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Title: Ex-Am-Pil:
Description: The Way of Adventure!

Nialldubh - April 29, 2011 02:31 AM (GMT)
The Ex-Am-Pil Adventure

The sun's light shone on the wanderers and they cross the grasslands, the wind gently blow the long grass and allowed the few People in the small group a chance to relax and feel some relief from the heat!

Nialldubh - April 29, 2011 02:45 AM (GMT)
Foul smelling Demons flew down amongst the Wanderers and tore them apart one at a time, some of them where carried up high into the sky and dropped, screaming as they fell to their deaths. Others were pick off the ground and carried to a distant castle that just could be seen faintly on a distant crag!

Nialldubh - May 9, 2013 03:42 PM (GMT)
Only a few were left that had hidden in ditches or fled the area. Those left returned to make a pact to rescue those who had been capture or die trying!

They started their march towards the castle.

It took over a day travelling to reach the castle, which they arrived at as it got dark and as they climbed the steep rock which showed no sign of a road, they found an entrance and it was open as if it was expecting them!

Nialldubh - May 9, 2013 03:42 PM (GMT)
They entered the tunnel, swords ready, but even as they had only reach half-way down the long tunnel, out of niches in the ceiling fell hideous creatures, demons.

One of their number turned and fled, never to be seen again, the rest fought on with fervour and ferocity. One of the group was a Barbarian who frenzied and swore to his dark gods for the power to cleave his enemies, which he seemed to do well as dozens of the small blubberous demons fell to his sword.

The Hyrkanian fell, his throat torn from him, his comrades tried to cut the remaining demons off his corpse, but they burrowed into his chest and bite into his heart before they died!

The remaining warriors moved onwards, bloody and battered!

Nialldubh - May 9, 2013 03:42 PM (GMT)
Deep within the castle, which was built like a maze, the warriors grumbled to themselves of the futility of their task, when they heard a scream, was it one of the capture folks of the group. They speed to the source of the sound, but not before confronted by a huge iron construct in the shape of a horned demon.

Again the warriors had to maintain their courage as they move to confront the contraption!

A few of their number died as the mighty iron fist slammed them against wall and floor, crushing their bones in a sicking display of mindless violence!

The Barbarian jumped onto it's back, stabbing at the iron demon's eyes that were made from plates of gold, he manage to get his dagger in behind one and gouge it out. The iron demon endeavoured to reach behind him and pull the Barbarian off, but his comrades, seeing the opening hacked and batter the legs of the huge construct, shattering it joints and bringing it down. They pick up a mighty maul from the fallen Ęsir and smash it head and chest till the thing stopped moving and rushed through the door the iron demon guarded to enter a great domed chamber full of a purple mist and an alter in the centre of it's structure!


Nialldubh - May 9, 2013 03:43 PM (GMT)
Thoth-Amon turned to stare at them, he never said a word, a slight sneer on his lips was enough. He raised his hand and from out of the chest of one warrior was pulled his heart in a gush of blood.

The others charged, but were thrown back, some crushed against the walls, some impaled on spike that protruded to conveniently for it to be unintentional!

The Barbarian was close, but his dark gods did not hear him now, Thoth-Amon flicked a finger and touched the giant of a Barbarian on the side of his neck. He stopped, paralysed, unable to roar his frustration.

One of the warriors got close and swung at the Stygian Wizard, but the eyes of the Sorcerer bore into his and sent him screaming away to die lost in the maze, a madman!

The Barbarian struggled against his hidden bounds.

"You are my prisoner Barbarian, do not resist," said Thoth-Amon, who gentle pushed the Barbarian backward till he fell over slamming off the tiled floor with a jolt. The Sorcerer reached for a lever, hidden behind the alter and pulled it!

The floor below the Barbarian opened and he fell through, he fell into darks and struck rough ground a short while later with an aching thud.

He looked up and saw the trap-door shut, leaving him in total blackness, he shut his eyes and when he open them he was unsure how long he had lay there, hours, days, but he could rise. His sole possession were his broadsword and scabbard, his dagger also tucked in it's scabbard, his fur loincloth and hunting boots.

But he had brought something else with him, a torch tucked into his broadbelt. He reach for his flint and steel in his pouch and lit the brand.

It flared into light and he had just enough time to witness a huge snake, bigger that a two-story house swaying over him, it's mouth as big as a mammoth's head and it's fangs as long as tulwars. He had enough time to stare at it before it's head shot down towards him, it's gullet wide and swallowed him whole!


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