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Title: Zolar
Description: Stars as Keiko in this telemovie (2006)

Solium - January 10, 2008 12:50 AM (GMT)
Just watched this DVD. I really can't say a lot about the merits of the story or script as this was very much targeted at preteens much less a family audience. The creators took the approach that basically anything we slap together that is weird would be "cool", along with a message of "working together" would suffice for a kids flick.

The telefilm is really two stories in one. The first half is about a group of young would be extreme sports athletes. So the story presents itself as a "team" with a lot of heart but little skill. Like any sports story they get a coach and train so they can compete in the BMX.

However the story suddenly changes when the coach insists that the group add his adopted son, (a blue alien!) to their team.

From this point forward the story turns into a sci fi story with evil aliens, life forces, ray beams, spaceships. In short the evil aliens want to kidnap the blue alien boy and steal his all powerful life force which I assume can be used as a weapon.

I told you it got weird!!! There is no smooth translation between being a "sports" movie or a "sci fi" movie as they never revisit the BMX games again.

The alien designs are rather hideous. One alien has a finger growing out of his nose! Others I think are a bit scary for preteens. Anyway the off the wall designs and low budget would remind one of the Power Rangers I guess.

Nicki plays ( I presume) an earth girl whom looks like a character ripped from any number of anime cartoons. Shes a pink haired, roller blading, loli pop sucking spunky tomboyish character. She looks cute as hell!

Anyway whats so interesting about Nicki's character is that she presents herself with so much energy, both as an outspoken character and physically ( Yea I know the rolling blade stuff was mostly with a stunt double) but I mean in general.

Nicki's characters are normally very subdued, calm, calculated and precise. Kieko as she is called is anything but! She's loud, confident and takes charge of the moment. She's cocky. In other words shes got a little bit of Starbuck and Kat in her. :P

I would suggest watching this telefilm if you really want to see Nicki like you have never seen her before. I hope we see more of Nicki in these kinda rolls, but of course in films with a little bit better script and budget. ;)

Solium - November 23, 2008 02:20 AM (GMT)
Just found the Zolar trailer for those who have never seen Nicki act with a pink wig. :P

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