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Title: sasquatch casts
Description: left & right foot & a right handprint

chingaso - October 20, 2011 04:00 AM (GMT)
nice catch in algonquin area this september... it works my buddy gave up looking for tracks and i said crap i came this far i'm going another few hundred feet and there it was my first hand print in the mud.... i picked up a left and right foot cast that day too! footprints are 10 1/2 inch long... hand print was over 11inches long with a 7 inch 4 segment middle finger...

i had seen someone stomp off the trail and heard chatter a few hundred feet from my camp even what sounded like laughing or giggling noises last year.

i walked down the trail and kept seeing and hearing something or someone evading me in the pine forest i called to them several times then i would hear a whoosh and see a tree whip from the ground back up straight... i would approach that sapling and hear whoosh 80 feet behind me...same thing again and again..... this went on for 20mins.... to get attention to what i believed to be a squatch... i then, yelled .... yunk o' fwunk! what i believe was a juvenile squatch said something i quite couldn't understand... but it's voice was raspy which to me sounded like a teenage boy... i took it as an insult for not catching him... it was a complete sentence... it was 10 separate words? ...i just couldn't get my head around what it was saying???? like did he just say 5 words twice or was that 10 different words???

now quite pissed off i walked back out to the trail and headed towards my camp and said to no one... fuck this hide and seek shit! want to talk?... i'll be at camp, bitch!

i believe i shot video of this same juvenile on my youtube channel goldbugjoey check it out... and i believe the casts to be the same juvenile... this could be the guy that beats on my truck 3 times late at night usually 3 or 4 giant whacks! maybe done with sticks on my ladder rack?

thats my best guess... i'll post photos and go checkout my youtube channel goldbugjoey trees on roadway.


Peter Smith - October 20, 2011 08:55 PM (GMT)
Good find. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

al3may - November 17, 2011 01:45 AM (GMT)
That sounds like you had an eventful camping trip, cant wait to see those pics.

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