hidden powers of persuasion, they would all prove to be futile. Stubbornness was working to her advantage now.

“I’m not letting you go until you pay for what you’ve done. Give me an explanation behind why you caved me into that room—and, by the Maker, don’t try to be cute or play smart with me.” At first, her words seemed eerily calm and slow, but the pattern of her speech were becoming quicker in nature and anger seeped through her syllables. It was clear that while she thought through what she was going to tell him, that her ranting and bad temper would easily blind her judgment. The power in their relationship was changing, or at the very least, Elissa was fighting to maintain the dominant hand before matters went awry again.

To calm him down and provide some resemblance of a temporary peace offering, the dagger’s blade retreated from the hollow of his throat covered by layers of thick winter clothing. Although the distance between the weapon and possible injury had increased by a considerable amount, this gesture could by no means interpreted as a sign that her mood was improving, as suggested by her deepening frown. Pained that she hadn’t already inflicted some kind of injury upon him as payback, her fingers remained curled around his upper arm as she bent over to place the dirt-covered artifact on the floor. As she rose back to stand up, her hazel eyes bore into his own, before she let out a sigh.

“As you pull your thoughts together, you realize that this is something that I really need you to do for me. You know… payback. Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye. My parents wouldn’t approve but…” Her words trailed off as she paused to roll her head around in a circular motion, her facial expression brightening as she reminisced about her youth and life before the Fifth Blight. “If they knew the full story, I’m sure they wouldn’t blame me at all. Clearly, the information you’re going to provide me—whether you like it or not—will prove to be a sufficient reward.”

Clucking her tongue on the roof of her mouth, the bright, toothy grin on her face in stark contrast to her foul mannerisms mere moments before, she suddenly let out a rancorous laugh. As it slid out to dampen her upper lip, she continued her ongoing dialog that signaled that there would be more to come for Taitone than a professional exchange of sentiment. “But now that I think about it… that would be fun at all. In fact, I think you would be getting off rather easily, wouldn’t you?” The tone of her voice heightened into a shout as her clenched fist moved swiftly forth to meet his face in a concentrated effort to inflict pain and fright upon him. The face that she had once passingly thought was handsome before proved to be nothing but a nuisance and Elissa would only be satisfied once she saw bruises and cuts on them. No doubt he would whine like some kind of pathetic child. And she wouldn’t care one bit about his welfare in the matter.
Caithe Rahnkin
Posted: Feb 8 2012, 06:05 PM


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She wasn't letting go.
In fact, she wasn't letting up at all.

Pain stippled outward to the surface of his features, turned his expression to a full fledged grimace as another attempt at wriggling to a more comfortable position came back as unsuccessful as the first. When he'd heard rumors of her strength and how she could snap an ogre's neck with her bare hands, he'd chalked it up as an exaggeration and placed no value on it from any angle... Under the grip of that talon(he couldn't, in clear conscience, call it a hand anymore), he was beginning to see how such a tale could have been weaved.
Even if he knew it was still exaggerated.

Muscles flexed instinctively against the hold, idly aware of how thankful he was for the multiple layers standing in the way of her nails and what he could only guess would be the carving of his flesh beneath. They could still be felt, however feint, pressing inwards...he almost humored the quarry as to what could have prodded her ire so, but even without the assistance of her demands and the reminder given, he made the connections. He couldn't have brought himself to—nor would he have, if he could—blame her...she deserved whatever tiny bits of revenge she could get out of this, even if it didn't change the fact that it still happened.
But it still hurt.

Eyes narrowed with her warning, a silent recognition made internally that she was beyond thinking him some tactless moron, something he might have been offended by, were it not what he'd been aiming to portray from the beginning. Nothing good ever came from being the clever one, it was always best to keep your tricks a secret...the cards up the sleeve and so forth, once it became common knowledge, everyone started dissecting your words and actions in search of subliminal meanings that may or may not have even existed. He'd gotten this far with such little difficulty by flying under the radar...ditching everyone before they gained the chance to be overly suspicious. It figures she'd be the first to pass beyond that barrier.

Twitch had grow visible in both his arm—still under her hold—and in eyes settled beneath deeply furrowed brows. Nerves were all a'lit, seriousness in her tone enough to drain the air from around him and leave everything grim. Whether she was aiming for eye contact or not, he refused to give it, head turning whichever way seemed more appropriate at the time. He might have been willing to grant her this loose sense of vengeance, however much he was bound not to enjoy it, but he was in no hurry to share his secrets. But she was insisting he give them? Face took to a scrunch, angles deepening as his head tilted to finally grant her his attention, "I'm a scoundrel, that what you want to hear? This is what happens when relics are involved." It was all but hissed, his tone allowing the truth in the rebuttal to seep to the surface of otherwise hollow reasoning. Not all hunters were like this, he already knew that from his time spent with them.
They'd all received the same treatment as her in response.

Fact of the matter was, Elissa could lay out all the verbal lashings she wanted and squeeze his arm till it snapped, he had no reason to spill such important information and just leave it out there for her to do with it as she please... and with the lowering of her dagger, what little incentive there might ave originally been, was gone. Relief passed fromhim in a heavy exhale, registering the lack of an immediate danger and thankful she hadn't so much a given him a little was still no less than he'd have deserved—something it was strange for him to still agree with, given her assault on him already. But Elissa had been a special case from the start... There wasn't anyone else he'd have allowed to willy-nilly include themselves in his plans and while Caithe was left to pick his own brain over the reasons(or lack there of) he stood beside his decisions.
In truth, this was really her own fault for coming.
She knew him as much as he knew her, if not, less...adventuring with strangers is a dirty and dangerous business. People get hurt; she was just unfortunate to bet the one on the receiving end.

That was it?

Confusion blanketed his expression with her monologue...that she wanted answers and nothing more seemed...lax? She almost seemed genuine and for a split second he contemplated the repercussions of telling all...but he knew how these interrogations went. She'd acquire the desired information, then slit his throat as bait for the wolves—HAH! No way would he fall into that trap. Paranoid as it might have seemed to anyone else, it was logic he'd lived by. The wilds weren't for the weak of heart or mind, if you weren't willing to outplay the hands of others, you may as well have already put the dagger in your belly yourself. She was welcome to his maps, though reading them and the scrawls of Tevene up and down the margins would prove impossible unless she had secrets of her own or knew someone learned on the language.

He'd had the last laugh in death as well.
...that seemed a bit morbid.

Silent treatment was given in full, heat of his own anger beginning to darken his glower as he stared up at her...and even when he registered all the signs, even saw the punch coming, the most he'd managed was to recoil enough so that his head wouldn't bounce against the tree again when it hit. And Maker did it hit. Right at his mouth.


Instincts had hands thrown upwards to cup and shield his face, the taste of blood filling his mouth till sickness threatened him and writhing was all the real reaction he could manage. He'd been his a fair deal of time...more than he realized, till right then, but those people had rarely ever aimed for his mouth above all else. Tongue was tentative in inching out, testing the broken skin to see how far upwards the split went... Blood of Andraste! It was nearly to his nose...which was, to his surprise, also bleeding. This was going to be hurting for a long time.

Wiping over the new wound same as he did the old, what had only been a steady stare prior was now an almost seething glare, bitterness biting into his temperament as teeth were bared when he talked, "Feeling better now?"

She'd made up his mind for him.
He might have been bordering on breaking the information to her, as requested, but a stubborn knot in his chest wouldn't allow it...not now. Spitting a crimson glob to the side, the taste becoming enough to make his stomach churn, head shook to finalize his lack of cooperation. “You can forget it. I’m not telling you anything.”
What was the worst she could do? Hit him a couple dozen more times?
...on second thought, being the bigger man and giving her what she wanted was starting to sound less painful.

"Just go back home to your fancy mansion."
Elissa Cousland
Posted: Feb 16 2012, 02:14 AM

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Her response to his mumblings was cool, calm and collected, though she did tilt her face downward to shoot a disparaging look towards him. “If you think what I say now has no bearing on what I’ll do in the future, what does that say about your claims that you won’t tell me anything?” Once all was said, Elissa realized that her comments might be confusing. In her growing delirium fueled by lack of sleep and general tiredness, her head was spinning at the roundabout logic…but she would have to remain sharp. And she also wasn’t about to release him now that she’d caught him like a frightened and throughly guilty rabbit. If only Elissa wasn’t so frustrated, she would find it endearing.

Easing up towards him after the sanguine liquid was expelled from Taitone’s bruised mouth, she rested her hand softly against his limp wrist. A mere hair’s breadth from pressing her upper body against his, Elissa hoped that she was becoming sufficiently creepy to utilize his discomfort for her own benefit. While this may also be considered to be a form of seduction, she highly doubted that Taitone held any kind of affection or even any form of lust-driven emotion for her. If the man held genuine feeling, he wouldn’t have locked her into the room with the intention of getting rid of her permanently. Lust was another matter, but considering all the time they had spent alone together and he had not even made a move… the possibility seemed wholly unlikely there as well.

“Yes, I do feel better, but admittedly the ecstasy hasn’t lasted long for me. I didn’t care about your trinkets or Tevinter relics… but you’ve made me care.” Smiling teasingly, her touch traveled up the length of his arm, before resting on his shoulder. The expression on her face settled on amusement, since she found it hard to wear the mask completely exonerated of her feelings. It had always been a problem concerning politics and dealing with people like the queen. “If I had more faith in your… abilities, I might in fact consider that you want me to care for some deep, intricate plan of yours. But, as you said, Taitone, you’re simply a scoundrel. You didn’t steal anything from me, you just locked me away when you could have left me stranded in Denerim. And I want to know… why.”

Realizing his stubborn streak went quite deep in his personality, Taitone must have not come to understand how far hers did. After all, determination on this scale was a blessing especially during a test of wills, when neither side could be construed as the wrong path to wander down. They could spend quite the long time in this position, with his back near the looming trunk of an oak tree and her body ever so close to his. At the very least, it was an awkward, uncomfortable position, especially since she was resisting yet another sadistic temptation of childishly stomping on his feet and kicking him in the groin. But perhaps he was more suited for the soft touch than the hard touch, though hopefully it wouldn’t come to… that. Unlike the most lusty sort of women that lurked the taverns and even upper echelons of Thedosian society, Elissa was not that easy of a woman to fall into bed with. And nor would she do it just on the premise that the other was bad or dangerous.

She tilted her head upwards to stare directly into his dark eyes, being a few inches shorter than he was, slyly trying to put a finger on his exact state of mind at the moment. “I’m not going back home to my fancy mansion. I don’t have one. No, I’m going to make your life very uncomfortable…” The hand that absentmindedly massaged his shoulder gently now eased upwards to caress the back of his neck. “And it’s all up to you whether or not you want to do this the easy or the hard way. To be frightfully honest, I thought we were friends. Something in me is saying that while you’ll not wholly a bad person, I was wrong about that. That doesn’t mean that I won’t give you a chance. Believe me, I can be quite annoying when I want something. Just ask my brother.”

Not intertwining herself of this position and through violation of his personal space even if Taitone chose to fight against it, she tilted her head from side to side rhythmically in her boredom. The forest was so silent that every breath she took, now louder than normal due to the strenuous exercise Elissa performed to get to where he was, she let out another sigh, her voice not losing their hard, frustrated quality despite her use of manners. “So, please. Just tell me what in the Maker is going on.”
Caithe Rahnkin
Posted: Feb 20 2012, 01:27 AM


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His face hurt.
A lot.

Elissa might have still been talking, but while his tongue tested his teeth to make sure they were all in place and not hanging by a bloody thread, whatever she might have been saying was lost. Likely just more about what a nasty piece of work he was or how she intended to beat the truth out of him...let her try. It wasn't the first time someone thought they could get him to talk under the threats of their fists and he knew it wouldn't be the last...unless of course she had it in her to run the edge of that blade along his throat as she had so clearly wished to some few moments prior.
...death was a bit more incentive than just a beating.

For a moment, as he watched her hand waver about his face, teasing him to flinch every now and then as the fist would inch inward only to recede in full, Caithe's brows eased into a heavy furrow in exasperation. "If you're going to hit me again, just do it and quit making me wa—..!!" Words found an abrupt end as the hand atop his own was registered and met with an overly heated glare. He'd been on the receiving end of many tactics over the years...some of which were less honorable than others and his dignity demanded he not mention them...
But this...

If she thought she'd seduce the answers out of him, she had another thing coming.

It brought to qeustion whether or not Elissa was aware of the way he'd been watching her for the beginning half of their trip...the overlong and forlorn glances...the way he admired her features(and not just the curves of her body). Like the way sh gained the smallest of crinkle to her nose whenever she was irritated, or how eyes shined brighter whilst excited. Caithe registered the familiar crinkle some time ago, but there was something more there that he hadn't been privy to meeting in their travels...a certain twist to her lips he couldn't seem to put his thumb on, even with all of the back knowledge of her mannerisms. She'd likely call him a creep if he spoke on the awareness aloud, but it was there—stored away for times like this—nevertheless.

That devilish little hand was not stopping.
Dark eyes patrolled it's trail as she slipped in nearer and for a moment he allowed the spell she was casting to ensnare him and eyes roll with the trance as it went. Such matter how well she was executing the ruse(that was all it could have been), it didn't take away from the fact that that very same hand, so slender and soft, had balled up and left the throbbing wound on his face only seconds prior...

"You should have tried this first." Was the reaction voiced when head finally tilted and the renewed look of disinterest was ignited once more to battle the delicate bat of her lashed and the somehow sweet lilt in her voice.

Just that morning, he'd have called himself a fool for turning away her very obvious, yet purposeful, advances...he'd have fallen for those big eyes and the way his own reflection could be found in them. But that was what ruined it now. Seeing himself, there inside them, the way blood was smeared about along so many surfaces of his face, it was difficult to see the woman beneath the Warden. She intended to pry the secrets from his mouth and apparently. she wasn't above knocking his teeth out to make the passage less obscured.

As Elissa leaned in, Caithe pressed forward, meeting her halfway and baring teeth against her ultimatum. His father had prepared him against the wiles of women, gave warning to how easily they can sway you and how a pretty face doesn't always hide pretty intentions. She seemed sincere enough with her desire to know and in a perfect and just world, she'd have the answers she sought in exchange for the wrongs committed against her...but this wasn't a perfect or just world. He was where he was, holding the spoils of their joint effort because he'd chosen to undermine and tear the footing out from under her.
Good people get nothing but the grave.

"Your act isn't fooling me." Spoken low, it accented the sudden transition when his own hand moved to wrap calloused fingers about her wrist and forcefully pry the coaxing hand from the back of his neck and the ministrations executed there upon. "But nice try."
Isn't fooling him; he had goosebumps all over his neck for the Maker's sake.

Silence was given leave to linger as the eye contact she demanded was given in full. Teeth grit, heat turning vivid ruddy irises to a dank and emotionless black. Whatever she thought to gain from staring in so hard, he wouldn't be giving. "Tevinter...even you could recognize the origins of the artifacts." words tasted metallic as lip pulled apart and blood leaked out to coat his tongue. "I collected all the pieces to a puzzle and now I'm going there to put it all together." Another inch nearer and brows sunk deeper, casting shadow enough to leave little but pitch beneath, accentuated by the minute shine of a focused glower, "And nothing is going to stand in my way."

Through the throb of his head and the growing ache that'd splintered off to claim his cheek in addition to mouth and nose, Caithe pushed his body the remainder of the way from the tree to collide with hers—her own fault for getting so close. Impact coupled with the beginning movements of forcing the both of them upwards, an arm slunk about her waist to ensure she didn't put a knee to his jaw as they went.

"You're in over your head and whatever you think you're going to do..." released, she was given her own footing long enough to him to haphazardly shove her off, " should just forget about it."

Whatever possessed him to give a clearly agitated and proven dangerous woman his back, there was no saying, but it was done regardless. Something half as thoughtless was his doubling to begin the gathering of his things—pounding of his head came immediate, "You have your answers, now go."
It was worth a shot.
Elissa Cousland
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Face darkening as he moved in close enough to touch, Elissa didn't move an inch even when he grabbed her wrist. Instead, her stare intensified, the area around her eyes crinkling as they narrowed to slits, struggling not to grind her teeth together out of sheer frustration. Taitone was refusing to give in, insulting her act along the way. So, that was the way this was going to end, then so be it. He was practically asking for her to enact violence upon him-- only the beginning of sadistic, but necessary pleasures in order to get him onto the ground so she could procure the item that she would employ to blackmail him. Kindness proved futile, but that was only because he had solemnly refused to see the error in his ways.

Now the flush along her cheeks were turning a bright crimson, but not due to the night's chill permeating their environment, but out of increased agitation that was aided by her temperamental personality. She had been far too patient with a man who deserved death. As a Warden, the youngest Cousland often dealt with moral ambiguities. This she could perfectly justify it to herself in a black and white manner, his death being on the ivory scale since she was quickly losing her ability to think upon this situation with rationality, if only because there was nobody to witness the death of a man who tried to kill her and adamantly refused to apologize after being caught afterward.


Soft, misleading words were replaced with high, dulcet tones that would have awoken any sign of life around them--if there had been any--as Elissa advanced onto his retreating back. She would never forget about this, not until the day she ceased to draw breath. Once the noblewoman may have considered this simpleton's sense of 'logic' to be endearing, but now it was unbearable, grating at her like sharp nails running down a chalkboard. Her hands only shook slightly for a brief moment, before she attempted to calm herself through heavy breaths and setting her mind upon a clear goal-- annihilation. "I'm not forgetting anything. I'm not forgetting about you or your stupidity. Or the fact that you're a COWARDLY, CHILDISH BRAT!"

Elissa could hear her heart pounding loudly in her chest as she whirled to pick the dagger that had been dropped unceremoniously upon the ground in her tragic attempt to be seductive. Ugh, now she felt sick and humiliated at the mere thought of that incident that had occurred moments prior. Perhaps she could just kill him in order to erase it from her mind. Hell, did she even need a justification for his... murder?

Despite all her raging, rather loudly vocalized or kept churning in her throat, Elissa knew for a fact that she would never murder him. She was a good person, most of the time. Sometimes the woman became so wrapped up in her thoughts and ambitions that she forgot that she even had a family and a set of morals to live by. When she thought about it long enough, the image of Taitone on the floor with a dagger driven in his throat did bother her to a considerable degree, for some strange reason. Maybe it's because the youngest Cousland noble knew that such an action would be irrational and... wrong. Fine, she swore silently to her father, I won’t murder him. Instead, I’ll steal what’s most important to him.

And with that plan settled in her mind, her leg swiftly came forth as she swung her right foot directly at his rear with the intention of kicking not only his arse, but also send him toppling over the floor. His insults had only strengthened the fiery anger that rose in her heart and strengthened not only her resolve, but the degree of power she put into the kick. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you


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