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Dr. Aurora Williams - February 20, 2011 06:30 AM (GMT)
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As a doctor, you have a mutlitude of responsibilities.

The patients here at Avalon Asylum are complete lunatics. Doctors hold regular, individual, treatment sessions to patients in an effort to improve their conditions.

Doctors have access to everywhere in the asylum with the exception of:
-The Treatments Rooms

If you require the use of a Treatment Room, you must speak to Governor Kirkland. He will provide you with a key to the appropriate room if your request is acceptable. No one know the contents of all the Treatment Rooms except for Governor Kirkland.

As a doctor you have permission to enter any thread you would like. However please keep in mind that staff only supervise patient bath and dining times. Staff do not bathe and eat at the same time as patients.

We currently have [2] doctors and applications are currently [ON RESERVE] until the reserve is approved or expired [2011-03-17].

All doctors must read the PATIENT GUIDE. All information is as relevant to doctors as it is to patients.

When your application is accepted you will be assigned a patient list. Patients will be referred to you by an administrator.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a doctor at AVALON ASYLUM.

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