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Rhynn Surana
Posted: Nov 12 2011, 07:28 AM

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Rhynn watched as the light from his torch reflected off the armour and weapons, illuminating the dishelved room. He shot Firage a smirk, quirking an eyebrow cheekily.

"Trust you to find the armoury. Attracted to the shiny things, I see." He continued to look around as Firage busied himself examining a chestplate. there were a variety of different swords, each for a designated purpose. He reached up and grasped a pair of twin blades from the wall. They were not as light weight as he would have liked but they'd do. Beggars couldn't be choosers or they'd be in a right fine pickle if they ran into anything that went bump in the night. Or day for that matter.

"I think we might be able to use some of this. It looks unlike any armour I've seen before, that's for sure. You think it's elf-made?"

"It's elvhen, that's for sure. I recognise the designs from the few paintings I've seen of the First Blight- including the one back there- if you'd been paying a slither of attention to what I was saying." He clipped, but he wasn't really that annoyed. He couldn't seem to ever bring the full sting of his snark down on the other elf. "The design is very old, but given that our ancestors used to be immortal- or so the legends say- I'd be reckoning they'd been made to last. We should be able to at the very least rig something to tide us over."

He took a step back as Firage examined one of the massive swords. He knew what was coming, no doubt about it. Firage had pointed out on several occasion the lack of quality in the Ostagar equipment they'd been issued so chances were good he was going to test these.

"And hey, at least we don't have to be worried about Darkspawn attacking now, right?"

"Oh? A small group no, but I wouldn't be aiming to take on a horde of them were I you. We might be armed, but we are certainly outnumbered." He browsed acrfoss the set of armour piled in the corner. It was chain with some plate- should be flexible enough to allow him to duel and cast without restricting his movements too much.

"You should grab a set of this stuff as well, Rhynn- and a sword, too!"

"Waaay ahead of you, Sweetcheeks." He replied, throwing a cheeky smirk over his shoulder and indicating the two swords he'd picked up earlier. "They should do fine."

"I take it that mages aren't usually allowed to use.... sharp and pointy things on a daily basis, so why not have a bit of fun?" He caught the wink and grinned, but his face turned sour at then thought of the Circle. "I'll even give you some training, if you like!"

"No, no we are not." His voice lowered and became shorted, clipped with venom. "Templars don't like it when we have implements or weapons we can use to fight back with. Makes it easier for them to do what they like with us when we can't shank them in self defense. They think they can use us and abuse us as they please, and Greagoir is a fool if he thinks that doesn't go on behind his back." He turned to Firage, unsure of what reaction he would get.

"I don't suppose it would surprise you to learn I was one of the few who fought back, who wouldn't let the them crush my spirit under their pretentiously decorated boots. I spent a lot of time in solitary confinement for getting into brawls with them. Broke a man's ribs and nose once- a snot nose, weedy new recruit who's mouth was bigger than his common sense, thought he'd make himself look good by "putting troublemaker Rhynn in his place" Rhynn laughed at the memory. "He didn't last long. Sometimes I wonder if the thing that stopped me from being made Tranquil as punishment was my being a Spirit Healer. We aren't very common so we're quite valued- even 'troublemakers' like myself and... what was that other one from solitary? Anders! That's the one! There's also the fact I was Wynne's student. You remember the Senior Enchanter at Ostagar? I must have caused some headaches for her, but she was always there no matter what..." He looked away sharply.

She was alive. She had to be. He refused to believe she didn't get out safely.

"Sorry, I just. The Circle also makes me remember Wynne. I hope she got out of Ostagar safely." He looked back up and plastered a smile on his face for Firage's benefit. "You're right, I do need some lessons. I'm horribly out of practice. I'd be apreciating any help to rectify that."

His eyes drifted over the rest of the room and something caught his eye. Something that was both familiar and not. Rhynn pushed aside the clutter to reveal a glass vial.

"This looks like a phylactery... but elves never... they never used them for mages. I wonder..." He reached out and picked it up. It was warm to touch, he'd expected the glass to be cold. Beside it, now he'd cleared the clutter, there was a small altar looking table, indented perfectly with the shape of the vial's bottom.

"I... wonder...?" Rhynn placed the vial on the altar. As soon as he did it glowed and he felt a warm presence. It wasn't a spirit, or a demon, but it felt familiar, like kin. He felt the prescence reach out to him as he slumped over the altar, listening to it as it spoke.

A soul, that was what it was. The soul of an elf, long forgotten here. It told him of it's life and he saw great battles in his mind, mages clad in armour, a flurry of blades and magic, unstoppable forces fighting for themselves, their freedom, and later against the Blight. Elves who weilded a blade and their magic...

What are you? He asked, realising a kindred connection. Is this what I am? The soul spoke to him, deep in the back of his mind, forming the words

~Arcane Warrior~ There was a deep sadness edged there, the soul was the last of his kind, left here as a memory so that one day someone might find him and the Arcane Warriors not be lost forever. ~Do you accept my memories? I will impart to you the gifts of the Arcane Warrior in return for my release from this imprisonment~ The soul was so sad...

Yes, I accept. Teach me what I can become, what my people once were and I will give you your release from this relic prison. I promise you that as I learn I will teach those willing. Arcane Warriors will raise their swords once more, I swear.

There was a searing in the back of his mind, he could feel the knowledge being pushed in, imprinted in the memories. Some he could see now, some were still fuzzy, as if he had not yet the skills to access them. No matter, he would learn as they came.

And then, with a flood of happiness and releif, he felt the soul leave him, departing to destinations unknown. Slowly, he opened his eyes, his head slowly tilting to look at Firage through his bangs.

"I... I know what I am." He began slowly. "It was an elvhen spirit, trapped in there. And he showed me... my people who weilded both blade and magic."

He gave an unsteady smile, head still buzzing. "...Arcane Warriors."

(ooc: you have no idea how much I wanted ot say "McGyver some armour together")
Firage Tabris
Posted: Nov 16 2011, 09:49 AM

Frush Prince of Vigil's Keep

Posts: 191
Member No.: 13
Joined: 20-May 11

Firage could do nothing but grin as the mage told his story. Gee, Rhynn? A hellraiser? Would have never picked that, he thought with a roll of his eyes as his focus shifted back to the armoury. It certainly wasn't something that the warrior was opposed to- there was something about his companion that reminded him of his mother. She had never let 'those shemlen bastards' get the better of her, always fought for the freedom of herself and her family. Not to mention a bit of coin on the side. Grinning, he turned to Rhynn. The look he had in his eyes, even when only lit up by magic, it was the same. It was probably at that moment, that Firage began to truly have faith in his fellow elf. Even though he wouldn't have realized at the time. This was a man who was willing to die for what he believed in.

On the other hand, however, Firage was more rational- this was probably his father's influence more than anything. Why die when you can live to keep fighting? Even it it was for a good cause, death had always seemed the least helpful option. Except in Vaughn's case, the warrior supposed. For a moment, the ruin was replaced by that room in the Arl's estate, her screams filling his ears as Soris protected their brides' eyes from the grotesque pulp which lay between the floor and Firage's unrelenting fist. He had been lost in anger, his usual kindness thrown out the window and replaced by a rage so strong, it wouldn't have mattered if what he was beating was a human or a dragon. The result would have been the same.

It sometimes felt as though he had left his old self on that floor along with what remained of Vaughn's corpse.

The ruins returned, along with Rhynn. His attention was elsewhere now, and Firage silently scolded himself for losing focus. This was his new life, given to him by Duncan. If nothing else, the young warden would fight the fight Duncan no longer could in return. To Firage, it was the least he could do in repayment. Still, there was no use getting emotional over it, especially not now, and especially not in front of Rhynn. That would easily have been the least heroic thing possible, and Firage would definitely be having none of that.

"I... I know what I am.", came the mage's voice. It was slow, drawn out. Fiage couldn't resist.
“Well, I'd like to think you know what you are. Aside from a little out of it, from the sounds of it”, he remarked, smirk promptly returning to his face. There was the Firage everyone knew and loved.

"It was an elvhen spirit, trapped in there. And he showed me... my people who weilded both blade and magic."
“So.. there was a dead guy's spirit sitting in that bottle, waiting to pop out and tell someone that it's possible to hold a sword and cast spells at the same time?” Firage laughed.
“No offense to that spirit, but I distinctly remember you doing that at Ostagar, and quite well for someone who hasn't held a sword for a long time”, he grinned. Was he being disrespectful? Probably.
“I'd say you're a bit ahead of him in that regard!”

Still griining, Firage turned back to the armour pile and gathered up a few extra things. It made a bit more sense for there to be a random stash of weapons here if it was the resting pace of an- what did he call it?- Arcane Warrior. Underneath a shield, Firage spotted a large, dusty book. While reading wasn't exactly one of the warrior's skills, it might be of interest to a certain mage- mages liked books, didn't they?

“Oi Rhynn, I also found this!” he announced, waving the heavy tome around like it was nothing. “I dunno what it is, but there's a dragon on the front!”, he admitted, grinning. If the book was about Dragons, it might be worth reading. Especially if was stories about heroes slaying them.
Rhynn Surana
Posted: Dec 5 2011, 01:49 AM

Posts: 159
Member No.: 14
Joined: 20-May 11

“So.. there was a dead guy's spirit sitting in that bottle, waiting to pop out and tell someone that it's possible to hold a sword and cast spells at the same time? No offense to that spirit, but I distinctly remember you doing that at Ostagar, and quite well for someone who hasn't held a sword for a long time. I'd say you're a bit ahead of him in that regard!”

"Only you could compliment and insult someone just just as well in the same sentence you decide to be disrespectful to your forebearers! I'm not sure if I'm a good or a bad influence on you- watch out, you might catch my sarcasm." Rhynn snorted, lips quirking into a grin as he picked himself up from the floor. Though he was well aware that the warrior had his own brand of quirky wit and smart assery, the two of them naturally bounced off and boosted each other. He wasn't sure if Duncan had been relieved to see them get along or shake his head at their less than serious bantering around camp.

"There is more to an Arcane Warrior than just slinging spells with a sword, Firage, it takes some amount of skill. There are abilities he showed me, some I can use now, some I cannot until I am stronger. But he did show me how to compensate my magical abilities for the strength required by warriors to wear heavy armor and wield heavy weapons." Rhynn ran a hand along the length of his body, resting it on his hip, deliberately trying to draw the Warrior's eyes if he could- teasing and flirting seemed to be one of the 'I'm ok now' indicators for them. "Now I know this body of mine is quite nice for someone stuck in a Tower, and pretty nicely defined I'll have you know! But even I realise I don't have the bulk physical strength to wear plate like saaay... Alistair would. If I wished to do as such now, then I could. Well at least with splintmail for the time being till my magic has grown enough for plate."

Rhynn closed his eyes and breathed deeply, focusing on what he'd learnt. What was it called again? Combat Magic. That's right. His eyes skimmed over the armor he'd been looking at earlier. Chain was good, maneuverable, but small enough links to keep points of blades out. The chest plate was thinner than expected and Rhynn hoped his ancestors rumored armor quality was as good as legend said. Last thing he wanted was a blade in the chest.

“Oi Rhynn, I also found this!” The Mage turned his attention to Firage, and the hefty tome he was holding. It was obviously well used, but also well made, the binding more or less still considerably good.
“I dunno what it is, but there's a dragon on the front!”

Rhynn rolled his eyes and gave a laugh. "You and your obsession with dragons! If I hadn't known Duncan recruited you, I'd have thought you joined just to fight the Archdemon!" His grin grew wider at the look of delight on Firage's face. "Alright then, well why don't you open it up and find out? I'd be thinking there's some form of title page in there, yes? Tell me what it says and I'll tell you if it's a legendary Elvhen hero's book. I might even be able to read some of it for you if it's in the Elvhen tongue."

Rhynn chuckled to himself. If they'd just found a book of heroes it wasn't likely he'd be getting any sleep soon. If there was one thing he knew that got his friend's attention, it was dragons and heroes. And Creators help him if they'd just found a book of them in the Elvhen tongue. He knew Firage would make those puppy eyes at him till he promised to decipher it.

If it wasn't however, Rhynn planned on diving into it himself. Firage may not have any interest in their ancestors (which made him admittedly a little sad) but if that tome was filled with knowledge of the Elvhen before the Chantry's sanctimoniousness march over everyone that believed differently to them, then Rhynn wanted to learn as much as he could.

Firage Tabris
Posted: Dec 11 2011, 12:04 AM

Frush Prince of Vigil's Keep

Posts: 191
Member No.: 13
Joined: 20-May 11

The warrior's face fell slightly.
"Title page? What's that?"

It wasn't as though he had thought the book would be for himself; what would an education-deprived rat from the Alienage possibly need with a book? What, was he going to beat Darkspawn in the face with it? Well, it might make their faces less ugly, he joked to himself as he approaced the mage.

"Just- here. You're a mage, right? I figured books were your thing", he said with a feigned grin. He hadn't even given Rhynn's education a thought since they had met- why would he? The two were Grey Wardens now, he had never figured that their- or any of the recruits for that matter- pasts would be important. Now that the issue had come to light, Firage was suddenly feeling... inadequate about his illiteracy.

Firage decided to shrug it off and keep looking through the armoury- a lot of the equipment was rusted and unusuable, but a few had survived, and another couple of pieces could be salvaged if they were to be taken to a blacksmith. But they had a long road ahead of them, to.. to wherever it was they were going (out of the Wilds, hopefully), and carrying too much with them would be a burden, and wearing them all? While it would be entertaining to see the two of them even try to put on multiple full suits of armour, the thought wasn't terribly pleasing to Firage, who was uncomfortable enough with one set, even if he had only gotten it at Ostagar and it was complete rubbish anyway.

"Oi Rhynn", he called, grabbing the best set of armour he had sorted and slinging a strong-looking greatsword that was almost as tall as he was over his back. "I'm going to head out and take a bath" The smirk returned to his face once more as he headed towards the exit.
"If you're done here, feel free to join me".
He couldn't help himself.

Rhynn Surana
Posted: Dec 22 2011, 04:55 AM

Posts: 159
Member No.: 14
Joined: 20-May 11

"Title page? What's that?" Rhynn raised an eyebrow. Curious. Rhynn waved a hand.

"It's the first page there that tells you the title of the book, and usually a subtitle on what it's about. It's pretty self explanitory." He said, shifting aside some of the armour, looking for a decent set of bracers. His stood back up, bringing a pair of leather ones as Firage approached.

"Just- here. You're a mage, right? I figure books were your thing." Rhynn huffed a little.

"That's a bit of a generous sterotype don't you think? It's like saying all Dalish are violent shem-haters when I know a Dalish Clan that don't." But he gave Firage a lopsided grin anyway. "As it happens though, I do like books." He took the heavy tome from Firage, watching the warrior curiously. His smile as he handed Rhynn the book had been forced, and Rhynn began systematically going through what the warrior was hiding, though it didn't take long for him to deduce the source. Given his origins, Rhynn surmised most likely that Firage could not read and was pushing the book on him to avoid the topic. Rhynn gathered the armor he'd found along with the swords and slung them over his shoulder as Firage did the same.

"Oi Rhynn, I'm going to head ot and take a bath." Rhynn chuckled and threw back,
"Good! You were stating to stink up the place! And your hair looks like a bird nested in it!" Oh if there was one thing to get him, it was a critical hit to his hair vanity. Rhynn'd never met anyone so obsessed with their hair as Firage was. He was caught offguard slightly though when Firage threw back

"If you're done here, feel free to join me!" Rhynn's eyebrows shot up as Firage headded out the entrance. That was an... unexpected offer.

"Handsome elf like you? I'd be a fool to pass up the offer." Rhynn found himself wondering if Firage was harmlessly flirting back with him on instinct because of Rhynn's personality, or if there was some other reason. He had to admit, he was more used to being the instigator of casual flirting rather than being the recepiant. Well, it was true that he also need to bathe, and really the ruins wern't going anywhere so he could come back to them. Rhynn began leafing through the book as he followed the warrior's retreating form.

REAVERS- Instruction guide to the Warrior on the path of blood.

Rhynn's eyebrow quirked upwards. Well wasn't that a cheery title then. Still it did confirm that the book was essentially useless for him, and would probaably be of benefit to Firage. Rhynn winced, that meant tackling the potentially touchy subject of said warrior's assumed illiteracy.
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