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 Acheronian:, Hidden with their Dark Secrets.
Posted: May 27 2012, 11:26 PM


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Description: Acheronians are tall, white-skinned and dark haired. The Men tend to have full beards and be cadaverously thin, while the Women are lithe yet voluptuous. Some scholars believe the Acheronians to be closely related to the Giant-Kings that are said to have been the founders of Stygia, long before those now known as Stygian conquered that land.

Culture: The Culture of Acheron is now so long lost in the mist of time that many Hyborians doubt that it is anything other than a myth. Similar to Stygians in many ways, the Acherons were greater Sorcerers, practising foul necromancy, thaumaturgy of the most evil kind and grisly magic taught to them by devils. They built towers rather than pyramids. They used gold coins for currency. The degenerate modern Acheronian is no more than a shadow of those ancient Sorcerers.

Names: Xaltotun and possible Baal, Chiron, Tothmekri, Thugra Khotan and Akivasha are the only Acheronian names we know for certain. Contemporary Acheronians might give Children Nemedian or Aquilonian names to keep then guarded again those that would hunt them. The Acheronian names have Stygian sounds and their names could be used or derived from Phoenician Gods or Demons. Suggestions: (Male) Aleyin, El Hadad, Hammon, Hay-Tau, Keret, Mot, Ruti, Sutekh, Tsaphon: (Female) Anat, Asherat, Baalat, Sapas.

Religion: Like the Stygians, the Acheronians of old were worshippers of Set, the Old Serpent. They believe, not without some justification, in bodily resurrection and communed with the creatures of the Outer Dark, often taking such Devils as familiars.

Cultural Features:

* +2 Charisma, -2 Strength, the Acheronians have very forceful personalities, but are less forceful in physic with their thin bones.

* -1 racial penalty to Diplomacy and Gather Information checks that target non-Acheronians. Though Acheronians are powerfully charismatic, there is a sinister and rather antisocial aura around them, that makes other Cultures less likely to wish to converse with them.

* +2 bonus to Craft (Alchemy), Craft (Herbalism) and Knowledge (Arcana) checks. Acheronians still remember the old ways that once allowed their ancestors to rule much of the known World by sheer magical might.

* -2 racial penalty to all saving throws against Corruption. Acheronians are probably the most corrupt Human Culture still in existence, if they can be said to be truly Human. It would not occur to a typical Acheronian to resist being corrupted, or that it was possible to become more corrupted.

* +1 racial bonus to all magic attack when using Curses. Acheronians are experts in the path of Wizardry in general, but are particularly effective and vindictive when blasting their enemies with curses.

Background Skills: Craft (Alchemy), Craft (Herbalism), Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Local: region they live in).

Favoured Class: Scholar.

Prohibited Class: Barbarian, Courtier, Martial Disciple, Noble, Noble Cavalry, Nomad, Pirate.

Automatic Languages: Acheron, plus the language of whatever Hyborian Kingdom they dwell in.

Bonus Languages: Demonic, Old Stygian, Nemedian, Aquilonian, Brythunian, Ophirean, Corinthian, Hyperborean.

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