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 my day research say equiptment
Posted by Maire - 08-4-17 16:25 - 5 comments
What do you carry when you go into the woods, looking for bigfoot?
If you are going out researching bigfoot for a day or weekend or even a two week trip. What should you carry with you?
I'll give you a run down on what I carry for a (d ...read more
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 Axe or Saw?
Posted by Tim M - 07-13-17 18:47 - 4 comments
What cutting tool do you prefer in the woods?
There is only enough room in your pack for one.
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 Beer in the backcountry
Posted by Tim M - 05-17-17 16:04 - 18 comments
As some of you may know, most Provincial Parks have banned cans and glass in their backcountry areas. This includes one time use, non-burnable containers. It could be a Pepsi or a beer, what matters is the container (bug spray, fuel and medicine are ...read more
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 sampling scat
Posted by lynx lake - 10-20-16 00:37 - 2 comments
I'll try Guelph U
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 Seek XR thermal Imager
Posted by Peter Smith - 09-18-15 14:19 - 2 comments
Smart phone thermal imagers have been out for awhile, but I usually wait until I read some reviews, before I rush out and get any new gadget. I have wasted enough money on new gadgets that did not turn out to be what was advertised. So now I wait un ...read more
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 Digital Recorders
Posted by Bigfootaddict - 11-21-14 19:11 - 5 comments
Hello everyone I'd like a know if we can start sharing sounds that we all hear on our recordings what's common and what's unusual the more we all share the more we will learn so please do so I will start by saying I hear short buzzing an ...read more
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 Walmart Generator
Posted by Jason Goldring - 02-10-14 15:58 - 0 comments
Couple of notes - It does appear to be a good generator. I bought one, noting in the instructions that it does NOT come with oil in the crankcase. Sometimes they ship with a small bottle to get you going. Sometimes they just put it in the motor. Not ...read more
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 Solar is the way to go
Posted by Jason Goldring - 11-11-13 11:17 - 1 comments
I needed to test this, a small utility (garden tractor) battery, a small inverter and a solar panel. We do not get a lot of sun this time of year, so the test would show minimum results. The idea was to run a small appliance or device from the batte ...read more
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 Descenter / coverup spray
Posted by Jason Goldring - 10-16-13 02:05 - 2 comments
Do any of you use descenter / cover up spray when you head out? Or in places where you place your equipment (trail cams / recorders)?

Always seems like animals steer clear of the area you have recently been, except the more curious ones ( ...read more
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 Digital Night Vision
Posted by Jason Goldring - 08-23-13 05:17 - 4 comments
A short test. More will follow but as it stands, yes, it does seem much better than GEN1 devices, even while it is at a GEN1 price

http://youtu.be/pb7i4-uh4_c< ...read more
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