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 The Architect
The Architect
Posted: Feb 21 2012, 03:58 PM

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The Architect
Nicknames: None. He's been called The Father but he dismisses such title.
Gender: Male?
Race: Darkspawn
Nationality: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Orientation: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Emmisary
Specialization: Blood Mage (sort of...)
Occupation: Trying to free his brethren from their chains

Player Name: Nini
Contact: Tumblr: purpleviolin11 AIM: animefreak4eva15
Played by: OPTIONAL
Hair: He has no hair.
Eyes: He only has one good eye and it's pitch black. He wears a mask to hide his eyes but he can still see. It's mostly for him to not be blinded by the sun or any light that's irritates him.
Body: His body is dead, literally. It's decayed and decomposed but surprising durable. Its still vulnerable but it would take more than a few stabs to penetrate it.
Decorations: There is nothing in particular adorn in his body. There is a faint scar around his left wrist for when Bregan cut off his hand.
Weapons: He has no weapon or even a staff. He taught himself to use magic without channeling it through a staff.
Armor: He wears an integrate robes that looks, mostly, civilize and not so decorative or ghastly as the other Darkspawns.
PERSONALITY HERE - REMEMBER: Give us four to six of your character's personality traits with a five-sentence+ paragraph elaborating on each.

Apathetic: Though he may be different, he's still a Darkspawn. He may seem polite and calm but he only acts like it because he learned that it was better to be cool and collective when around beings whose immediate actions is to be hostel. It is also that he knows that rash behavior will not please others.He's not used to having company that isn't one of his own kind so he doesn't really express himself His most trusted companion Utha had often shown compassion and friendliness that it appalled him how expressive she was with her emotions. He found that he can rely on her when times get frustrating to a point that he no longer wanted to complete his goal but that is the close that he considers to be "friendly".

Intelligent: Even himself doesn't know exactly why he can think and talk but he doesn't let his rare ability to go to waste. He reads about anything that he would find in the Deep Roads and learn as much as he can. He was able to learn about the Grey Warden and their order and that's how he was able to come up with his plan to free the Darkspawn's compulsion to the Call of the Old Gods. He tries to understand humanity and even though he'd read many a books from different races, he can't quite grasp their actions and ways. .He can speak different languages: man, elven, dwarven, kossith, and plenty of others. He's good at strategy and he knows how to win with quick thinking; on or off a fight.

Ambitious: There is no doubt that his life goal is do free his kind from urgings of the Old Gods. He'll do anything to prevent the Blights from happening. If not for this goal he would just be like any other Darkspawn, or worse. In his own way he's extremely determined to find peace between the mortals and his kind. He knows very well how ambiguous his goal may be but he'll do anything in his power to show how genuine he is to bring peace. Years of planning and researching he put in and he is so close that nothing would stop him from reaching his goal. He also tries to show to others his way of thinking and his cause so that they too could help him and show the same feeling of stopping the Darkspawn.

Manipulative: He's not a violent Darkspawn but he won't hesitate to take drastic measures. He'll do anything in his power to make sure that his goal goes according to plan. He can be very persuasive and try make other see reason. He'll find an opportunity to lure others to join in his cause by telling how he wants to end Blights from happening or, in a worse case scenario, bait them to join him. He'll use whatever he can to fuel his researching and although they may seem brash and perverse, he'll not think about what is happening but what the outcomes would be. He believes that the end justifies the means and he'll go to the very end to gain what he wants, with or without permission.

HISTORY HERE - REMEMBER: 400-word minimum

The Architect has never been the typical Darkspawn, born in the darkness.

He appeared a long time ago that even he cannot recall the exact date. He just knows that he has been alive for centuries. He never questioned who he was or his purpose. But even as he grew among his brethren, he noticed certain qualities that separated him from the other Darkspawn. First contrast is that he has a free will of his own. The calling of an Old God doesn't affect him like the others. He can still hear it, yes, but doesn't have the urge to seek out the Old Gods. Another differences is that he was an intellectual being. He would stumble into abandon Thaigs and find a library filled with information about the world above and its inhabitants. Also he could talk, a rare ability amongst the Darkspawn. While his brethren share a connection with each other, he found himself voicing his thoughts to them and shocked both himself and the others.

Because of his strange actions he was ever incline to find out who he was. His brethren questioned his existence for he was different from them. They would stay away from him and some soon began to fear him. He didn't mind it but what the others didn't know was how he thought of them. He didn't like how the Darkspawn were force to listen and obey the call of the Old Gods and bring about Blights. He never saw the need to search for the Old Gods and turn them into Archdemons. It was because of this that drove him to free his brethren from their chains. It was hard in the beginning; he tried to convert some of his brothers to join his cause but most of them turned away from him. He didn't blame them but their rejections caused him to be more determined. There were some who cooperated with him but they still feared him.

Years past and he found his answer, a way to stop the Darkspawn and their needs. The Grey Wardens were the key. They drank the blood of Darkspawns so that they could sense them and other powers they were granted but that was not the big issue. He saw them as a middle ground; half Darkspawn but they were immune to the call. He was going to turn every single like Grey Wardens but they were a tleast going to be immune to the Call. He knew that the risk was high but desperate times called for desperate measures. He knew very little of them and he knew that is was going to be difficult to make them listen to him-given their history with each other. Then he had a vision. He never had one before but he was glad he did. He saw a Grey Warden, a human man, coming down to the Deep Roads with no purpose whatsoever. Then he saw another group of Wardens coming into the Deep Roads as well; their leader eager to find the man. Before that he saw the same group in some place where mages resided. He took this opportunity and devise a plan. This human was the answer he was searching for. He didn't know who the man was or when he would come but he had to find a way.

Years went by and he knew that the time had come. He and a groups of his brothers went to the surface and came across the Circle in Kinloch Hold. After a long time threats and fight they were able to speak to the First Enchanter Remile. He was surprised by how the man cooperated and agree with his plan. The only thing Remile asked was to save the important people to be save from his plan and The Architect allowed it. He taught Remile Darkspawn magic and together they enchanted runes for when the group of Wardens come for the Circle's aid. The runes were to hasten their bodies effects to turn them to their final stage of becoming hybrid Darkspawn. He needed them to join his cause or else it would all be in vain.

The Grey Warden finally came, just as he predicted. It was difficult in the beginning but he told the man, Bregan he was called, about his plan and after some time he agreed to join him. The other Wardens came as well but he didn't expected the King of Ferelden to come. It didn't matter; it was the Grey Wardens that he needed. The leader came alone and Bregan told him that she was his sister Genevieve. He recruited her to join him them and waited for the other to come. The group ran into some trouble with a Sloth demon but he managed to heal their wounds. When they awoke he offered the same thing he offered to Bregan and Genevieve but only one joined him; a dwarven woman named Utha. He was grateful of her decision; she understood his plight and how badly he wanted to free his kind He wanted peace between the mortals and Darkspawn.

Unfortunately the other Wardens escaped but he was one step ahead of them. As planned Remile was able to capture them and discussed what were they going to do next. Then Genevieve turned on him because she found out the whole truth of his plan that he had left out when he told her. He was forced to kill her. It was an unnecessary death but he wouldn't allow her to ruin his plan. Then Bregan turned against him for killing his sister. He was disappointed in him; perhaps his bond with his sister was stronger than he expected. Bregan was a valuable ally and it was an unfortunate end for him. The Architect was forced to flee with Utha after Remile started to attack the remaining Grey Wardens and the King's troops arrived.

After the events that had past he went back to square one. Seeing that turning the rest of humanity into half Darkspawn was not the way he had figure out a different approach. Utha helped him greatly to get past the failures and looked forward to the future. She quickly became his greatest ally and friend. Never had she met someone as compassionate and freely expressive as her. He values her greatly; he appreciates for her decision to join him and admires all that she went through. She told him but her childhood, her decision to join the Silent Sisters, and her time with the Grey Wardens. He sympathies her, in his own way, and when she asked to do him a large favor he promised her that he would see her wish to come true.

With the location of the Old God Urthemiel from Bregan and more information about the Grey Wardens from Utha, he started to search for more Darkspawn to aid him. He found out that he could have his own "Joining" of his own. With the blood of Grey Wardens the Darkspawn were free from the compulsion of the Old Gods and were just like him. He even crossed a BroodMother and freed her as well, although not too lightly. She called herself the Mother and him the Father but he did not created her; he freed her. He found Urthemiel and he tried to conduct the same experimentation he did on his brothers but it didn't turn out like it planned. One of his brethren lost control of itself and obeyed the Old God's bidding and turned it into an Archdemon and started the fifth Blight.

He was distraught; starting a Blight was never his intention and he blames himself for his mistake. He tried to stop his brethren from reaching to the surface but he even his power couldn't match with Urthemiel. When the Blight was over he went back to planning but another interference came at him. The Broodmother went against him for "taking the beautiful music away". She took a handful of his brothers and revolted against him. He and his remaining brother and Utha fled to the Wending Woods to continue his experimentation and to find a way to kill the Mother. She was going to kill all the Grey Wardens who she'd claim to be the one's who silence Urthemiel and take her revenge. He will not allow that.

Knowing full well on how the Wardens might react to him, he's going to try to contact the Wardens and warn them before its too late.

The Architect
Posted: Feb 25 2012, 10:15 PM

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Anora Mac Tir
  Posted: Feb 26 2012, 02:04 AM

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I don't even have words.
I'm so excited to see just what you have in store for the Architect.
And I looove the history you gave him.
Very intricate.

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