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Title: Battlestar Atlantia / Caprica City
Description: Interview (January 2007)

Lex - February 5, 2006 06:36 PM (GMT)
Done! My translation is ready *sigh*
It would be great if you could correct some errors. remember, I'm just a bloody German ;)

You can find the German Version here at

Nicki Clyne

Crewman Specialist Cally

Caprica City: "Hi Nicki, thanks for taking the time. How do you like the convention so far??"

Nicki Clyne: "I hate it. Just kidding, itís been wonderful. It is such a great opportunity to meet all the fans and get feedback from the people who watch the show diligently and I just find it really amazing that, you know, people are willing to come out here to meet us and talk to us. Weíre all really grateful for that. And on top of that, itís been a great time. Itís really fun."

CC: "Is there anything in particular that you like?"

Nicki: "Well, I certainly didnít like loosing in German bowling, that wasnít very funny. No, it was really fun and I wish that Iíd have been a little better but Iíll be practising and I wish for a rematch with my ĎAtlantisí-enemies. So that was really fun and it was nice to be able to sit down with people and actually talk. Itís a lot different than sitting on the stage and answering questions, obviously. You actually get to engage with people and talk one on one, so that was really nice. Being in Germany is amazing and itís such a great opportunity to travel to a new place and see the world. And I feel very lucky that we got to do this."

CC: "Have you been to Europe before?"

Nicki: "Yes, I have. Iíve been to London, Paris and Berlin before and Berlin is probably one of my favorite cities, I love it. But I havenít seen other cities in Germany. I just feel itís so full of culture, art and there are so many people making great music. Yeah, I like it. Iím gonna have to work on my German a little bit before I live there, but maybe one day."

CC: "Do you like Science Fiction?"

Nicki: "Once again, I hate it. No! Iím kidding. Iím a joker. No, itís the opposite. I think itís amazing. I think that ĎBattlestar Galacticaí is really challenging genre because itís not just about having great SFX, although it does. I think that it goes so much deeper into questions about humanity and it asks all sorts of ethical and moral questions about how we live and what we do as the human race and I think that itís wonderful that Science Fiction is progressed as far as it has. I mean, I think that it has always been very metaphorical about life and uses fantasy as a way to parallel our own life. But I think as a television show, especially a popular one, I think itís really great that ĎBattlestarí is been able to reach the mainstream with that genre. Thatís hard to do."

CC: "Both the producers Ron Moore and David Eick are political science majors. Are they kind of invading the set with their political opinions?"

Nicki: "I donít think so. They donít need to because I think they raise all the questions they want to in the writing and in the show. I think being aware of that is brilliant. Iím so glad that they have this background and have done research and know what theyíre talking about. I donít feel like they necessarily force it on anyone, they just ask questions. And I think that is the best way to reach people."

CC: "Do you know the original series?"

Nicki: "I know it mildly. I watched it onces, maybe a couple of episodes. We actually were forced to watch it at bootcamp. Yeah they strapped us down. No, they politely played it for us and we were all eager to watch it. Iím a little bit to young to watch it when it came out and I donít watch a lot of television. I have nothing against the original series, I just havenít been exposed to it. I certainly think that it had its time and I appreciate it for what it was but I donít know much of it."

CC: "On 'Bastille Day' (1.03) you worked with Richard Hatch, the original Apollo. What was that like?"

Nicki: "It was great. I mean, I havenít had a lot of one on one acting with him but as a person he is so generous and kind and very open to talking about all kind of things. He has a lot of experience and heís open to share it. He is a really great guy and a pleasure to work with."

CC: "Speaking about 'Bastille Day', what does the ear taste like"

Nicki: "You might have to taste it for yourself to know this for sure. Well on set it tasted kind of minty. The blood they use to put in your mouth actually had a mint taste to it so thatís about all I was tasting. Luckily I didnít have to do this for real."

CC: "In the novelisation of the Miniseries, your name has been given as Jane Cally."

Nicki: "Thatís a nice name. One of my best friends name is Jane. I like that name but I really like the name Cally as a first name. I hope that they just continue to call me just Cally. Maybe I can become like Madonna or Cher, just having one name. But I donít want to say anything because the producers could have something different in mind."

CC: "Maybe thatís a good idea for the final scene of the series."

Nicki: "Right. Exactly. That is what everybody has been waiting for."

CC: "You said in your panel that there is something dark coming up for Cally."

Nicki: "Yeah, but I wonít talk about it. I can tell you that there are some interesting developments with Cally and the chief in their relationship. Iím not gonna say which way it goes. Anything can happen."

CC: "When you could choose, with whom do you want Cally to end up with?"

Nicki: "Well, you know, as smutty as he is, I really think Baltar. Heís pretty hilarious. I donít know. I think they should bring in a new pilot, a really hot and sexy one. There are a lot of them already but they die so quick. Thereís never time enough to start anything."

CC: "Imagine you get a new script and you read that Cally is exposed as a Cylon. What would be your reaction?"

Nicki: "Well, Iíd probably be able to buy a new car because I know that I have a job for a while. I canít really die. So thatís a plus. I think Iíd be rather shocked, because thereís really hasnít been any kind of hints towards that. And I would be a little disappointed. You know, everything that Cally has done as controversial as it may be and whether people agree with it or not, she had really strong convictions about her actions and feels very passionable about what she does and thinks that itís right. Iíd be disappointed if there was a cylon interest behind that."

CC: "Faith and religion plays a big role in the series. What about your private life?"

Nicki: "Iím not very religious, but I think that there is something grander than ourselves. Life is just to perfect, things happen like coincidences. I certainly have no psychic abilities and I donít know about anyone who has."

CC: "Do you have a certain weakness for something?"

Nicki: "Like a guilty pleasure? I donít know, I donít have much of an addictive personality. You know, lots of actors smoke or never smoke. No, Iím pretty much perfect. In acting, not in real life. I donít have anything of that in real life, so I need to have a character that does a lot of bad stuff."

CC: "Thank you very much and enjoy your stay at the 'Battlestar Atlantia'"

Nicki: "I will, thank you. Have fun."


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Solium - February 5, 2006 06:36 PM (GMT)
Thanks Lex. I think its safe to say this is the premier English language Nicki Clyne board.

Those links I sent you are the most popular BSG fan sites I know in either the US or UK.

Edit: Great interview Lex! Dark times ahead for Cally and Chief! I can go in and edit your post and tidy it up a bit too. Not that I am an English major or anything. :rolleyes:

Edit Two: I did some slight editing. It was almost perfect. :thumbsup: Then again what do I know, I am artist not an English teacher. :unsure:

Doctor Django - February 5, 2006 10:12 PM (GMT)
That was an amusing interview Lex :thumbsup:

Wow, Nicki really does hate everything doesn't she ;) :P

Nice playful sense of humour and answers. Loved Nicki's initial answer about Cally being revealed as a Cylon lol (although I agree with her more serious observations that it would be disappointing for the development of the character). And there it is, a timely reminder after the recent "Scar" - viper pilots need to stop dying so fast (you're messin' up Cally's dating schedule!)


Solium - February 6, 2006 12:23 AM (GMT)
Nicki was quite humorous! Me thinks Aaron's playfulness rubs off on her. :P

I also thought it interesting that the folks in Germany ask many of the same questions. Not that they "took" our questions, just interesting how human nature is the same in other parts of the world. :friends:

Vorticity - February 6, 2006 03:26 AM (GMT)
Thanks for the updated translation Lex!

I must confess I am curious about the "German Bowling" game at this event Nicki refers to. Can you help an Silly American with the term?


Lex - February 6, 2006 09:18 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Vorticity @ Feb 5 2006, 10:26 PM)
I must confess I am curious about the "German Bowling" game at this event Nicki refers to. Can you help an Silly American with the term?

The German version of bowling is called "Kegeln". The Ball is much smaller and has no holes in it. The track (?) is similar in lenght but much smaller. The pins are the same, but there are only nine of them and they're arranged in a diamond shape (first row 1, then 2,3,2,1). Of course there are some different rules than for American bowling, but the general idea is the same: knock down the pins.

here`s a picture:

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